Novi Sad Apartments

Apartments Novi Sad - a large offer of accommodation in the most beautiful city of Vojvodina. In recent years, Novi Sad has become an increasingly visited tourist destination. Exit, the city's cultural facilities, events and the special atmosphere that the city exudes attract tourists from all over the world. In accordance with this, the accommodation offer is developing. The capital of Vojvodina offers its visitors a variety of apartments, which are decorated to the highest European standards. All apartments on the day of Novi Sad have modern furniture, details that create a pleasant atmosphere and elements necessary for a comfortable stay. They are distributed in all Novi Sad settlements, so that they manage to adapt to different reasons for their stay in the city. Take a look at the entire offer of apartments in Novi Sad and find accommodation that will satisfy all your requirements and show you all the beauties of the capital of Vojvodina.


Novi Sad · Podbara · Trg Save Vukosavljeva
48m² · 1 Bedroom · 4 Guests

Homeliving Family

Novi Sad · Stari Grad
64m² · 1 Bedroom · 6 Guests

Homerent 25

Novi Sad · Podbara · Trg Save Vukosavljeva
25m² · 1 Bedroom · 2 Guests

Home Livening Business

Novi Sad · Stari Grad
69m² · 1 Bedroom · 3 Guests

Homerent 35

Novi Sad · Rotkvarija · Bulevar Kralja Petra I
35m² · 1 Bedroom · 4 Guests

Homerent Aleksandar

Novi Sad · sajmiste · sajmište
30m² · 1 Bedroom · 2 Guests

Danube NS

Novi Sad · Stari Grad · Dunavski park
40m² · 1 Bedroom · 4 Guests

Apartman ILK NS

Novi Sad · Detelinara · Detelinarska Pijaca
30m² · 0 Bedrooms · 2 Guests


Novi Sad · Stari Grad · Karadjordje Stadion
42m² · 1 Bedroom · 1 Guests

MG apartment

Novi Sad · Stari Grad · Trg Slobode (Monument to Svetozar Miletic)
40m² · 1 Bedroom · 4 Guests

Three sons apartment

Novi Sad · Podbara · Trg Save Vukosavljeva
40m² · 1 Bedroom · 4 Guests