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  • Advertising is free
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Why list property on Bookaweb?

By listing your accommodation, you can significantly increase your income. Bookaweb is an ideal place to do it, as you can set all the rules of renting, and we’ll make sure to send you guests regularly.

Safe reservations

All reservations have to pass our check, and all guests must be informed of the rules you have set. You can cancel any reservations that can be considered inappropriate at any time.

Advertising accommodation in 3 steps

Free advertising of accommodations

The registration and advertising process is free of charge. You pay only when your accommodation receives the first guests.

You form the prices and rental terms

We offer you the possibility to set the renting prices, to grant discounts for longer stays, and to update the price list at any time.

Receive your first reservation

Once everything is set and your accommodation is live on the site, expect the first guests. Your accommodation will be available only to those guests who fully meet the conditions you have prescribed.

The chance to pay online when booking and pay an advance of 30 - 50% has helped me to reduce booking cancellations.

Petar rents out apartments in Belgrade and has significantly reduced the number of cancellations.

We care about your business

We understand the importance of secure reservations and some guarantees there won't be cancelations or no-shows. That's why we've set the system - for all reservations made in advance, it is mandatory to pay upfront an advance or the full amount. We have made it possible for you to set the rental rules and not accept guests who violate the rules in your accommodation. You can always rely on Bookaweb for any potential dispute with the guests.

  • Possibility to ask the guest for an advance before entering the apartment.
  • We have an insight into the reservations that the guest has previously made via our site.
  • Possibility to ask the guest for a deposit before entering the apartment.
  • Option to put a minimum of overnight stays on weekdays or weekends to avoid huge gatherings in your accommodation
  • Our support line for hosts is available every day from 8 am to 11 pm.

Pricing and method of payment

You form the price

Bookaweb allows you to form the overnight stay prices and the possibility of offering discounts for longer stays. We will be there for any recommendations to set competitive prices.


Bookaweb charges a commission when the first bookings are made. Depending on the destination where the accommodation is located, the amount of the commission is:

  • Belgrade: 16.7%+VAT,
  • Novi Sad: 12.5+VAT,
  • All other destinations: 12% + VAT.

Payment methods

After listing the accommodation, guests can pay you directly, via payment cards, company accounts or online when booking on the site. As well as prices, you determine the payment methods available to guests.

Advertising through the Bookaweb site has helped me increase my income by up to 100%.

Ivana rents out apartments on Zlatibor to tourists.

About Bookaweb

What is Bookaweb?

Bookaweb is a travel platform that helps people decide where to travel next. The platform provides tourists with all the necessary information about destinations all around the globe and gives them the opportunity to reserve the best accommodation units.

How to rent accommodation?

If you own an apartment, villa, cottage or log cabin, you can rent out your accommodation to tourists or local guests and thus make extra money.

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