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Welcome to Tivat

Planning to visit Tivat? Do you need information that will present the city and its complete tourist offer? You are in the right place - this is the most detailed guide through one of the most beautiful cities in Montenegro. We have selected the most important information about the position, history, and tradition of the sunniest city of Boka Kotorska, presented the routes leading to Tivat and ways to cross them most easily, explored the most important attractions and facilities for children and adults, and selected the best catering facilities for tasting the most delicious seafood specialties and nightlife. Our page also contains a list of accommodation options in Tivat, prices of overnight stays, and recommendations of facilities with the best price-quality ratio. We are here to prepare you for an unforgettable stay in Tivat! All you have to do is research the information presented, gather good company, and personally explore all the beauties of this magical city.

Tivat Apartments

Stara kamena kuća na obali mora

Tivat · Surrounding places · Bjelila
1 Bedroom · 5 Guests
€93.46 night


Tivat · City · Bonici
1 Bedroom · 6 Guests
€115.65 night

Mini laguna četvorosoban

Tivat · City · Bonici
3 Bedrooms · 6 Guests
€449.77 night

Mini laguna duplex

Tivat · City · Bonici
2 Bedrooms · 4 Guests
€362.15 night

Mini laguna jednosoban apartman

Tivat · City · Bonici
1 Bedroom · 2 Guests
€221.96 night

Mini laguna trosoban apartman

Tivat · City · Bonici
2 Bedrooms · 4 Guests
€286.21 night

When to visit Tivat?

Tivat is a destination that should not be skipped or bypassed during any period of the year. The city is most visited during the summer period, due to its location by the sea, but also in the winter when vacations are most frequent. You must visit Tivat, and there are a number of reasons for that. We will do our best to introduce you to the most basic of them:
  • During summer - The city of Tivat is nestled in the heart of the most beautiful and largest bay of the Mediterranean, Boka Kotorska, at the foot of the Lovcen branch of Vrmac. This city abounds in beautiful and fairy-tale nature. It is surrounded by calm and fearless sea shores, and olive groves, so it is not surprising why Tivat is number one in the selection of tourist destinations at sea in Montenegro. The city offers exactly what is needed for an idyllic seaside summer vacation - great fun, warm sea, well-kept beaches, and excellent summer temperatures. It has been taking its place at the top of the world's luxury destinations for years.
  • During winter - During the winter period, Tivat is less burdened by tourists and offers more to those who visit it during one of the remaining three seasons - winter, spring, or autumn. Tivat holds the title of the sunniest city in Montenegro. If you happen to be on the promenade by the sea during this period, you must not miss the event organized by the Tivat Tourism Organization, called the Winter Fairy Tale. The walks will then acquire some special magic of the New Year's mood.

How to reach Tivat?

Tivat is located in the central part of the Bay of Kotor. Its excellent geographical position is important, because on one side it is open to the sea, while on the other side it is protected by the slopes of Lovcen, or rather the Lovcen branch of Vrmac. The Gulf of Tivat is connected to the Gulf of Risan and the Gulf of Kotor by a strait, and there are waterways on the side of this coastal town. Tivat is well connected by land, water and air routes with other Montenegrin cities, but also with other cities of the Balkan Peninsula and Europe. The distance between Tivat and the larger cities of Montenegro is: Kotor 11 km, Herceg Novi 22 km, Budva 25 km, Cetinje 44 km, Bar 63 km, Ulcinj 88 km, Podgorica 90 km, Niksic 106 km, Pljevlja 234 km. Here are a few ways you can reach Tivat:
  • By car - Road E65 or E80 connects Tivat with Podgorica, Belgrade and the north of Europe, which then passes from E65/E80 to the European road E851. It is connected to all the cities of Montenegro by the Adriatic highway. The approximate travel time is around 8 hours and 20 minutes, if you have decided to take the road without toll booths via Cacak, Uzice, Prijepolje and Pljevlja. The route with a similar travel time forks near Zlatibor, and via Mokra Gora and Visegrad you can reach Tivat.
  • By bus - The bus that travels from Belgrade to Tivat passes through the following major cities: Gornji Milanovac, Cacak, Pozega, Uzice, Prijepolje, Bijelo Polje, Mojkovac, Podgorica, Budva, Petrovac, Sutomore - depending, of course, on the route. The price of the ticket varies, but the approximate price of the bus ticket is 3080 RSD. If you traveled by train to Bar, it is possible to cross the Bar-Tivat route by bus. The first departure from Bar is at 2:30 p.m., and it arrives in Tivat at 4:15 p.m. The price of a one-way ticket is from 700 RSD to 885 RSD. The ride lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes. For more information, you can call the bus station in Tivat (+382 32 663 366), Belgrade (011/ 26 36 299) or Bar (+382 30 346 141).
  • By train - This traffic takes place on the main railway route Belgrade-Podgorica-Bar. So, it is also possible to reach Tivat in this way. The price of a 2nd class ticket is EUR 42 with a seat reservation surcharge of EUR 3 (the surcharge is valid for one direction only). The total price of a ticket for 2nd class on the route Belgrade - Bar - Belgrade is 45 EUR, while for 1st class the total price is slightly higher and is 66.60 EUR (63.60 EUR ticket price + 3 EUR one-way seat reservation surcharge). When you get to Bar, you can take an organized bus line to Tivat.
  • By plane - Tivat Airport is only 4 km from the city and is one of the two international airports in Montenegro, while the other is in Podgorica. Planes fly to Belgrade from this airport throughout the year, while other charter flights from around the world are generally busiest during the summer season. Kotor is 7 km from Tivat airport, and Budva is 20 km away.
  • By ship - Tivat does not have direct shipping lines that connect it with the centers and important coastal cities in Italy, however, through the port of Bar, which is some 65 km away, there is the possibility of using this type of transport with regular lines to Bari. The wide coast of Tivat offers sailors the opportunity to moor their smaller ships and yachts. Marina Kalimanj has 330 berths for watercraft.

Tourist activities in Tivat

Tivat offers tourists, during their stay, a wide range of activities that will leave all visitors breathless. Do you like a calm cruise on the Boka or are you still an adrenaline junkie? If the answer is yes, Tivat is the right place for you. The sunniest city of Montenegro offers everything, and all you have to do is imagine your wish and it will surely come true.
  • Natural attractions - Solila Special Nature Reserve is a unique and unique natural bird reserve. It is located between the Tivat airport and the Luštica peninsula, on the site of a former salt pan. This reserve offers you the opportunity to enjoy its natural wealth of flora and fauna. It covers 150 hectares and allows visitors to observe and explore the birds that live there in peace and quiet.
  • Swimming - Montenegro has one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic Sea. Tivat offers incredible well-kept beaches outside the city for swimming, sunny and warm days, and the deep blue sea. On the beaches, tourists can rest peacefully, swim, dive, and sunbathe. The beaches in the city are concrete pontoons. The water is suitable for various sports. On the coast of Tivat, there are 17 beautifully decorated beaches, which leave even the most discerning guests without complaints. The total area of ​​the beaches is 31,200 square meters. Most of the coasts are sandy, surrounded by the greenery and lush vegetation that Montenegrin coastal towns are known for. Some of the famous beaches are: Krasici, Sveti Marko, Belane, Rt Seljanovo, Mulo oko, Plavi horizonti. The price of sunbeds varies from beach to beach, but it can rise to at least 10 EUR for an umbrella and a pair of sunbeds.
  • Mountaineering and camping - Tivat is tucked away on the slopes of the Lovcen branch of Vrmac. These slopes are perfect for hiking and mountain climbing. If you like exciting nature walks and challenging trails, Tivat is the ideal place for you. The beauty of the Boka Kotor Bay is enchanting, and the view from above is truly stunning. The beautiful viewpoint can be reached from Gornja Lastava by climbing up Međica to Bijeli Pijes. Climbing up the steep and unspoiled nature, you will feel as if you are in a fairy tale. Once you cross the pass, you can see the Bay of Kotor and Perast with two islands. A large number of trails for hiking, mountaineering, or mountain biking can be found on these Lovcen slopes, but also on the Luštica peninsula, from where the view extends to both the Adriatic and Boka Kotor coasts.
  • Cruising - An unavoidable and certainly unforgettable experience of Tivat is also from the water. Cruising is one of the favorite activities of all tourists who visit this coastal city. A different view of the place, but also the lush vegetation, will become one of your most beautiful vacation memories. Cruises are organized by different travel agencies, as well as large accommodations, so the price and itinerary of a cruise in the Bay of Kotorska are very different.
  • Diving - If hiking is not challenging enough for you, and you love the sea and the deep sea, we highlight a daring activity for you, which is diving. Those who have known the beauty of the Adriatic coast for a long time already enjoy this activity. The sea depths of the beaches of Tivat are known for their unreal vegetation and numerous species of fish. Rent your diving equipment and don't even spend a lesson. Conquer the depths of the sea that Tivat offers you. Przno Bay and Tivat Bay are the most suitable for this type of sport. If you have decided to explore the sea depths of the Adriatic individually, you can rent equipment at the Neptun-Mimoza Diving Club, founded in 1993. The headquarters of the club is in Tivat, in Donja Lastava, on Kamelia beach. This club also has a diving school, so if you are a beginner, don't worry, there is a solution for that too. You can contact the club by calling +382 69 044 225, +382 69 250 052, +382 69 348 882.

Events and festivals in Tivat

We suggest that if you happen to be in Tivat during some event, you must stop by and see the fairy tale with your own eyes. The city offers you an excellent and varied content of events and festivals almost all year round, so don't miss them. Some of the important events are:
  • Traditional Lastovo Carnival - This carnival is held on Saturdays in the month of February in a place called Donja Lastava. The procession with the Carnival starts every year at the same place, from the Seventh Quarter, and stops at the Church of Saint Roch. In front of the church, Karneval is condemned for all the misfortunes of the previous year, without the right to appeal. The procession often includes city music but also majorettes from dance clubs. The tradition is that, after the trial, the Carnival is burned down, and the celebration continues under masks at the Hotel Kamelia, where a masquerade ball is held for adults and children. This tradition has been taken over since the time of the Republic of Dubrovnik.
  • March Ball - Every March 8, women's day is celebrated with the organization of a ball dedicated to them. The ball is organized by the Tivat Women's Organization.
  • Zucenica fest - This event presents a gastronomic event that is held with the aim of presenting Bokele cuisine. It has been organized for 14 years, and is organized by the Tivat Women's Organization, as well as Radio Tivat. Visitors are able to try a variety of dishes made from egg yolk or chicory. Zucenica is an indigenous coastal wild edible grass. There is also a jury that evaluates and awards the best dishes, the best decorations and arrangements. Majorettes, as well as town music, participate in one part of the festivities.
  • International Carnival in Tivat - Carnival is a new event that takes place in June, when, in fact, the beginning of the tourist season is marked. Numerous carnival groups from all over the world gather in Tivat. It lasts for three days, and in addition to the parade and the central event, parties are also organized on the city's Pina beach, as well as a masquerade ball and a masked ball for diplomats.
  • Tivat Cultural Summer - Organized by the Tivat Culture Center, it is one of the most important cultural manifestations. The Purgatorje Mediterranean Theater Festival takes place in the summer, from the middle of June until the end of August. It is very interesting because visitors can see a handful of excellent theater pieces and performances. The largest number of performances take place on the Tivat summer stage, located in the Buca summer house. Year after year, this festival grows and brings more and more local and foreign troupes from Lumac, who perform here with great pleasure.
  • Winter fairy tale - The best New Year's program takes place at this festival. Citizens, as well as visitors, can enjoy the festive atmosphere of Tivat. Decorated glittering houses are placed along the Pine Promenade. During these days, many Christmas markets, charity bazaars, musical events, themed events, and activities for children are held. The main program is during the reception, but also New Year's Eve reruns with concerts by local and foreign musical performers.

Activities for kids in Tivat

Tivat also includes facilities for children in its generous offer. If you were hesitating whether to spend your ideal family vacation in Tivat, the answer is yes. This is the perfect place for all generations and everyone will easily find a suitable activity and occupation.
  • Horseback riding - In Donja Lastava in the municipality of Tivat, there is a horse riding stable that allows visitors to learn the aristocratic sport of riding. Your little ones will enjoy the company of horses, and along with good fun, they will also learn the art of riding.
  • Boat trips - In Tivat, it is possible to rent a boat with which you can drive around the coastal parts of this coastal town. The little ones will surely enjoy the charms of driving, the beauty of lush vegetation and swimming on hidden beaches.
  • Amusement park - Igalo, which is about 23 km from Tivat, offers a great amusement park. Year by year it grows, while more and more tourists visit it. In it you can have fun on numerous merry-go-rounds, trampolines, ride in cars. Although it is called Everything for one Euro, the rides are a bit more expensive and amount to around 2 EUR. In Budva, which is a little further away, a modern amusement park is also organized.

What to see in Tivat?

Although Tivat is not predominantly a big city, it has a lot to offer its visitors. If you happen to be in this destination during winter or summer, you will have a lot of attractions to see. In the following part of the text, we have selected for you the attractions that you can visit in Tivat:
  • Religious buildings - In the very center of Tivat is the church of Saint Sava, built in 1967. In addition to this central city church, Tivat can boast of a rich history of religious buildings on its territory. The Church of Saint Roch, which was built in the first year of the 20th century, is also significant. We must not leave out Our Lady of Mercy. The island of Our Lady of Mercy, together with the peninsula of Miholjska Prevlaka and the island of St. Mark, form the holy archipelago. There is a women's monastery on the island. Remains of carved stones dedicated to the old Roman gods were found in this area.
  • School ship Jadran - It was built in Hamburg back in 1931 for the needs of the Yugoslav Royal Navy. Jadran is a training ship. The longest route he traveled was the following route: Dubrovnik-New York-Boston-Dubrovnik, in the period from April 20 to June 21, 1938. From 2013 until 2017, a general overhaul was carried out. Although an official ship, it was never armed with ship's weapons. Today, the boat is in the port of Bar, while the Municipality of Tivat is fighting to return it to its port.
  • Lustica bay - Lustica bay consists of a number of luxury complexes, but also a marina for mega yachts. If you lead a high life or like to observe luxury with your own eyes, Lustica bay allows you to do so. This destination is becoming one of the most desirable European destinations. Also, visit and walk the port and promenade of Porto Montenegro. The lights of luxury will surely leave you breathless.
  • Letnjikovac Buca - Buca Lukovic Palace was built in the 14th century. The palace was built by the best sculptors and builders of that time, and it actually shows that Tivat has always been a permanent home of respectable and noble families. This magnificent building was full of columns, flowers, stone steps, gardens. After 1888, one part was ceded to the Municipality of Tivat. The Summer Stage was built on the site of the stone path, while the 15-meter high defense tower was turned into a gallery space.
  • Prevlaka Peninsula - Flower Island - This island belongs to Tivat, together with two other islands. It used to be called the island of Sveti Mihailo. There is a Serbian Orthodox monastery dedicated to St. Michael on it and it represents an ancient Serbian stronghold in these areas. Once the monastery complex occupied the entire surface of the island, however, today only a small church and a building with monastic cells have been restored. Three monks live in the monastery. The name Flower Island most likely comes from local stories that this small island is the birthplace of all kinds of palm trees, flowers and plants that have developed since ancient times.

Accommodation in Tivat

The city of Tivat offers a variety of accommodation, suitable for everyone's taste, which can be divided into several categories:
  • Hotels - There are several top-quality hotels in the city, and you will not regret it if you decide to stay in them. Some of the best rated hotels in Tivat are: Hotel Helada, Hotel Astoria, Eco Hotel Carrubba, Boutiquue Hotel La Roche, The Chedi Lustica Bay, Hotel Kamelija, Hotel Palma, Regent Porto Montenegro. The price of a night with breakfast in a double room in a highly rated hotel in Tivat starts from 90EUR and upwards, while the prices in luxury hotels are slightly higher, so the price of a night in a double room will be at least 250EUR.
  • Luxury villas - If you are not a big fan of hotels, but prefer to enjoy your own peace and luxury, we suggest you book one of the luxury villas that Tivat offers. The best rated villas are: Waikiki Beach House, Suntime Villa 7, Meadow Villa, Holiday house Marina, Old Stone House Tivat Villas I&II, Holiday Home Brinic. The prices are really diverse, but the average price during the summer season is 700EUR per night.
  • Hostels and private accommodation - However, if you want a slightly different accommodation, which is not a hotel, Tivat offers you that possibility as well. There are many apartments in the city that offer different services. The price depends on accommodation, and some of the best rated are: D&D Apartments Tivat, Apartments Bojic, Vila Danica Tivat, Tamara, Tivat Star, Hostel Anton, House Grabic, Apartments Obala, Tivat Beach Apartments.

Phone numbers of important services in Tivat

Below we have selected important telephone numbers that you may need during your stay in the city of Tivat:
  • The area code for Tivat is 032
  • The international number for emergency calls is 112
  • Police Department 122
  • Fire department 123
  • Ambulance 124
  • Roadside assistance 19807
  • Weather forecast 044 800 200
  • Bus station Tivat +382 32 672 620
  • Headquarters of the Municipality of Tivat +382 32 611 300
  • Tivat Tourist Organization +382 32 671 323; +382 32 671 324
  • Tivat Airport +382 32 670 975
  • Auto-moto company Pionir Tivat +382 32 671 284

Where to eat in Tivat?

Catering facilities for food in the sunniest city of the Bay of Kotor can be divided into several categories. Depending on what you like to eat, how much time you have to eat and what kind of environment you like to sit in, we recommend some of the following establishments:
  • Restaurants - In Tivat you will find restaurants of both national and international cuisine because this is a tourist town, and it is simply expected to cover and satisfy everyone's appetite. The best-rated restaurants in Tivat are Konoba Bacchus, Sidro, Recoleta, Big Ben, Volat Lounge Bar & Restaurant, Theodorus Restaurant, Steak & BBK House Tanja.
  • Pizzerias - We will single out several establishments that serve specialties of Italian cuisine that, if you are a fan, you must not miss: Pizzeria Galija, Recoleta, Al Posto Gigusto, Caffe Pizzeria Roma, AS, KLM Tivat.
  • Fast food and bakeries - If you like to eat something quickly, and you don't want or simply don't have time for your meal to last longer, the best options for you are bakeries and fast food establishments. Some of the best-rated facilities of this type in Tivat are: Davidovic Bakery, Dan i Noc Bakery, Buregdzinica Center, AS Bakery, MONZA Bakery, Contact Fast Food, Takulin Rostiljnica, S&M Fast Food, Cevapdzinica M.
  • Pastry shops - We will single out several confectioneries where you can indulge in phenomenal sweets, and the best-rated confectioneries are: Confectionery MINJON, Confectionery Bishkotin, Confectionery Mon Ami, Ice Cream Moritz Eis.

Where to go out in Tivat?

A perfect night out is one of the most important items that every city that lives on tourism must fulfill. Tivat certainly succeeded in that. The best bars and the best clubs are located in the elite part of the city, in Porto Montenegro, where opulence and luxury dominate. In the following text, we will list some of the facilities that are great for having a good time during the day and night:
  • Cafes and bars - With good music and a relaxing atmosphere, during the day you can enjoy the wonderful cafes and bars in Tivat. Some of the famous and popular cafes and bars are Cafeteria, Craft Cafe, Valat 2, Sunreef Yachts Lounge, Bocalibre, and Lifestyle Cafe.
  • Discotheques - Do you like a heated atmosphere, alcohol, and fast music until the morning hours? Discotheques are the right solution for you, which offer you the opportunity to experience such entertainment. We recommend you to visit some of the best-rated discotheques: Platinum - The Notorious Club, Porto Montenegro, Clubhouse, House5, Win Night Club Tivat.

Transportation and taxi services in Tivat

You didn't come to Tivat with your own means of transport? No problem. Tivat is connected by city and intercity lines that run along the Adriatic highway.
  • Public transport - The main traffic carrier is the company BlueLine, which runs from Tivat to: Lepetan, Gradiosnica, Ostrva Cvijec, Radovic and Krasic. You can find the timetable very easily on the carrier's website.
  • Taxi service - Taxis are an indispensable part of any tour or return from a night out. There are many taxi operators, and these are the best of them: Red Taxi 19729, Đir Taxi 19777, HaloTaxi Tivat 19565, MB Taxi 19503.

Parking in Tivat

On the territory of the coastal town of Tivat, you can find parking spaces that are divided and designated according to parking zones, parking lots with ramps, garages, and underground parking lots.
  • Working hours for street parking - From 31.05.2022. working hours are 08.00-21.00, while during the summer season (from 01.06.2022 until 01.10.2022) it is 07.00-23.00.
  • Parking zones - The price depends on the zone you are in. Pay attention to the prohibitions on extending your parking space. Starting an hour in the red zone during the summer season costs 0.80 EUR, in the yellow zone 0.50 EUR.
  • Parking lot at Tivat Airport - Working hours are 06.00-20.00. The price of parking during the summer season is 0.80 EUR for the first hour, while the price of the daily ticket is 8 EUR.

Surroundings of Tivat

Tivat is one of those cities on the coast that can boast of a rich history, but also incredibly beautiful nature and its riches. The expanses are unfathomable, as is the view of the most beautiful bay. These pictures will remain in your memory forever. However, it is not only nature that gives this impression of fearlessness. There are also well-known cultural and historical monuments that remind us that time unfailingly moves forward, and that people are left with their works. In the following text, we suggest you visit some of the attractions:
  • Gospa od Skrpjela - Gospa od Skrpjela is an island in front of Perast. This island is artificial and was created at the end of the 15th century. It is believed that it was built at the place where the Morsic brothers found an image of Our Lady on a cliff in the Risan Bay, so the residents of Perast decided to build a Roman Catholic church of the Virgin Mary on that spot. Stones were thrown around the rock and a small chapel was built. According to the traditional custom, the Fashinadis piled up stones for centuries, sinking dilapidated boats and ships, so the surface of the island increased over time. Today, the island has an area of ​​over 3,000 square meters and the church of Gospa od Skrpjela is located on it. The church was built in 1630 by the Venetians. In the church, there is a tapestry that Jacinita Kunić wove from 1803 until 1828, waiting for her sailor husband to return to her. She also wove parts of her hair into the tapestry.
  • Blue Cave - Blue Cave is one of the most beautiful and largest caves in a series, located along the thinned coast on the Luštica peninsula in Boka. The cave is located between Zlatna luka bay and Cape Mokra gora. It is 5.7 nautical miles away from Herceg Novi. It has two large openings at an angle of 45 degrees, the smaller one is on the south side, while the larger one is on the southwest side. Ordinary boats and smaller ships can enter the cave. The depth of the sea inside the cave is 3 to 4 m. It got its name from the unusual color of the sea, a crystal blue color that is caused by the reflection of sunlight from its surface during sunny days. It is possible to visit the cave with a guide.
  • St. Ivan's Fortress - The most beautiful fortification that was built in the Illyrian era is located near Kotor. The fortress defends the city on the eastern side, and behind it is the Lovćen mountain massif. Large walls stretch up to the fortress. The fortress had the power of unlimited defense of Kotor even against more powerful enemies. One such example is the clash with 300 Turkish ships that remained at the bottom of the sea. The fortress was damaged during the earthquake in 1979, but the walls are well preserved to this day. In addition to the fortress, there is also a small church dedicated to St. John on the top of the mountain. The place is open to tourists, and it is reached by a narrow, steep road consisting of about 1400 steps. The climb takes about an hour and requires a lot of strength and endurance. We recommend that you bring plenty of drinking water and wear comfortable shoes. The time and effort you invest will pay off at the very top with an incredible view of the entire Boka Kotor bay.

History of Tivat

  • Name - Many historians believe that Tivat is the youngest city in Boka Kotorska, and on the coast of Montenegro. Many scholars cannot agree on the origin of the name. Some claim that Tivat got its name from the Illyrian queen Teuta, whose capital was Risan, but she had many summer houses in the vicinity of Tivat. Still others believe that the origin of the name Tivat refers to the names of Christian saints. However, there are also opinions that the name of the city originates from the Celtic word teuto, which in translation means city. Different eras are important for the development of both Boka and the Tivat area, the most important being: Illyrian, Roman, Byzantine, Serbian, Venetian, Turkish and Austrian eras. This is evidenced by numerous monuments and archaeological sites.
  • Rule over Tivat - The rule of Tivat that started the historical story of this coastal city is certainly Illyrian. The period of this reign ends in 168 BC, at the time when the state of Illyria began to decline. There are few preserved archeological findings about this period of Tivat's history, while the Roman rule was much more significant and left behind a handful of archeological findings. After Roman rule, Tivat belonged to the Serbian state until 1370. After Serbia, Tivat was governed by the Republic of Venice, the Ottoman Empire, Austria, the Kingdom of SHS, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Nazi Germany, and at the very end, this city belonged to the state of Montenegro.

Geography and climate of Tivat

  • Geography - The youngest city of the Bay of Kotor is an urban settlement and municipality in Montenegro. According to the 2011 census, this city had about 9,367 inhabitants. It covers 46 square kilometers and is located at an altitude of 6 m. Tivat is located on the very coast of the sea on one side, and on the other side it encroaches on the slopes of the Lovcen branch of Vrmac. There are 42 inhabited places in the municipality of Tivat.
  • Climate - Tivat is characterized by a typical Mediterranean climate, with mild rainy winters and very clear and warm summers. Annual precipitation in Tivat is over 1,755 mm. This city is known for its various winds. In winter, most often, the bora or north wind blows, while in the summer, the mistral, more precisely, the west wind blows. In autumn, the southerly, warm wind usually blows, which usually brings rain with it. The average annual air temperature is 15 degrees. The average summer temperature is 27 degrees. Tivat is considered the sunniest city of Boka Kotorska, there is data that justifies this, because in Tivat the average number of sunny days in a year is 240. The climate also favors the sea, and due to the wind, waves with an average height of 0.5 m occur, while those above 2 m extremely rare.

Demographics of Tivat

  • Population - Statistical data dating from the 2011 census indicate that 9,367 people lived in Tivat at that time. 7,344 adults live in the city itself. There are 3,118 households in the settlement, and the average number of members per household is 3.04.
  • People of Tivat - The population is very heterogeneous, and in the last three censuses, an increase in the number of inhabitants was observed. The most ethnic groups living in Tivat are Serbs, Montenegrins, Croats, Muslims, Albanians, Slovenians, Yugoslavs, Hungarians, Bosniaks, Egyptians, Macedonians, Italians, Germans, Russians, Roma. The average age of the inhabitants of Tivat is 37.1 years, more precisely, 35.9 for men and 38.2 for women.

Tradition and culture of Tivat

  • Culture - In addition to the various events that take place throughout the year in Tivat, it should also be emphasized that there are a handful of cultural institutions in the city that you must not miss, namely: the Ethnographic Museum and the Collection of Maritime Heritage.
  • Heritage - We must not forget to mention so many different monasteries and churches that are located in Tivat itself, but also in its surroundings. Some of the important religious institutions are Monastery dedicated to the Mother of God, Church of St. Luka, Church of the Holy Lady, Church of St. Jovan, and St. Ivan in Bogisici, Church of St. Sava, Church of St. Petar.

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