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New York

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Welcome to New York

New York - a city that never sleeps and whose attractions attract a vast number of tourists from year to year. Our site outlines the main reasons why New York is one of the major tourist centers in the USA. We present you its main attractions, the most visited restaurants, city tours, accommodation units, nightclubs. We have explored for you the ways you can get to the city, move through it and how to spend the perfect vacation in it. Explore New York with us. Find out why it must be at the top of the list of destinations you must visit.

The most important information about New York City

The City that Never Sleeps, The Big Apple, Empire City, The Capital of The World. Those are just a few nicknames given to New York, and they are well-deserved. New York City is one of the most stunning cities on the planet. It is also one of the world's most important financial and economic centers. Simply take a stroll down Wall Street or Fifth Avenue and you'll see why is that. There are so many things to see and do in this magical city, and we'll show you a few of them.
  • History of New York City - Before European colonization, this land was home to Native Americans. But circumstances changed a lot from that period. The city today known as New York once was settled by the Dutch. Under the name of New Amsterdam, in 1626, they settled a colony on today’s Manhattan Island. It was like that until 1664 when England took control over the area, renaming it New York. After that period, the city played an essential role in the American Revolution during the XVIII century. With industrialization, the metropolis grew, and modernization brought to New Your power and fame that is noted in the whole world. Today, New York is a significant international financial hub and home to the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Geography and time zone - The capital city of New York State, New York City, is on the United States' Eastern Atlantic coast, lying at the mouth of the Hudson River. New York City is divided into five boroughs by several waterways. Those are Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island. Manhattan is considered the central borough with the largest economic and cultural center of America. It is surrounded by three rivers - Hudson River, Harlem River, and East River. It is mainly composed of squares and avenues. New York City is on Eastern Standard Time (-4 hours during daylight saving time, and -5 hours during the rest of the year).
  • Climate - The city is under a humid subtropical climate zone, characterized by cold winters with snow and hot and sunny summers. If you are from Europe and you measure temperature in Celsius, be ready for America’s Fahrenheit. Thankfully, with the help of the internet, you can easily convert grades into ones that suit you more. 
  • Demography - According to 2021 data, around 8.3 million people live in NYC, which makes it the largest city in the state of New York as well as the whole United States. People of many ethnicities live here, 32% White, 29% Hispanic, 22% Black, and 14% Asian inhabitants. New York welcomes people from different parts of the world. This makes it one of the most versatile metropolises in America.
  • Tradition and culture - What is this city unique for? - This is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. New York is unique because of its dynamic and fast-paced lifestyle. Nowhere else in the world will you find as many diverse, extraordinary people united in their lives as you will in the Big Apple. The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and the Empire State Building are the city's main symbols. However, as you explore New York, you will discover many other attractions that contribute to the city's charm.

New York Travel Tips

These are the most important pieces of information if you are visiting New York City. Make sure to have them always with you.
  • Official Language and other languages spoken - It’s difficult to imagine, but over 600 languages are spoken in New York City. Naturally, English is the official language; nevertheless, many others are widely spoken. Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Italian and Other Indo-European languages can be heard. 
  • Entering the city: Procedures and requirements - Depending on the country you are coming from, you may need a visa to enter the USA. For more information, you can contact the Embassy of the USA in your country and check the US Department of State’s website
Important Numbers
  • Country Dialing Code Prefix - The United States' country dialing code prefix is +1. However, for all areas besides Manhattan, dialing in NYC after +1 requires adding 718. Manhattan is served by the 212 area code.
  • Emergencies (police, fire or ambulance): 911
  • NYC government agencies and any questions or requests about City services: 311 or 212-NEW-YORK (639-9675)
  • Directory assistance: 411
  • Non-Emergency: 311
  • NYPD General Inquiries: 646-610-5000
  • Sex Crimes Report Line: 212-267-7273
  • Crime Stoppers: 800-577-TIPS
  • Crime Stoppers (Spanish): 888-57-PISTA
  • Missing Persons Case Status: 212-694-7781
  • Terrorism Hot-Line: 888-NYC-SAFE
  • Gun Stop Program: 866-GUN-STOP
  • Cop Shot: 800-COP-SHOT
Money Tips
  • Currency - In New York, as in the whole USA, the dollar is the standard currency. The worth of one American dollar is approximately 90 cents.
  • There is a widespread tipping custom all over New York. People expect you to tip for the good service. There are also unwritten rules for how much you should tip depending on the service provided. Knowing that you are supposed to give $1 when a hotel doorkeeper hails you a taxi, waitstaff around 15 or 20% of the total bill, and $1 goes to the bartender every time he vies you a drink.
  • Hailing a cab should not be your first choice if there are other methods to go around the city. Even if it’s more comfortable, driving with a taxi all the time can be pretty costly. Instead, take a chance to buy a MetroCard for public transport, and some save money.
  • Even though mid-town is all shiny and fun to be in, it can be pretty expensive to dine or book a hotel room. Feel free to explore other parts of the city and find the perfect place that meets your needs and is more friendly towards your budget.
  • Take the Staten Island Ferry. It’s free!
  • Some museums have Pay-what-you-want museum admission days. That means you can pay as much as you feel comfortable to see an exhibition. Museums that offer this great deal are The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Museum of the Moving Image, Whitney Museum of American Art, and The American Museum of Natural History. Also, you can explore and find museums with free entrance.
Useful apps, free travel map
  • Airbnb - since New York is a costly city, it may be expensive to book a room in a hotel. Consider finding an apartment or a private room using this app. Not just it’s cheaper, but it is also a great option to make friends. If your hosts are friendly, they may want to help you get around the city and hang out with you.
  • Cittymapper - Big chance is that you will need help with active transport in New York. Install this map, and you will be ready to take any public transport in no time. 
  • Sit of Squat - New York has many public toilets you can use. But sometimes you can’t find them when you need them the most. Install Sit or Squat and make that job much more manageable.
  • Uber - It won’t hurt to mention it again. Using Uber can save you a lot of money if you need a quick ride but don’t want to spend too much on cabs.
  • TKTS - avoid all the boring lines in front of the places that interest you. Book tickets in advance, and also get a discount. Believe us. This will save you a lot of time and money.
  • ChefsFeed - This remarkable app will not only show you the places to eat or have a drink but also help you to decide what to order and how to find restaurants you would like to visit.

When to visit New York?

Any time of the year is good to visit NYC, it will still offer plenty of activities and events. The optimum time to visit the city in terms of weather is between April and early June. Anyway, keep in mind that this is the time of year when most tourists choose to visit New York. September through November is the best time to visit if you want to avoid the crowds.

How to get to New York?

New York is a city that is well connected to all parts of the world. If this city is your next destination, the following types of transport are available to you:
  • Plane - Nearly 90 airlines serve the New York City area, with flights arriving from around the country and the world. John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) or LaGuardia Airport (LGA), both in Queens, or Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) in neighboring New Jersey can host you on your flight. La Guardia is usually used for domestic and Canadian flights. But Kennedy and Newark serve both domestic and international destinations. You can reach Manhattan easily from any airport, choosing the best suiting transport.
  • Train - Those traveling from a neighboring town can use NJ Transit, the Long Island Rail Road, or the Metro-North Railroad to get to New York. Amtrak also provides rides to NYC from a variety of cities.
  • Bus - If you are coming from other East Coast cities, buses are an affordable and great travel option. Many local carriers, but also Megabus, BoltBus and Greyhound, can provide you with bus service.
  • Car - Plan your trip ahead and use Google Maps or any other navigation app. Make sure to plan where to park, since there are a lot of places dedicated to that, but they may be crowded.

Activities for tourists in New York

It's difficult to pick just one or two activities in New York City that you should do and attempt. You should take advantage of the fact that this place never sleeps. Take a night tour or a cruise to see the city from a different perspective. We will assist you in locating the best tours and shopping areas so that you may enjoy yourself the most.
Best tours
  • Take a tour with Staten Island Ferry. It’s free, and it will get you to see the Statue of Liberty. You will be passing by the Statue on your way to Staten Island.
  • For first-time visitors, the NYC bus tour is the best to start with. HOp on an open-top bus and visit all the important landmarks of New York. Tours are available in different languages, and a single tour costs $29. You can also choose a Liberty Cruise Select for around $34.
  • Discover NYC by night, taking a Yellow Route tour. During 2 hours of this bus tour, you will get a chance to see New York under the night city lights. It’s a remarkable experience, and you should not miss it. Tours, depending on the company, start every 15-20 minutes from 6 till 8 pm. Anyway, make sure to arrive 30 minutes earlier, so you can find a seat.
  • Brooklyn-Bridge Bike Tour is a great and healthy way to explore the city. You would also have guides who will provide you with the essential information on landmarks you pass.
Best Shopping 
  • If you want to spoil yourself or buy gifts for your friends and family, there are various streets to visit. There are entire streets dedicated to specific clothing, shoes, and accessories. You should start with Fifth Avenue. This is undoubtedly the most famous place in NYC you have to visit if you want to shop. You will be able to visit numerous boutiques and big department stores. Other than this, you can go to Madison Avenue, Macy's Herald Square, or stroll down Brookfield Place. But don’t one of those folks who just window shop. Get inside those nice stores and buy something nice and fancy for yourself.
  • At Times Square you can visit so many diverse shops. From Disney Store and Toys R Us, over Hershey's Chocolate and M&Ms World, all the way to Sephora and Forever 21, you can purchase anything you can imagine.
  • If you are a fan of America’s most famous sitcom Friends, you would like for sure to go to Bloomingdale’s in Midtown Manhattan or any of Ralph Lauren’s stores to see the places where Raichel Green used to work.
  • Chinatown - If you want to buy an excellent replica of a Louis Vuitton bag, cheap accessories, try good Chinese food, or maybe explore fish and herbal markets, go to Chinatown! We are sure you’ll find something for yourself.
Events and festivals
  • Times Square Countdown - New Year’s Eve is the time when a lot of people gather together at Times Square waiting for the famous Countdown to midnight. You don’t want to miss spectacular fireworks that welcome the beginning of the new year.
  • Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes - Every year, at Radio City Music Hall Radio City Rockettes will lead you through this magnificent event that celebrates Christmas.
  • New York Comic-Con - There’s no need to explain much this event. Many comic lovers all over the country gather around to this big annual convention. For four days, you can enjoy many activities North America's most giant comic book has to offer.
  • St. Patric’s Parade NYC - St. Patric may be the patron of Ireland, but its day is celebrated all over the world. So is in New York City. Don’t miss the chance to hear Irish music played by men dressed in traditional Irish kilts.
  • The Village Halloween Parade - New York adores Halloween. Plenty of funny and creative costumes can be seen all over the city. Don’t let others ‘trick or treat’ you, dress something cool yourself, and attend this big Halloween party.
  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade - The date is the 25th of November. People go out on the streets of Central Park West and 6th Ave in New York City, just to watch this remarkable parade that celebrates Thanksgiving.

Tourist atractions in New York

Times Square, Fifth Avenue, and Central Park are just some of the most famous landmarks of the city. Make a perfect route and discover them all.
  • Statue of Liberty - This one goes without saying. The most significant symbol of the whole of America. At the height of more than 46 meters, it erects a world symbol of freedom. It is possible to go right up to the crown or observe it from land or the river. It’s up to you.
  • Central Park - The most famous park in New York, where many people come every day to enjoy nature and nice weather. You can bring your blanket and make a picnic or get a carriage ride. There are also many places to visit, such as Belvedere Castle, Central Park Zoo or the Lake. 
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art -  Founded in 1870, this is one of the most famous museums in the United States. Here you can see more than two million works of art that cover a period of 5.000 years. Museum has three sites, but the most visited one is The Met Fifth Avenue. The regular ticket price for the museum is $25.
  • Times Square - Because of its dynamic and energetic tempo, Times Square is also known as The Crossroads of the World. This is one of the world’s most visited attractions. Many commercial lightning signs will surely attire you, so you can’t miss it.
  • Broadway and the Theater District - Here you can enjoy great comedy and stand-up shows, as well as many modern theatric plays. 
  •  Empire State Building - This 381-meter-tall building is another well-known symbol of New York. It is open for tourists to come in and visit. However, lines could be very long, so consider purchasing your ticket in advance. Prices depend on the height you want to go. To come into this monumental building, you should set aside from $42 to $75.   
  • 9/11 Memorial and Museum - Once those twin 110-story towers represented The World Trade Center. Then, after the terroristic attack on 11th of September 2001, this became a memorial and museum that tributes people who died that day. The regular ticket costs $26.
  • Fifth Avenue - This excellent shopping area is a must-see if you are coming to New York. Even though you maybe don’t want to buy anything in the Apple Store or Cartier, you can always take a walk down this incredible avenue. 
  • Brooklyn Bridge - San Francisco has Golden Gate Bridge, New York City has Brooklin Bridge. You surely recognize its gothic style from the pictures of the City. This bridge connects Manhattan with Brooklyn and makes it one of the prominent landmarks of NYC. Take a walk or a bike ride over it, you won’t regret it.
  • Rockefeller Center - This center is a complex of 19 buildings built by the Rockefeller family. They were home to many important companies and the NBC studios are one of them. This place offers plenty of activities, from ice-skating to visiting the sets of some of the NBC shows.

Accommodation in New York

Even though New York is considered to be an expensive city, there are many ways to stay on a budget and yet have a great time. In addition, if you're looking for luxurious 5-star hotel accommodation, New York boasts a variety of possibilities.
  • Hotels - New York City has a wide choice of accommodations to suit every preference. If you are in search of an elegant and expensive hotel, we recommend you New York Marriott Marquis at Broadway. For families, The Kimberly Hotel & Suites of Hotel Beacon would be a perfect choice. If you are traveling with your pet, don’t worry, hotel Andaz Wall Street gets you covered. That is the place where pets can have a high-quality treatment as well as their owners.
  • Rooms and Apartments - Use apps such as Airbnb, Booking, or any other to find a room or an apartment that fits your needs. Of course, prices vary depending on the time of the year, but usually, you can find accommodation for a fee of around 100 dollars per night. 
  • Hostels and budget accommodation - Numerous hostels could host you for less money than any other hotel or apartment. Prices vary, and so does service, but you can find many decent places to stay in. The price range goes from less than 40 to more than 60 dollars.

Best restaurants, places to go out or have a drink in New York

 All over New York, you can find many great restaurants with different kinds of food. Since this city is full of people of diverse ethnicities, there is always a choice you can make between Italian, French, Turkish, Vietnamese, Mexican, Korean, and many other cuisines.
  • Where to eat - On the Upper East Side on Manhattan, you can have a tremendous Italian-style dinner at Arturo’s, of a french one at the restaurant Daniel. Have lunch in the nature at Tavern on the Green at Central Park. This place will also be great for vegetarians. But, if you would like to try something in a more casual atmosphere, you can go to Chinatown to Nom Wah Tea Parlor, a great restaurant from the 1920s. You can reach The Halal Guys at Midtown or the food trucks on 6th Avenue, especially near Rockefeller Center for great street food.
  • Where to go out - NYC is for sure famous for its nightlife. For a whole night out, visit The Ritz on Hells Kitchen or Webster Hall at West Village. The stand-up scene in the Bih Apple is thriving. Just remember New York raised George Carlin. You will immediately go to a comedy club such as Magnet Theater in Chelsea or Apollo Theater in Harlem in search of a good laugh. Places that offer the best fun and dance may be the ones specially made for the LGBT community. So go to House of Yes or Stonewall and have a great time enjoying dancing all night long.
  • Where to have a drink - Bars and pubs are ubiquitous in NYC. If you are looking for a great pub with Irish spirit in the very center of Manhattan, go to Connolly's Pub at Times Square or P.J. Clarke’s in Midtown East. But if you are a fan of more fancy drinks, we’ll take you to Brandy Library. If you want to explore bars on your own, we recommend you to search through the Lower East Side, an area full of great places to have a drink.

Public Transport in New York

NYC’s rail and bus system is run by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Pricing differs on the type of public transport you use. The cheapest option to use MTA is to buy a MetroCard that costs less than purchasing tickets for the rides separately. MTA’s official website will provide you with all the routes and the best public transport options wherever you go.
  • Subway - Using the subway is the fastest and best way to get around New York. For $2.75 you can use any subway line unless you exit through a turnstile. Don’t worry; you won’t catch the last ride since the subway operates 24 hours a day. The only problem is that the subway doesn’t go to Staten Island. For that occasion, you can board the free Staten Island Ferry or take a bus.
  • Bus - If you are not using the subway, taking a bus would be the next option. The bus is a great way to get around the city center. One purchased ticket expires within 2 hours, and you can use it to ride any local bus. It always depends on the part of the day, but usually buses run every 5 to 15 minutes. At every bus station exists a schedule and route map which will inform you about routes and departures of the bus.
  • Taxi - All over the streets of New York, you can spot yellow taxicabs and green Boro Taxis. This is an excellent option if you feel tired or have luggage and shopping bags with you. The minimum metered fee is $2.50, and it rises by 50 cents every fifth of a mile or minute, depending on the speed of the cab. Make sure to hail taxis whose numbers are illuminated on top; this means they are currently on duty. If a hotel doorkeeper hails a cab for you, make sure to tip him for his service.
  • Car - If you don’t know the city well, we don’t recommend using your car to get around NYC. You will need the assistance of Google Maps or any other navigation app. Also, you should know where you can park since finding a parking spot can be quite a challenge.
  • Bike - Good for health and also for the environment. There are many parts of the city where the bike could be a great option. Almost whole New York has bicycle tracks. The bike-sharing system exists in the city, so you can access Citi Bike for more information on using and where to leave a bike you don’t need anymore.

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