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Fruska Gora - the only mountain in Vojvodina and one of the most developed tourist destinations in Serbia. Fruska gora, a low, island mountain, is located in the north of Serbia, in Srem. It is known for the fact that there is a national park within it, which is known for its diverse flora and fauna, beautiful landscapes and spacious picnic areas. Apart from this, Fruska gora also has an exceptional cultural value thanks to a group of religious buildings of magical architecture and great historical significance. Our site presents in detail all the information about Fruska gora, its facilities, attractions, natural beauties, accommodation and catering facilities, organized tours through its beauties. Get to know this beautiful destination and prepare yourself for a fulfilled and quality vacation.

Fruska Gora Apartments

Studio A - Sunčana Strana

Fruska Gora · Mountain · Banstol
Studio · 3 Guests
€33 per night

Kućerak111(žuti apartman)

Fruska Gora · Mountain · Vrdnik
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€76 per night

Kućerak111(zeleni apartman)

Fruska Gora · Mountain · Vrdnik
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€76 per night

Kućerak111(plavi apartman)

Fruska Gora · Mountain · Vrdnik
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€76 per night

Nanin Konak 2

Fruska Gora · Mountain · Vrdnik
Studio · 4 Guests
€53 per night

Sunčana Strana

Fruska Gora · Mountain · Banstol
1 Bedroom · 5 Guests
€47 per night

Davidović 1

Fruska Gora · Mountain · Mandjelos
1 Bedroom · 5 Guests
€50 per night

Davidović 2

Fruska Gora · Mountain · Mandjelos
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€50 per night

When to visit Fruska gora?

  • During the summer
You will enjoy all the charms of Fruška gora the most if you decide to visit it during the summer. Sports activities, walks through the forest, a tour of the monastery and the Vrdnik Tower are the most pleasant if they are organized during the warm spring or summer days. The outdoor pools of the Termal Special Rehabilitation Hospital are only available during the summer season.

How to get to Fruska Gora?

Fruška gora belongs to the Municipality of Irig and has a very good geographical position. It is 75 kilometers away from Belgrade, 25 kilometers from Novi Sad, 128 kilometers from Subotica, and 310 kilometers from Nis.
The first-line highway M-21, which connects Irig with the neighboring municipalities of Novi Sad and Ruma, ie the highways E-75 and E-70, passes through the Municipality of Irig.
  • By car
You can reach Fruška gora by car from three directions:
From the direction of Belgrade, the national park can be reached by the Belgrade - Zagreb highway. You should turn off the highway at Ruma, and then you will reach the Irish Wreath via Irig. The other route from Belgrade leads along the old road through Stara Pazova and Indjija. This road leads to Banstol, where you should turn left and go along the ridge to the Irish Wreath.
From the direction of Novi Sad, the road to Ruma leads through Petrovaradin or Sremska Kamenica to the Irish Wreath.
Fruška gora can also be reached from the direction of Sremska Mitrovica, following the highway in the direction of Belgrade. You should turn off the highway near Ruma, and then reach the Irish Wreath via Irig.
  • By bus
From Belgrade to Vrdnik, the largest place on Fruška gora, there are sometimes lines of the Rumatrans trucking company. If you can't find a direct line to Vrdnik, you can take any bus to Novi Sad and change to one of the suburban buses leading to the mountain at the main bus station. Line 72 Paragovo leads to the mountain lodge Zanatlija on Glavica, and 78 Beocin village to the monastery Beocin.
  • By train
There is no train passing through the Municipality of Irig and Fruška Gora, but there are two important railway stations in the immediate vicinity, Novi Sad (Belgrade-Subotica-Budapest railway) and Ruma (Belgrade-Zagreb-Ljubljana railway). You can get to Fruška gora from Belgrade or Novi Sad by any train that stops in Sremski Karlovci. These are all passenger trains that run between these two cities, except for fast ones that do not stop in Sremski Karlovci.

Activities for tourists on Fruska Gora

  • Relaxation on picnic areas
The most beautiful thing that Fruška gora promises is its divine nature. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday outside the noise of the city, this mountain is the perfect destination for you, Fruška gora includes about twenty beautifully landscaped resorts perfect for camping or a relaxing weekend with the family. Some of the most famous picnic areas you can visit are: Brankovac, Lipovaća, Kraljev izvor, Andrevlje, Popov čot, Mošin grob, Ciganski logor, Astali, Bobelikova livada, Iriski venac and Popovica.
  •  Walking tours
The tourist organization of Fruška gora offers a large number of walking tours, from which you can choose the one that suits your physical fitness and age. There are five walking tours on the Irish Wreath and eight tours in Vrdnik.
  • Mountain climbing
Hiking trails on Fruška gora lead through beautiful deciduous forests and across meadows. You can choose less demanding trails that offer walking without much effort, with gentle ascents, or those a little harder that require more effort due to their length and ascent. Most of the trails are marked with mountaineering signs, which provides security for park visitors that they will not get lost, as well as the possibility to reach the mountain lodges.
  • Enjoying the thermal waters
If you are brought to Fruška gora for health reasons, you can use the healing potential of the Spa in Vrdnik. Today, the special rehabilitation hospital Termal is modernized and well equipped. It is known primarily for the successful treatment of rheumatic and neurological diseases, but it also provides excellent conditions for recreation.
  • Tour of the monasteries
Due to the disproportionately large number of monasteries, Fruška gora was nicknamed the Serbian Athos by the people. Today, 17 monasteries are preserved on it: Krušedol, Petkovica, Rakovac, Velika Remeta, Divša, Novo Hopovo, Staro Hopovo, Jazak, Mala Remeta, Grgeteg, Beočin, Privina Glava, Šišatovac, Kuvežedin and Vrdnička Ravanica.

Events and festivals on Fruska gora

  • Frushkogorski marathon
The Fruška Gora marathon is one of the oldest marathons in Europe and has been held continuously for more than four decades. It is traditionally held every September. It contains as many as 19 tracks, five competitive and 14 recreational, which take runners through the most beautiful landscapes and near the most famous localities of this very visited mountain.
  • Eggplant Festival in Neradin
The local community of Neradin and the Association of Irizans are organizing the Eggplant Festival from September 6 to 8. The central event is the selection of the best eggplant producer, and the event is accompanied by entertainment and cultural programs.
  • Vidovdan Assembly in Vrdnik
In order to preserve the tradition and material and value riches of Vrdnik, the Association of Vrdnik Vidovdan and the Council of the Local Community of Vrdnik organize a festival every year on this holiday. During the event, special attention is paid to nurturing the tradition of folk customs and beliefs, as well as showing folk cuisine, costumes, handicrafts, souvenirs, antiques and local products.
  • Wine days in Rivica
In honor of viticulture, for which this area is widely known, in the village of Rivica, Wine Days are held every January. Wine and traditional Srem cuisine are celebrated, and the event is enhanced with music by tamburitza players and dancers. 

Activities for children on Fruska gora

  • Pools
The outdoor and indoor pools of the Termal spa in Vrdnik are also available to visitors who are not guests of the pool and will surely appeal to the youngest. Children under 5 do not pay a ticket for the indoor pool. The price of the ticket for adults is 500 dinars, and for children from 5 to 15 years of age and pensioners 300 dinars. The working hours of the indoor pool are from 8 am to 2 pm and from 3 pm to 9 pm. The pool is closed every first Wednesday of the month.
The price of the outdoor pool is 500 dinars. Opening hours of the outdoor pool every day from 9 am to 7 pm. Children up to 5 years do not pay the ticket.
  • Excursion sites
If you are looking for a pleasant space where children can play safely, Fruska Gora picnic areas are a great solution. Most of them are equipped with courts, children's playgrounds and other facilities suitable for the youngest. There are over twenty of them on Fruška Gora, and the most famous are Irish Venac, Zmajevac, Brankovac and many others.
  • Horse riding
The Petras Equestrian Center also offers a riding school among the beautiful areas of Fruška gora, on calm horses, which are already well acquainted with the terrain on which they ride. The price of riding ranges from 250 to 1000 dinars, depending on the time and type of horse.

What to see on Fruska Gora?

Fruška gora is not only famous for its natural beauty. Since the 15th century, it has been an important center of the Serbian people, so on its slopes you can find many fascinating cultural and historical monuments.
  • Vrdnik Tower
During the Middle Ages, Vrdnik was a powerful town with a wall and a fortress. Of the entire complex, only the tower has been preserved, which is one of the favorite attractions in the area of ​​Fruška gora. It can be reached by a path that leads through the most beautiful parts of Fruška Ggra, in the area known as the path of health.
  • Beli majdan cave
This cave with an unusual appearance was created in ancient times by excavating stone for the construction of the Rakovac monastery. There are steps to help you go around the whole cave. It can be reached by turning left from the direction of Beocin after the Rakovac monastery on the first field road, and then about a hundred meters to the right.
  • Freedom Monument
At the top of Fruška gora, Irish Wreath, a monument to Sloboda was erected, dedicated to the fallen fighters in the Second World War. The area around the monument is very nicely decorated.
  • Krusedol Monastery
The monastery is located in the area of ​​the village of Krusedol, on the road between the town of Irig and the village of Maradik. The monastery is the endowment of the Brankovic family, the last Serbian despots in Srem. It includes two churches with frescoes of exceptional value.
  • Lakes
There are as many as 16 artificial lakes on Fruška gora. They are mainly suitable for anglers and nature lovers. The lakes you can visit are: Vranjaš, Dobrodol, Popovicko, Bingulsko, Podvezirac, Ljukovo, Moharač, Šelevrenac, Sot, Čalmansko, Kapavica, Medješ, Kudoš, Bruje, Beli kamen and Borkovac.

Accommodation on Fruska gora

On Fruška gora you can find a wide selection of accommodation of various types: hotels, private apartments, homes and eco parks.
  • Hotel Premier Aqua
Located at the source of thermal water, Premier Aqua is a high-class hotel that offers its visitors numerous facilities, such as a modern spa, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, restaurants and well-equipped rooms and suites. The price per night starts from 9165 dinars.
  • Spa Resort & Hotel Frushke Terme
There is another four-star hotel in Vrdnik, Fruške Terme. The price per night starts from 5150, with certain packages.
  • Hotel Norcev
Hotel Norcev is located in the village of Grgeteg, 8 kilometers from the Novo Hopovo Monastery. The price per night starts from 5,875 dinars for a single room.
  • Private accommodation
You will get a much cheaper variant of accommodation if you choose one of the many private apartments located throughout the national park. The price per night starts at more than 1,900 dinars.
  • Eco park Fruška gora
The unique type of accommodation is offered by the eco-camp Fruška gora, located in a beautiful deciduous forest. Camping is possible from May 1st to October 1st. The price of staying in the camp for adults is 500 dinars, and for children 300 dinars. You can rent a caravan for 1000 dinars.

Important telephones and information

For all important information, you can contact the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Irig at 022 465-466. The building of the organization is located in Vrdnik, at the address Milica Stojadinović 18.

We have singled out some other phone numbers that may be useful to you.
PE Fruška gora: 021 463 666
Health center Vrdnik: 022 466370
Pharmacies in Vrdnik: 022 465827, 022 466370
Irig Police Station: 022 461002
Post office Vrdnik: 022 465234
Irish Wreath Towing Service: 062 300900

Where to eat on Fruska gora?

  • Restaurants
Fruška gora does not lack excellent local cuisine restaurants. Try excellent Srem specialties in some of the most popular places in the area, such as Fruškogorska lugarnica, Vidikovac, Beli čin, Vinska kuća Kovačević, Vrdnička kula, ethno restaurant Šumski raj, Fruškogorski jelen, Arena, Kućerak u Srem, Mines, Konak Stari orah and Frushkogorska terrace.
  • Fast food and bakeries
You can grab a quick meal in one of the following bars in Vrdnik: Banja Grill, Gricko 022 and Pizza-grill fastfood. There are also bakeries Bata, Fruška, Vrdnik and ŽLM. You can find excellent ice cream in the very center of Vrdnik in the confectionery Salet's ice cream.
  • Catering
If you would rather stay in your apartment and avoid the crowds of busy restaurants, the catering service Pepa also operates in Vrdnik, which will bring Srem specialties directly to your doorstep.

Where to go out on Fruska gora?

The center of Fruška gora, Vrdnik, is a very small and quiet place, which does not make it an ideal destination for lovers of going out. There are several bars and cafes in the town, and if you would rather experience a lively nightlife, you can head to Novi Sad, only 25 kilometers away.
  • Bars
In Vrdnik there is the Red Baron Pub, La Potra bar and the Tera Nova coffee bar, as well as the Lobby bar and the Wellness bar within the Premier Aqua hotel.

Public transport and taxis on Fruska Gora

  • Public transport
Fruška gora does not have its own city transport, but it is well connected to Novi Sad by buses. The suburban lines of public transport in Novi Sad cover the most important points of Fruška gora. There are four lines you can use:
72 Paragovo - Moves to the last station, then continues to the meadow. From there, the path starts along the hill to the mountain lodge Zanatlija on Glavica, where several marked hiking trails pass.
74 Popovica - You get off at the last station and take a path through the forest to a small lake in the valley.
76 Stari Ledinci - Get off at the last station, and then continue on foot for about thirty minutes in the direction in which the bus was going, on macadam, which leads to the spring, and then uphill to Ledinac Lake.
78 Beocin Selo - Get off at the last stop and continue in the direction the bus was going. Soon you reach the monastery Beocin, and then the path that leads to Crveni Chot, the highest peak of the mountain.
  • Taxi service
There are several taxi services in Vrdnik whose services are at your disposal. You can find this type at the taxi station located in Železnička Street. You can choose one of the following companies:
Pan taxi: 069 2155555.
Red taxi: 021 445577
MBR-Taxi: 021 500222.
Delta Taxi: 021 522622

Parking and public garages on Fruska gora

  • Parking
Fruška gora does not have organized zone parking. Despite that, most hotels and private accommodation have parking for guests, so you should not have problems with parking during your vacation on Fruška gora.
  • Public garages
Fruška gora does not have a public garage. Hotel Premium Aqua has a garage, but it is reserved only for hotel guests.

Surroundings of Fruška gora

The surroundings of Fruška gora are rich in interesting facilities and attractions. It is worth taking some time and exploring some of the following destinations:
  • Novi Sad
The so-called Serbian Athens is one of the most beautiful and most visited cities in the country. It is located only 25 kilometers from Fruška gora, with which it is connected by suburban lines. During your visit to this mountain you have a great opportunity to visit this wonderful city.
  • Irig
Near Fruška gora is the town of Irig. The core of the city has been preserved as an ambient whole in which the remains of the once strong trade and craft city and the architecture of the 19th century have been perfectly preserved. In the center is a square built in the styles of Baroque, Classicism and Art Nouveau with shops on the ground floor which reflects the former trade and craft functions of the settlement.

History of Fruška gora

  • Early history
The settlement of Vrdnik was first mentioned in written sources as early as 1315 as Rendek, Rednuk and Regnic. During the Middle Ages, Fruška gora and Vrdnik were one of the most important places in Vojvodina.
The most important cultural monuments are the 17 monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church distributed throughout the mountain. They were built as endowments of Serbian ruling families, after, in the late Middle Ages, under the pressure of the Turks, the focus of Serbian spiritual and cultural heritage shifted to the north.
  •  Modern history
Not far from Čortanovac is the luxury villa Stanković, which was built in 1930 by Radenko Stanković, and today is in state ownership.
In 1960, Fruška gora was declared a national park, the first park of its kind in Serbia.

Geography and climate of Fruska gora

  • Geography
Fruška gora is an island mountain in Srem. The largest part of Fruška gora is located in Serbia, while a small part goes to eastern Croatia, to Vukovar-Srem County. It covers a length of about 75 km, is 12 to 15 km wide and covers an area of ​​525 km². Fruška gora is an island, an old huge mountain. The valleys and slopes of Fruška gora are covered with meadows, pastures and wheat fields, on the slopes there are orchards and vineyards with famous wine cellars, and parts higher than 300 m are overgrown with dense deciduous forest.
  • Climate
The municipality of Irig is characterized by a moderate continental climate, with warm and dry summers, cool winters and clearly marked transitional seasons. Autumn is warmer than spring. The average annual air temperature is 10 degrees. According to the above data, it is concluded that the warmest month of the year is August with a temperature of 21 degrees, and the coldest month of the year in the entire territory of the municipality of Irig is January with a uniform air temperature of -0.80 degrees.

Demography of Fruska gora

  • The largest town of Fruška gora, Vrdnik, has 3704 inhabitants.
  • The population in the post-war censuses was constantly increasing until 1961, when it began to decline. Of the numerous causes, the most important are the closure of the mine and thus the migration of labor, relocation to larger urban areas, and more recently the negative rate of natural increase.
  • The average age of the population is 41.9 years.
  • The majority of the population are Serbs (74.75%).

Culture and tradition of Fruska gora

  • Fruška gora is the most famous for its monasteries. Beginning in the late Middle Ages, the Fruška Gora area was one of the most important cultural and spiritual centers. The monasteries of Fruška Gora are: Beočin, Bešenovo, Vrdnik, Velika Remeta, Grgeteg, Đipša, Jazak, Krušedol, Kuveždin, Mala Remeta, Novo Hopovo, Petkovica, Privina Glava, Rakovac, Staro Hopovo, Fenek and Šišatovac.
  • Fruška gora was the inspiration for many greats of poetry, from Branko Radičević, Jovan Jovanović Zmaj, Milica Stojadinović Srpkinje. Many greats of Serbian history stayed in its monasteries: Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, Dositej Obradović, Filip Višnjić, Karađorđe and others.

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