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Welcome to Pozega

Get the best for yourself when you head to Požega and explore the accommodation offered on our website. Here, find apartments that fit everyone's budget, after which you can calmly plan to explore all the sights this city in the Zlatibor district offers. The town of Požega is 180 km from the capital, while it is only 25 km from Užice. It is located at the intersection of important roads, such as the Belgrade-Bar railway, making it easy to reach. Renting apartments in Požega will help you save on accommodation and, at the same time, be close to important tourist destinations in this part of Serbia, including Sirogojno and Ovčar spa town. Visit our page and find the ideal accommodation in Požega, where you will feel at home.

Pozega Apartments

Vila Zelenac

Pozega · Surrounding places · Visibaba
4 Bedrooms · 8 Guests
€63.08 night