Welcome to Golubac

The magical Golubac, its Danube and the famous Fortress are one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Serbia. This part of Eastern Serbia is one of the most visited areas, especially in the summer, when you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, visiting cultural and historical events. Our site contains all the most important details about this destination and is there to fully prepare you for the perfect vacation. Choose the best and indulge in enjoying the beauties of Eastern Serbia.

Golubac Apartments


Golubac · City · Dunav
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€35.05 night

Seosko domaćinstvo Fraće

Golubac · Surrounding places · Zelenik
1 Bedroom · 6 Guests
€17.52 night

Vikendica Stević

Golubac · Surrounding places · Vinci
3 Bedrooms · 7 Guests
€11.68 night

Vikendica Vinci 1

Golubac · Surrounding places · Vinci
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€46.73 night

Trem Vinci

Golubac · Surrounding places · Vinci
1 Bedroom · 3 Guests
€35.05 night

Nina 2

Golubac · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 3 Guests
€35.05 night

Nina 1

Golubac · City · Center
Studio · 2 Guests
€35.05 night

Dedinski Raj

Golubac · City · Dedine
2 Bedrooms · 5 Guests
€70.09 night

When to visit Golubac?

This beautiful and historically significant city is located in the east of Serbia and represents the hidden wealth of Serbia due to its beautiful nature, architecture and medieval fortress. Therefore, you can visit Golubac throughout the year.
  • During the summer - Summer is probably the most beautiful time of the year to enjoy all the beauties of the Danube, Djerdap National Park and Djerdap Gorge. In addition, this is an ideal time to sail the blue Danube.
  • Throughout the year - Golubac Fortress, Djerdap Gorge, monasteries, as an ambience colored by the history of the Old Slavs, traditional food and friendly hosts from January to December are available to tourists.

How to get to Golubac?

Golubac, a settlement in the Braničevo district, is located in eastern Serbia, on the border with Romania, while the Danube River is a natural border. His position shows that this city is well connected with the vast majority of Serbian cities. Golubac is located on the highway Belgrade - Kladovo and is 130 km away from Belgrade, 220 km from Novi Sad, and 243 km from Nis.
There are several options for how to get to Golubac the best:
  •  By car - If you go to Golubac by car from the direction of Belgrade, join the E-75 highway and take it to the left turn towards Požarevac. From Požarevac to Golubac, road 34 leads, which is well marked and you can easily reach your destination. It takes about 2 hours to travel from Belgrade to Golubac.
  • By bus - On the route Belgrade - Golubac, the bus company Arriva Litas operates, there are several departures during the day, and the price of a bus ticket is 972 dinars. The journey between these two places takes close to 3 hours, depending on the carrier. On this route, the transport is performed by only one carrier. The first departure from the station Belgrade is at 06:00 h, while the last departure is at 17:00 h. For any additional information, call 012 / 679‑195.
  • By boat - Golubac can be reached by boat. Sailing on the Danube, the ships go all the way to Djerdap and Kladovo. The trip was organized in three carefully planned days. The itinerary is very rich and varied, with lots of fun activities for all travelers. The price per person is 175 €, children up to 7 years are entitled to a 50 percent discount, while children up to 2 years can board the boat for free. For additional information call 065 22 82 051.

Activities for tourists in Golubac

Golubac and its surroundings offer a really handful of content. Whether you are a nature lover, whether you are looking for adventurous content, or you are attracted by the spirit of history, you are definitely in the right place. Below we have singled out some of the most popular activities for tourists in this area:
  • Tour of Golubac Fortress - This fortress is, of course, the largest and most popular landmark of this city. A tour of this fortress will bring all tourists back to ancient and modern Serbia. It is not known for sure who built this imposing fortification or when exactly it was built. It is located at the entrance to the Djerdap gorge. This position is ideal and from it the water and land roads connecting the east and the west were easily controlled. The working hours of the fortress vary depending on the month of the year, but it is open all days of the week and the price of a ticket that you can take immediately at the entrance is 450 dinars for adults, while for children under 15 it is 250 dinars, group visits also have discount.
  • Enjoying hunting and fishing - In 2011, the world club championship in float fishing was held in Golubac. This area is very famous for a large number of different species of fish and animals. The Danube is extremely rich in catfish, perch and carp. This is an ideal place for all anglers and for all lovers of river fruits and the highest quality fish. This area is also known for its traditional fishing competition.
  • Visit to the waterfall on Ridan - This waterfall is a real, hidden gem of the Golubac region and represents a beautiful oasis of nature and peace in which only the pleasant noises of the galloping water of the waterfall on Ridan resonate. It is located at 250 m above sea level and is a perfect location for all tourists who love an active and healthy vacation in nature where they will be able to enjoy all the natural beauty. The surroundings are beautifully landscaped and have a rest area with tables and benches, so that all visitors can enjoy the rest and the view of the beautiful waterfall. Just below the waterfall is a source of fresh, clean mountain water.
  • Hiking to Crni vrh - In the area of ​​Golubac, there are a large number of beautiful lookouts, wooded mountain peaks with unique and exciting views. However, the highest and most beautiful among them is certainly Crni vrh - 624 m. It got its recognizable name after a series of black pines that adorn its hills. Our recommendation for all tourists is to try the ski lift on Crni vrh and the two-seater cable car, which has 169 seats. In addition, all tourists can enjoy exploring the medicinal plants that grow in large quantities on the slopes of this mountain.
  • Walking trails - Golubac is an ideal location for all those who like to walk because it abounds in a series of beautifully landscaped and long hiking trails. All trails are nicely marked and you will have several different routes available. One of the best trails is about 6 km long and will take you to the Velika čuka lookout point through beautiful and untouched nature. The trails will take you through the most beautiful of nature, all the way to unreal breathtaking viewpoints. 

Manifestations and festivals of Golubac

During the year, Golubac and its surroundings abound in various manifestations, so it is simply impossible not to affect the affinity of almost every visitor. The events are organized by the Golubac Tourist Organization.
  • Wine Days - The vineyards of the municipality of Golubac are one of the most beautiful, most famous and best vineyards in Serbia, which have been creating beautiful and quality wine for many years. This event in the part of wine is traditionally organized every February, symbolically on February 14, because Saint Trifun is considered the protector of wine and vineyards.
  • May Day Memorial Tournament - As the name suggests, this event is reflected on the first day of May and regularly gathers a large number of visitors who come from various areas of this area. The event celebrates a good and healthy life, sports and youthful spirit as well as the promotion of a healthy spirit in a healthy body.
  • The Danube Fair - July is the time of holding this event. A rich program was organized for all visitors. This popular festival offers a range of interesting activities, such as knight games, ethno music concerts, fishing competitions, playing beach volleyball, as well as performances by folklore groups.
  • Carp team competition - The Association of Sport Fishermen of Serbia sent an invitation for team competition in the first league. It is a sport fishing, the discipline is carp fishing and it is held every August. The beautiful Danube is rich in carp, so this event is ideal for all passionate lovers of fishing, hunting and fishing.
  • Honey Days - Honey Days are held every February. Many claim that the honey from these parts is one of the best and highest quality. About 40 producers from Golubac and other places from the municipalities of the Braničevo district exhibited their products at this event. This event is for sale, so you can try the honey you like best and take it home.

Activities for kids in Golubac

If you go to Golubac with children, they will not be bored for a second. Just some of the activities you will enjoy together are:
  • Tour of ancient settlements - Visiting and touring the ancient remains of settlements that were inhabited on this noon in ancient times can be a perfect and beautiful opportunity for a trip for the whole family, so if you plan to come on vacation with your youngest, then the settlements Vicus Cuppae and Castrum New right location for you. The settlement. In this way, your children will see interesting ancient sites, but at the same time learn something significant and new about our rich history.
  • Visit to Ethno-house Sladinac- This beautiful, traditional and authentic ethno house is located in the village of Sladinac, only 5 km from Golubac and is a beautiful place for family and enjoyment with the youngest. Children will be especially interested in decorating the house, such as medieval beds, former dishes, Serbian folk costumes and a large spindle that was once used regularly.

What to see in Golubac?

When you find yourself in this unique city, you must visit:
  • Djerdap National Park - just starts from the Golubac Fortress and we can freely say that this gift of nature is one of the greatest gems of Serbia, it is also the largest national park in Serbia, which covers an area of ​​63 hectares. The park is rich in forest vegetation, inhabited by over 1100 plant species, and is home to 150 species of birds. Due to the diversity of fauna and the presence of rare, endangered bird species, it is included in the list of important areas for birds. You can enjoy the unreal nature of the National Park by sailing along the Danube through the fascinating Djerdap Gorge, which is a sign of recognition of this National Park.
  • Golubac gorge - This is the first narrowing that is located at the beginning of the larger, Djerdap gorge. It starts from the town of Golubac and represents one of the most beautiful natural resources of Serbia. Due to its beauty, nature, greenish-blue color of the water and the medieval castle that proudly rises on its perimeter, this gorge acts like a scene from a movie or a fairy tale and is certainly one of the places worth your visit and time.
  • Djerdap gorge - The picture of this gorge is one of those that have traveled the world and delighted it with their beauty. Therefore, the Djerdap gorge is the most beautiful thing that true nature has given to Serbia. The Danube changes its width, makes winding roads and floods the steep, rocky parts of the gorge. If you are wondering when and how it is best to start touring the gorge, we offer you two options. The main center of the Djerdap National Park is Donji Milanovac, next to which is Lepenski Vir, while the other important center is Kladovo, from where you can also start the tour. 

Accommodation in Golubac

Given that it is a smaller settlement, tourism in this region should only progress further. The prices of accommodation units are mostly affordable and affordable, although they vary depending on the offer and equipment, as well as other benefits. Below we single out some of the best accommodation deals near this resort:
  • Hotel- Mom`s house
  • Apartments- Nana and Bogic
  • Camp- Kalinovac
  • Villa- Danube Paradise, Green Oasis

Phone numbers of important services

Below are some of the important phones you may need if you are staying in these areas:
  • Tourist organization Golubac - +381 12 638 614
  • Info center Golubac - 012/638 613
  • Health center - 012/678 113
  • Police station - 012/678212
  • Gas station - 012/679 185
  • Komercijalna banka - 012/678 201

Where to eat in Golubac?

In addition to enjoyment in nature, you can indulge in enjoyment of food, in the specialties of Golubac restaurants, which offer, above all, local traditional cuisine, but here you can also find delicious vegan cuisine and fish specialties.
  • Goldfish Restaurant - This restaurant is the right choice for a good lunch or dinner. It is located on the quay next to the Danube, near the Golubac marina. Beautiful ambience with tables just a few meters from the river. The restaurant offers a large selection of local specialties and the famous Miroc cheese.
  • Restaurant Viking- The restaurant is located on the road Pozarevac - Golubac, has a very pleasant interior, beautiful garden and delicious food. The rich offer of the restaurant is ideal for anyone who loves delicious, specialties of traditional cuisine. The staff of the restaurant is helpful and fast, ready to respond quickly to all the wishes of guests.
  • Gourmet snack - This is a real Serbian barbecue restaurant. There are fresh buns from the oven waiting for you, as well as delicious grilled meat, good service and good prices. The restaurant also offers takeaway food, if you do not have time to stay in the restaurant. The prices are affordable and affordable for almost everyone.

Where to go out in Golubac?

Whether you are a fan of nightlife or prefer daytime entertainment, Golubac offers you:
  • Caffe Bar Nana- The ambience is wonderful and ideal for rest and a short break. Here you can enjoy hot drinks and take a short break from daily activities.
  • Kafana kod Brke- It is located in Braničevo and here you can find a wonderful atmosphere, good music and a great menu. The cafe has a lot of space and the staff is always at the service of all guests. The menu of drinks is equally rich and something good can be easily found for everyone's taste. 

Transport and taxi in Golubac

As for intercity transport, the carrier Arriva Litas has regular bus lines on Veliko Gradiste-Golubac. Ticket prices go from 235 dinars to 425. Departures start from 13h and 30 min, until 19h.
  • Taxi service - The vast majority of taxi services are located in Veliko Gradište, so they will be available to you and always available. Taxi services work 24/7, prices are affordable, service is fast. We have selected some for you: Taxi Vladan Cvetkovic 061 1758188 Taxi Nenad 012 63602 Bozidar Stojicevic taxi 063261087

Parking and public garages in Golubac

Parking service on the territory of the municipality of Veliko Gradište charges for one zone of parking services. The fee for the use of the parking lot is charged from 8 am to 3 pm, on Saturdays until 1 pm, while on Sundays as well as on public holidays, parking is free. There are still no public garages.
  • Parking - it is charged via SMS or by purchasing a ticket at the kiosks or exchange offices. All you have to do is send one message to the numbers 8821 and 8822.  The price for one hour is 36 dinars, while the daily ticket costs 200 dinars. The vast majority of private accommodation units have their own parking spaces, but it should be mentioned that the number of such spaces is limited in Golubac. Of course, you can find the largest number of park places in nearby Veliko Gradište. 

Surroundings of Golubac

Take the opportunity to visit the surrounding localities and natural beauties worthy of your attention. We especially highlight:
  • Tuman Monastery - This beautiful monastery should be included in the obligatory part of the tour around Golubac. It is located 9 kilometers from Golubac. It dates from the 14th century and is an exceptional example of Serbian medieval architecture. Lately, more and more believers are visiting the monastery because of the miraculous relics of the saints of St. Zosima and Jakov.
  • Lepenski vir - The surroundings of Golubac abound in numerous attractions, and among the most famous, of course, is Lepenski vir. This archeological site is the oldest known urban settlement in Europe. The most significant archeological finds and copies of the most beautiful sculptures are exhibited in the museum. The most significant discoveries are the stone slabs on which the basic and first letters of the people were found.
  • Silver Lake - Due to its clear water, this lake is rich in various fish species and is a real paradise for all fishing lovers and those who want to escape from the city. It is located very close to Golubac, only 30 km. Silver Lake allows you to enjoy nature and all its attractions. Sunset is something you should not miss during your stay here.

History of Golubac

  • Golubac once- Golubac has a long, turbulent and interesting history. Its history dates back to the construction of the Roman fortress. The famous Golubac fortress was built by the Romans in order to protect the north of their empire in the first century AD. One of the most impressive and significant figures was the famous emperor Diocletian, who often stayed in the fortress. The first breakup and fall of this city happened in 1335. There are many legends about the origin of the name of the city. One of them claims that there were many pigeons in this area and that is why the pigeon is a symbol of the city and fortifications.
  • Golubac in modern times - With the construction of the Djerdap highway, the city walls were breached in 1939. That has changed a lot in the city itself. The construction of the Djerdap hydroelectric power plant caused the sinking of one part of the fortress, which was gradually reconstructed in the following years. In 2011, the Republic of Serbia declared this area the Tourist Area of ​​the Golubac Fortress, which, thanks to the Golubac Fortress Revitalization Project, is infrastructurally equipped, while the fortress itself has been reconstructed and equipped to work with tourists.

Geography and climate of Golubac

  • Geography - Golubac is located on the very edge of the Braničevo district, near the entrance to the Đerdap gorge, in the northeastern part of Serbia. It is located between Veliki Gradište and Donji Milanovac. The settlement is right next to the right bank of the Danube River, which flows through this territory, 52 km long. The area of ​​this settlement is 368 km2. Golubac is located in one of the most beautiful municipalities in Serbia, right where the Danube is the widest and most beautiful.
  • Climate - The climate of Golubac is greatly influenced by the Đerdap gorge. This climate belongs to the temperate-continental type with an average annual temperature of about 11 degrees. The coldest month is January, the warmest are July and August. The climate of this area is extremely good and favorable and represents another advantage of Golubac and its beautiful surroundings.

Demography of Golubac

  • The municipality of Golubac has 24 settlements
  • The municipality of Golubac has about 12,000 inhabitants
  • About 3000 inhabitants live in the settlement itself
  • The average population density is 37 inhabitants per 1 km2

Tradition and culture of Golubac

  • Hunting and fishing - The Danube River and certain parts of the Djerdap Gorge are a real gem of this area, which is very rich in diverse and quality fish. The whole region is widely known for hunting and fishing, so that these two activities have become a symbol of Golubac and its surroundings.
  • Tourism - Considering that there are many interesting and important localities in Golubac and its surroundings, it is not surprising that Golubac is widely known and recognizable even for its rich tourism which is constantly developing.
  • Historical sites and monuments - The rich and long history of the town of Golubac, as well as its medieval fortress are a large and indispensable part of its cultural and historical heritage and significance. In this area, there is the spirit of Serbian history and the past, which was often turbulent and turbulent. As a testimony to that, monuments and fortresses were left, which today play a crucial role in the growth of tourism in this area. 

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