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Banja Vrujci


Welcome to Banja Vrujci

We present you one of the most visited spas in Serbia, a place known for its quality, healing water, beautiful surrounding nature and many attractions. Banja Vrujci is located at the foot of Divčibare, on the road between the municipalities of Ljig and Mionica. A large number of tourists visit this destination to enjoy the many pools, mud treatments or pleasant walks through the stunning natural landscapes. Our site presents the most important information about Banja Vrujci and its tourist facilities. Explore the entire offer of this destination and get ready for a quality vacation! Treat yourself and your loved ones to memorable moments.

Banja Vrujci Apartments

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Banja Vrujci · Surrounding Places · Kljuc
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€70.09 night

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Banja Vrujci · Surrounding Places · Kljuc
Studio · 4 Guests
€70.09 night

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Banja Vrujci · Surrounding Places · Kljuc
4 Bedrooms · 11 Guests
€292.06 night


Banja Vrujci · Surrounding Places · Kljuc
2 Bedrooms · 8 Guests
€140.19 night

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Banja Vrujci · Surrounding Places · Kljuc
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€70.09 night

Banja Vrujci Attractions

When to visit Banja Vrujci?

Banja Vrujci is a destination whose all the most important facilities are available outdoors, and is thus ideal for:
  • Summer vacations - during beautiful days you can enjoy a complex of numerous swimming pools, walks along health trails and visits to cultural and historical monuments in the vicinity of Vrujac. During the summer, the most famous manifestations are held in the Vruja area.

How to get to Banja Vrujci?

Vrujci is a destination with an excellent location, which allows you to reach it quickly regardless of the starting destination. The nearest larger city is Valjevo, from which Banja is 30 kilometers away, while the distance from other larger cities in Serbia is: Belgrade 92 kilometers, Novi Sad 167, Cacak 75, Nis 242 kilometers. Given the excellent geographical position and newly built road sections, you can reach Vrujac in several ways:
  • By car - in the immediate vicinity of Vrujac there are highways and regional roads. At 10 kilometers from Vrujac, the Ibar highway passes, and at the same distance is the entrance to the highway Miloš Veliki. These roads allow you to reach Vrujac from all directions in Serbia.
  • By bus - carriers Lasta and Evropabus organize departures from many cities in Serbia to Valjevo, and one of the ways to get to Vrujac is to get off at the station Divci (10 kilometers from Valjevo, 20 from Vrujac), and then take a local taxi via Mionica to Vrujac. For all information on bus departures from and to Valjevo, call the station Evropabus: 014 220623 and Lasta: 014 221 482
  • By train - the Belgrade-Bar railway passes through Divce, so you are able to reach Vrujac from various parts of Serbia by train. Departures from Belgrade are available, leading to Uzice, Pozega, Prijepolje, Bar. Detailed information on railway transport can be found at the link: Serbian Railways - Timetable.

Activities for tourists in Banja Vrujci

Vrujci is a rising spa that allows you to enjoy many activities. You can enrich your stay:
  • Water activities - the most famous facilities in Vrujci are swimming pools, of which are available: swimming pools within the hotel Vrujci and those located in the complex First New Spa. Outdoor pools are available from the end of April until October. In addition, there is an indoor pool, where you can relax and enjoy all year round.
  • Walks in the natural environment - The Tourist Organization of Mionica organizes tours that lead to all the most famous attractions and natural beauties in the vicinity of the Spa. The program called Trails Health consists of a trip to Struganik and the birthplace of Duke Mišić, Rajac, Suvobor, Maljen.
  • Sports activities - in the center of the spa there is a football field, where the football team of Vrujac plays, and next to it there are 4 tennis courts, which are available to you throughout the day, a concrete basketball court and a volleyball court.
  • Enjoying spa programs - Hotel Vrujci has a complete wellness program in its premises, which provide Jacuzzi, sauna, various massage programs. In addition to them, here you can cure numerous diseases through rehabilitation programs and healing mud, available within the hotel's outdoor pool complex. The healing water of the spa manages to cure various diseases: inflammatory rheumatism, diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract, gynecological diseases, eye diseases.

Events and festivals in Banja Vrujci

In Vrujca and the surrounding places have extremely developed and content programs. If you are staying in Vrujci during the summer, visit:
  • Vrujacki izvori - a manifestation that promotes folk art. It is held every year on August 27 and 28, during which the exhibition of folk handicrafts and old crafts is complemented by concerts of popular music, traditional concerts of folk ensembles, preparation of local specialties and their tasting.
  • Mišić's Days - a manifestation that is held from July 12 to 19 every year and is dedicated to the memory of the most famous person in this part of Serbia. During the seven summer days, quality concerts of folk and popular music, stage performances for children and adults, exhibitions of handicrafts, sports competitions are held here.
  • Mowing on Rajac - from July 16 to 18, every year one of the most interesting manifestations in Serbia is held. It is conceived as a traditional mob, on which there are water bearers, housewives, trumpeters, singers in folk costumes, and the end of which is traditional mowing. All this is accompanied by cultural, artistic and entertainment programs, and it all ends with socializing and choosing the best mowing.

Facilities for children in Banja Vrujci

During their stay in Vrujci, the youngest visitors will be able to enjoy various contents and attractions both outdoors and indoors. During your vacation with children, enjoy:
  • Sports activities - The spa has developed a number of spaces where children can recreate on sports fields, swimming pools or along the promenade, which provides space for rollerblading and cycling.
  • Nature walks