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Welcome to Banja Vrujci

We present you one of the most visited spas in Serbia, a place known for its quality, healing water, beautiful surrounding nature and many attractions. Banja Vrujci is located at the foot of Divčibare, on the road between the municipalities of Ljig and Mionica. A large number of tourists visit this destination to enjoy the many pools, mud treatments or pleasant walks through the stunning natural landscapes. Our site presents the most important information about Banja Vrujci and its tourist facilities. Explore the entire offer of this destination and get ready for a quality vacation! Treat yourself and your loved ones to memorable moments.

Banja Vrujci Apartments

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Banja Vrujci · Surrounding Places · Kljuc
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
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Banja Vrujci · Surrounding Places · Kljuc
Studio · 4 Guests
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Banja Vrujci · Surrounding Places · Kljuc
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Banja Vrujci · Surrounding Places · Kljuc
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€70.09 night

Banja Vrujci Attractions

When to visit Banja Vrujci?

Banja Vrujci is a destination whose all the most important facilities are available outdoors, and is thus ideal for:
  • Summer vacations - during beautiful days you can enjoy a complex of numerous swimming pools, walks along health trails and visits to cultural and historical monuments in the vicinity of Vrujac. During the summer, the most famous manifestations are held in the Vruja area.

How to get to Banja Vrujci?

Vrujci is a destination with an excellent location, which allows you to reach it quickly regardless of the starting destination. The nearest larger city is Valjevo, from which Banja is 30 kilometers away, while the distance from other larger cities in Serbia is: Belgrade 92 kilometers, Novi Sad 167, Cacak 75, Nis 242 kilometers. Given the excellent geographical position and newly built road sections, you can reach Vrujac in several ways:
  • By car - in the immediate vicinity of Vrujac there are highways and regional roads. At 10 kilometers from Vrujac, the Ibar highway passes, and at the same distance is the entrance to the highway Miloš Veliki. These roads allow you to reach Vrujac from all directions in Serbia.
  • By bus - carriers Lasta and Evropabus organize departures from many cities in Serbia to Valjevo, and one of the ways to get to Vrujac is to get off at the station Divci (10 kilometers from Valjevo, 20 from Vrujac), and then take a local taxi via Mionica to Vrujac. For all information on bus departures from and to Valjevo, call the station Evropabus: 014 220623 and Lasta: 014 221 482
  • By train - the Belgrade-Bar railway passes through Divce, so you are able to reach Vrujac from various parts of Serbia by train. Departures from Belgrade are available, leading to Uzice, Pozega, Prijepolje, Bar. Detailed information on railway transport can be found at the link: Serbian Railways - Timetable.

Activities for tourists in Banja Vrujci

Vrujci is a rising spa that allows you to enjoy many activities. You can enrich your stay:
  • Water activities - the most famous facilities in Vrujci are swimming pools, of which are available: swimming pools within the hotel Vrujci and those located in the complex First New Spa. Outdoor pools are available from the end of April until October. In addition, there is an indoor pool, where you can relax and enjoy all year round.
  • Walks in the natural environment - The Tourist Organization of Mionica organizes tours that lead to all the most famous attractions and natural beauties in the vicinity of the Spa. The program called Trails Health consists of a trip to Struganik and the birthplace of Duke Mišić, Rajac, Suvobor, Maljen.
  • Sports activities - in the center of the spa there is a football field, where the football team of Vrujac plays, and next to it there are 4 tennis courts, which are available to you throughout the day, a concrete basketball court and a volleyball court.
  • Enjoying spa programs - Hotel Vrujci has a complete wellness program in its premises, which provide Jacuzzi, sauna, various massage programs. In addition to them, here you can cure numerous diseases through rehabilitation programs and healing mud, available within the hotel's outdoor pool complex. The healing water of the spa manages to cure various diseases: inflammatory rheumatism, diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract, gynecological diseases, eye diseases.

Events and festivals in Banja Vrujci

In Vrujca and the surrounding places have extremely developed and content programs. If you are staying in Vrujci during the summer, visit:
  • Vrujacki izvori - a manifestation that promotes folk art. It is held every year on August 27 and 28, during which the exhibition of folk handicrafts and old crafts is complemented by concerts of popular music, traditional concerts of folk ensembles, preparation of local specialties and their tasting.
  • Mišić's Days - a manifestation that is held from July 12 to 19 every year and is dedicated to the memory of the most famous person in this part of Serbia. During the seven summer days, quality concerts of folk and popular music, stage performances for children and adults, exhibitions of handicrafts, sports competitions are held here.
  • Mowing on Rajac - from July 16 to 18, every year one of the most interesting manifestations in Serbia is held. It is conceived as a traditional mob, on which there are water bearers, housewives, trumpeters, singers in folk costumes, and the end of which is traditional mowing. All this is accompanied by cultural, artistic and entertainment programs, and it all ends with socializing and choosing the best mowing.

Facilities for children in Banja Vrujci

During their stay in Vrujci, the youngest visitors will be able to enjoy various contents and attractions both outdoors and indoors. During your vacation with children, enjoy:
  • Sports activities - The spa has developed a number of spaces where children can recreate on sports fields, swimming pools or along the promenade, which provides space for rollerblading and cycling.
  • Nature walks - Vrujci and its surroundings are extremely rich in natural beauties and open spaces, where children can enjoy discovering nature, picnics, sports activities, on the surrounding meadows of the village of Struganika, Rakar or Vrujac park.
  • Children's playrooms - Vrujci are richer during the summer months for the Luna Park, which is located in the center and has a carousel, cars, gondola. In addition, children can enjoy the outdoor and indoor playgrounds, which are located in Mionica, about 8 kilometers from Banja. In the center of Mionica, there are children's seesaws and swings, as well as the closed playroom Kamičak and friends, located in Ljubomira Mihailovića Street.
  • Children's pools - pool complexes have special pools made and adapted for children. Swimming pools have been made for babies, but also for slightly older children, who have slides.

What to see in Banja Vrujci?

Vrujci is one of the spas in Serbia that are developing their tourist offer.
  • Center - The most famous part of Vrujac is certainly the center of the spa, its bridge and the source of healing water. In this part there is a hotel, sports fields, benches for rest and a space for walking. The peculiarity of the center are the stalls with home-made products: natural jams, fruit juices and various balms.

Accommodation in Banja Vrujci

The growing interest in vacation in the spa has caused the development of accommodation facilities. Accommodation Vrujci offers you:
  • Hotel Vrujci - the center of the spa and its most important facility will provide you with benefits: excellent accommodation, delicious meals, wellness programs, massage therapies. The hotel has 220 beds, which are arranged in double, triple rooms and suites. Prices for hotel services range from 2700 dinars - a single room, to slightly more expensive and luxurious apartments. For all information call: 014-3426-118.
  • Private accommodation - Vrujci and its surroundings have a large number of accommodation facilities, which are rented within villas, accommodation complexes or as individual apartments of different structures. The most famous are: Villa Kondić, Cezar, Elipsa, accommodation complex Petra, as well as apartments Ana, Vesna, Mica, George, Višnja, Pink. Average prices per night for two are around 20 €.

Important telephone numbers and information in Banja Vrujci

Below are the most important phones you may need during your stay in Vrujci.
  • Post office - 014 / 3426-126
  • Hotel Vrujci - 014 / 3426-118
  • Tourist organization in the spa - 014 / 3426-030
  • Tourist organization in Mionica - 014 / 3422-080
  • Mionica Health Center - 014 / 3426-094
  • Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary - 014 / 3420-234
  • Municipality of Mionica - 014 / 3422-020
  • Pharmacy - 014 / 3426-094
  • Mionica Police Station - 014 / 3421-122

Where to eat in Banja Vrujci?

Vrujci can really offer facilities with excellent service and quality food. The most famous are:
Restaurants - places that, in addition to a quality menu, also offer a rich menu of drinks, but also a top level service. We recommend: Vodenica, Pink, Kondir, Bašta, Kafani kod Belog
  • Hotel Vrujci - You can enjoy delicious meals in the restaurant of Hotel Vrujci, regardless of whether you are a hotel guest or not.
  • Pizzerias - if you want to enjoy Italian specialties, visit Camel or Boomerang 314.

Where to go out in Banja Vrujci?

If you want to have a good time, there are cafes and bars:
  • In Banja Vrujci - Camel and Boomerang314
  • In Mionica - Centrić, Knez
  • In Valjevo - If you want to have a good time, you can go to Valjevo and enjoy Tešnjar, about 30 kilometers from Banja.

Transport and taxi in Banja Vrujci

The main mode of transport in Banja Vrujci are regular taxis and taxis that run on a taximeter. These two options are a great way to navigate through all the surrounding settlements.

Line taxi
Line taxis run at the price of buses and run from Vrujac, through all the surrounding Mionica settlements, through Mionica, Divac and to Valjevo. They have certain, pre-arranged, stations, where you can wait for them. The price of the ticket is 200 dinars from Vrujac to Valjevo, and you are arranging all shorter sections with the drivers. Phone numbers: Mija taxi: 064 1121465; Goran: 060 7205555.

Taxi transport

Other taxi services operate on the principle of call and taximeter. They also deal with the same routes as line taxis, only within the business they have waiting, driving to the desired locations. The start is around 50 dinars, and each kilometer covered is 70. Taxi services are: Stević 065/9740509, Taxi transport Mionica 064/9267071, Nedeljko Pešić 064/3415657.

Parking and public garages in Banja Vrujci

Vrujci does not have a garage, and parking is not charged. The largest parking spaces are located in front of the pool complex of the First New Spa and in the center, across from the hotel.

Surroundings of Vrujci Spa

What is the greatest advantage of the Spa is certainly its beautiful surroundings, stunning spaces, as well as important cultural and historical spaces. The most famous are:
  • Ribnica Cave - one of the most famous caves in Serbia, located 7 kilometers from Vrujac, on the right side of the river Ribnica. The entrance to it is triangular in shape, and it is home to 15 species of bats, very rare in Europe. The name of the fortress comes from the wealth of fish. The canyon of the river that flows next to the cave is a famous picnic spot and sometimes a favorite place to celebrate the First of May.
  • The Church of St. Peter and Paul - a building located right next to the Cave and which is one of the most famous gathering places for believers in this part of Serbia. The church was built in 1907, and before that the temples built on its place were burned down 3 times.
  • Birth house of Živojin Mišić - in the village of Struganik, a museum complex was created on the place where the birth house of Živojin Mišić used to be. The museum consists of historical and ethnological works, which describe the life of the Grand Duke before the war and all the war actions he went through.
  • Mionica - the center of the town is located 8 kilometers from Vrujac and is one of the very beautiful destinations with a church, municipality, landscaped park, promenade and cafes. On the square and the Mionica bridge, there are monuments dedicated to the most famous man of this region: Duke Živojin Mišići. If you stay for several days in Banja, you can come here to further enrich your vacation.
  • Ravna gora - 25 kilometers from Vrujac is one of the most historically famous destinations in Serbia. Apart from the beautiful nature, there is also a forest house and a newly built temple of the Holy Great Martyr George, as well as a mausoleum dedicated to Draža Mihajlović. The most important natural site is Mokra pećina - located at 654 meters above sea level.
  • Surrounding monasteries - about 30 kilometers away from Banja are the monasteries of Lelic and Celija. Lelic, whose founder is Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovic, and whose relics are kept. The cell is located on the left bank of the river Gradac. Today, it is a nunnery, the origin of which is the subject of many stories. Some believe that its founder is King Dragutin Nemanjić, while another legend names Stefan Lazarević for that.

History of Vrujci Spa

Early history - historical sources say that the spa area has been inhabited for a long time. The beginning of history is connected to the Roman Empire, in which this part of Serbia remained throughout the old century. After the arrival of the Slavs on the Balkan Peninsula, the Byzantine rule disappeared, and finally ended in 1180. Turkish rule stretches through the Middle Ages. During the First and Second Uprising, the division was made into principalities, and Mionica after them became the center of the Kolubara principality. In the 19th century, there was a development and construction of principalities, schools, churches, taverns. In that period, the development of all parts of the municipality started, including Banja Vrujci.

Twentieth century
- Vrujci became an important healing place for Serbian warriors during the Battle of Kolubara, its healing water and mud spread its beneficial effects throughout the 20th century when many people used it to heal wounds, treat rheumatism. The history of Vrujac begins in 1935, when a folk health resort was created in this area. The first baths were created by farmers, on whose estates there are also mineral springs. In 1938, Vojvoda Mišić's bathroom was built, which had two swimming pools. Then the people of Vruj get their seasonal doctor. The most important chemical analysis of water was performed in 1958. Since then, the accelerated development of Vrujac has started.

Geography and climate of Vrujci Spa

Banja Vrujci is located in northwestern Serbia, in the Kolubara basin, in Valjevo's Podgorina. The spa belongs to the municipality of Mionica. It is located in the valley of the river Toplica, a right tributary of the Kolubara. The altitude of the spa is about 200 meters, which makes it one of the lowest spas in Serbia. The entire spa complex is located in the Toplica basin and its perimeter. The relief of the Spa is conditioned by the composition of the terrain. The surrounding mountains Maljen and Suvobor are located in the south, while the relief is dominated by valley forms of relief.

- the climate of the Vrujci Spa can be defined as temperate-continental, and the greatest influence on it has the atmospheric circulation. In winter, the continental polar air prevails, which creates cold, dry, cloudy weather. During June, July and August, tropical air is present, and during it, average temperatures are 35 degrees. The feature of the climate is that the evenings are never too warm, so the average temperature during them is 20 degrees.

Demography of Vrujci Spa

  • Banja Vrujci belongs to the municipality of Mionica, which has 11,300 inhabitants, distributed in 36 settlements.
  • The spa belongs to the village of Berkovac, which has 700 inhabitants.
  • The average age of the population is 38 years.
  • The census noted that 98% of the population was inhabited by Serbs.

Tradition and culture of Vrujci Spa

Historically important area - the spa Vrujci and its surroundings represent one of the areas that has been extremely important throughout our entire history, and in which the most important war events took place. One of the most significant is the Battle of Kolubara, whose turning point was marked on the Mionica bridge, on which an obelisk was placed today with the words that the duke addressed to his soldiers.

Natural beauties and healing springs - Banja Vrujci and the entire Mionica region are known for their amazing natural beauties. The surrounding villages are rich in meadows, and the entire road from Vrujac to Mionica is filled with beautiful landscapes, perfect for a picnic in nature. In addition, this area is extremely rich in various minerals, and it produces stone and lime, as well as water, which enabled the creation of two water factories here: Aqua Gala and Voda Voda, as well as numerous swimming pools. Thanks to them, Vrujci is an important health resort and a place where tourists come to eliminate numerous problems.

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