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We present you all the options that are an important part of the tourist offer of Zlatibor. They show in the best way why the interest in Zlatibor is extremely high during each season. One of the options will allow you to find the perfect accommodation, the second to discover which space is best for tasting the famous Zlatibor specialties, while the third is intended to present the most important attractions on the mountain. In addition to these, there are other guidelines at your disposal that will help you experience a number of quality moments on Zlatibor.

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Zlatibor · Zlatibor surrounding places

When to visit Zlatibor?

One of the great advantages of this mountain is that it is an ideal place for vacation all year round. Statistics show that an equal number of tourists visit the mountain during December, January and February, as well as during the summer months such as May, June and August.
  • Summer on the mountain - summer lovers can enjoy the long and all the charms that this mountain can offer to its visitors during June, July and August on Zlatibor. At their disposal are also spacious Zlatibor swimming pools, beaches, adventure parks.
  • Winter on the mountain - visits during the winter can be filled with attractions Ski Center Tornik. At the very top of Tornik you can find: sports fields, new ski slopes, cable car, small roller coaster, sledding areas or children's play on the snow.

How to get to Zlatibor?

Another important advantage of Zlatibor is that there is almost no traffic jam on the way to this mountain. On average, Zlatibor can be reached in just over 2.5 hours. Corridor 11 and the newest highway Miloš Veliki have made travel to Zlatibor much easier, whether you decide to travel by car or bus. 

  • By car: When you reach the big roundabout, it turns towards Čačak and then continues in the direction of Požega and Užice. When you reach Uzice, you can expect only half an hour of driving to your final destination with a slight ascent and two lanes.
  • Bus transport from and to Zlatibor: Numerous bus carriers organize daily departures on the route Belgrade-Zlatibor. Gaga Tours Zlatibor has over 10 regular lines during the day. Tickets for all lines can be purchased and booked at all Gaga Tours box offices or by calling phone numbers. This bus carrier will take you to the very center of Zlatibor, to the Zlatibor bus station. Contact: Gaga tours: +381 31 845 600.

Activities for tourists in Zlatibor

Zlatibor is really proud of the various activities that can be performed throughout the year. In addition, this mountain is characterized by a wide range of interesting, tourist events, which is why a stay on Zlatibor is ideal during all periods of the year and season.
  • Activities during the winter - one of the most current activities during December, January and February is downhill skiing and skiing from the very top of Tornik. If there is not enough snow, the Tornik ski center also produces large quantities of artificial snow for all five slopes.
  • Summer activities - during the summer months and periods, Zlatibor offers many different activities, so be sure that everyone will find something to their liking and taste. This mountain is ideal for hiking, horseback riding, zip line, karting, paragliding, paintball. The summer fun certainly includes swimming in the outdoor pools and the surrounding beaches.

Events and festivals on Zlatibor

Holidays on Zlatibor are not completely fulfilled if you do not visit one of the many, interesting events that are held regularly throughout the year. The promotion of culture, tradition and customs is an important part of these events.
  • Trout Days - this event takes place during August in the vicinity of Zlatibor, in the village of Ljubiš. Ljubiška trout has become a widely known specialty. It is a California trout with a recognizable taste. It is grown in as many as five ponds that serve several prominent restaurants in Zlatibor.
  • Prosciutto Festival in Mačkat - Prosciutto Festival is, perhaps, the most famous manifestation of this district. Every winter, mostly at the beginning of February, this event is organized in the small, Zlatibor village of Mačkat. Over time, Mačkat has become very famous for its top quality dried meat. It is safe to say that Mačkat has become a synonym for top gourmet food.

Activities for children on Zlatibor

Holidays on the Zlatibor mountain are the perfect opportunity for the whole family to gather and enjoy nature and clean air together, creating some of the most beautiful memories, which your children will always be happy to remember from childhood. Fortunately, Zlatibor offers a number of fun, educational, but also safe attractions for the youngest members of the family.
  • Adventure and Dino park - Dino Park is a very popular theme park for children and teenagers. Dino Park is here to provide unique entertainment for almost all ages. It is located in the heart of Zlatibor, located between the Zlatibor pines. One of the striking attractions of this adventure park are the interactive replicas of dinosaurs from the Jurassic era. This adventure park has: zip line, artificial climbing walls, 6D cinema.
  • Ski kindergartens and ski schools - Ski schools for all ages are also becoming increasingly popular. A large number of children are very interested in learning to ski as well as possible from an early age. Skiing during the winter periods on Zlatibor is a really special experience and a top experience. That is why the ski school Čigota on Zlatibor is an ideal opportunity for you and your little ones to learn, in a safe, fun and safe way how to ski. This school has a long tradition and a proven system and way of working, so your children will be in completely safe hands.

What to visit on Zlatibor?

Zlatibor is truly one of the most popular mountains in Serbia, which is constantly building and developing its tourism, attracting an increasing number of domestic and foreign tourists. Precisely because of that, Zlatibor is full of various tourist attractions that will suit different generations and ages.
  • Gold gondola - currently one of the newest and most popular attractions is the famous Zlatibor Gold gondola, which was officially launched this year. It stretches for an incredible 9 km of route. What is especially impressive is that this Gold gondola is the longest panoramic gondola in the whole world and the view that extends from it is absolutely unreal.
  • Ski center Tornik - this largest ski resort in Zlatibor is 9 km away from the center of the mountain. Tornik is also the highest peak of the mountain (1,490 meters). What makes this popular ski resort special are the many fun activities for all tourists. Ski center Tornik has five trails and the most modern cable car, which is 1,850 meters long. In addition, you can find some great sports fields here.
  • Gostilje waterfall - Gostilje waterfall is a beautiful place for all tourists and is one of the most attractive hydrological values ​​of Zlatibor. It is located in the village of Gostilje, only 25 km from the center of Zlatibor. The stream creates several smaller waterfalls and cascades, while the largest waterfall is truly something spectacular that everyone should visit and see first hand at least once. The waterfall is surrounded by beautiful and untouched nature, which only completes the whole experience.
  • Stopića Cave - This popular tourist location is located on the northeast side of Zlatibor and is 19 km away from the center. The cave has five units: Light Hall, Dark Hall, Great Hall with tubs, Canal with tubs and River Channel. A lot of work was done on the arrangement of this cave, so that collisions were made with the platforms in front of the waterfall and above the tub. Tickets are always available at the entrance to the cave.

Accommodation on Zlatibor

With tourism growth on Zlatibor, many hotels, apartments, and resorts have flourished. Accommodation units are diverse and you can find something for everyone's taste and pocket. The most affordable options can cost you around 30 euros, but if you want something more luxurious and luxurious, be ready to set aside as much as 100 euros for just one night.
  • Apartments Zlatibor:  This type of accommodation in Zlatibor is the most famous and affordable option, as two people can spend as little as 10 euros per day. Luxury can easily be found in Zlatibor as well, especially in the Kraljevi konaci, Zlatiborski konaci, Monix Village neighborhoods. 
  • Hotels: Grand & Sky Hotel Tornik, Hotel Palisad, Hotel Buket
  • Inns and resorts: Zlatibor, Sun, Danube, Sunny Beach

Phone numbers of important services

Below is a table with all the most important phones you may need during your stay on Zlatibor.
  • Tourist organization Zlatibor: +381 31 841 646
  • Info center Zlatibor: +381 31 845 103
  • Health center: +381 31 841 279
  • Pharmacy Zlatibor (ambulance): +381 31 841 003
  • Police: +381 31 841 039

Where to eat on Zlatibor?

In addition to excellent accommodation and many attractions, Zlatibor also offers a large number of prominent restaurants where you can enjoy all the charms of national cuisine, but where you can relax with a nice coffee from various mountain activities.
  • Restaurant Mačkat - one of the oldest, and at the same time certainly the most famous restaurants is the restaurant Mačkat. The ambience of the restaurant is built in a very pleasant and traditional rustic style. The Cat's menu and its wine list are equally varied and impressive. As for the main dishes, the portions are very tasty, but very plentiful and rich.
  • Phoenix Restaurant - If you like sweets and delicious desserts, this small restaurant, located in the middle of the Zlatibor oasis, is the right place for you. Fenks stands out especially with its pancakes, salty as well as sweet. Our warm recommendation is to try their fruit pancakes with whipped cream, as well as pancakes with plasma and cream. In addition, the restaurant offers a chocolate fountain with the highest quality milk chocolate, in which you can dip finely chopped pieces of fruit, which is a special attraction and the sweetest enjoyment.
  • Hotel restaurant Palisad - The hotel is an ideal place for all generations and ages, and in the woods located just across the hotel there is a perfect little paradise for both children and their parents. The playground and the proximity of the restaurant in the hotel, which extends in part and on a beautiful terrace filled with colorful flower arrangements, are just some of the great advantages of the Palisad Hotel.
  • Restaurant Zlatiborski pastuv - The location of this restaurant is ideal for all who want to enjoy the pleasant peace and quiet and the best nature that Zlatibor has to offer. Some of the most popular and most sought after drinks and dishes of this restaurant are smoked ribs and their mulled wines. A visit to the Zlatibor stallion can never leave you indifferent, so we definitely warmly recommend it to you.

Where to go out on Zlatibor?

Zlatibor also offers its visitors an excellent nightlife, which can be of particular interest to young people. Parties and good gigs can usually be found in some of the pubs and bars of this mountain.
  • Caffe Grand Irish Pub - an ideal place to enjoy a good drink and atmosphere, as well as good music
  • Caffe Akter - another place where fun and entertainment, as well as a pleasant ambience are almost always guaranteed
  • Caffe Fama - in addition to a good atmosphere, this cafe offers its customers the most delicious pizzas. Of course, drinking and music are always taken for granted.

Transport and taxi on Zlatibor

There are several taxi services on Zlatibor, which are there to provide you with a safe ride from the center to all surrounding villages and back. The start will cost you 150 dinars, and each kilometer covered 70. Services are available throughout the day. The most famous are:
Zlatiborski Alex taxi - 031 846100; Maxi Taxi Zlatibor - 031 846100

Parking and public garages

Most hotels and apartments on the mountain have private parking for their guests, but it is important to note that the number of places is limited. For now, you can use the large parking lot near the market and the parking lot located next to the bus station in the city center. Parking is charged by zones, and prices per hour range from 50 to 100 dinars. Payment can be made via SMS. These zones are: 
  • Red zone-8531
  • Blue zone-8532
  • Day ticket-8533
  • Extra zone-8534
  • New parking Kraljev trg - It has as many as 53 new parking spaces, including parking spaces for disabled people. 
  • Parking at the Gold Gondola - This is another new parking lot with a slightly smaller capacity. It is located at the starting station of this famous gondola and has 30 seats. In addition to public parking lots, there is a large parking area at the central bus station where parking is charged at the toll booth.

Surroundings of Zlatibor

The surroundings of Zlatibor are as beautiful as the center of the mountain. Many will claim that the Zlatibor area is the most beautiful that Zlatibor has to offer. There, nature is still untouched, in its full splendor. The air is clean, and you are surrounded by beautiful landscapes and pine trees everywhere. In its immediate vicinity, Zlatibor is proud of important monasteries, as well as cultural and historical monuments.
  • Uvac Monastery - this beautiful monastery is located in the village of Stublo, between Cajetina and Priboj. The architecture of the monastery is truly unique, and its surroundings are equally beautiful. On the east side of the monastery, there is a vine that is several centuries old, but it is a true witness to the longevity and significance of this shrine.
  • Wooden church in Dobroselica - this nice church is located in the village of the same name and is only 19 km away from the center of Zlatibor. The church is dedicated to the Holy Prophet Elijah. Due to its beautiful architecture and the way it was built, this church is one of the most beautiful built in this style. You can visit the wooden log cabin in Dobroselica every day.
  • Ribničko Lake - A few kilometers from the Zlatibor settlement is this artificial lake which regularly supplies the whole of Zlatibor with water. The surroundings and nature that surround the lake are so beautiful that they would easily impress any visitor. The lake has a large dam in the middle precisely because of the better possible water supply. In addition, Ribnica Lake is rich in fish, which is a special atmosphere for all passionate anglers.

History of Zlatibor

  • First settlements of Zlatibor:  Zlatibor was inhabited in prehistoric times. The first known inhabitants were the Illyrians. During the Middle Ages, Zlatibor maintained ties with the mighty Dubrovnik. The mountain was especially relevant in the First and Second Serbian Uprising and some of the important battles: The Battle of Talambas and the Battle of Tornik took place right here. It is interesting that Zlatibor has always very successfully resisted the Constantinople government, thanks to the companies of hajduks who constantly fought and defended this area.
  • Zlatibor today: Due to the good and strong economic ties that Zlatibor had with Europe, it managed to maintain and preserve all its natural resources and benefits. Then Zlatibor began to gradually develop its tourism. This mountain has managed to nurture all the natural benefits and attract the attention of more and more visitors. She began to build increasingly successful tourism, using resources such as wool, leather, tar and mountain honey. Tourism on Zlatibor officially began in 1893. Today, Zlatibor can be called the most popular Serbian mountain, which is full of tourist attractions. Holidays on Zlatibor can be ideal for all generations and ages.

Geography and climate of Zlatibor

  • Geography: Zlatibor is mostly sloping to the north and west. The mountain is filled with meadows, glades, pines and conifers. There are no natural lakes on Zlatibor, but in the very center of Zlatibor there is a famous artificial lake, which was built primarily for tourism. In the immediate vicinity of the mountain there is another beautiful artificial lake - Ribničko. Ribnica Lake has been successfully supplying Zlatibor with clean and fresh water for years. The largest peaks are located in the southern part of Zlatibor, while the altitude decreases more and more towards the north. The highest peak of Zlatibor, Tornik (1,490m), is nine kilometers away from the center and over time has blossomed into a real oasis of tourism.
  • Climate: When it comes to climate, Zlatibor belongs to the group of Starovlaški mountains, which mostly determines the unique Zlatibor, subalpine climate. The average daily temperature on the mountain is around 18 ° C, while the warmest months of the year are July and August. Of course, the coldest is in January, when the temperature is really often below 0, while bigger minuses are quite expected during the winter period. However, the climate on Zlatibor is pleasant, fresh and temperate. It can often be an ideal respite from the great and unbearable heat. The highest precipitation is usually in May and October. As for the winter season on Zlatibor, it is so popular for a reason, because the snow on this mountain can last up to a hundred days.

Demographics of Zlatibor

  • Zlatibor administrative district has 286,549 inhabitants, with a noticeable decline in population when it comes to locals.
  • The municipality of Čajetina is the administrative center of Zlatibor and the nearest town located in the immediate vicinity of this mountain.
  • The majority of the inhabitants are of Serbian nationality and speak the characteristic East-Herzegovinian dialect.

Tradition and culture of Zlatibor

  • Nature of Zlatibor: The culture and tradition of this mountain are really rich and diverse. Only the unusual name of Zlatibor testifies to this area's long history and tradition. Zlatibor was named after a very rare species of golden pine, which was placed, due to its rarity and uniqueness, under state protection. Zlatibor has long attracted many visitors precisely because of its ideal climate, location and beauty. Numerous sources of medicinal and pure water can be easily found throughout Zlatibor, and a large part of them are the best in the whole country.
  • Traditional food: Zlatibor has long been known for its hospitality and excellent local specialties. National cuisine restaurants are becoming increasingly popular on this mountain. In almost every restaurant in Zlatibor, you can find the famous Užice set of buns and top-quality roast lamb on the menu. Zlatibor prosciutto, cheese and cream are equally popular and famous.
  • Important cultural and historical sites: There are many tourist attractions throughout Zlatibor, which significantly contribute to the popularity of this mountain. The biggest attention is attracted by: Stopića cave in Rožanstvo, Vodopad in Gostilje, "Staro selo" in Sirogojno, Ribničko jezero, Prerast in Dobroselica. 

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