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Bar Apartments

Villa Ariana

Bar · Surrounding places · Susanj
1 Bedroom · 2 Guests
€443.93 night

Family 9

Bar · Surrounding places · Canj
2 Bedrooms · 6 Guests
€70.09 night

Free your mind

Bar · Surrounding places · Dobra Voda
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€81.78 night

Cako 77

Bar · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 6 Guests
€52.57 night

Lovely Trosoban Apartman

Bar · Surrounding places · Sutomore
3 Bedrooms · 7 Guests
€99.30 night

When to visit Bar?

  • During autumn: If you want to enjoy good weather and pleasant temperatures in Bar, the ideal period to visit this city is during September and October. You will avoid high temperatures and extreme heat and you will be able to enjoy the charms of the city unhindered without the crowds present during the summer season.
  • During summer: However, if you want to feel the charm of the city in full swing, it is better to visit it during the summer, tourist season. During that period, the city is alive and you will be able to choose from many summer activities. You can go to Bar already in May.

How to reach Bar?

If you have decided to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Montenegro, the following means of transportation are at your disposal:
  • Plane - if you decide to travel by plane, which is also the fastest way to get to your desired destination, we recommend that you fly to the airport in Podgorica. You can then get to Bar by taxi. You also have the airport in Tivat at your disposal, although Podgorica is closer to Bar, so that way is much simpler. Ticket prices depend on the season when you travel.
  • Ferry - Montenegro Lines operates daily ferries on the Bar-Bari route. The average ticket price is 56 euros. A ferry connection is also possible with Ancona.
  • Railway traffic - currently there are six main railway stations in Montenegro: Podgorica, Bar, Niksic, Sutomore, Tuzi and Bijelo Polje. The main line goes from Belgrade (Serbia), through Bijelo Polje and Podgorica, Bar (line Belgrade - Bar). This is a regular passenger line. There are up to 4 daily trains in this direction, one is a night train with sleepers.
  • Road traffic (bus, car) - the two most important road routes in Montenegro are the Adriatic highway from Herceg Novi to Ulcinj and the highway route Bar-Podgorica-Kolasin-Bijelo Polje-border with Serbia. In the summer season, traffic is busy on the Herceg Novi-Trebinje route, which connects Montenegro with Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you want to come to Montenegro by bus, there are numerous bus lines from major cities in Serbia such as Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica and Nis. From Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are lines that go from Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Bijeljina and Trebinje. From Croatia, there are lines that go from Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik. From Serbia, the border crossings are Ranche, Cemerno, Dobrakovo, Kula. From Bosnia and Herzegovina, the border crossings are Sitnica, Krstac, and Scepan Polje. From Croatia, they are Debeli Brijeg and Kobila.

Tourist activities in Bar

The bar represents a combination of modern and history. You can spend the day on one of the beautiful Bar beaches, have lunch in one of the restaurants, and then you can take a walk to the Old Town or see one of the monasteries. Among the many activities, we single out the following for you:
  • Tour of Skadar Lake by boat - if you want to see one of the largest lakes in Southern Europe, this cruise is the right choice for you. It starts from Virpazar, a Bar settlement, and passes by the 18th-century Lesendro fortress. You will sail along the river Moraca and you will have the opportunity to see several species of birds, seagulls, and pelicans and you will also enjoy the view of the three islands.
  • Beach visits - for all those who like to explore the surroundings of the Bar, the following beaches are offered: Pearl Coast located in Canj, Maljevik beach located between Bar and Sutomore, and Crvena beach also located between Bar and Sutomore. If you choose to stay in Bar itself, we highlight the city beach (Topolica) and Zutokrlica.
  • Shopping in Bar - Bar has a large selection of shops thanks to regular ferry connections with the city of Bari and Ancona, and in the city, you can find boutiques with the most modern Italian clothing.
  • Market tour - the city has a large, colorful market stocked with a variety of Mediterranean fruits and vegetables. You can always find the freshest fish, meat, and dairy products there. Especially on Saturdays, this market becomes a real attraction because it is visited by both locals and tourists from different parts of Montenegro and the world.
  • Diving in the Bay of Bar - this adventure is a unique opportunity to see ships that were shipwrecked and remained in the sea - King Nikola's ship, Austrian torpedo boat, and German cruiser.

Events and festivals in Bar

For all tourists, the city of Bar offers a rich cultural and artistic offer in the form of a large number of events and festivals.
  • Maslinijada - in Bar there is the oldest olive tree in Europe, as old as 2000 years. At the same time, Bar is one of the main Montenegrin centers for the production of olive oil, so every year, in December, the Maslinijada festival is traditionally held. During this event, Bar visitors have the opportunity to taste olive oil, olives and taste tangerines and oranges. The program is accompanied by a demonstration of traditional folk costumes.
  • Bar summer chronicles - a cultural event that takes place in Bar in July and August. Concerts, theater performances and literary evenings are held at various locations in the city.
  • Days of Mrkojevic - it is a fun event and is traditionally held in July, in the town of Pecurice near Bar. Along with the tasting of Montenegrin dishes and the cultural and artistic program, Bar visitors have the opportunity to learn about the traditions of this place.
  • International TV Festival - the festival brings together a large number of domestic and foreign authors. Presentations and competitions are organized in the field of documentary and environmental programs. The festival takes place in November and then becomes the center of a large number of foreign visitors, directors from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Serbia.
  • Meetings under the old olive tree - the event takes place in November and aims to promote culture and poetry. It lasts for several days and the program consists of both literal and artistic works on the theme Olive, peace, friendship. Most of the program takes place in Mirovica, where one of the oldest olive trees in Europe is located.
  • Summer with stars - the festival takes place on the promenade of King Nikola in July and August. Visitors to the Bar during that period have the opportunity to attend quality music concerts by well-known regional performers.

Activities for kids in Bar

In addition to swimming and fun on the beach, the Bar offers some other activities for the little ones.
  • Amusement park - there is an amusement park in Bar, which is the right place for children to have fun. The whole family will enjoy the merry-go-rounds and merry-go-rounds.
  • Equestrian club - in Virpazar, Bar settlement, there is the Montenegro Equestrian Club. There is also a riding school, a great place for children's recreation and the opportunity to spend quality time in nature with animals.
  • Swimming and water polo school - during the summer season, swimming schools for non-swimmers between the ages of 4 and 16 are organized on Gradska Beach. With experienced instructors, your children will become swimmers in just a few days. For those with a little more experience, there are water polo lessons, with which they will enjoy for hours.

What to see in Bar?

A city with a rich cultural and historical past offers tourists a large selection of sites with ancient buildings.
  • King Nikola's Castle - an unmissable place if you are visiting Bar. The castle was built in the 19th century. It consists of a large castle, a small castle, a chapel, a guardhouse, and a beautiful park. Today, this castle has been turned into a Native Museum, where you can see historical and archaeological artifacts.
  • The Old Town - if you decide to visit the Old Town in Bar, you will have the opportunity to see the fortress, the former center of this place, but also the remains of the following churches - the Roman-Gothic Cathedral of St. Djordje from the 11th century, the church of St. Catherine and St. Veneranda. In the Old Town there are ruins of the Church of St. Nikola, from the 13th century. and an aqueduct built by the Turks.
  • The medieval town of Nehaj - today, a fortress remains of this medieval town, built in the 15th century. It is located 10 kilometers northwest of Bar and is located near Sutomore. From the main road leading to Bar, the fortress can be reached on foot. Next to the fortress is the church of Saint Dimitri, which is considered to be older than the fortress itself.
  • The Trikonchos of Bar - it is considered the oldest religious object in this area and dates back to the 6th century, from the period of Emperor Justinian.
  • Omerbasic Mosque - at the very entrance, you can see a public fountain that was later turned into a mosque house. It was built at the end of the 17th century in Stari Bar.
  • Monasteries in Bar - In addition to these sights, you can also visit the following monasteries - Gornji Brceli, Donji Brceli, Precista Krajinska, Ribnjak, and Starcevo.

Accommodation in Bar

Bar has a diverse and rich offer of accommodation.
  • Hotels - if you want to spend your vacation in a more luxurious environment, we offer hotels whose price ranges from 60 euros to 200 euros per night. If you choose places with more affordable prices, we suggest the Pharos and Franca hotels. Popular hotels are Hotel Princess and Stara Carsija.
  • Apartments - in Bar you can find apartments whose price ranges from 25-30 euros per day. The apartments are usually fully equipped, so the price will increase depending on that and the proximity to the center or the beaches of Bar.
  • Private rooms - if you have decided on the cheapest type of accommodation, you can find a large number of private rooms in Bar. The price per bed starts from 15 euros per person.

Phone numbers of important services

Some of the services that can be of help when visiting Bar are:
  • The international number for emergency calls is 112
  • Police department 122
  • Fire department 123
  • Ambulance 124
  • Roadside assistance 19730
  • Bar Railway Station 301-615
  • Sutomore railway station 312

Where to eat in Bar?

The bar and its surroundings offer numerous restaurants with a rich culinary offer.
  • Restaurants in the hotels Topolica, Korali, Biserna obala - if you want to try traditional dishes, these restaurants are the right choice for you.
  • Knjazeva basta, Borselina, Gurmana, Kalampera - in these restaurants you will be able to try the best-prepared seafood specialties - octopus salad or seafood with garlic and rosemary.
  • Konoba Badanj - if you want to visit this type of restaurant, we advise you to walk to Virpazar.
  • Restaurant Utjeha - do you want to visit the oldest restaurant in Bar Municipality? In that case, we recommend a restaurant that bears the name of the place where it is located. The restaurant is decorated with a large terrace with a beautiful view of the sea and affordable prices for barbecue and pizza.

Where to go out in Bar?

The most famous clubs that offer good entertainment for young people are located not far from Bar, in the towns of Utjeha and Sutomore.
  • Night club Paradizo - in Utjeha.
  • Clubs Habana and Fratello - in Sutomore.
  • Bars in Bar - In the very center of Bar there is a large number of coffee bars - Sport Caffe, Augusta, Helena, Caruba, Green Mill, Royal, Tropikana, Varadero, Time out.

Transportation and taxi in Bar

  • Public transport: The bus terminal in Bar is located 1393 meters from the city center, which is an 18-minute walk to the station. Contact number of the bus station in Bar +382 30 346 141
  • Taxi: Euro taxi service in Bar is available 24 hours a day. Phone number-19701. The price of the ride is 0.80 cents at the start, and each additional kilometer costs the same. An hour of waiting is 10.00 euros. Phone number of one of the taxi service in Bar, which is also available 24 hours a day is +382 68 303 084.

Parking in Bar

For all tourists who have the opportunity to visit Bar, a large number of parking spaces are provided, which are available 24 hours a day. From the Cathedral of St. Petar the Apostle to the Big Ben Cafe on 24 November street, a few years ago the reconstruction of the parking area and the entire road in Bar was completed. A total of 268 parking spaces have been marked, of which 11 are for parking vehicles of persons with disabilities.
  • The parking lot in Old Bar is open and operates 24 hours a day. The price of parking is 90 cents per starting hour from May 1 to September 30, or 60 cents from October 1 to April 30. Seasonal prices are valid for buses, where the starting hour is five, that is, three euros. Motorcyclists will pay 50 cents, ie. 30 cents from October 1 to April 30. Vans and cars with a trailer pay two euros from May 1 to September 30, or 1.5 euros the rest of the year.

Surroundings of Bar

In the vicinity of Bar there are picturesque settlements with beautiful beaches. Also, if you are visiting Bar, you can complete your stay with a visit to the river or the mountain.
  • Utjeha - this small tourist place is 14 km from Bar. If you want to make a trip and visit the surroundings of Bar, Utjeha covered with olive trees is the right choice for you. Some of the most beautiful beaches are also hidden here.
  • Virpazar - a fairy-tale town near Bar, sung in old folk songs, is located at the intersection of the rivers Orahovstice and Crmnica. This settlement is also known for its three stone bridges.
  • Sutomore - is a popular urban area, especially for young people, because of the large number of cafes with live music.
  • Rikavac River - are you in the mood for a canyoning adventure? In that case, a visit to the Rikavac river canyon, which is located above Stari Bar, is mandatory.
  • Mount Rumija - spacious pastures stretch along Mount Rumija, which is located between Lake Skadar and Barsko polje.

History of Bar

  • Origin of Bar: the area of Bar was inhabited since prehistoric times. This is evidenced by Neolithic excavations found in settlement of Celuga, tumuli in the village of Ravanj and a Neolithic ax in Susanj. Old Bar was first mentioned in documents from the 9th century. There are several versions of his name in different languages, of which the three most famous are Bar (Slavic), Antibareos (Greek) and Antibarum (Roman). The city was under the occupation of the Ottoman Empire for a long time, and three religions are intertwined in it today: Orthodox, Catholic and Islam.
  • Successes: Bar experienced its greatest prosperity during the reign of King Bodin. Although some are in ruins, a large number of church areas have been preserved. It is believed that there were as many as 54 church buildings in Bar and its surroundings.

Geography and climate of Bar

  • Geography - Bar is located in the southeastern part of Montenegro, between the Adriatic Sea and Lake Skadar. In the land part, it covers an area of 505 km2, and the water surface of Lake Skadar is 128 km2. The length of the sea coast is 46 km, of which 9 km are beaches. With a length of 65 km, it opens onto Lake Skadar. This coastal city is also surrounded by mountains, the largest of which is Rumia.
  • Climate - Bar has over 270 sunny days, making it one of the sunniest cities in Europe. The proximity of the Adriatic Sea, Lake Skadar and Mount Rumija determine the climate. Summers are long, hot and dry, and winters are mild and rainy. The maximum mean monthly temperature in July is 23.5°C, and the minimum mean monthly temperature in January is 8.3°C. The bathing season lasts from mid-May to mid-October. During that period, the water temperature reaches 26°C.

Demographics of Bar

According to the last official census, Bar has 42,368 inhabitants. The average age of the population is 36.0 years (35.1 for men and 36.8 for women). In the last three censuses, an increase in the number of inhabitants was observed. Ethnic composition:
  • Montenegrins - 19,553 (46.5%)
  • Serbs - 10,656 (25.34%)
  • Muslims by nationality - 3,236 (7.7%)
  • Albanians - 2,515 (5.98%)
  • Bosniaks - 2,153 (5.12%)
  • Croats - 254 (0.59%)
  • Roma - 203 (0.42%)
  • others - 318 (0.75%)
  • ethnically undetermined - 2,097 (4.99%)

Tradition and culture of Bar

During its history, the bar belonged to different cultures, so today it represents a unique combination of the Orient and the Mediterranean.
  • Tradition - numerous monuments, churches, cathedrals and mosques testify to the historical wealth of Bar. Festivals, like the Masliniade, keep the tradition from being forgotten and nurture the historical wealth of this city. The city is known for the famous castle of King Nikola, built in 1885. The king built it for his daughter, Princess Zorka, and his son-in-law, Prince Petar Karadjordjevic.
  • Culture - the oldest literary-historical writing in the culture of the South Slavs was created in Bar - the Chronicle of Pope Dukljanin, also known as the Bar genealogy. The oldest religious building in Montenegro is the trikonchos church monument, from the reign of Emperor Justinian.
  • Influential people from Bar - Very influential people were born by the Bar. Among them are: Milo Jovovic - poet; Miodrag Lekic - professor, politician and Yugoslav graduate; Stana Tomasevic - the first female ambassador of Yugoslavia; Radmila Vojvodic - theater director and playwright.

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