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We present you one of the most beautiful spas in Serbia, an area that is becoming more and more visited holiday destination in Serbia every year. Ždrelo is a village in the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi, which is located in the Braničevo district. The area is surrounded on two sides by the Homil Mountains, with two peaks: Small and Large Volcano. The most attractive tourist attractions in Ždrelo are: the remains of the fortress, numerous religious buildings of great cultural and historical significance, geothermal springs, a large tourist wellness complex of Terme Ždrelo and accommodation units of exceptional quality. Our site brings you all the most important information about this tourist destination. Explore the entire offer and organize the perfect vacation in Zdrelo.

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When to visit Zdrelo?

Thanks to the modernization of Terme Zdrelo, this place has become a great destination throughout the year. You can also enjoy the charms of beneficial hot water during the winter months.
  • During the summer
The best time to visit Zdrelo is the summer period when you can take advantage of both indoor and outdoor facilities, including a mini aqua park and camping.
  •  During the winter
You can also organize a vacation in Zdrelo during the winter months. Four indoor pools with slides, thermal water warm all year round, and a rich Wellness & Spa offer will make your visit to Zdrelo pleasant even during the warmer months.

How to get to Zdrelo?

Zdrelo is located 130 kilometers away from Belgrade and only 9 kilometers from Petrovac na Mlavi. There are several ways to get to this place:
  • By car
 If you are coming to Zdrelo from Belgrade, you should take the E-75 highway and turn at the toll ramp for Požarevac. After that, follow the road Petrovac na Mlavi. When you reach Petrovac, you have another 20 minutes drive to Zdrelo.
If you are coming from the Directions of Nis by car via E-75, it is best to turn off at Markovac, then drive through Svilanjac, Bobovo, and come to Zdrelo.
  •  By bus
 Arriva Litas and Datom bus companies operate on the Belgrade-Ždrelo route every day. The price of a one-way bus ticket is 745 dinars, and a return ticket is 1195 dinars. The journey takes between 2 hours and 10 minutes and 2 and a half hours, depending on the carrier and weather conditions.

Activities for tourists

The central point and the most important destination in Zdrelo are certainly the modernized Terme Zdrelo, which today includes a diverse program of activities. However, in the place itself and its surroundings, you can also find a few more interesting contents.
  • Enjoying the thermal pools
Whether you are heading to Zdrelo for health reasons or, simply, looking for salvation and relaxation during the hot summer days, in Zdrelo you will be able to enjoy swimming in the pools of Terme Zdrelo. The complex contains as many as 9 swimming pools, four of which are indoor. Swimmers can choose what water temperature they want. The warmest pools maintain a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius even during the winter.
The pools are open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on Fridays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The price of a ticket for daily bathing is 800 dinars on weekdays and 900 dinars on weekends.
  • Wellness & Spa
Within the modern Wellness Center within the Terme Zdrelo complex, you can try different facilities. At your disposal are a sauna, salt room, steam bath, relaxation rooms, and massage rooms. The price of using all the contents of the wellness center is 300 dinars on weekdays and 500 dinars on weekends.
  • Cultural and historical contents
If you want to take a short break from swimming and other physical activities, you can visit some of the cultural monuments located near the Zdrelo. Beautiful places for a trip are the monasteries Gornjak, Vitrovnica, and Blagoveshtenje. The fortress Zdrelo also lies nearby, and the town of Petrovac na Mlavi is located only 9 kilometers from the spa.
  • Field trips
To make your stay in the spa even richer, the tourist organization organizes several excursions during which you can get acquainted with some of the most beautiful treasures of Serbia, located not far from Zdrelo. During your stay in Zdrelo, you can take some time to explore the famous archeological site Viminacium, the Golubac fortress, and the monasteries of Tumane and Manasija.

Events and festivals in Zdrelo

There are no traditional festivals in Zdrelo itself, which are held every year, but several events are organized in the nearby town of Petrovac na Mlavi and surrounding places.
  • Beekeepers' Assembly in Kamenovo
The event Beekeepers 'Assembly is held on the first weekend of April in Kamenovo, organized by the Mlava Beekeepers' Association. It traditionally contains a large sales exhibition of beekeeping equipment, honey, and honey products. A tour of the beehives was also organized, and a cultural and artistic program was organized in the evening.
  • Prasicijada Festival in Rasanac
In the village of Rasanac near Petrovac na Mlavi, on the last weekend in July, a cultural and tourist event known as Prasicijada is being held. The central event of the festival is a competition in roasting piglets.
  • Spring flower festival
One of the most beautiful manifestations in this municipality is the Spring Flower Festival. It is held on the third Saturday in May at the City Square in Petrovac na Mlavi. The event gathers a large number of both flower exhibitors and visitors.
  • Fair in Petrovac
Traditionally, every year on July 20 and 21, a fair is held in Petrovac. In the main street, numerous traders set up sales stalls with various goods, while fun games and cafes are located on the fairgrounds.

Activities for children in Zdrelo

Spa Zdrelo is a great place for families with children and offers fun and safe facilities that the youngest can enjoy.
  • Pools with slides
Within Terme Zdrelo there is a swimming pool with three slides in the outdoor pool and two more slides in the indoor pool. The water temperature in the outdoor pool is around 30 degrees Celsius, which makes it suitable only for the summer period. The pools are open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on Fridays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The price of a ticket for a daily swim is 800 RSD on weekdays and 900 RSD on weekends.
  • Swimming pool for children and non-swimmers
Within the complex, there is a small pool intended for the youngest visitors, near which parents can relax and allow children to play carefree.

What to see in Zdrelo?

  • Terme Zdrelo
Terme Zdrelo is one of the most attractive destinations in this part of Serbia. Equipped with an aqua park, indoor and outdoor pools, and also a spa, this place is a great place to relax for visitors of all ages. Thermal water with a temperature of 30 to 40 degrees Celsius makes Terme Zdrelo a location worth visiting throughout the year.
  • Gornjacka gorge
Spa Zdrelo is located at the very entrance to the Gornjacka gorge, known for its natural beauty and historical monuments. This gorge is one of the favorite picnic spots of all tourists who head to Zdrelo. Within it, there is an arranged sports climbing area.
  • Monasteries
In the area of ​​Gornjačka gorge, to which, after all, only Ždrelo belongs, there are as many as three monasteries: Gornjak, Vitrovnica, and Blagoveštanje.
  • Zdrelo Fortress
Above the river Mlava, above the gorge itself, are the remains of the once-mighty fortress of the same name. The fortress dates back to the 13th century and was an important strategic place during the reign of King Dragutin. Today, unfortunately, only the foundations of this ancient fortress have been preserved.

Accommodation in Zdrelo

The most famous resort in this place is Terme Zdrelo, but it is not the only possibility. In the village itself, but also the surrounding area, there are private apartments and rooms.
  • Recreational center Zdrelo
The only hotel-type accommodation is the Recreational and Catering Center Zdrelo, also known as Terme Zdrelo. It includes 9 swimming pools, a small aqua park, and a spa. The price of a standard room ranges from 3,000 dinars per night on weekdays and from 4,300 dinars from Friday to Sunday.
  • Private accommodation
You can find a slightly cheaper variant if you opt for one of the private accommodation capacities in the settlement or its surroundings. The price per night is from 2350 dinars and up.
  • Camping on Mlava
If you are a fan of camping, Mlave camping will be a great place for you. The camp is 30 meters away from the thermal pools. It is fenced, lit, with showers, barbecue, and a view of the beautiful nature of Homolje. The price of camping with an electricity connection is 300 dinars and without a connection 100 dinars.

Important numbers and information

When you visit Zdrelo, please keep in mind that this is a very small place, administratively dependent on nearby cities. For bigger problems, you will have to go to nearby Petrovac na Mlavi, 9 kilometers away from Zdrelo. That is why in the next part of the text, we have singled out the telephone numbers that refer to this city.

  • Important numbers
Terme Zdrelo: 012 330 735, 063 107 9432
Tourist organization of the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi: 12 326 343
Health center (Petrovac na Mlavi): 012 327 982
City Pharmacy (Petrovac na Mlavi): 012 331 133
Bus station (Petrovac na Mlavi): 012 320 745
Post office (Petrovac na Mlavi): 012 331550
Police station: 012 331122

Where to eat in Zdrelo?

In Zdrelo there are several restaurants where you can try local and international cuisine.
  • Ethno restaurant
Within Terme Zrelo there is also an Ethno restaurant. The atmosphere is enhanced by the fire from the large fireplace
in which local cuisine specialties are prepared. Try lamb, bread under, or a local dish, Homolje steak. Among other drinks, brandy and wine from the cellar of the Milojevic family are served.
  • Restaurant Vrata Homolja
Not far from Banja Zdrelo is the ethno restaurant Vrata Homolja. The atmosphere of the restaurant is especially beautiful because everything is made of wood, and inside it, there is a well-kept and closed well. The restaurant offers traditional Serbian cuisine, which includes homemade beans and barbecue.
  • Restaurant Dobar hlad
The restaurant is located on the road leading from Zdrelo to Petrovac na Mlavi, in the village of Stamnica. It offers homemade Serbian dishes, most of which are worth trying lamb or veal soup.

Where to go out in Zdrelo?

Zdrelo is a small tourist settlement, which is, above all, conceived as a health resort. Due to that, it has no developed nightlife and the offer of cafes and clubs is almost non-existent. If night outs are an unavoidable part of your vacation, it is better to choose another place for your destination.
If you want to go out, you can head to one of the surrounding larger city centers. The closest is Petrovac na Mlavi, which is located only 9 kilometers from Zdrelo.

Public transport and taxis in Zdrelo

  • Public transport
Ždrelo is a small settlement, so it does not have its developed city transport.
  •  Taxi service
You can visit only the place and everything it has to offer on foot, but if you want to embark on one of the excursions or explore the surroundings, taxi services are an alternative. At your disposal is a taxi service offered by Accommodation Novaković (060 0330 647) or Homolje auto-taxi transport (062 334 776). The price of transportation is 60 dinars per kilometer traveled, regardless of the number of passengers

Parking and public garages in Zdrelo

  • Parking lots
Zdrelo does not have a parking zone or organized special parking lots. Recreational and catering center Zdrelo provides its guests with parking spaces. The case is similar to most apartments, which include private parking.
  • Public garages
Zdrelo has no public garage.

Surroundings of Zdrelo

Located on the place where the magnificent Homolje mountains rise and where the rivers Mlava and Pek flow, Ždrelo can be proud of its surroundings, which abound in natural beauty. You can start exploring these areas at the following destinations:
  • Homolje mountains
The Homolje mountains are about 50 kilometers away from Zdrelo. They are an ideal place for adventurers because they are tucked away in numerous mountain trails and hidden old katuns. Local mountaineering associations of the region also organize the conquest of some of the peaks of these mountains.
  • Petrovac na Mlavi
If you want to visit the cities, 9 kilometers from Zdrelo is the town of Petrovac na Mlavi, which offers a more diverse selection of restaurants and cafes than Zdrelo itself. In it, you can visit the Petrovac na Mlavi Homeland Museum, the Krug Gallery, the theater, and the cinema.
  • The archaeological site of Belovode
The remains of the Neolithic settlement of Belovode are located 2 kilometers west of the village of Veliko Laole, on the border of this with the villages of Tabanovac and Krvija. It is located on the right bank of the river Busur. A very important archeological find in Belovode is the well-preserved remains of houses from the Neolithic period, where numerous vessels and weapons have been found.
  • Ethno village Bistrica
The ethno village Bistrica is located next to the regional road that connects the center of the Braničevo district with Zagubica and Bor. In it, you can see objects preserved from the 19th century. It includes three rolling mills, ten mills, a church, a farm, five houses, one of which has auxiliary buildings, local community buildings, old schools, and taverns.

History of Zdrelo

  • Early history
At the end of the 16th century, Zdrelo had the status of a square. At that time, the Smederevo Sandzak-beg also had its residence there, and there was also a small congregation of Muslims with 42 houses. In the vicinity of Zdrelo, there is a fortress of the same name, which dates back to the 12th century. It used to be a stronghold of Bulgarian nobles, and then it became an important strategic stronghold of King Dragutin Nemanjić.
  • Modern history
The healing spring was found only twenty years ago, after which the settlement began to develop rapidly. Today, the potentials offered by thermal water and local springs are well used. A modern recreational center of Terme Zdrelo was built in this settlement, which has the potential to develop into an important tourist place in Serbia.

Geography and climate of Zdrelo

  • Geography
Zdrelo is a village in Serbia in the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi in ​​the Braničevo District, in central Serbia. Near Zdrelo are the Homolje mountains and the rivers Mlava and Pek. It is only 120 kilometers from the capital Banja Zdrelo, and about 80 kilometers from the famous and popular tourist place Srebrno Jezero.
  • Climate
Spa Zdrelo stretches at an altitude of between 160 and 240 meters. Its climate is temperate-continental. This means that the climatic features in the area of ​​this natural spa are very favorable. Summers are moderately warm and winters are tolerably cold. Snowfall is frequent during the winter. Thanks to the surrounding mountains, the Zdrelo Spa is protected from strong winds, which makes its climate very favorable at any time of the year.

Demographics of Zdrelo

  • 634 adults are living in the settlement of Zdrelo, and the average age of the population is 47.7 years (46.4 for men and 48.7 for women).
  • There are 249 households in the settlement, and the average number of members per household is 3.01.
  • This settlement is mostly inhabited by Serbs (82.67%), followed by Vlachs (10.97%) and Romanians (1.32%).

Tradition and culture of Zdrelo

  • Zdrelo is surrounded by a disproportionately large number of monasteries for its size. Near it is the monastery Gornjak, which is one of the endowments of the famous Prince Lazar. There are also Vitrovnica, Blagoveshtenje, Reskovica, the Church of the Metropolitanate, and the remains of a former fortress from the medieval town of Zdrelo.
  • Unlike most natural spas in the country, whose natural potentials were discovered and exploited in the time of the ancient Romans, the thermal waters and springs of Banja Zdrelo were discovered only twenty years ago. That is why this settlement is still in the early days of its progress and its glory days are yet to come.

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