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Welcome to Divcibare

We present you one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia and a destination that develops its tourist offer from season to season. In the last few years, Divcibare has become one of the most sought after vacation spots. Therefore, we present to you the most important features of the mountain and its tourist capacity. Explore which are the best apartments on the mountain, which are the most popular restaurants, attractions and activities. Get to know the mountain before traveling and organize the perfect vacation.

Divcibare Apartments

Apartman WHITE

Divcibare · Mountain · Center
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€58.41 night

Pastirica 8

Divcibare · Mountain · Marinkovica Kosa
Studio · 2 Guests
€40.89 night

Pastirica 7

Divcibare · Mountain · Marinkovica Kosa
Studio · 2 Guests
€40.89 night

Pastirica 6

Divcibare · Mountain · Marinkovica Kosa
1 Bedroom · 2 Guests
€40.89 night

Pastirica 5

Divcibare · Mountain · Marinkovica Kosa
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€58.41 night

Pastirica 4

Divcibare · Mountain · Marinkovica Kosa
1 Bedroom · 2 Guests
€40.89 night

Pastirica 3

Divcibare · Mountain · Marinkovica Kosa
1 Bedroom · 2 Guests
€40.89 night

Pastirica 2

Divcibare · Mountain · Marinkovica Kosa
1 Bedroom · 2 Guests
€40.89 night

Pastirica 1

Divcibare · Mountain · Marinkovica Kosa
1 Bedroom · 2 Guests
€40.89 night

Vikendica Stari Grad

Divcibare · Mountain · Calacki potok
1 Bedroom · 3 Guests
€46.73 night

Apartman Kuč

Divcibare · Mountain · Center
1 Bedroom · 6 Guests
€46.73 night

Pahuljica Divčigora

Divcibare · Mountain · Center
1 Bedroom · 6 Guests
€40.89 night

Divcibare Attractions

When to visit Divcibare?

Divicibare is a very attractive destination throughout the year. This popular, tourist place attracts domestic and foreign tourists by offering them entertainment and recreational activities.
  • During the summer - During the summer, spa tourism is very present in this region. Many come for treatment with warm and healing waters just when it is the summer season. Divčibare is extremely interesting for fans of extreme sports, and they are especially suitable for paragliding.
  • During the winter - in winter, skiing is dominant and various other sports on the snow, so fans of snow and winter activities are happy to visit this place.
  • During autumn / spring - If you like to explore nature, walk and hike, then Divčibare is the right place for you during the transitional months of the year.
Arriving in Divcibare, during the summer or winter season, can be a real adventure for all of you.

How to get to Divcibare?

Divčibare can be reached from several directions, it is well connected with all major places and cities in Serbia. You can reach this popular tourist destination from three directions:
  • from Mionica
  • From Kaona
  • from Požega
Whichever route you choose will guide you safely to your desired location. It should be borne in mind that Divčibare is only 38 kilometers away from Valjevo, whether it is the road through Rajković or Kaona. Both roads are well arranged and paved, with prominent signposts.
If you are traveling from the capital, the shortest road is 104 km long and leads via the Ibar highway to Županjac, from where it turns via Bogovađa and Donja Toplica to Mionica.
However, keep in mind that wherever you come from, it will take you a maximum of approximately 2 to 3 hours to arrive in Divčibare and enjoy your well-deserved vacation here.

Bus transport from and to Divcibare

If you do not come to Divčibare by your own transport, there are several options available to you, with which you will easily reach your destination. Regular bus transport of passengers to Divčibare is organized from the direction of Belgrade, Valjevo and Požega.
The road to Divčibare is clear and well preserved, so you should not have any difficulties.
Europa Bus Valjevo has buses that run regularly to Divčibare and have several departures a day and a regular schedule.
Our advice is that it would not be bad to book tickets a few days in advance, especially when you want to travel in the height of the season, because it can happen that the crowds are big. 
Bus lines :
  • Valjevo – B.Brdo – Divčibare        15:15
  • Divčibare – Valjevo – B.Brdo        16:30
  • Divčibare – Mionica – Beograd      14:45
  • Beograd – Valjevo – Divčibare        9:00

Activities for tourists in Divcibare

Divcibare is becoming an increasingly popular place for rest and relaxation. Due to its natural beauty, many attractions, healing waters and clean air, tourism in Divčibare is constantly progressing at a high speed. We have singled out several interesting activities for all tourists of this place:
  • Skiing - Each trail is intended for different categories of skiers, from the most skilled to beginners and the youngest. Certain ski slopes have parts that are completely adapted to children, which is a special convenience for tourists who decide to take their children on vacation. Due to the great interest of tourists during the winter period, four ski slopes were made and ski lifts were built on them. Another benefit is that the ski slopes are located near the resort. The Crni vrh ski trail is the most famous and popular. It is located on the north side of Crni vrh, and its length of the trail is an impressive 850 meters.
  • Enjoying the healing waters - Mount Maljen is rich in springs of cold mountain water. From the crack from which the water erupts, cold air flows, which makes the water from the spring incredibly cold, but also healing for the whole organism. In addition to this, in the entire area of ​​Divčibare, tourists can find several springs of various healing waters and enjoy all their benefits.
  • Sports activities - At various locations there are fields for various sports in Divčibare. This popular resort has basketball, volleyball, handball and five-a-side football courts. That is why Divčibare is an ideal place for all lovers of healthy and active holidays.
  • Cycling - There are several cycling trails in Divčibare: Blue Trail, Green Trail and Magenta Trail. We advise you to visit the picnic area Čalačka greda. Near the picnic area there is a nature reserve which is under protection and bears the same name. 

Manifestation and festivals in Divčibare

What makes this area special is the interesting manifestations in Divčibare and the surroundings for which the Valjevo area is known throughout Serbia.
  • Healing trails of the Valjevo mountains - This event is traditionally organized every June. The main goal is to celebrate medicinal plants from these areas, which are used for many therapeutic purposes. Certainly, the program is diverse and attracts a lot of attention from all the locals.
  • Blackberry Days - This is the most popular event in Divčibare, which in addition to blackberries promotes all the natural beauties of this area. Within this event, scientific gatherings are held, as well as numerous presentations of domestic handicrafts and specialties.
  • Divčibare Mushroom Days - At the beginning of October, this popular event is held, which gathers a large number of visitors every year. The best students from the surrounding schools have the opportunity to participate in the research and discovery of various types of fungi in this area.
  • Tešnjarske večeri - A combination of tradition and modern intertwining in this Valjevo event, which is regularly held every August of the year. Trešnjarske večeri is an event that lasts for ten days and many of its participants visit it through events in various parts of the city.

Activities for kids

Divcibare is a really beautiful place for a vacation with the whole family. This mountain offers diverse and rich content for the little ones and takes care, at the same time, of their safety. Many claim that this mountain is intended for children and healthy children's holidays.
Wintering with children. Divcibare is a tucked away, beautiful place where nature still prevails. It will give your family peace and privacy. There are special hiking and skiing trails for children only.
Divčibare ski school
Carefully selected, trained and experienced ski instructors will make your stay on the mountain unforgettable with their cheerfulness and expertise. Your children will be in safe hands, and they will master skiing from an early age with the best advice. Divcibare ski resort is always there to meet you and your youngest. Individual hour is 2500 dinars, while for four scheduled hours or two two hours 10% discount. Special ski lifts for children and beginners are located on small ski slopes, near the Heba Hotel and near the Maljen Hotel. Both ski lifts are placed on a slightly sloping terrain, on meadows without trees and stumps, which is ideal for children and beginners in skiing.

What to see in Divcibare?

  • Flora and fauna - If you decide to spend your vacation in Divčibare, then exploring the rich flora and fauna is something that should not be missed. In this region there is an impressive number of plant species, especially trees. It is in Divčibare that you can feel the true connection with nature and enjoy all the natural benefits. The whole of Maljen is known for various forest and meadow areas. Due to the large number of plant species, this mountain, and especially Divčibare, as one of its most beautiful parts, is in bloom all year round. As for the animal species, this area is known for the beautiful deer that you can meet during long walks in nature.
  • Mountain heights - Beautiful mountain heights surround Divčibare, in addition to protecting them from the winds, these heights are places with a beautiful view, not only of parts of the Maljen massif and its immediate surroundings, but also of some more remote parts of Serbia. A breathtaking view is guaranteed if you climb any of these heights. From these heights you can see the Šumadija mountains all the way to Kopaonik, such as Jablanik, Sokolska mountains, Jelova gora, Zlatibor, Tara and Golija.
  • Čalačka greda Nature Reserve - Čalačka greda is the most beautiful jewel of Divčibare and it is certainly a place worth your time and visit. This plateau is known for the lookouts that are located on the so-called Circular Trail of the Divčibare Peaks, namely Paljba, Velika pleć, Golubac, Ljuti krš and the most popular Crni vrh.

Accommodation in Divcibare

With the increase in tourism in Divčibare, the number of various accommodation units has also increased significantly, especially in recent years. Today, this place offers all its guests numerous apartments, villas and resorts, so that everyone will be able to find something to their liking and taste. We have selected the best accommodation units:
  • Mountain house Radulović
  • Mountain house The sound of silence
  • Cottage Brvnara
  • Cottage Nina
  • Hotel Divčbare
  • Hotel Crni vrh
You can find the best and most diverse offer of comfortable and luxurious accommodation on the page apartments Divcibare

Important telephone numbers and information in Divcibare

Below we have selected the most important phones that you may need during your stay in Divcibare.
  • Mail 014 / 277-130
  • Divcibare Police Station 014 / 277-402
  • Divcibare Health Station 014 / 277-212
  • Valjevo Tourist 014 / 221-138, 014 / 277-252
  • Electricity distribution in Divčibare 014 / 277-480
  • Waterworks 014 / 277-118
  • Road Cleaning 014 / 277-308
  • Gas station Jugopetrol 014 / 277-310
  • Forest House in Divčibare 014 / 277-282
  • Lasta Valjevo 014 / 221-482
  • Europa Bus Valjevo 014 / 227-546

Where to eat in Divcibare?

Divčibare offers its guests the best atmosphere, so that the restaurants in this area have excellent service and excellent specialties of local and international cuisine.
  • Divcibar Castle - Located in a beautiful and authentic, mountainous environment, the popular restaurant Divcibar Castle has an impressive and rich offer of drinks and dishes. Various grilled specialties are mostly ordered, as well as other traditional dishes.
  • Restaurant Drina- In this restaurant you can expect a pleasant atmosphere, delicious food and helpful staff. It is located in the heart of Divčibare and in it you can find a short break from a day that was filled with a series of recreational activities.
  • Čičin vajat- The offer of this restaurant is also rich and you can find something for everyone's taste. In addition, most prices are affordable. If you decide to have breakfast in this restaurant, on the menu you can find excellent homemade porridge, house specialty and bun with kajmak, for only 250 dinars.

Where to go out on Divčibare?

When it comes to entertainment and going out, Divčibare is constantly working on the development of nightlife.
  • DivčiBAR- urban charm combined with authentic, mountain architecture. This new and modern bar gathers all visitors regardless of age. Its location is ideal, especially for all ski lovers because it is close to a large ski slope, next to the departure station of the cable car Crni vrh. DivčiBAR also has a spacious garden with tables and benches. In short, this is an ideal place to enjoy food, drink and conversation.

Transportation and taxis in Divcibare

When it comes to transportation, perhaps the best advice would be to, if you are able, come by your own transportation. There is still no official taxi service in Divcibare, although there are plans to create conditions for that soon.
However, if you need the services of a taxi service, there are several taxi agencies from Valjevo that you can always call. We have singled out a few of the most popular:
City Taxi Valjevo - 014 291129 Taxi transport - 060 4243042 Pink taxi Valjevo - 014 292929

Parking and public garages in Divčibare

Most hotels and apartments, as well as private accommodation on the mountain have private parking for their guests. Officially, there are still no large public garages and a large number of parking lots here. The reason is that Divcibare is one of the last tourist destinations in Serbia that have managed to preserve their true, wild and untouched nature.
Two parking lots are available to all visitors. One is located in the center of Divčibare, just across the church, the other is located near the ski slope Crni Vrh and is free for all users of the cable car and ski slope.

Surroundings of Divčibare

The surroundings of Divčibare are as beautiful and rich in natural resources as its central part. The most famous town in the immediate vicinity of Divčibare is, of course, Valjevo. In addition, the surroundings of Divčibare are adorned with several very important monasteries for Serbian culture and history.
  • Bogovađa Monastery - Bogovađa Monastery is located near Mionica, not far from Valjevo. The architecture of the church is really special, as well as the beautiful landscapes that surround the monastery.
  • Jovanja Monastery - Only 7 kilometers from Valjevo, on the road to Bajina Basta, is this medieval monastery. In the first half of the eighteenth century, there was a theological school in the monastery, which had a great influence on the progress of Serbian culture and literacy.
  • Dokmir Monastery - This small monastery represents the authentic spirit of Serbia from the Middle Ages and is one of the best preserved monasteries in the region. Its authenticity is what still attracts many tourists today.
  • Banja Vrujci- Perhaps the most popular attraction around Divčibare is this healing spa which is regularly visited by tourists of all ages. Its healing waters, perfect climatic and geographical conditions, modern outdoor swimming pools and fun tourist attractions have significantly influenced its development and popularity.

History of Divčibare

  • Divčibare nekad - The first name for this area that was found recorded in old historical writings was Karadag (Montenegro). The name Maljen is mentioned for the first time in 1725 and 1728, during the Austrian occupation of Serbia. The name of the field on Maljen Divčibare is very old: it was mentioned in 1476 as a village in the Turkish census. In the first years of the existence of the summer resort on Divčibare, the guests themselves took care of the fun and relaxation. Gradually, the real beginning of tourism and the progress of Divčibare was born from there.
  • Divcibare today - After a long history full of turmoil, ups and downs, this place has succeeded in its intention to renew all its resources and is working on the real prosperity and progress of tourism. Today, Divcibare is advancing at a high speed and gathers a large number of tourists and visitors throughout the region.

Geography and climate of Divčibare

  • Geography of Divčibare - Divčibare is located in the central part of Maljen, southeast of Valjevo. They are surrounded by the Valjevo mountains: Medvednik, Jablanik, Povlen and Maljen. Due to the good geographical position of Divčibare, they have clean, mountain air and many medicinal plants and waters. Divčibare is not a real mountain, but a large field located on the mountain Maljen. The favorable geographical position of Divčibare has contributed to the fact that today this place is a real nature reserve.
  • Climate of Divčibare - Due to good and very favorable natural conditions and the very position of Divčibare, the climate in this area is as medicinal as its plants and water. Staying on this plateau has a favorable effect on people with respiratory problems, which are especially well influenced by the climate of Divčibare. Thanks to the fact that it is surrounded on all sides by mountain heights that protect it from winds, this tourist place has a favorable, mild and pleasant climate. The average annual temperature is 18 degrees, and the number of sunny days is large, which benefits all visitors.

Demography of Divčibare

  • There are 205 adults living in Divčibare
  • The average age of the population is 48.2 years
  • There are 102 households in the settlement

Tradition and culture of Divčibare

What especially defines this area is the rich cultural heritage and tradition that is nurtured and passed down from generation to generation.
  • Divčibare Tourism - The very beginning of the significant tradition of tourism in Divčibare began back in 1926. In the beginning, there were only small houses resembling log cabins. Since then, this area has been constantly working to improve and further promote all natural resources, and there are really many of them here.
  • Medicinal springs - The water that springs and flows through this area is one of the most healing in Serbia. Water sources cure many diseases and help immunize the whole organism. The water in the center of Divčibare, which is rich in magnesium and minerals, has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Flora - Of the greatest importance are coniferous forests, as well as vast meadows. White and black pine, fir, spruce, beech and birch are just some of the important parts of the rich flora and fauna of this region. At the beginning of May, the whole mountain is flooded with yellow daffodils.

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