Welcome to Sokobanja

Welcome to Sokobanja, a tourist destination that has been one of the most visited in Serbia for many years. The spa is a real pearl of Eastern Serbia and in addition to tourism, it also has administrative, economic and cultural significance. Thanks to all that, it can provide its visitors with pleasant and quality stays. We present her entire offer. Here you can find all the necessary information about the tourist place, the largest selection of accommodation in Sokobanja, the highest quality catering facilities, the most important surrounding localities, the most famous tours and activities. Get to know Sokobanja and organize your trip in the best way.

Sokobanja Apartments

Kuća za odmor Ana

Sokobanja · City · Center
2 Bedrooms · 5 Guests
€53 per night

Oaza Lux 2

Sokobanja · City · Aqua park
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€47 per night

Oaza Lux 1

Sokobanja · City · Aqua park
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€47 per night


Sokobanja · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 3 Guests
€29 per night


Sokobanja · City · Aqua park
2 Bedrooms · 4 Guests
€35 per night


Sokobanja · City · Center
Studio · 4 Guests
€35 per night

Studio Petrov

Sokobanja · City · Center
Studio · 2 Guests
€29 per night


Sokobanja · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€29 per night


Sokobanja · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€53 per night

Apartmani Sokobanja na dlanu

Sokobanja · City · Center
2 Bedrooms · 5 Guests
€29 per night


Sokobanja · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 6 Guests
€58 per night

Old Fashion Guest House

Sokobanja · City · Center
2 Bedrooms · 5 Guests
€58 per night

Sokobanja Attractions










Sokobanja · Surrounding Places

Zavičajni muzej u Sokobanji

Sokobanja · City · Center

Crkva Svetog Preobraženja Gospodnjeg

Sokobanja · City · Center

Crkva Uspenja Presvete Bogorodice

Sokobanja · Surrounding Places

Vrmdžanski grad

Sokobanja · Surrounding Places

Hram Svetog Ilije

Sokobanja · Surrounding Places

Milošev konak

Sokobanja · City · Center

When to visit Sokobanja?

Sokobanja has become one of the most attractive and visited places in Serbia. Tourists and visitors have increased significantly over the last few years, so the tourism of Sokobanja itself is gradually advancing. That is why our recommendation is to visit Sokobanja throughout the year, especially during the summer.  
  • During the summer - Statistics showed that a record number of tourists was recorded in Sokobanja during the month of August. So, maybe this time is the best time to visit the Spa and enjoy all the outdoor attractions.

How to get to Sokobanja?

  • From Belgrade - you can reach Sokobanja if you take the highway to Aleksinac. There you will see a turn-off from the highway and a turn for Sokobanja. From Aleksinac to Sokobanja you have only 30 km, while from Belgrade to Sokobanja you have a total of 190 km of road.
  • From Nis - If you come from the south and from the direction of Nis, the distance is somewhat shorter and is 60 km, you are also off the town of Aleksinac for Sokobanja.
  • From Bor - Another interesting and useful route to this beautiful destination is from Bor, then over the mountains Rtanj and Boljevac. If you choose that route, your mileage will be around 56km.
Bus transport from and to Sokobanja:
There are many bus lines that run regularly to Sokobanja. Sokoprevoz and Nis Express have their own proven buses and daily lines to Sokobanja.
For all information, changes or additions in bus traffic, you can contact the dispatcher of the Bus Station in Sokobanja on the phone number: 018 / 830-946

Activities for tourists in Sokobanja

Sokobanja is gradually progressing and constantly evolving. As a result, diverse offers and attractions for tourists are also growing and all visitors are provided with many interesting activities that they can relax and enjoy during their stay in Sokobanja. The most famous are:
  • Wellness center Soko Terme - this modern and nicely equipped spa center is proud of its very professional and affordable staff who are always there to meet all clients. It is located in the center of Sokobanja, on the river bank. It contains two indoor and one outdoor pool with a temperature of 39 degrees. One of the great advantages of this Spa is its healing waters, so the water in the pools is thermo-mineral and contains radon. In addition, this center contains salt rooms, steam baths, showers with spa water, sauna and fitness center. In short, Wellness Center Soko Terme has everything a tourist could wish for their ideal vacation
  • Extreme sports in Sokobanja - Sokobanja is ideal for an active and healthy vacation. The terrains and surroundings of this Spa are ideal for all those who love extreme sports and challenges. Paragliding, diving and kayaking are just some of the extreme sports you can try during your stay.
  • Mountain biking - The surroundings of Sokobanja are perfect for cycling and there are as many as 150 kilometers of marked and landscaped trails for all mountain biking enthusiasts. The most famous routes are: the circular trail on Rtnje, the circular trail on Ozren, as well as the trail marked with GPS.
  • Hunting and fishing - LU Soko and JP Srbija sume are well-known and popular hunting grounds in Sokobanja, extremely rich in game. In addition, Lake Bovan, located near Sokobanja, is one of the richest Serbian lakes that boasts various species of fish. That is why this lake is a real little paradise for all passionate anglers.

Manifestation and festivals in Sokobanja

Cultural and artistic events are very common in Sokobanja and every year a large number of events and festivals are held regularly. The diverse offer includes sports tournaments, art meetings, conventions and festivities. For a small place Sokobanja really has a rich cultural life. In that way, the Spa nurtures its tradition and attracts many visitors every year. We have singled out some of the most visited and most important events and festivals:
  • Youth sports games - Youth sports games are one of the most beautiful events because they gather many children of different ages in one place. All this with one wonderful goal: the promotion of a healthy and active life.
  • Folklore Festival - Folklore events are usually held in May, at the very beginning of spring. Igra kolo pod Ozrenom is the name of the folklore festival that gathers in Sokobanja. This assembly promotes our culture and tradition and folk dance.
  • Open Heart Garden - is traditionally held at the beginning of the year, on January 1, in the Ozren Garden and is a perfect opportunity for locals and guests of the spa to gather in one place and enjoy the prepared food. After the celebration and New Year's Eve, the Tourist Organization of Sokobanja prepares free hot drinks and service for all who come. This event maintains a festive mood and is always very popular.
  • Saint Sava festivities - The charity Saint Sava, in cooperation with the Serbian Orthodox Church, organizes festivities in honor of the great Saint Sava. The charity Saint Sava originates from Sokobanja and is here to make sure that this holiday is celebrated in the most beautiful way possible, with a large music orchestra and a children's choir.

Activities for children in Sokobanja

If you decide to spend your vacation in Sokobanja with children, Sokobanja has prepared a series of fun and educational activities for the youngest visitors as well.
  • Aqua park Podina
This is the right place for fun and enjoyment for the whole family, especially the youngest members of the family. The pools of this popular aqua park are only 1.5 km from the spa center, and tickets are available every day of the week at the entrance to the Aqua Park. This fun, water complex can accommodate over 1000 people. Refrigerators with ice cream, deck chairs, parasols and a range of fun activities are available to all clients. Podina Aqua Park provides all-day entertainment and recreation for all ages.
  • Summer stage Vrelo
This stage is perfect for organizing concerts, plays and festivals. Many children's concerts and educational content take place right here. In addition, the space between the two stages turns into a skating rink in winter, which is always a particularly fun attraction for all children.

What to see in Sokobanja?

Sokobanja is one of the most beautiful places in Serbia. Its nature, peace, healing waters, air and herbs are just some of the reasons why this spa is really worth your time. In addition, in Sokobanja you can find many interesting places and enjoy the many charms that this spa has.
  • Center of Sokobanja - traffic is not allowed in the center of the spa, so it is an ideal place for long walks and sightseeing of the beauties of Sokobanja. The Sokobanja promenade is beautifully arranged and made of marble. There are a number of cafés, pizzerias and patisseries nearby. Next to the promenade there is a park with a playground for children.
  • Turkish bath Amam - One of the locations and sights that is really unavoidable when it comes to Sokobanja, is a visit to the ancient, Turkish baths. This bathroom uses healing and hot water, and was built on the foundations of an ancient Roman bath. The hammam building is very authentic and stands out from the surroundings. One of the special attractions of this spa is the bath of Kneza Miloša, which has been preserved since ancient times when he came for treatment with healing, Sokobanja waters.
  • Lepterija picnic area - What makes this picnic area special is the popular, natural phenomenon, the Virgin in the apartment. If you look at it from a distance, you can clearly see the features of the Mother of God holding her son in her arms. This phenomenon has been attracting a lot of tourists' attention for years. It is actually a recess in the rock that has clear shapes of a mother with a child. Many legends and stories originated from Sokobanja and are related to this strange rock. Many believe that on Good Friday, healing, holy water appears on the rock, which flows directly from the stone.
  • Sokograd - The vast majority of tourists do not miss a visit to Sokograd, which is located in the canyon of the river Moravica and is only 2 km away from the center of the spa. Sokograd is a remnant of a medieval fortress. It is believed to date from ancient, ancient times and consists of the Upper and Lower Towns. A large part of Sokograd is located in ruins and on a very inaccessible hill, but it is certainly the only place worth visiting. In the vicinity of Sokograd you can find many places that are ideal for rest and barbecue in nature.

Accommodation in Sokobanja

With the growth of tourism in Sokobanja, a greater demand for comfortable and modern accommodation has developed. This spa provides you with a variety of accommodation units. We offer various apartments, hotels and hostels. We believe that everyone will be able to find something just to their liking and taste.
The most famous hotels in Sokobanja are:
  • Hotels- Sokoterme, Sunce, Moravica 
  • Apartments- Stojadinović, Nana, Župan
  • Manors- Almax, Marković
Accommodation prices vary with equipment, location and additional, luxurious amenities.  are the The best and most diverse offer of quality and comfortable apartment accommodation can be found on the page Apartments Sokobanja.

Important telephones and information in Sokobanja

Below we have selected the most important phones that you may need during your stay in Sokobanja:
  • Health institutions- Health Center 830-542, Special Hospital "Banjica" 830-204
  • Pharmacies- Adonis 833-881, 833-881, Aleksic 833-966
  • Public services- Bus station 830-946, Aqua park Podina 833-978
  • Police- 830-132
  • Ambulance- 830-214
  • Mail- 830-151
  • Info center-833-988
  • Banks- Commercial 830-468, OTP bank 830-064, ALFA bank 833-305 
  • Bus station- 830-946

Where to eat in Sokobanja ?

In addition to excellent accommodation and a variety of facilities, many attractions, Sokobanja also offers many facilities where you can try and enjoy the delicious specialties of local cuisine. In the following text, we have singled out the most popular and best rated restaurants in Sokobanja:
  • Ethno restaurant Stara Vodenica - this authentic, ethno restaurant is located by the river and offers its guests a traditional ambience in addition to traditional specialties. Around the restaurant is the beautiful nature of Sokobanja and a beautiful view of the river Gradašnica.
  • Restaurant Vidikovac - As the name of the restaurant says, the view that stretches is really beautiful and you will have the impression that the whole of Sokobanja is in the palm of your hand. One of the specialties of this restaurant is the best lamb under the sac.
  • Restaurant Župan - This restaurant is proud of the longest tradition in Sokobanja. It is certainly the oldest restaurant from the Sokobanja area and has been operating very successfully for decades and nurturing its tradition. In the menu you will find top grilled specialties, as well as a large selection of dishes to order.

Where to go out in Sokobanja

When it comes to night outs, it can be freely said that, during the summer, Sokobanja has a richer and more diverse nightlife. If you are wondering where to go out, in the summer season in the evening you can watch the program "Spa Cultural Summer". In addition, almost most bars in the center of the spa have gardens during the summer where pleasant concerts are held, so we are sure that there will be something to your taste.
  • Caffe Amam & Kitchen- a space that offers great parties with different types of music
  • Garden Bar Sokobanja - the most popular youth club and a place where a great atmosphere is created
  • Caffe Vertigo - also a popular cafe for night outs, especially during the summer when summer outdoor concerts are frequent.

Transport and taxi in Sokobanja

Sokobanja has many beautiful places to visit. Accordingly, there are several taxi services in Sokobanja. Taxi fares vary depending on the distance traveled, but are generally very affordable and mostly affordable.
Green Taxi 069 /636215, Tron taxi 069/ 5591669, Taxi Blizanci 069/ 5591669
All taxi services are open 24/7. Start costs 50 RSD.

Parking and public garages in Sokobanja

Most hotels and apartments in Sokobanja have private parking for their guests, but it is important to note that the number of places is limited. However, Sokobanja, unfortunately, has insufficient parking spaces for all its visitors.
Open parking
There are only 400 available parking spaces in Sokobanja, which is really not enough because over 2000 cars pass through Sokobanja. Parking is charged via parking tickets and SMS messages of mobile telephony of all operators.
There are two zones in which you can park, depending on which zone you are in.
  • 9108 - Red zone
  • 9107 - Special parking
  • 9110 - daily ticket

Surroundings of Sokobanja

The surroundings of Sokobanja are full of beautiful and important localities and are characterized by untouched nature. There are really several places around Sokobanja that are beautiful, ideal for a vacation in nature and really worth a visit.
  • Vrmdzansko Lake - this beautiful lake is located only 15 km away from Sokobanja. It is rich in fish and is an ideal place for all lovers of fishing and outdoor recreation. The lake is of natural and volcanic origin, and the surroundings around the lake are perfect for picnics and relaxation. Forests, meadows, meadows and medicinal plants surround this lake and are truly a beautiful place for the whole family to rest.
  • Ripaljka Waterfall - this beautiful waterfall is built by the river Gradašnica. This is one of the largest and most beautiful waters in the whole of Serbia, and it is almost certain that it will leave you breathless.
  • Jermenčić Monastery - this prominent monastery is located on Ozren. It is located in a very beautiful, natural environment and it is significant that it is surrounded on all sides by springs of clear, mountainous, drinking water.

History of Sokobanja

  • The first traces of the settlement - The first traces of people who lived in this area date back to the Neolithic era. From the period of the II and III century, archaeologists discovered ancient, Roman tombs in this very place. The historical development of Sokobanja testifies to the fact that people have known and recognized its values since ancient times.
  • The First Uprising - In the first Serbian uprising, hajduk Veljko Petrović conquered Banja for the first time. That is why he called her his Banjica. In the long history, only the name of the spa has changed several names. First it was called Banja, and during Hajduk Veljko Banjica, then Velika Banja and today it finally grew into Sokobanja.
  • Sokobanja today - Nowadays, Sokobanja has become one of the best and most visited spas in Serbia, which is constantly working to build its tourism and progress, spas, aqua parks, rich cultural life, are just some of the advantages of Sokobanja in modern times.

Geography and climate in Sokobanja

  • Geography of Sokobanja- Sokobanja is a valley in the central part of eastern Serbia and is surrounded on all sides by mountains that are of medium height. Sokoabanja covers an area of 525 km2. This spa is located between the mountain Rtnja in the north, Ozren, Leskovik and Devica in the south. In addition, Sokobanja is located at an altitude of 400 m above sea level
  • Climate Sokobanja - Sokobanja has a temperate-continental climate. This means that the summers are moderately warm and the winters are mild with little snowfall. Sokobanja has an almost perfect climate and altitude. Fog and winds are rare, while the average annual cloud cover is only 57%. The surrounding mountains affect the constant circulation of fresh and clean air.

Demographics in Sokobanja

  • There are 6757 adults living in the settlement of Sokobanja
  • The average age of the population is 40.1 years
  • There are 2914 households in the settlement

Tradition and culture in Sokobanja

Over the centuries, Sokobanja has nurtured a rich tradition and culture of medicinal waters and herbs, its perfect climate and natural beauty have further helped Sokobanja to develop and become one of the most beautiful spas in Serbia.
  • Tourism Sokobanja - Sokobanja is the first ecological municipality in Serbia and the only one in Serbia that has a complete tourist offer in continental tourism.
  • Cultural and historical monuments - Since the first signs of life and population of this area appeared in the Neolithic period, each epoch left its own special mark and influenced the development and culture of Sokobanja. You will notice their traces all over Sokobanja.
  • Miloš's konak - Miloš's konak is located in the center of Sokobanja, It was built by the great prince Miloš Obrenović who, even then, realized all the patterns and healing benefits of this spa. Therefore, he often came to rest and rest in Sokobanja and left behind a large and invaluable cultural settlement in this region.
  • Vrmdža town - This archeological site, which was once an ancient town, is located near the village of Vrmdža and only 12 kilometers from the center of the spa. The city was built in Roman times and is believed to have been built between the 4th and 6th centuries.

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