Welcome to Kopaonik

Welcome to Kopaonik - a tourist destination that provides the best vacations. Here you will find everything you need to organize your stay on the mountain. Kopaonik has a lot to offer, so you need a reliable guide through its offer. Find quality accommodation units, choose restaurants with the most varied menu, discover which are the most attractive mountain facilities. Choose the options that best fit the image of your ideal vacation. Prepare to travel in the best way and provide yourself and your companions with the perfect mountain experience.

Kopaonik Apartments

Apartman A

Kopaonik · Mountain · Center
Studio · 5 Guests
€175 per night

Cakić N11 Milmari

Kopaonik · Mountain · Center
Studio · 4 Guests
€41 per night


Kopaonik · Mountain · Weekend settlement
Studio · 3 Guests
€35 per night


Kopaonik · Mountain · Center
Studio · 3 Guests
€35 per night


Kopaonik · Mountain · Weekend settlement
Studio · 4 Guests
€35 per night

Ogy's Apartman P42

Kopaonik · Mountain · Weekend settlement
Studio · 4 Guests
€29 per night


Kopaonik · Mountain · Center
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€35 per night

Magic Kop Milmari

Kopaonik · Mountain · Weekend settlement
Studio · 1 Guests
€41 per night

Konaci Maglic Studio 107

Kopaonik · Mountain · Center
Studio · 4 Guests
€58 per night

Milmari N56

Kopaonik · Mountain · Lisina
1 Bedroom · 5 Guests
€58 per night

Milmari P50

Kopaonik · Mountain · Weekend settlement
Studio · 3 Guests
€47 per night

Ogy Apartment P42 Milmari

Kopaonik · Mountain · Lisina
Studio · 4 Guests
€53 per night

When to visit Kopaonik?

The right answer to this question depends on the reason for your coming to the mountain.
  • Skiing - If you are a fan of skiing and winter magic, it is ideal to visit Kopaonik during the winter. It is the largest ski center in Serbia and that makes it an ideal destination for winter vacations.
  • Nature - If you want to enjoy long walks, beautiful nature, clean air, outdoor attractions and activities, then summer on Kopaonik is the perfect option. 
The most accurate answer to the asked question would be: Kopaonik is the perfect choice for a year-round vacation.

How to get to Kopaonik?

The position of Kopaonik can be defined as: southwestern Serbia. The nearest municipality is Raška, and the distance from large centers is: 100 kilometers from Kraljevo; 270 from Belgrade; 370 from Novi Sad and 118 from Niš.

You can reach the tourist center of Kopaonik from Belgrade from two sides:
  • Highway - from Pojata through Kruševac, Brus and Brzeće;
  • The Ibar highway - from Kraljevo through Jošanička Banja.
If you go through Jošanička Banja, you will drive one hour longer. So, from the capital to Kopaonik you are separated by 4 or 5 hours. In both cases, you can use the section of the highway to Preljina and thus shorten and facilitate the journey to the tourist destination. If you still cross Bruce, an inaccessible part is waiting for you, at the Jaram crossing. We draw your attention to the fact that it never starts in winter without complete car equipment.

Bus transport from and to Kopaonik
If you do not come to the mountain by your own transport, there are several options available to you, with which you will easily reach your destination. Four trucking companies travel to Kopaonik, and there are 4 bus lines available, on the following routes: Belgrade - Kopaonik; Belgrade - Novi Sad; Belgrade - Niš. If you travel by bus you will need: about 5 hours from Belgrade, more than 6 from Novi Sad, less than 5 from Niš.

Every Saturday and Sunday, the local agency Supernova organizes charter bus lines from Novi Sad and Belgrade, so thanks to that you can easily transfer to Kopaonik. For all information about bus travel, call Bus station Raška: 036 736173 and Supernova Travel: 011 3373183, 065 8874782.

Best tourist activities on Kopaonik

Your visit to Kopaonik will be filled with various activities. Depending on the season during which you come, we single out for you:

Winter activities - there are more than 30 trails suitable for alpine and Nordic skiing. This area is covered with 20 cable cars, which transport you to the beginning of the ski adventure at any time. The slopes are divided into easy, medium and difficult, so you can enjoy here regardless of the level of ski knowledge. Also available: night skiing, snowboarding, sledding and much more. Prices of ski pass: daily 3500 dinars, seven-day ski dog 17500 dinars, while for ten days you will have to pay 21100 dinars.

Summer activities - during the summer days, a variety of activities are available to you, which will satisfy a variety of wishes and requirements: jogging, orienteering, paragliding, walking tours, hiking and mountaineering, mountain bike tours, adrenaline activities: tubing, zip line, beach volleyball, tennis, football, Ibar Rafting. Wellness and spa centers are in charge of complete rest during the summer - complexes that contain: indoor pools, salt-ice caves, saunas, jacuzzi tubs, bathrooms, massages. Available on site: Hotel Grand, Angella Club A, Milamri, Mujen Lux.

Events and festivals on Kopaonik

In addition to the excellent tourist offer, the mountain has developed a variety of events, whose programs will complement your summer, autumn and winter holidays. Among the most popular programs on Kopaonik are:
  • Dani borovnice - an event that aims to gather all lovers of natural beauty, clean air and forest products. The competition part consists of blueberry connoisseurs collecting fruits and making various products from them, the quality of which is evaluated by an expert jury. During the competition, visitors are entertained by local cultural and artistic societies. Maintenance time: last week of July.
  • Ski opening - an event that for ten years marks the beginning of a new, exciting winter season. During its four days, this event gathers a large number of lovers of ski activities, and it is there to mark their beginning with the first descent. During the ski opening, a very rich program is organized: snowboard competitions, day and night parties. It is held every year from December 3 to 6, and during it the first day of skiing is free.
  • Three sides of Kopaonik - a unique bicycle race and one of the most exciting marathons in our area. It is held on July 30 every year and it is an event where the most skilful cyclists fight for the first place in the successful crossing of very demanding trails. In addition to cyclists, a large number of fans gather here, who enjoy the proper atmosphere.
  • Raška cultural festivities - from July 15 to 19 every year, an event is held in Raška that promotes and displays the highest quality programs in the field of literature, science and art. Here, special attention is paid to the contents for children, who can enjoy performances, concerts and exhibitions with their parents.

Activities for children on Kopaonik

The tourist organization in charge of developing the content on Kopaonik really thought about the pastime of its youngest visitors. If you are on a family vacation in the mountains, your children will be able to enjoy very high quality activities. The most popular are:
  • Adventure park
The theme park occupies 2000 square meters and contains a variety of obstacles: pedestrian bridge, polygon for children, pulling devices, mini zip line, big chess, synchronous walking circles, climbers, drag and drop hill, a cottage and playgrounds. For two hours in the park, you will have to set aside 450 dinars, regardless of the level and number of obstacles you have chosen. In addition to this, Kopaonik offers the opportunity to enjoy more quality activities: panoramic cable car rides, family bike rides, bobsleigh rails, tubing, children's city.
  • Ski kindergartens and ski schools
Kopaonik is an ideal solution for all kids who want to learn their first ski steps. A large number of ski schools have been developed here, in which experienced instructors teach the youngest how to move on the snow. Ski kindergartens are intended for children up to 6 years of age, and certainly the elderly can enjoy various activities here. One of the most fun is definitely sledding.

What to visit on Kopaonik?

The biggest tourist attractions on the mountain are certainly its nature reserves, relief forms, but also important localities. If we look at important places that are located right on the mountain, the 5 that must be found on your tour through Kopaonik are:
  • Excursion sites - beautiful natural spaces with clean air. The most famous is Djorov most - located at the entrance to the Kopaonik National Park. It is surrounded by a beech forest, and has several summer houses, which will be enjoyed by nature lovers and outdoor excursions. Apart from this, the Barska reka, where the 915-meter-high waterfall of the same name is located.
  •  Pančićev vrh- the highest peak of the mountain, where the mausoleum of our scientist Josif Pančić is located. His wish to be buried on Kopaonik was fulfilled in 1951. Then, his coffin was transferred to the top of Kopaonik, which has since been called: Pančićev vrh. A mausoleum was created there, which is the first cultural monument on the mountain of Serbia. The view from the top is breathtaking.
  • Nebeske stolice - a famous archeological site, which dates back to the ancient and early Christian period. It is located just below Pančiće peak, at an altitude of 1800 meters. A building with a night from the time of Diocletian was discovered here, as well as an early Christian basilica with a mosaic on the floor. As from the top, from here there is a perfect view of the stunning nature of Kopaonik.
  • Monument to the Djački grob - located in the second protection zone of the National Park, and dedicated to Serbian warriors who died in the First World War. After many years of neglect, Kopaonik National Park renewed the monument in 2018 and opened it to visitors.
  • Jelovarnik Waterfall - the highest waterfall in Serbia, located at the foot of Kopaonik, hidden in the forest of the National Park. Its highest point is 1116 meters above sea level. The road to it is a real mountain adventure, so here is another reason to visit this locality.

Accommodation on Kopaonik

Different types of accommodation units have been developed on the mountain, so you can spend your vacation in accommodation of different structure, price and equipment. If you are staying in the center of the mountain, hotel and apartment Kopaonik are at your disposal. If your choice is the surrounding villages, you can choose whether to stay in: villas, apartments, hotels, cottages, hostels or mountain houses.

Accommodation prices vary depending on the equipment, location and additional, luxurious amenities that the accommodation units offer. The cheapest villa on Kopaonik is available for only 2,500 dinars per person, while for the most expensive hotel you will have to pay as much as 12,500 dinars per night.

Important phone numbers and information

Here are the most important phones you may need during your stay on Kopaonik:
Services and institutions:
  • Area code for Kopaonik - 036
  • Health Center - 5471-094
  • Pharmacy - 5471-349
  • Police - 5471-092
  • Fire Service - 5471-977 ext.1600
  • Mountain Rescue Service - 063 / 466-466
Cable cars and ski lifts
  • PE Ski Resorts of Serbia - 5471-203; 471-206
  • SKI pass - 5471-209
  • Sunčana dolaina - 5471-977 ext. 1776
  • Suvo rudište 5471-977 ext. 1777
  • Pančićev vrh - 5471-977 ext. 1799
For all additional questions and information, you can contact the Tourist Organization of Raška on the phone number: +38136 738 670 or at the address: Nemanjina 1/2.

Where to eat on Kopaonik?

In addition to excellent accommodation and a variety of facilities, Kopaonik also offers many facilities where you can taste delicious meals, relax and unwind after a variety of mountain activities. According to tourists, the best are:
Koala - Villa Bianca, Komita, Kljunac Kop, Vučja Staza, Pajino preslo
In them you can try delicious traditional and international meals and enjoy the wonderful ambience. If you don’t really have too much time, and want to eat something fast, there are fast food establishments. Locals recommend:
Klopu, Pancake house Keops, Cezar Plus 1

Where to go out on Kopaonik?

The tourist offer of Kopaonik has developed its capacities so that, except during the day, tourists can enjoy a great night out. The most famous for good parties are:
  • Caffe Exit - a space that offers great parties with different types of music - from folk to dance and rock.
  • Pub & Co - open on Fridays and Saturdays until 3 am provides great entertainment for different generations and musical tastes.
  • Olympic Ice caffe - the third favorite youth club and a place where a great atmosphere is created with quality musical sounds.

Transport and taxi on Kopaonik

There are several taxi services on Kopaonik, which are there to provide you with a safe ride from the center to all surrounding settlements and back. The most famous are:
  • TAXI Jokac
Opening hours: 00-24
+381 65 573 53 48
It gives a special discount for further routes.
Opening hours: 00-24
+381 65 8734 970
+381 62 776 042
  • TAXI Grga
Opening hours: 00-24
+381 60 0 382 383
+ 381 64 18 80 964
Opening hours: 00-24
+381 36 733 668
+381 69 311 22 77


In addition to taxi transport, SKI BUS is also in charge of driving along Kopaonik and its surroundings. This bus line operates during the winter season: from December 3 to April 1. There are four buses at your disposal, which can carry about 290 seats. They run from Hotel Milmari to Konak (Sunny Peaks). It organizes five departures, and stops at a total of 9 stations: Konaci, Olga Dedijer, Hotel Putnik, Žičara Sunčana, Zoned, Mujen, Jasle, Čajetinska česma, Kraljevi Čardaci, Srebrna planina, Glog - Milmari. A one-way ticket will cost you 200 dinars, while a return ticket costs 300 dinars. You get them on the bus.

Parking and public garages on Kopaonik

Most hotels and apartments on the mountain have private parking for their guests, but it is important to note that the number of places is limited. Regarding parking along the streets and garages, we provide you with a detailed list of available places and prices.
  • Parking garage Kopaonik - daily price: 1900 dinars
  • Parking at Konak Sunny peaks - daily price: 500 dinars
  • Parking in front of Hotel Grand - daily price: 600 dinars
  • Bus parking under the Konak - daily price: 600 dinars
  • Garage between Grand Hotel and Club A - daily price: 1200 dinars
  • Parking by the villa Bjanka, Ivana and Nikola - daily ticket: 500 dinars.
In addition to the charged space, you can park completely free of charge during your stay on the mountain. Such parking spaces are:
  • Former hotel Bačište
  • Hotel Srebrnac
  • Across from the ski lift Marina water
  • Jaram
  • In front of the hotel Putnik

Surroundings of Kopaonik

Another important advantage of visiting Kopaonik is its location and numerous beauties that are located near it. During your tours and excursions around Kopaonik, you must not miss:
  • Semeteško Lake - an unusual attraction of this area, which is located at the foot of Mount Kopaonik. The mysterious lake, whose islands float, provides an opportunity for tourists to "ride" on them. Ethno-facilities have been built here, and every year on the second day of August a festival is organized, better known as Ilin Days.
  • Jošanička spa - it is located at the foot of Kopaonik, in the valley of the river Jošanica. It is rich in forest and healing waters, which cure various diseases. There is also an aqua park, with a jacuzzi and a cafe.
  • Dolina jorgovana on Ibar - in the beautiful valley of the Ibar, lilacs grow every April, which were planted seven centuries ago by King Uroš the First Nemanjić, in order to arrange the mountain landscape to welcome his chosen one, the French princess Jelena of Anjou.
  • Surrounding monasteries - near Kopaonik are the largest Orthodox monasteries: Ziča, an hour and a half drive from Kopaonik; Studenica - located about 65 kilometers from Kopaonik; Sopoćani - is located about an hour's drive from the mountain.

History of Kopaonik

Mining - The history of the mountain and its name are linked to the development of mining, which dates back to the Roman period. In the first century AD, the Romans created a province called Gornja Mezija, within which Kopaonik was located. The development of this area continued through the Middle Ages, and the most prominent evidence of that is the medieval fortifications of Maglic and Ras, the center of the first Serbian state. Thus, this mountain can be marked as a key area for the formation of Serbia as a state.

Tourism - Another point of development of Kopaonik is related to tourism. This area dates back to the 1930s, when the Kraljevo-Raska railway was opened. Then the first groups of tourists arrive on Kopaonik. However, only 1964 marked the beginning of the planned development of tourism. Then, the road from Jošanička Banja to Kruševac was built, which goes through Kopaonik. The first ski lift was built in the same year. After 16 years, the construction of the Staro Rudište center has begun, which is today one of the most famous tourist and ski centers in our country.

Geography and climate of Kopaonik

Kopaonik or the roof of Serbia is the largest mountain massif in the country, with the highest point - Pančićev vrh (2017 meters). It is located in southwestern Serbia, in the Raska district, between the Ibar and Sitnica in the west and Lab in the southeast. It occupies 11,810 hectares in the municipalities of Raska and Brus,. The feature of the Kopaonik mountain is a very dynamic relief, and due to the preserved units and autochthonous forest systems, it has been declared a National Park. It is known for its dominant coniferous and fir forests and pastures, where there is a diverse flora and fauna. Among them are endemic: cuvarkuca, Pančić's brook trout and Kopaonik violet, as well as: gray falcon, golden eagle, wild cat, owl buljina.

The climate of Kopaonik is temperate-continental. It is the reason why the mountain is called Sunny or Silver. About 200 sunny days a year are recorded on it, and they are made possible by the southern position, height and openness of the terrain. Winter annual temperatures are not too low, and snow stays from October to May, about 159 days a year. The average temperature is about 3 degrees.

Demographics of Kopaonik

  • According to the 2011 census, the settlement of Kopaonik, which belongs to the municipality of Raška, has only 19 permanent residents.
  • The settlement has 6 recorded households. A small number of the inhabitants are Serbs.

Tradition and culture of Kopaonik

Kopaonik defines and makes recognizable the 3 most important features:
  • Tourism - especially the development of winter tourist offer. Kopaonik has been the largest ski center in Serbia for many years. The mountain has developed a large number of trails, a cable car, ski schools, but also the opportunity to enjoy other activities on the snow.
  • National Park - The richness of flora and fauna, the preservation of natural forest complexes and indigenous species. This influenced the mountain to be declared a National Park and a protected natural asset of special importance. This wealth was discovered thanks to Josip Pančić, and the connection of Kopaonik with our greatest botanist is the third feature of the mountain.
  • Josif Pančić - doctor who found his love for botany on Kopaonik, he found it on Kopaonik. During his 16 visits to Kopaonik, he discovered numerous species of plants. Pančić dedicated the book Kopaonik and its foothills to the mountain, in which he gave the most beautiful description of its nature. He told his students:
Let me take this opportunity to use a beautiful feature of the human spirit and take you to a beautiful part of Serbia where I often and gladly stayed to study its nature, where I always found something new to see or admire, which I never left without wanting to go back there once again, and that is - Kopaonik and its foothills.

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