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Prolom Banja

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Welcome to Prolom Banja

Welcome to one of the most visited destinations in Serbia and an ideal place for vacation. Prolom Banja is a tourist location that develops its capacities and contents from year to year, thanks to which it has become a favorite place of Serbian tourists. In addition to tourist facilities, Prolom Banja and its surroundings can boast of important cultural and historical monuments and preservation of traditional landmarks, which make them recognizable. Our site presents everything about Prolom Banja and its tourist facilities. Get ready to travel and spend the perfect moments.

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When to visit Prolom Banja?

The beauty of nature Prolom Banja, its growing popularity and its healing, mineral waters are good enough reasons to visit this destination throughout the year, and especially during the warmer days of the year.
  • During the summer - If you choose to spend your vacation during the summer months of the year, Prolo Banja offers you its large, beautifully decorated and spacious pools, as well as a beautiful, natural environment that everyone will enjoy.
  • During the winter- In winter, our suggestion is to visit the Wellness treatments of this spa and relax in the indoor pool. Certainly, a visit to Prolom Banja, even during colder days, can have a favorable effect on the health and recovery of everyone's organism

How to get to Prolom Banja?

Considering that this is an increasingly popular tourist destination, you have several routes to the spa, and we have selected the fastest and safest ones for you:
  • From the direction of Novi Sad and Belgrade - through Prokuplje to Kurshmlija
  • From the direction of Nis - From Kursumlija to the place of Rudare and then turn left towards Prolom Banja
  • From the direction of Kruševac - via Blace to the town of Rudare
The roads are well marked and quite safe, so you really shouldn't have any additional difficulties to successfully reach your desired destination. The distance of Belgrade from Prolom Banja is 312 km. The trip usually takes less than five hours, depending on the mode of transportation and crowds. In addition, you have several options with which you can get to this spa:
  • By car- You can drive on the highway all the way to the exit for Pojate, then to Ćićevac and Kruševac and all the way to Blace where the entrance to Kuršumlija is located. Also, if you are coming from the direction of Nis, then you can use the main road through Prokuplje.
  • By bus - There are regular and direct bus lines that safely and safely take you directly to Prolom Banja from the direction of Nis, Novi Sad and Belgrade. However, the timetable is subject to change, so it is necessary to check the departure time of certain bus lines with the station in your city. Ticket prices range from 1,600 dinars to 2,400 dinars. The most famous carrier that regularly runs to Prolom Banja is Lasta.

Activities for tourists in Prolom Banja

  • Treatment and relaxation in thermomineral waters - In this spa there are two main sources of hot water which are very successful when it comes to treating various rheumatic and lung and kidney diseases. Prolom Banja has a number of beautifully decorated spa baths, rehabilitation pools, salt rooms and saunas.
  • Visit to the Ethno Pub - Certainly one of the unavoidable places for all tourists who decide to spend their vacation in this area. Traditional and homely atmosphere, as well as great national specialties are part of the rich and diverse offer of this mini ethno-village. It is located along the very bank of the Prolom river and the whole household looks like it was created at the beginning of the last century.
  • Enjoying the pools - Prolom spa offers great conditions for enjoying all generations. It is an ideal location for all those who like to spend their vacation actively and by a large majority outside. The pools in Prolom Banja are nicely decorated and spacious. Next to them is a part with umbrellas and deck chairs. All the conditions for an ideal summer vacation are there. The ticket price for the pool with all other benefits of the wellness center is around 1200 dinars.
  • Sports fields - for all lovers of a healthy life and active vacation, Prolom Banja also thought that you can try great sports fields here, there is even a nicely arranged space for outdoor chess. Spa physiotherapists are always available to all guests, ready to help and provide expert advice. 

Manifestations and festivals of Prolom Banja

  • Golden Voice of Prolom Banja - This popular event is regularly held every September in Kursumlija near Prolom Banja. The program is of a cultural and educational character, and the repertoire includes music and dance performances. This is a very good and fun competition that gathers a large number of people and creates a wonderful atmosphere.
  • Nemanja's days - It is also held in Kursumlija and the main goal is to maintain the memory of the great importance and influence that Stefan Nemanja had in medieval Serbia. This event traditionally celebrates the first founder of the Serbian state in the gate of the monastery of St. Nicholas. As part of the event, a concert of our ethno music is taking place, as well as various exhibitions of local handicrafts and children's workshops. It is held on September 12 and 13.

Activities for children in Prolom Banja

  • Children's workshop within the hotel Radan- If you decide to come on vacation with children, then the playroom for children within the hotel radan is the right place for you. Parents can rest and drink coffee in peace, while your children will be taken care of by professional and experienced playroom animators. The playroom is nicely decorated and spacious and a team of educated educators takes care of them and their animation. The playroom is open from 8 am to 3 pm every day.
  • Outdoor playground- In the open part of the complex there is this safe and tidy playground for the youngest where your children can try swings, slides and seesaws. Everything is dedicated to their game, fun and good time. So Prolom Banja thought about the youngest visitors and how to make their vacation even more fun. A third outdoor pool is being built nearby, which will have a mini aqua park intended for children.

What to see in Prolom Banja?

  • Prolom voda - this is certainly something for which Prolom Banja is widely known. In the eastern parts of the mountain Radan is the source of this incredibly healing water with many minerals. It is important to note that Prolom water belongs to the group of low-mineralized, highly alkaline, bicarbonate waters. It is excellent for treating kidney diseases, urinary tract infections, digestive organs, various skin diseases and various rheumatic diseases.
  • Sources of healing water - Of course, one of the leading symbols of Prolom Baja is its warm, healing water. This healing water is something most famous and best. As such, it is of great help for the regeneration and well-being of the whole organism. Visiting and exploring the sources of these waters is something that is really worth seeing if you are already staying in these parts.
  • Beautiful nature - Unbelievably gorgeus and still untouched nature of this region, as well as its healing waters, rich flora and fauna are part of the wonderful tourist offer of Prolom Banja, which has been very successfully attracting a large number of foreign and domestic tourists for years. Beautiful nature its greenery rich flora and fauna favorable climate are all wonderful things that should be explored in this spa.

Accommodation in Prolom Banja

When it comes to accommodation in Prolom Banja, it should be borne in mind that this area is still developing and progressing, so the offer of accommodation will be even greater. Prices, of course, depend on the equipment of accommodation units. We have selected some of the best for you:
  • Hotel- Radan
  • Villa- Paradise Flower
  • Motel- Mijajlović
  • Apartments- Jovic
However, you can see the largest and best accommodation offer on the page Apartments Prolom Banja.

Important telephone numbers and information in Prolom Banja

Here are some phone numbers you may need during your stay in Prolom Banja:
  • Hotel Radan 027 83 88 111
  • Prolom Banja 27 83 88 162
  • Marketing Kuršumlija 27 381 344
  • Bus station Lasta 027-381-038
  • City Pharmacy 027-381-683
  • Health Center 027-381-222

Where to eat in Prolom Banja?

  • The restaurant within the hotel Radan- Stay in Prolom Banja will be further complemented by delicious and hearty meals. Here you can book board or half board. Great food, delicious traditional, but also international cuisine, are part of the rich and varied offer of the restaurant and are there to further enhance the rest of all their guests and complete the atmosphere. This restaurant has everything you need for a break from daily activities.
  • Ethno inn - Located in an unrealistically beautiful environment, this restaurant is located along the banks of the river Prolom, right on one of the favorite walking trails. The restaurant offers a variety of traditional specialties. Here you can enjoy the best, homemade cheese and cream. Our recommendation is to be sure to try their lamb or veal under the sac, and then sweeten up with great, homemade cakes.

Where to go out in Prolom Banja?

  • Coffee Club - This cafe has a beautiful view of Mount Radan and all its slopes, as well as the magnificent Church of the Holy Transfiguration.
  • Coffee bar- The bar can be the perfect place to relax from various daily activities, enjoying coffee and refreshing drinks.
  • Coffee bar by the pool - If you stay in this spa during the summer, then this is the right choice for you, a place where you can refresh yourself and look for an escape from the heat.

Transport and taxi Prolom Banje

Taxi services are always available and work 24/7. The prices are very reasonable and affordable. Below we have singled out several taxi services:
Mega taxi 027 389999 Taxi station 027 389999 Pro taxi 027 389999

Parking and public garages Prolom Banje

Almost all hotels and accommodation units have their own parking spaces available to guests. It is, of course, a private parking lot and it is important to mention that the number of places is limited. In the following text, we have singled out the most important information about the parking lot in Kuršumlija, which is located not far from Prolom Banja:
Public parking
Parking payment is enabled in two ways: by sending SMS messages and purchasing paper parking tickets in retail outlets.
  • Payment of a ticket for a parking space lasting 60 minutes - 30 dinars, on number 9971
  • Payment of daily ticket - 180 dinars, number 9970
For all additional information, call 027 / 380-354 or write an e-mail to this address: 

Surroundings of Prolom Banja

  • Devil's Town - This is certainly one of the most famous localities in this area and an unavoidable place for almost all tourists. Excursions are organized several times during the week, accompanied by a professional and experienced, spa guide to the natural monument called Devil's Town. You can find this mysterious and popular place exactly 27 km from Kursumlija. It is safe to say that the Devil's Town is a real, natural phenomenon that consists of specific forms of relief and unusual earth figures. Another natural rarity in Đavolja Varoš are two very special water sources with strange and still inexplicable properties. This water is located in the immediate vicinity of the earthen pyramids in Đavolja ravine. The water is unusual due to its coldness and extreme acidity, as well as high mineralization.
  • Neolithic site Plocnik - It is a very important and rare site that belongs to the rich Vinca culture and is located not far from Prokuplje. This archeological site is significant because of the found remains. In addition, Plocnik is a testimony to a long-lost time and a site that attracts a lot of attention from experts, but also from various tourists. It is 28 km away from Prolom Banja and is an incredible 7500 years old. What attracts a lot of visitors' attention is the reconstructed, rural settlement from that time.
  • Churches from the 12th century - In Kursumlija, 22 km away from Prolom Banja, you can see the first, significant endowment of Stefan Nemanja, which dates back to the 12th century. These are two churches to which regular excursions are organized, accompanied by a spa guide and a tour of the early Byzantine basilica. In this interesting tour, all visitors can get acquainted with the sights and attractions of the city.
  • Lazarica Church in Prolom Banja - Another important and very beautiful church in this area that is really worth your time and visit. It is only less than 3 km away from the center of the spa gorge, so you can reach it on foot, if you decide for beautiful and long walks. A very beautiful and special legend is attached to this church. According to folklore, a part of Prince Lazar's army took communion near this church on the eve of the Battle of Kosovo.

History of Prolom Banje

  • History of Prolom Banja - Prolom Banja is one of the youngest spas in Serbia, so its growth and development are still expected. Intensive growth, development and progress of the spa happened only after the Second World War, in 1961. It took a few more years for the iva medicine spa to finally open and officially start operating. It was officially opened only in 1968, and in the same year the Radan Hotel was built in it, which at that time had only 28 beds.
  • Prolom Banja today - Today, Prolom Banja finally received the status of one of the best and most healing spas in Serbia. It is developing at a high speed and is constantly expanding its capacities. Hotel Radan grows and develops in parallel with it. There are big plans to modernize this spa and create new, even better tourist offers and attractions. Prolom Banja will only experience its growth, development and real prosperity.

Geography and climate Prolom Banje

  • Geography of Prolom Banja- Prolom Banja is located in the southern part of Serbia, on the slopes of Mount Radan. The areas surrounding this spa are mostly overgrown with beautiful, coniferous forests. The altitude of the spa extends in the range of 550 to 668 meters above sea level and thus this spa is ranked among the highest spas in Serbia. Another beauty and convenience of this spa is that it is surrounded on all sides by high mountains, with an average height of about 1,000m.
  • Climate of Prolom Banja - The popularity of this spa is great thanks in part to its climate, which belongs to the temperate-continental. The climate is significantly influenced by the mountains around the spa, which improve the flow of air in the center of Prolom spa. Pleasant and favorable climate with moderate winters and summers, clean and fresh air, as well as lush vegetation have a stimulating and healing effect on the body of every human being, and when its warm, mineral waters are added to that, then it is quite clear why Prolom Banja the right choice for you.

Demography Prolom Banje

  • There are 98 adults living in the settlement of Prolom
  • The average age of the population is 50.2 years
  •  There are 48 households in the settlement

Tradition and culture Prolom spa

  • Healing Prolom water - Prolom water is a symbol and the most important product of Prolom spa, which today has become an indispensable part of the rich culture and tradition of the spa. This bottled water is one of the best and most sought after in all of Serbia. It is alkaline, mineral and spring water that is good for all generations and almost every organism.
  • Rehabilitation Center - An unavoidable part of the tradition of Sokobanja is its rehabilitation center, which has been successfully treating various rheumatic, kidney and respiratory diseases for many years. The spa is known as one of the most healing in Serbia and as one of the most successful rehabilitation centers in the entire country. 

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