Welcome to Cacak

Cacak is a destination that is best known for the beautiful Ovcar-Kablar gorge, West Morava and the preservation of the most important features of the area in which it is located. You can't go through the city without trying the delicious roast that is prepared in traditional ovens and served in the best taverns in the city. In addition, the city is recognizable for its cultural features and cherishing the memory of important events and people. Here you will find all the most important information about the city and its entire offer. Get to know the city before you leave and make the most of its advantages.

Cacak Apartments


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Cacak · City · Center
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When to visit Čačak?

Depending on what you want to visit, what kind of entertainment you want and what you like to enjoy, Čačak can be ideal for visiting almost all year round:
  • During the summer - In this warm period of the year, there are very affordable and spacious outdoor pools in Čačak. They are located in a very beautiful part of the city, near a large city park, as well as the river Zapadna Morava. In addition, the Roman baths located in the very center of the city are always available and open during that period
  • During the winter - Even during the colder days of the year, Čačak offers a large number of contents to all its visitors and citizens. House of Culture Čačak often organizes various exhibitions in the center of Čačak, on the town square. Admission is free and everyone is welcome. Also, the gallery named after the prominent Serbian painter Nadežda Petrović is located in the immediate vicinity and often has organized exhibitions for all art lovers.

How to get to Čačak?

The distance of Čačak from the big cities of Serbia is as follows: from Belgrade 141.86 km, from Novi Sad is 231.91 km, and from Niš 210.07 km.
However, Čačak is well connected with almost all cities in Serbia, mostly thanks to the new Miloš Veliki highway. We have selected a few options for how you can get to Čačak:
  • By car - Connecting Obrenovac and Čačak with a single highway significantly accelerated the road to Čačak and relieved the Ibar highway. You can get to Čačak by turning off the highway at the roundabout in the settlement of Preljina and then it is necessary to just follow the signs that will take you directly to the city center in a few minutes.
  • By bus - Buses of the trucking company Autoprvoz Čačak regularly run to Čačak and run every hour on the route Belgrade-Čačak. The price of the return ticket is 1200 dinars, and all additional information can be called at: +381 32 321 651
  • Taxi line - Lately, more and more popular transport to Čačak is a line taxi that will take you to your exact address, for a shorter time and for the same price as the ticket to Belgrade. 

Activities for tourists in Čačak

This city of western Serbia, located in the heart of the hilly and green Šumadija, offers its guests and citizens a large number of interesting activities. Below we have singled out for you a few that we think would be interesting:
  • Visit to the Roman Baths - This archeological site is located in the heart of Čačak and dates back to the 18th century. Roman baths are a strong proof and witness of a long time ago when the Romans lived in this area. The Romans left behind traces on which all generations can learn a lot. If you want to see the Roman baths in the center of Cacak, you should make an appointment and schedule a tour 032 / 343-213.
  • Visit to the National Museum of Čačak - In the premises of this museum, which is also located in the city center, near the Čačak high school, you can find ancient artifacts that testify to the former life of people in this area. Ticket prices are very affordable and discounts are frequent. Here you can get acquainted with the cultural and historical heritage of the Šumadija region. For more information, call +381 32 322 169.
  • Church of the Ascension - One of the advantages for seeing various activities in Čačak is the proximity of all important buildings. Almost all important and significant facilities are located in the very center of the city. The beautiful and large church in Čačak is located between the Čačak high school and the National Museum. It is definitely worth your visit and has great cultural and historical significance. This church is the endowment of Stefan Nemanja's brother, prefect Stracimir. 

Events and festivals in Čačak

Čačak and its surroundings are proud of cultural, sports, gastronomic and music events and festivals.
  • Dis Spring - This beautiful event is held every year during the summer months. The main goal of this festival is the promotion of Serbian poetry and literature, and all that in honor of the great, Serbian poet who is originally from Čačak, Vladislav Petković Dis. Every year, Dis Spring gathers a large number of children from Čačak schools, awards prizes to the most talented young writers, as well as already recognized authors from the world of literature and art.
  • Carousel Ethno Music Festival - Here you can find authentic sound and an amazing blend of traditional and modern music. This festival supports young artists and gives them the perfect background to present their work. It takes place as part of the Summer Days of Culture and gathers a large number of fans of music and good time, and for more information you can visit their website:
  •  Kupusijada- This event is located in the immediate vicinity of Čačak, in the town of Mrčajevci and is one of the most popular now traditional events in the Čačak area. Here you can try the most delicious cabbage, while the best ones get a diploma and recognition. Over 1200 participants participate in the cultural and entertainment program, and the atmosphere is always fun and good.
  • Flute Festival - Oj Moravo is the name of the famous flute festival which is held every year in Prislonica near Čačak. This musical event gathers the best flutists throughout Serbia, with the aim of nurturing a long and rich Serbian tradition, cultural heritage and traditional Serbian customs. 

Activities for children in Čačak

Čačak is a city that has always wanted to think about its youngest. Therefore, Čačak is ready to invest in their education, entertainment and easy childhood, so if you decide to visit this city with your children, we give you the following suggestions:
  • The largest playground for children
 Čačak is already working hard to make the largest playground for the youngest citizens in this area. It is planned to renovate the playground in the large park and divide it into three separate parts. Each part will be adapted to a certain age. In addition to the beautiful and natural ambience that surrounds the playground, children will enjoy swings, seesaws, slides and various fun climbers. It will be the largest playground in Serbia with an impressive, total area of ​​530 m2.
  • Children's playroom Slonče
This is one of the increasingly popular playrooms in the city of Čačak and a large number of children like to play in it. There is also a separate section for parents who can enjoy hot drinks in peace, while the little ones are left to fun and active play and are always in the good hands of experienced animators. To schedule a birthday or game date, call the number: 064 4539599
  • Excursions with children
The memorial park, as well as the large park of Čačak are ideal for long walks and nature trips with the youngest. Ovčar spa near Čačak. It would take you only twenty minutes by car, so it is very close to the city, and the nature and surroundings of Ovčar spa are perfect for wonderful family vacations and creating beautiful childhood memories. 

What to see in Čačak?

We have singled out several interesting sites in Čačak and its surroundings that are really worth visiting:
  • Čačak's main square - the center of the city and all events, surrounded by a beautifully landscaped promenade and a series of cafes and popular restaurants, Čačak square has over time become a symbol of this city and a meeting place for many.
  • Konak Jovana Obrenoviča- The oldest residential building in this city is certainly this beautifully preserved konak. It is located within the National Museum of the city. The residence has an authentic appearance and dates from the time of the Turkish siege. It is located right across from the church in Čačak and is almost 200 years old.
  • House of Stepo Stepanović- Another important cultural and historical landmark of the city of Čačak is the house of the great and famous military leader Stepe Stepanović. The house is renovated and well preserved and inhabited. It is located in the street of the same name, at number 5.
  • Monuments - Čačak has several monuments that were erected in honor of prominent and important personalities. In the center of the city, at the end of the promenade, there is a monument to Stepa Stepanović. The memorial complex and monument to the great fighter, Tanasko Rajić, was dedicated to the battle of Ljubić in 1815 and is located on the hill Ljubić.

Accommodation in Čačak

There are several types of accommodation in Čačak and its surroundings, depending on what you want and how much money you are willing to spend. At your disposal are:
  • Hotels- Royal Residence, Hotel Belgrade (price of bed and breakfast varies from hotel to hotel and ranges from 3,000 dinars per night, and more)
  • Hostels- Hostel Centrum Čačak, Silver House (prices are very affordable and affordable, and hostels are neat, clean and equipped with all necessary things)
  • Apartments- Villa Čačak, Centro Palace (apartments are very popular, tidy and the interior is decorated with special care, there is even a bar, terrace and free use of bicycles within the apartment).
You can find the best offer of apartments on the page Apartments Cacak.

Important telephone numbers and information in Čačak

For all information, you can always contact the House of Culture of the City of Čačak by calling the phone number 032 325 073. In the following text, we have singled out important telephone numbers that you will need during your stay in Čačak:
Institutions and services
  • SUP Čačak 363-000
  • Civil Protection 222-616
  • Labor Inspection 224-183
  • Health Center 225-712
  • Hospital 374-222
  • Occupational Medicine 224-278
  • Trnava Ambulance 285 201
  • Veterinary Station 286-302
  • Vet-vel station 064/1194 708
  • Red Cross 372-559
  • Pharmacy Čačak 032 / 345-930
  • City Greenery 5373-760

Where to eat in Čačak?

If you visit Čačak, you will be delighted with the gastronomic specialties that you can find in this city, above all the well-known Čačak baking. Below we offer you several famous and popular restaurants and grills of this area:
  • Restaurant Rimini- This restaurant of Italian cuisine is one of the best restaurants in Cacak. It is located near the city center, at 2 Cara Lazara Street. If you decide to visit this restaurant, you will enjoy its authentic atmosphere, Italian music, traditional, checkered tablecloths and top specialties of Italian cuisine. Our warm recommendation is to definitely try their gyros pizza, you won't regret it.
  • Restaurant Sendi- In this restaurant you can enjoy the specialties of local and international cuisine. The ambience is very nice and modern, the staff is fast and helpful, and the prices are affordable. Another advantage of this popular restaurant is the proximity of a large park and parking lot located just across from the restaurant. Sandi is located at Kneza Miloša Street No. 9 and you are always welcome.
  • Restaurant 13- This is a restaurant with a long tradition. It is best known for its affordable prices and large portions. Their chicken gyros is one of the most sought after dishes. It is located at 60 Cara Lazara Street. The menu and drink menu are really varied, so here you can try grilled specialties, as well as various Italian dishes.
  • Tavern Car Lazar- If you are staying in Čačak, then the famous tavern Car Lazar is really one of the unavoidable places. This oldest and most famous cafe in Čačak is located in the street of the same name, right next to the roundabout. In addition to the best grilled dishes, as well as local specialties, this cult cafe also boasts a very nice ambience that has been recently renovated.
  • Roastery Janković- Here you can try the best roast lamb and pork, something for which the whole Čačak area is very famous, and for a very good reason. You can find Pečenjar at 75 Kneza Miloša Street and see for yourself the taste and quality of traditional Čačak baking. 

Where to out Čačak?

Čačak has several clubs and cafes throughout the city where you can enjoy various types of entertainment and music. There is something for everyone in this city.
  • Serbian pub - For all lovers of good live music, good draft beer and real rock sound, Serbian pub is the right place. During the day, this is a quiet place where you can enjoy a coffee in the garden of the cafe, but during the evening in this pub there is a good atmosphere, crowds and guaranteed fun. It is located in Hajduk Veljkova Street, near the bus station.
  • Velvet bar - Jazz music is something that adorns this place. Jazz fans will especially enjoy it here. The offer of this bar is very rich. Excellent cocktails, wines, beers, snacks, but also great international dishes, as well as catering services are there to satisfy all its guests. The bar area is nicely decorated. If you are wondering exactly where the Wetwell bar is located, the address is Karađorđeva 15.
  • City pub- In Gospodar Jovanova number 22 there is this renovated and increasingly popular bar. Here you can find great live sights and a great atmosphere. They often play and sing various types of music, so there is something for everyone's taste.
  • Night club Padrone- Techno, chaos, pop, rock, folk, fun, whatever you want this night club offers to its guests. The best parties in town are often at this club. Be prepared for big crowds and a lot of pushing, but that is one of the unavoidable facts of all popular nightclubs. For all fans of a very good time and fun that lasts until the early morning hours, look for the Padrone club at Vojvode Stepe 70.

Transportation and taxi to Čačak

City transport
Čačak has a good and extensive network of buses and public transport. Buses connect Čačak with the surrounding settlements and run every half hour. There are a large number of lines that run several times a day and which will take you and return you from one end of the city to the other without any problems. The ticket price in public transport is 65 dinars. For all additional information call: 381 32 321 653
Taxi service
There is also a large number of taxi services at your disposal with very responsible and reliable drivers, and some of them have free internet in vehicles. Start costs 100 dinars. Below we have singled out several taxi services:
Mega Taxi 032 340350, Pink Taxi 032 320640, Ča taxi 032 320032, As taxi 032 320333

Parking and public garages in Čačak

Considering that Čačak is one of the larger cities in western Serbia and has close to 100,000 inhabitants, there are several parking spaces and garages.
Open parking
Parking is divided into zones. You can pay for parking via a parking ticket (which you buy at the kiosk) and via SMS if you use a card from one of the Serbian telecommunications providers. Each outdoor parking lot clearly indicates the parking zone, as well as the phone number to which you send an SMS with your license plates:
  • Extra zone - 65 din
  • Zone 1- 50 din
  • Zone 2- 30 din
  • Zone 3- 19 din
Larger parking lots are located near the House of Culture, as well as near the Partizanka department store in Čačak. The construction of a large public garage in Čačak is also planned soon.

Around Čačak

The surroundings of Čačak are full of sights and hidden beauties. Ovčarsko-kablarska gorge is a real gem of this area and has a great influence on the growth and development of tourism in the entire Čačak area.
  • Ovčar spa - Only 17 km from the center of Čačak, Ovčar spa is a beautiful, natural treasure of this region. Rich in wooded landscapes, healing waters, steep cliffs, clear rivers and monasteries, Ovčar Banja is an ideal place for family vacations and excursions. In addition, Ovčar Banja has several good local cuisine restaurants where you can find a break from exploring nature.
  • Lookout on Kablar - In the opinion of many, this is the most beautiful lookout in all of Serbia because it offers an absolutely unreal view of the winding meanders of the West Morava, Mount Ovčar and a large part of the entire gorge with rich flora and fauna. The entire Ovčar-Kablar gorge is a protected natural asset of exceptional importance. You can see over 600 different plants, 150 species of birds, 19 species of mammals, and the view from the top of the cable allows you to do just that.
  • Monasteries of the Ovčar-Kablar gorge - In addition to all the natural beauties, this area is extremely proud of a number of important monasteries. Here you can visit as many as ten monasteries and two holy places. In the continuation, we have singled out all the monasteries of this region: Blagoveshtenje, Ilinje, Jovanje, Kadjenica, Nikolje, Preobrazenje, Savinje, Sretenje, the Monastery of St. Trinity, Assumption, Introduction, Ascension. Each is special and of great cultural and historical significance, and very worth your visit.
  • Ethno-village Kostunici- Right between the upper Milanovac and the town of Cacak, this authentic and increasingly popular ethno village is ridiculous. It consists of a series of identical and wooden log cabins, and Kostunic includes a beautiful lake located in the center of the village, as well as a restaurant serving national cuisine, also decorated in a recognizable Serbian style, gibanice, oatmeal.

History of Čačak

  • Čačak in the past - This area was inhabited in the Neolithic era, and the archeological sites of this area clearly testify to that. The Romans once covered the entire area of ​​Čačak and left behind a number of ancient remains. During the time of Stefan Nemanja, this area was under the rule of his brother Stracimir, who ruled it between 1168 and 1189, and when he built the monastery of Moravski Gradac on the site of today's church, which was also the seat of the episcopate and later the metropolitanate. Another very important period for the history of Čačak was 1941.
  • Čačak today- Today, Čačak is one of the larger administrative centers of western Serbia. Over time, it has developed and progressed more and more, so today Cacak is one of the most beautiful and better cities that have good conditions for safe and secure family upbringing. In addition, Čačak has made progress in the field of industry, while tourism in this region is still constantly being worked on. It is believed that this city will only make further progress and create better living conditions for all citizens. 

Geography and climate of Čačak

  • Geography of Čačak-Čačak is located in the western part of central Serbia. Many will say that Čačak is the center of Šumadija. The relief of this region is mostly hilly and very wooded. Čačak is surrounded by mountains: Ovčara, Kablar and Jelica. Cacak is located 145 kilometers south of Belgrade. The closest border is with Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Climate of Čačak - The temperate-continental climate prevails here, which means that all seasons are pronounced, but at the same time temperate. Winds come from the north and northeast, less often from the west because the city is surrounded by mountains. The average wind speed is 2.3 m / s for the north, and 1.4 m / s for the west. Precipitation is also very moderate and not so frequent.

Demography of Čačak

  • 72,489 people live in the City of Čačak
  • There are 25304 households in the settlement
  • There is an increase in the population in Čačak

Tradition and culture of Čačak

Čačak is a city that ranks among the larger cities in Serbia with recognizable architecture and rich monumental heritage. In the city of Čačak there are numerous cultural monuments, sacral buildings and cultural institutions of national importance:
  • Roasting from Čačak - In Čačak, you can try quality and most delicious lamb and pork roast in several places. Additional recommendations are not so necessary, because in every roastery you have excellent roasting and specialties of local cuisine.
  • Čačak's cultural-historical monuments - Čačak is the home of Stepo Stepanović, the great Dis, as well as the famous Nadežda Petrović. Monuments have been erected to all of them and they are all very deserving of the rich culture and art of this area. 

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