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Vranje - a city that preserves traditional landmarks and the spirit of ancient times, but which also develops modern facilities and attractions in accordance with today's moment. This city is also the administrative, cultural and economic center of the Pcinja district and is one of the leading urban areas in Southern Serbia. Thanks to its beautiful contents and specific features, Vranje is an unavoidable destination when it comes to a tourist tour through Serbia. Our site represents the entire tourist offer of the city. Get acquainted with all its details and organize a perfect vacation.

Vranje Apartments


Vranje · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 5 Guests
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Vranje · Surrounding places · Preobrazenje
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Deluks vila

Vranje · Surrounding places · Preobrazenje
2 Bedrooms · 5 Guests
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Apartman sa pogledom na planinu

Vranje · Surrounding places · Preobrazenje
2 Bedrooms · 5 Guests
€45.56 night

Vila Jefimija soba 5

Vranje · Surrounding places · Preobrazenje
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Vranje · Surrounding places · Preobrazenje
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Vila Jefimija soba 1

Vranje · Surrounding places · Preobrazenje
Studio · 2 Guests
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Dunja Vranje

Vranje · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 5 Guests
€25.70 night

Delux apartman

Vranje · City · Center
2 Bedrooms · 5 Guests
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Apartman sa dve spavaće sobe

Vranje · City · Center
2 Bedrooms · 5 Guests
€19.86 night

When to visit Vranje?

Vranje can always be a good idea, whether you are heading to the sea in Bulgaria or Greece, Vranje is a place for you or this holiday destination is just this beautiful, southern city. Vranje can be a great stop for a long trip, while it can also be a very nice location for relaxation.
  • During the summer - Considering that Vranje is a small town located in the south of Serbia, perhaps the best recommendation is to visit this place during June, July or August and look for an escape from the heat in the spacious pools.
  • During the winter - If you come to Vranje during the winter periods of the year, then our advice is to visit some of the important cultural and historical sights that Vranje has and to hear interesting facts about the rich culture and history of Vranje.

How to get to Vranje?

Vranje is located in the Vranje valley in the very south of Serbia, only 50 km from the border with Macedonia, so Vranje is well connected with the rest of Serbia and many important roads pass through this city. Vranje is 124 km away from Nis, and 344 km from our capital. There are several ways to get to Vranje:
  • By bus - Kavim autoprevoz regularly has its own buses that travel to the south of Serbia. For all additional information, call the Kavim agency number 381 17 422 619. Kavim buses are safe, modern and most importantly safe. Ticket prices are up to 2370 dinars, but a discount is always available for students, children and pensioners. The first buses leave at half past five in the morning.
  • By car - You can use the highway all the way to Grdelica gorge, while driving through the gorge itself carefully because this road is very narrow and mostly with a full line, and with good reason. It is an extremely difficult terrain for construction, with as many as 36 bridges and two tunnels, one of which, Manajle, is the longest in Serbia. It will now take about twenty minutes for vehicles to pass through Grdelica, and the road from Belgrade to Skopje will be crossed in just over 3 hours.

Activities for tourists in Vranje

Vranje is a picturesque and colorful city with a rich tradition and strong mentality. Precisely because of that, Vranje has to offer several interesting activities for all tourists:
  • A visit to the Bridge of Love - the White Bridge, or as many still call it, the Bridge of Love in Vranje, is a symbol of this city, but also a symbol of a tragic and great love. It is certainly an unavoidable place for many tourists who visit this area. The bridge is a permanent witness to the forbidden love between Serbs and Turks. Due to its beauty, the uniqueness of the legend that has been told about it for centuries, the bridge of love is what every tourist must visit in Vranje.
  • Tour of the Museum of the House of Bora Stanković - The famous Serbian writer Bora Stanković is an important person for the whole of Serbia, and especially for the southern region, which he celebrated and regularly described in all his works. No one was able to convey the southern temperament, specific way of speaking and fiery character to the pages of the book as the great Bora Stanković was able to do. In that name, his house became the heart of Vranje and an attraction that attracts a very large number of tourists throughout the region. The ticket for adults is 100 dinars, while a discount is always provided for all school-age children. You can visit Bora Stanković's house every working day from eight in the evening to eight in the morning.
  • Hunting and fishing - Many tourists come to this area precisely because of the well-developed and widespread hunting and fishing. Hunting grounds in the Pčinja district are one of the most famous and most popular in the entire country, and for a very good reason. In addition, in Vranje, there is a famous hunting ground South Morava, whose hunting area covers an incredible 77,430 hectares. The waters around Vranje are also rich in a variety of fish and are ideal places for passionate and experienced anglers.

Events and festivals in Vranje

The number of interesting events and various festivals in Vranje is constantly growing and brings its visitors a very rich and varied content:
  •  Week of Bora- This is one of the oldest events in Serbia, which is held regularly and traditionally on the last week of March in Vranje. As the name suggests, this manifestation takes place in honor of Bora Stanković, who is originally from Vranje. The literary community of Bora Stanković is deserved for the organization and great success of this event. During the festival, the prestigious Borisav Stanković Award is added, which is one of the most prestigious awards in literature in Serbia.
  • May month of music - This manifestation is also very successful in Vranje in May and promotes good sound and new young and talented artists of Serbia. There are numerous concerts on the program, while the audience always gathers in large numbers to enjoy together with the musicians on stage.
  • Ethno Fair - If you like colorful, fun, interesting inventions, art, deaconry and authentic southern spirit, then Vranje Ethno Fair is the right place for you. The fair is always for sale, and the prices are very affordable and affordable. The products are diverse and unique. The fair is held in the center of Vranje and promotes all the specialties and symbols of this region and its rich cultural and historical heritage.
  • Nishville in Vranje - This popular and highly attended jazz is held on several stages and locations. It celebrates good and quality jazz sound and therefore brings together several influential and significant jazz artists around the world. The Nishvil caravan is moving to other cities from Nis, and one of them is Vranje. So that all visitors to the Vranje Cultural Summer can feel the good atmosphere and enjoy the jazz sound of the largest jazz festival in the country. In Vranje, this festival is held in a large parking lot in front of the gallery of the National Museum in August.

Activities for children in Vranje

  • Children's Week in Vranje - This is an ideal opportunity for children to socialize, as well as to visit the sights of this area and introduce the youngest to the rich history of Vranje. In addition to these benefits, children can enjoy creative workshops and educational animators. These workshops encourage drawing, thinking and educators teach children songs and interesting stories.
  • Children's playground in Vranje - This city got a nicely decorated and renovated children's playground. Children deserve their space in the city center. A space that will make them happy and at the same time provide them with a safe and secure game. Children can use seesaws, slides, swings and carousels, as well as various bridges and obstacles.

What to see in Vranje?

Vranje has a rich cultural and historical heritage, and below we have singled out for you several important sites and monuments that are really worth seeing in Vranje:
  • Turkish hammam - The old, Turkish bath was built in the style of oriental architecture and is a witness to a long time ago when the Turks ruled Serbia, and especially the Vranje region. It is an unavoidable place for all visitors to this area. The interior of the hammam consists of a large dressing room and a spacious bathing area. The stone floor was always heated and the bathing would end in the kurnas, more precisely in the cabins where they were closed with thick towels. The old ham in Vranje is located in Petog kongresa Street no. 24.
  • House on the corner - This is, perhaps, the most famous house in Valjevo, which was built in 1907 and with its beautiful appearance and rich, Renaissance architecture adorns Vranje Square. The house is a symbol of the economy and reputation of influential people from Vranje. It has been preserved in an authentic style and today it is one of the recognizable symbols of Vranje.
  • Monuments in Vranje - Vranje is really filled with various monuments that are of great importance for Serbian culture and history. The monument of the revolution was unveiled on the anniversary of the liberation of Vranje. This imposing monument celebrates the victory, justice and courage of Serbian soldiers. In addition to this important monument, there is also a monument to Borisav Stanković in Vranje, as well as a monument to Staniša Stošić. 

Accommodation in Vranje

Accommodation prices vary in relation to luxury, quality and equipment of accommodation units. However, this area is affordable and affordable for the vast majority of visitors, so below we have selected a few good places to stay while staying in Vranje:
  • Hotels- Royal Traveler, Garni
  • Motels- Vranje, Kovac
  • Apartments- Dunja, Veselinovic, Allegro dream
However, the best accommodation, as well as the largest offer can be found on the page Apartments Vranje.

Important telephone numbers and information in Vranje

Below we have found some of the most important phone numbers you may need during your stay in Vranje, and for all additional information, contact the number 017 / 417-545
  • SUP Duty Service 192
  • Fire service 193
  • Ambulance 194
  • Telegrams 196
  • Subscriber numbers 988
  • Fault report 977
  • International telephone numbers 901
  • Roadside Assistance 987
  • Important Phones 9824
  • Miscellaneous notices 9812
  • Awakening 9811
  • Duty pharmacies and health institutions 9821

Where to eat in Vranje?

The whole southern region is widely known for its hospitality and great, traditional dishes of the national cuisine.
  • Gradska Meana- This is one of the most popular and best restaurants of local cuisine in Vranje. It is located at 33 Jovana Hadživasiljevića Street. This is one of the most important gathering places for locals and visitors to Vranje. The menu and drink menu are varied and rich. The specialty of the restaurant is veal under the sac.
  • Restaurant Morava- Kralja Stefana Prvovenčanog 166 is the address of this restaurant. Beautiful garden, friendly staff, very tasty food are what this restaurant offers to its guests. It is located in the center of Vranje, in a remote passage. The prices are reasonable and the food is very tasty.
  • Hobbit House of Elves- Here you can find perfect grilled dishes and a rich menu of drinks. The staff is helpful and fast, and the ambience is pleasant and nicely decorated. Partizanska Street is the location of this restaurant which serves top specialties of traditional cuisine.

Where to go out in Vranje?

  • Alessandro- This café / bar offers a large selection of drinks and beverages. During the day you can try very tasty pizzas here, while in the evening this space becomes perfect for fun and good entertainment. The location is Brankova 18.
  • Majestic Night Club- One of the leading and popular clubs in the whole area is definitely Majestic. It is located in Kralja Stefana Prvovenčanog Street. It's always crowded here and the best parties are always there.

Transport and taxi in Vranje

When it comes to public transport in Vranje, several lines are available:
  • City line Balinovac- station- Sobina
  • City line Vranje- Vranjska spa- Vranje
  • City line Vranje- Ćukovac- Vranje
The taxi service in Vranje is open 24-7 and we have selected several taxi carriers for you.
Ok Taxi 017 420111, Nenad Taxi 063 260616, GRK-Taxi 064 8857387

Parking and public garages in Vranje

You can pay for parking in Vranje by sending an SMS to the appropriate number, depending on the parking zone. General daily parking when issued according to the registration number of the vehicle.
Special parking lots
  • Closed parking lot in Kneza Miloša Street
  • Closed parking lot on November 29th Street
  • Closed parking in Cara Dušana Street
The working hours of these three Vranje special parking lots are 24/7. After the entrance, the parking ticket is picked up and payment is made at the toll station. The payment order is issued by an authorized controller. After payment you must leave the parking lot within 10 minutes.
Parking zones
  • Red zone - Time limit is 2 hours and the price is 40 dinars, SMS to the number 9171
  1. Yellow zone - There is no time limit, the price is 35 dinars, send an SMS to the number 9172
Daily ticket is 1000 dinars for special parking spaces.

Surroundings of Vranje

The surroundings of Vranje are almost as rich and beautiful as Vranje itself. It is also full of significant sites and beautiful, hidden places:
  • Markovo kale- This is one of the most important and most important monuments of culture and history of this area, only 4 km away from Vranje. It is about the remains of a fortified city in which, according to folklore, the famous epic hero Kraljevic Marko once lived. Hence the name of this fortification. Many stories and legends are connected to Markovo kale, which additionally make this area current and interesting for all tourists.
  • Vranjska Banja - Special Hospital for Rehabilitation Vranjska Banja is an ideal place for all those who need a relaxing holiday in a peaceful and healing environment. Vranje Spa is widely known for the treatment of various rheumatic diseases. This spa has the warmest mineral water in Europe.
  • Monastery of St. Stephen - It is located in the village of Gornje Zapsko, 22 km from Vranje. It is one of the most important monasteries in this area with great significance for Serbian culture and history. It suffered great damage during the Serbian-Turkish wars, but it managed to be rebuilt and regain its splendor. The monastery and its surroundings are beautiful, so our warm advice is to visit it.
  • Kale Krševica- Near the river Krševica there is this oldest archeological plateau which dates back to the ancient Iron and Bronze Ages. It is one of the unavoidable attractions that attracts a very large number of tourists throughout the region. Archaeological research has shown how valuable this site actually is. It is a witness that there used to be a real harvested and developed settlement in the Vranje area.

History of Vranje

  • Vranje once- Vranje is a city that has existed and lasted for a full 9 centuries. The rich and long history of Vranje has always been an inspiration to many Serbian writers. The first written traces of the city of Vranje were left by the famous Ana Komnina in the book Aleksijada. Before the Slavs, this area was inhabited by the Romans. When the Serbian medieval state disintegrated, Vranje fell under Turkish rule, which left a big mark in this area.
  • Vranje today - today Vranje is one of the most beautiful and peaceful cities in Serbia, which is constantly working on its growth, development and progress. Vranje is also the administrative center and next to Nis one of the most beautiful cities in the southern part of the country. Today, Vranje has good roads and a solid position, interesting attractions, rich history, many legends and stories, beautiful nature and delicious food. However, the greatest wealth of Vranje as it is today is its warm and hospitable people.

Geography and climate of Vranje

  • Geography of Vranje-Vranje is located in the south of Serbia, in the northwestern part of the Vranje valley and on the left bank of the South Morava. Valjevo is located at the foot of the mountain Pljačkovica. Plains and hilly landscapes change.
  • Climate Vranje- Vranje has a specific climate which is a combination of modified Mediterranean and moderate continental. Spring in Vranje occurs early and usually lasts for a short time. Frosts, on the other hand, are a common occurrence. Summer is most pronounced with warm, long and dry days.

Demography of Vranje

  • In the settlement of Vranje live 42153 adult inhabitants
  • The average age of the population is 35.8 years
  • There are 17196 households in the settlement

Tradition and culture of Vranje

  • Legends and legends of Vranje - Vranje is a fairy-tale town about which beautiful and mysterious legends have been circulating for years and centuries. Almost every corner of Vranje has its own special and striking story. There is a legend about the name of the city which reads that Vranje used to be called Golubinje until the Turks conquered it. Basically, Vranje is a city of legends, stories and a fairy-tale world that stretches through Serbian, folk literature.
  • Vranje melody - The song and dance of Vranje are the protective symbols of this city. The people of Vranje are widely known for their cheerful nature and lively temperament. Song, celebration, game, round and merriment are the inevitable symbols of Vranje and they are a witness of talented people who live and come from these parts.This melos is known for sevdah and good, old merak. A special feature is the real emotion that is felt in every note and stanza.
  • Old crafts in Vranje - Vranje used to be a town settlement full of various crafts and traders. Shops, warehouses, inns, bakeries and cafes, all this is what makes Vranje a unique city with a special atmosphere. The spirit of that time is still felt in the streets of Vranje.Barrels, blacksmiths, saddlers, potters are just some of the rare, but very useful and interesting crafts that Vranje nurtures today.
  • Vranje dialect - Only people from the south of Serbia have a very specific and impressive way of speaking, especially those who come from Vranje. Their way of speaking, accentuating and emphasizing is completely in line with the temperament of the Vranje region and with their picturesque character. The Southern dialect is extremely important for Serbian literature and language, and today it is studied at the Faculty of Philology as one of the treasuries of Serbian dialects.

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