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Mali Zvornik is a municipality in the Mačva District, located in western Serbia, on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, along the Drina River. This town is renowned for its rich history, natural beauty, and cultural landmarks. Zvornik Lake is one of the main attractions of the city, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy beautiful landscapes and various water activities. Besides the lake, there is the Underground City, a historical site that once served as a shelter for the Karađorđević family and is now open to tourists. Mali Zvornik is also home to Radaljska Banja and Radaljsko Lake, popular destinations for relaxation and recreation. The archaeological site "Orlovine" is an important part of the city's historical heritage, while the Church of the Holy Cross, known as Mali Ostrog, is one of the most significant religious landmarks. This town is known for its annual events, such as Somovijada, held on the last weekend of July, and the Days of Sports, Recreational, and Cultural Tourism. All these attractions make Mali Zvornik an ideal destination for tourists wishing to explore Serbia. Whether you are a history, nature, or culture enthusiast, Mali Zvornik has something for everyone. Enjoy your journey!

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