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Welcome to Uzice

We present to you the most developed city in Western Serbia, a space that can boast of exceptional development of culture and economy, as well as nurturing important traditional features. Uzice is a space that best combines modern and traditional, original cultural trends and traditional life in the past. We provide you with all the most important information about the city, its tourist offer, the best accommodation, the most famous restaurants, cultural and historical monuments and interesting facilities. Get to know Uzice before you go on a trip and organize your vacation in the best way.

When to visit Uzice?

Uzice is a small town in western Serbia, located deep in the valley. Uzice is a beautiful place that should be visited at any time of the year. In addition, depending on the season, Uzice offers different offers and facilities.

How to get to Užice?

  • Milos Veliki Highway - It is best to reach Uzice by Milos Veliki Highway. This relatively new highway connects the capital with the western parts of Serbia.
  • Cordior 11- In addition, Corridor 11 can also be a good choice for a trip to Uzice.
When you reach the big roundabout, it turns towards Čačak and then continues in the direction of Požega and Užice. From Uzice to Cacak, you can expect only an hour's drive through the 

Activities for tourists in Užice

Considering that Užice is a city that is moving upwards and towards progress, there are more and more activities for tourists. We have singled out a few interesting places that would be interesting to all visitors to Užice:
  • Zip line Stari Grad Užice - In addition to an unreal view of the remains of the ancient city and the beautiful nature of Šumadija, this zip line is a real fun and attraction, as well as an ideal choice for an active vacation. Zipline is located in the Old Town, in Uzice and is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm. The price of the ride is 1000 dinars, and the descent takes about 50 seconds. The adrenaline descent by wire next to the medieval Old Town begins with a beautiful lookout point to the entire surroundings of Užice.
  • Hiking in the Old Town - After the zip line adventure, the remains of this ancient city are really worth a visit and are an unavoidable attraction for all tourists who come to this area. This fortification dates back to the Middle Ages and is surrounded on three sides by the beautiful river Đetinja. The Old Town has become the main and most recognizable symbol of Užice. It also offers a beautiful view of the entire Uzice.
  • Visit to Zabučje Lookout Tower - Another unavoidable place for all tourists is this most beautiful lookout point in the Užice region. From it, you will have the impression that the whole of Užice is in the palm of your hand, in addition, benches and an observatory are always available to all visitors.

Manifestation and festivals in Užice

Although Užice is a small town, it is rich in culture and various events that take place almost every year.
  • Yugoslav Theater Festival - Every year in November, the Užice National Theater hosts the Yugoslav Theater Festival Without Translation. Užice is a city that has a long tradition of theater. Accordingly, the festival program is rich and adapted to all generations, and the best performances can be found in the repertoire. The guests of the festival are our prominent and recognized actors who are always in the mood to hang out and meet all the guests of the festival.
  • Jumps from the old railway bridge - Every year in August, jumps into the water from the old bridge are traditionally organized. The jumps are held from a height of 16 meters into the river Cetinje, which flows under the railway bridge. This event regularly gathers a large number of tourists and locals.
  • Kustendorf- Not far from Užice, on the mountain Mokra Gora, the now famous and famous Kustendorf Film Festival is being held. The director and main founder of the festival is the celebrated film director Emir Kusturica. The entire event is dedicated to the greats of contemporary auteur film, as well as to future filmmakers. Kustendorf presents itself in five program units and has a really rich and diverse repertoire, as well as famous guests who come to support and promote the festival.
  • In Blues International Blues and Rock Festival - This music festival lasts for two days and gathers all fans of good music. In addition to the music part of the program, visitors can enjoy other contents related to blues and rock culture: painting exhibitions, music workshops, photo exhibitions, book promotions, CD editions, as well as performances. So far, all current blues groups from Serbia have performed at the festiv

Activities for children in Užice

Užice offers a range of fun, educational, but also safe attractions for the youngest members of the family.
  • City Cultural Center Uzice
This center is a very important place for the culture and development of the city of Uzice, especially for children. The Cultural Center of Uzice offers the youngest a creative, fun and stimulating environment that will further stimulate their imagination and knowledge.
  • Skating in Uzice
This attraction is the fulfillment of the dreams of almost every child and is held in the center of Uzice every year. Children can rent skates and consult with skating instructors who are there to help everyone. In addition, merry children's and Christmas songs can often be heard in the background.

What to see in Užice?

Rich content and important buildings and sites are an indispensable and unavoidable part of Uzice. Accordingly, we have singled out a few places that are really worth visiting:
  • Terzića avlija- Terzića avlija is located in the village of Zlakusa, located 14 kilometers from Užice. This beautiful ethno village is surrounded by the most beautiful, natural environment. The rural tourist household has been operating successfully for years and attracts tourists from various parts of the region. The restaurant of this ethno village is located outdoors and indoors. It offers extremely delicious Serbian dishes, as well as homemade juices from raspberries, blackberries and of course the famous Serbian brandy. Among other interesting things, it is worth visiting the gallery with the library, the ethno museum with interesting and rare exhibits, as well as the large children's playground where your little ones will happily enjoy the game.
  • National Museum of Uzice - This beautiful historical edition is definitely worth seeing and visiting. At the same time, it is an ideal opportunity to learn many interesting things about the rich and long history of Uzice. The museum is located in the city center and you can visit it every working day until five in the afternoon. It contains a rich and diverse permanent exhibition and in it you can find the legacy of the painter Mihailo Milovanović.
  • Hydroelectric power plant in Cetinje - Also, one of the recognizable symbols of the city of Uzice, this famous hydroelectric power plant is located just below the old town of Uzice. This is the first power plant built according to Tesla's principles of electricity in the whole of Europe. For a while, the real attraction of this hydroelectric power plant was a beautiful waterfall that protruded from the rocks near the power plant. In addition, the entire surroundings of the headquarters look like a perfect corner of a natural oasis located near the city center and ideal for long walks and enjoying nature.

Accommodation in Užice

Užice offers a number of apartments, apartments per day and accommodation available to all guests of this city. The prices are mostly affordable and affordable, and below we have singled out a few nice offers:
  • Guest house Little Heaven
  • Accommodation Duga
  • Apartment Panorama 3
For the best offer of comfortable accommodation, you can also look at the page apartments in Užice.

Important telephones and information in Užice

Below is a table with all the most important phones you may need during your stay in Uzice:
  • Bus station Užice +38131602630
  • Gaga tours +38131519333
  • Railway station +38131513165

Health facilities:
  • Health Center +38131524783
  • Hospital +38131599599
  • Children's Dispensary +38131514173
  • Ambulance +38131514200

Where to eat in Užice?

Užice offers a diverse offer of the best restaurants that mostly serve very tasty and affordable food of local Serbian cuisine. The vast majority of these restaurants are located in a very beautiful environment, on the banks of the river Cetinje and next to Užice conifers and hills.
  • Restaurant Moja reka- This popular, Užice restaurant has been very successfully gathering various tourists and many people from Užice for years. It is located next to the river Cetinje, in its most beautiful and arranged part. It is proud of the prominent and delicious grilled dishes, various fish specialties and, of course, the inevitable Užice bun, which is a cult symbol and a great love of all the locals of this area.
  • Restaurant Naša priča- Restaurant Naša priča is located in the heart of Sevojno, not far from Užice. We chose this restaurant because of its long and proven tradition. A varied music program, a beautiful space, a good atmosphere and great food is what sets "Our Story" apart from others.
  • Tabana Restaurant- In addition to delicious dishes and traditional specialties, this restaurant is popular for its spacious garden and large beautiful magnolia tree located in its center. 

Where to go out in Užice?

The city of Užice strives to maintain a rich nightlife, as well as to provide a diverse offer of music and good entertainment. Some of the best and proven places for really good enjoyment and fun are:
  • MakaMara pub & bar- This popular cafe located in the center of Užice, on the main square, has been operating very successfully for years and serves many guests. In addition to a great drink menu and helpful staff, MakaMara Café often organizes great live gigs that bring together all generations.
  • Dubliner pub- In the offer of this popular pub you can find top quality beer and great gigs in the evening, so that all guests of this cafe are guaranteed a good time.
  • Baka Ruza - Stationed just across from the Dubliners, this cafe is located in a beautiful garden with a view of the river Cetinje. In addition to a great ambience, the café offers a superb selection of cocktails, beers and hot beverages.

Transport and taxi in Užice

Considering that Užice is a smaller city in western Serbia, a taxi is easily accessible to everyone and very accessible. We have singled out several taxi services that work 24/7 continuously:

Hello Bravo Taxi 031 554422, Taxi 031 826110, Butterfly Taxi 031 500500

Parking and public garages in Užice

On the territory of the city of Uzice, there are currently two zones in which you can park.
  • Zone 1-In the first zone, parking is limited to 120 minutes and there is no possibility of further extension-
  • Zone 2- In the second zone, all parking spaces can be used freely without a time limit
Billing can be done in several ways:
  • Sms message
  • By purchasing a parking ticket at any oxygen station
  • Direct payment

Public garage
The public garage is located in Kralja Petra Street, in the city center, in the area of the demolished post office. Here, parking is charged exclusively directly, while the parking service in the public garage is 40 dinars for all passenger vehicles.

Surroundings of Užice

It can be freely pointed out that the surroundings of this area hide even bigger and more significant beauties than only Užice. Each of the following locations is special and worth your time and visit:
  • Drvengrad- This is a popular tourist attraction that attracts the attention of foreign and domestic tourists. The city of film and festivals, culture and art is built in a very authentic Zlatibor style and its very existence is a work of art. Special attention is drawn to wooden log houses. There are over 50 of them in the village, and most of them are authentic because they were transferred from the surrounding villages of Zlatibor. In it you can find a range of entertainment and educational attractions, prominent restaurants, comfortable and luxurious accommodation, unreal viewpoints and nature, cinema, indoor pool, sports fields, even luxury spas.
  • Kadinjača Memorial Complex - Among the monuments located in the immediate vicinity of Užice, the memorial complex on Kadinjača, built 14 km west of Užice, stands out. The monument is dedicated to the fighters of the Uzice Workers' Battalion, Posavina and Orašan, who bravely sacrificed themselves on November 29, 1941, and thus managed to protect the retreat of partisan forces from Užice to the Raska area.
  • Djetinje Gorge - In addition to beautiful nature, this gorge has as many as 14 tunnels about ten kilometers long. Near the town of Uzice, many rare plant and animal species, waterfalls and pools have been preserved. Fishing is also developed in this region so that the best trout are caught regularly without any problems.
  • Rujno Monastery- This monastery, located only 15 km from Uzice, preserves a rich culture and tradition. It was in this monastery that the first book in this area was printed, known as the September Four Gospels. The building is of unusual beauty and prominent architecture, so it is truly a place worth your visit.

History of Užice

  • Užice through history - Užice region was inhabited in prehistoric times. In addition, Užice and its surroundings are part of Nemanja's medieval feudal state.  During the Austro-Turkish wars, the city became a large military base and an important insurgent center. After the end of the Balkans and the First World War, production and industry in Užice began to recover rapidly. King Aleksandar Obrenović laid the foundation stone for the construction of the first hydroelectric power plant in Đetinja. 
  • Užice today - Nowadays, the city is slowly developing into a major economic and cultural center of western Serbia. There are primary, secondary and high schools in the city, the Faculty of Teacher Education, the National Theater, the National Museum, the Historical Archive, the City Gallery, the National Library.Cinema and theater, as well as long walks on the beach are part of modern and developed UŽice, which is today the true heart of Sumadija.

Geography and climate of Užice

  • Geography of Užice- This hilly and mountainous area is dominated by forests and forest land. The river Cetinje flows through the town and because of that, Užice is geographically placed in the valley of Cetinje. The territory of the municipality of Užice and the Užice region stretches from the Valjevo mountains all the way to Mount Radocelo stretches to the east and west to the border with Bosnia. The highest peak of this area is located on the mountain Zlatibor, and it is increasingly popular Tornik.
  • Climate of Užice- The territory of the Užice region can be said to be a high area and therefore the mountain climate prevails in most of it. Due to that, the climate in Užice is moderately continental. In most parts of the Užice region, due to the height of this area, a slightly harsher and fresher climate prevails, while the northern and southern parts differ climatically, so it is moderately continental in the lower parts, up to 800m, and southern part has a mountain climate. Maximum temperatures occur in July, minimum in January, and the average annual temperature is 9.5oC.

Demography of Užice

  • The city of Užice is located in Western Serbia and is the administrative center of the Zlatibor district.
  • It covers an area of 667 square kilometers.
  • According to the 2011 census report, there were 78.040 inhabitants
  • Most farms are family-run
  • When it comes to the owners of farms in Užice, men are in the majority again

Tradition and culture of Užice

  • Industry Užice - Uzice has long since begun to develop as an industrial city. That is why it was the first city in Serbia where a hydroelectric power plant was built according to Tesla's principles, back in 1900. In addition, this is the second power plant in the world, built after the one at the famous Niagara Falls.
  • Užice honey - The production of natural bee honey has long been a tradition of this region. Uzice honey stands out from others because of its organic quality and excellent taste.
  • Užice set of buns - This delicious, local specialty of the Uzice region has become a widely known and unavoidable part of the tradition of Uzice. The main ingredient of this traditional dish is lamb melt, which is poured over toasted bread with eggs.
  • Užice folklore - A good sense of movement and rhythm is something that is in the genetics of Uzice eras. Therefore, the Užice circuit has become a cult game without which no joy can pass. For years, Užice has been carefully nurturing the folklore tradition, and it is from this area that some of the best folklore associations have emerged.

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