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Welcome to Zvornik

Zvornik awaits you on the eastern slopes of Majevica and the banks of the Drina. This city of Republika Srpska is an excellent choice both for a quiet family vacation and for an extended weekend for two. Take the opportunity to explore the medieval towns and fortifications of Kušlat and Đuršev grad, enjoy driving on Lake Zvornik and fishing, or active nightlife. Use our site to plan your visit to Zvornik and you'll want to get there as soon as possible.

Zvornik Apartments

Family resort Kovacevic

Zvornik · Surrounding places · Josanica
2 Bedrooms · 8 Guests
€116.82 night

Zelinjski Vidikovac

Zvornik · Surrounding places · Zelinje
3 Bedrooms · 10 Guests
€116.82 night