Welcome to Nis

The largest and central city of southern Serbia is a destination that has a number of special characteristics that make it unique and recognizable. Nis boasts quality facilities, cultural and historical monuments and characteristic specialties, which from year to year attract a large number of visitors. We have singled out for you its biggest attractions, the most famous catering facilities, surrounding facilities and accommodation units. Our selection will help you get to know Nis completely before you go on a trip and thus organize your vacation in the right way and provide yourself with unforgettable moments.

Nis Apartments

Mitić Apartman's 1

Nis · City · Palilula
Studio · 3 Guests
€35 per night


Nis · City · Pantelej
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€51 per night

Mitić Apartman's 2

Nis · City · Palilula
Studio · 3 Guests
€35 per night

Đorić Luxury

Nis · City · Pantelej
Studio · 4 Guests
€41 per night

Greenspace 3

Nis · City · Pantelej
2 Bedrooms · 5 Guests
€35 per night

Luka lux

Nis · City · Medijana
Studio · 2 Guests
€27 per night

Apartman Filip

Nis · City · Minovo naselje
2 Bedrooms · 7 Guests
€41 per night

Calipso 1

Nis · City · Medijana
Studio · 3 Guests
€35 per night

Dekart 2

Nis · City · Center
Studio · 2 Guests
€29 per night

Heart of Niš

Nis · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€53 per night

Dream 3

Nis · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€82 per night


Nis · City · Apelovac
2 Bedrooms · 6 Guests
€41 per night

When to visit Nis?

Whether you decide to visit this beautiful, ancient city in the south of Serbia, in winter or summer, be sure that there will always be interesting and beautiful places that you can always visit. Even during the transitional months of the year, Nis offers you a wide and varied offer of various sights and activities. So it is safe to say that Nis is an ideal choice for a holiday throughout the year.

How to get to Nis?

If you are wondering how it is best and easiest to get to Nis, there are several options available to you. Trains, cars and buses run daily to and from Nis, and the roads are generally nicely done and safe. The distance from Belgrade to Nis is 237 km.
  • Belgrade-Nis highway: This is certainly the best choice when it comes to a fast and safe trip to Nis. The highway is covered by cameras, and the first toll ramp awaits you at Bubanj Potok. The total section is 239 kilometers. The highway starts in Belgrade and leads through Vrčin, Ralja, Lapovo, Velika Plana, Jagodina, Ćuprija, Paraćin, Ražanj, Aleksinac and ends at the toll ramp Nais in front of Niš, after which the road to Bulgaria separates.

We have singled out several options on how best to get to Nis:
  • By train - Nis is very well connected with almost all European and Serbian destinations. In Nis, the station is located only 20 minutes from the city center.
  • By car - Nis has a very good road connection. The European road route, known to everyone as the E-75, which comes to Hungary and forks in two directions, makes it very easy to get to Nis from almost all directions.
Bus transport from and to Nis
For years, the Nis Express has been successfully and regularly operating on the roads of Serbia and transporting passengers to Nis. Buses go for about 30 minutes, while the ticket price is about 1500 dinars or about 13 euros in one direction. For additional information you can call: 018 255 177

Activities for tourists in Nis

The city of Nis is located in the Nisava valley, on very important roads and has always been considered the capital of southern Serbia. Its culture, history and tradition are rich and long, so it is no surprise that the city of Nis is full of various activities for tourists throughout the year. We have selected some of them for you:
  • Visit to Niška Banja - Niška Banja is one of the most famous spas in Serbia, widely known for its thermo-mineral springs of healing water. The history of this spa is long and dates back to the time of ancient Rome when the ancient Romans built baths and treated themselves with healing waters. One of the interesting activities for all tourists is a visit to these authentic Roman baths, as well as a visit to the imperial residence. What can especially attract the attention of almost all visitors to the spa are the spacious pools built of marble.
  • Visit to the King's Villa - Another activity for tourists is a visit to the villa of Aleksandar Karađorđević, who often stayed in Niš and Niš spa. The architecture of the villa is beautiful, as is its interior, while its surroundings are adorned with a beautifully landscaped garden.
  • Tour of the Mediana Archaeological Park - This famous archeological site is of great importance for the culture and history of the city of Nis. It dates back to the fourth century AD and contains valuable remains of the Roman residence of the Roman emperor Constantine the Great, who was born in Nis. This can be an ideal opportunity for all tourists to learn and see many historical curiosities about the past of Nis, as well as about Serbian and Roman history.
  • Eco Bike Tour Nis- lately, an increasingly popular activity for many tourists is riding eco bikes in Nis. This is also a perfect opportunity to have an active vacation, but also to get to know every part of the city of Nis and to experience it in a completely different way. 

Manifestation and festivals i Nis

In addition to the excellent tourist offer, the city of Nis has developed over time through a variety of events, whose programs will complement your summer, fall and winter stays in this historic city. When we talk about festivals in Nis, we are talking, at the same time, about festivals in Serbia, so we have singled out some of the most popular:
  • Nisville Jazz Festival- This popular, music festival is held every year in August and has become one of the striking symbols of the city of Nis. The festival celebrates good jazz music and a good time for all fans of this type of music. Another advantage of this festival is that it is held in several places in the Nis Fortress and gathers renowned jazz musicians around the world. There is almost always more tickets for Nishville, and the atmosphere at the concerts is more than beautiful.
  • Film Encounters Nis - This is a festival with a very long tradition, which is also traditionally held at the end of August in the beautiful amphitheater of the famous Nis Fortress. During film meetings, Nis became a city of acting and a city of actors. In addition to great films, this popular festival also awards prominent prizes every year. The fact that its guests were once great, Hollywood actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, best testifies to how important this festival is for the entire culture and art of Serbia and how long its tradition is. Due to the huge number of audiences and the importance of this event, tickets are usually sold out in advance or distributed to sponsors, but can be purchased at several places, usually at the premises of the Nis Tourist Organization and at the Nis Cultural Center.
  • Museum Night in Nis - Museum Night in Nis is a special attraction for all visitors to Nis and for all lovers of culture and history. This city really has a lot to offer when it comes to the diversity of museums, and each of them tells a unique story. During the Museum Night, tickets for all museums are discounted and much cheaper, while for children it is completely free. All visitors can enjoy excellent exhibitions and exhibitions, and in addition to the museum, they can also visit the Historical Archive of the City of Nis.
  • Days of the Holy Emperor Constantine and Empress Helen in Nis - Since Nis is the birthplace of the great Emperor Constantine, these ceremonies are held every year in his honor. The special manifestation dedicated to the emperor and his mother aims to remind everyone of the significance and greatness of Constantine and the cultural and historical heritage of Nis. The festival is held every year, always during the first weekend of June and lasts a full 4 days. The program is both educational and diverse, so everyone can enjoy it.

Activities for kids

The tourist organization in charge of content development in Nis, always thought of the pastime of its youngest visitors. If you are on a family vacation, your children will be able to enjoy very high quality and fun activities that are also educational in nature. The most popular are:
  • New children's playground in Nis Fortress
The city of Nis also takes care of its youngest. This playground is located in a beautiful environment and has the latest swings, slides, seesaws and carousels. Nis Fortress is a real space for children that must be explored, and the children's playground is just a special corner of it.
  • Puppet Theater Nis
This theater nurtures a long tradition and is proud of its very good and fun repertoire for children. Shows like Three Pigs and Once Upon a Winter are just some of the most popular shows for children, for which more tickets are always wanted. In addition, watching plays and going to the theater can be an ideal opportunity to gather the whole family and create some of the most beautiful memories.

Accommodation in Nis

Accommodation prices vary depending on the equipment, location and additional, luxurious amenities that the accommodation units offer. In Nis you can find a really diverse offer of apartments, hotels and villas. Most of the prices are favorable, so you can get by with only 2500 dinars per person. Below we select some of the most popular accommodations in Nis:
  • Hotels - Ambassador Hotel, New City Hotel & Restaurant Nis, Hotel Crystal Light
  • Apartments- Kutak, SB center apartments
  • Hostels- Sweet Hostel, Hostel Marvel
In addition to these, comfortable and safe apartments Nis are always at your disposal.

What to see in Nis?

The city of Nis is a very unusual city in the south of Serbia. Due to its long history, Nis is rich in sights and sites of great importance. Below we have singled out some that are really worth visiting:
  •  Nis Fortress - Nis Fortress is the most famous symbol of the city of Nis and one of its most beautiful and significant sites. It is located in the heart of the city, on the banks of the river Nisava. Although old, this fortress is still very well preserved and full of cultural and historical monuments. The monument to Prince Milan Obrenović, the Arsenal, the Hammam, the Historical Archive Building are just some of the important places that you should visit during your visit to this fortress.
  • Monument on Čegra and Ćele kula - This cultural, historical place has become the only monument in this area. The place where the famous Battle of Chegar took place, which was tragic for a large number of Serbian soldiers, as well as for a large number of Turks. Cele Kula is a famous monument from the First Serbian Uprising, which the Turkish government built from the skulls of the killed Serbian warriors. Due to its great importance, it is classified as a monument of extraordinary importance.
  • Red Cross Concentration Camp - This is one of the better preserved fascist camps in Europe. Although a shocking place that hides a long tradition of suffering of innocent Serbian, Jewish and Roma victims, it is worth visiting and keeping the memory of all those sufferings, in the hope that something like this will never happen again.
  • Nis Green Market - Nis Green Market has become a cult place where tourists meet with the locals of Nis. The specific southern mentality can be seen here the most, as well as the authentic spirit of Nis.

Important telephones and information

Below we have selected the most important phones that you may need during your stay in Nis.
Services and institutions
  • Health Center 018 503-503
  • Ambulance 018 194
  • Pharmacy 018 512 336
  • Police 0181 192
  • Fire service 018 193
  • Roadside assistance 018 987
  • Clinical Center 018 506 900
  • Communal Police 018 4150 201

Where to eat in Nis?

Nis is one of the three largest cities in Serbia, and at the same time Nis is the leading trade and economic center of the southern part of the country. Accordingly, Nis has one of the best restaurants and fast food kiosks, and is widely known for its excellent grilled dishes.
  • Nishlijska mehana - According to many, this restaurant takes a convincing first place when it comes to the most delicious specialties of local cuisine. It is located in the city center, in a very pleasant and authentic environment. This tavern has long since gained its loyal guests who often return to enjoy all the charms of this restaurant again. One of the dishes that we would especially like to single out is roasting under the sac, as well as a house specialty: lamb soup.
  • Tavern Mrak- This popular, Nis tavern, is located on the outskirts of the city, although it does not affect its attendance and quality. Darkness nurtures a tradition that has lasted for a full 30 years, and is especially proud of various grilled specialties, but also cooked, home-made dishes. Their stew and stewed beans are widely known and represent the delicious specialties of this restaurant that we warmly recommend you to try.
  • Restaurant Stambolijski- In this city restaurant you can always find a great atmosphere and very pleasant service. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with special care and contains many details, and the wine list and menu contain a diverse offer of the best dishes and drinks.
  •  Kafana Brka- Ethno restaurant Brka is located in the village Jelasnica, not far from Nis. It is located in a beautiful, natural environment. Wood and stone dominate this space, and the surroundings of the restaurant are equally beautiful and exude peace. This is an ideal place for a short break and escape from the city noise and crowds.

Where to go out in Nis?

As one of the largest and leading cities in Serbia, Nis has a rich nightlife. Good time, good music and merry parties are guaranteed for everyone in this city, and we single out some of the most popular places to go out:
  • Sunset club- Sunset Club is one of the leading and most popular clubs for almost all generations. Good gigs are safe if you decide to have fun in this club, and their drink menu is more than great and varied.
  • Irish Pub Crazy Horse- Another place where you can enjoy great rock music is Irish Pub from Nis. In addition to great music and good company, this club offers great draft beers.
  • Club Scena- For all fans of techno and house music, club Scena is the right place. His popularity is constantly growing, and the lines in front of the club often know how to lengthen. Certainly, this club promises a great atmosphere and an unforgettable time.
  • Trumpet Café- When it comes to a slightly different atmosphere, Trumpet Café is an ideal place for all those who like good jazz and funk music. Tucked away in a pleasant ambience, this cafe offers a homely atmosphere and the best intensity in the city.

Transportation and taxi in Nis

There is a large number of taxi services in Nis, as well as regular public transport.
The most famous taxi services in Nis are:
Prvi Taxi  018 /4500005, Bros Taxi 018 /4155541, City Taxi  0800 / 000022
In addition, Nis has a well-developed public transport network that connects all parts of the city, even the suburbs of Nis. Bus departures are regular and start even in the early morning hours.

Parking and public garages in Nis

Nis, like any major city, has a fairly developed system of parking and public garages. Parking is divided into zones, while public garages are available in only a few places. Parking is charged on weekdays from 7 am to 9 pm, while on Sundays parking is not charged.
Parking by zones
  • Red zone- Parking time in this zone is limited to two hours. The price for the first is 50 dinars, and for the second hour of parking is 150 dinars.
  • Green zone- In the green zone, parking time is a full three hours - the price per started hour is 37 dinars.
  • Extra zone- The price for only one hour in this zone, as long as you can stay, is 80 dinars.
Parking garages
  • Sindjelic Squar- This is the largest, public garage located just above the National Theater. Parking is charged immediately after the start of the class and amounts to 50 dinars, while the working hours of the parking lot are 00-24 hours.
  • Garage Stojan Ostojić- It is also a public garage in Vojvode Tankosića Street. Parking fee is only 40 dinars per hour and without time limit. Parking has 70 parking spaces.
    For all additional information you can call JKP Parking service on the phone number: 018 517-555

Surroundings of Nis

Like the center of Nis, its surroundings are rich in beauties and sights that are really worth visiting.
  • Suva planina - About 50 km from the city of Nis, this mountain is one of the still insufficiently explored benefits of Serbia. The nature of Suva planina is unreal and represents something that should be experienced and felt first hand. In addition, this mountain is rich in healing waters and herbs and clean air. It is an ideal place for long walks, hiking and true enjoyment of nature.
  • Cerjan Cave - If you are a fan of adventure, then this ancient cave is the right place for you. It is located 14 km from Nis and its area has not yet been fully explored. This cave hides a real underground world full of corridors, halls, stalactites and crystal flowers. It is truly a beautiful place for tourists and geologists, and many claim that its richness and significance will only be talked about.
  • Sićevačka gorge - In addition to the great natural beauty and unreal lookout, this gorge is the right choice for all those who like an active vacation. Rafting, free climbing, mountain running and hiking are just some of the interesting activities you can try here. Nature park Sićevačka klisura is an area of ​​exceptional biological diversity and home to a large number of endemic and rare species of plants and animals.

History of Nis

  • Nis in Roman times: Considering that Nis is one of the oldest cities in the entire Balkans, its long and rich history dates back to ancient Roman times. Due to that, Nis became known as the Gate of East and West. However, the city itself was created long before the arrival of the first Romans in this area. During the reign of Emperor Constantine, Nis became an important administrative center, which the Huns managed to destroy almost completely. Nis had a long period of revival and recovery ahead of it.
  • Nis through the centuries - For many years, Nis has had a very turbulent history. Only with the arrival of the Slavs did the city begin to prosper again and to be gradually rebuilt. In the summer of 1189, Stefan Nemanja met Barbarossa in Nis during the Second Crusade. In the First World War, Nis fell under the occupation of Bulgaria and Germany, which lasted for a full 4 years. During the Second World War, the city again suffered great destruction and suffered devastating damage. Nis was finally liberated on October 14, 1944.
  • Nis today: In modern times, Nis has become one of the three leading and most populated cities in Serbia. It is a city that is constantly evolving and growing. At the same time, Nis became the economic and tourist center of the whole of southern Serbia and has over 300,000 inhabitants. It is the second largest city in Serbia after Belgrade.

Geography and climate of Nis

  • Geography of Nis - Nis is located in the Nis valley along the confluence of the Nisava and South Morava. The city center is at 194m above sea level, while the highest point in the city is Sokolov kamen, which is located at the top of Suva planina (1,523m above sea level). What is of great importance is that the city of Nis is located at the crossroads of the most important Balkan and European and European traffic routes.
  • Climate Nis-Nis has a temperate-continental climate. Therefore, the warmest month of the year is July, while the coldest is January. On average, 589.6 mm of rain and snow per square meter fall annually. Climate change Nis is monitored by a meteorological station located in the Nis fortress at 202 meters above sea level, which records data on the weather from 1889.

Demographics of Nis

  • According to the 2011 census, the city of Nis has 278,867 inhabitants
  • Nis is the largest city in southeastern Serbia
  • Nis is the seat of the Nisava administrative district
  • Nis has a negative natural increase

Tradition and culture of Nis

The long history of Nis, the numerous turmoils of the city, as well as its significant position, ancient buildings that intertwine with modern architecture and the widely known southern mentality make up the diverse tradition and culture of the capital of the south. In the following, we have singled out several sights and activities that are of great importance for the culture and tradition of Nis.
  • Nis Banovina- For many years, this prominent, historic building has contributed a lot to the tradition of the city of Nis and has significantly influenced the cultural heritage of Nis. Located on the banks of the river Nisava, near the entrance to the famous Fortress, Banovina was the seat of the court, captaincy and administration of the entire southern part of Serbia. In addition to its rich history and cultural and historical heritage, this building, built in the Neo-Renaissance style, is characterized by incredibly beautiful architecture.
  • Hunting and fishing in Nis - Hunting and fishing have been an indispensable part of the Nis tradition for years. The hunting ground "Nisava" has a total area of ​​59,424. The hunting association "Niš" has programs for hunting forest snipes and pheasants from its own breeding. For bird lovers, their training and competitions in working on the partridge are on offer.
  • The monument to Stevan Sremac and Kalča - Stevan Sremac is one of the most famous and most important personalities of Serbian culture and literature. In his recognized works, he often celebrated the city of Nis and the southern mentality. Thanks to him, Nis and its entire surroundings experienced great popularity among the general public, while the temperamental and complex southern mentality was vividly transferred from the pages of the book to the movie screen. Kalca, a cult character from his novel Ivko's Glory, is a part of this beautiful monument in Nis, which was erected in honor and glory of the great Stevan Sremec. 

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