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Welcome to Jagodina

We present you one of the most developed cities in the Pomoravski district, an area that develops its capacities from year to year and attracts a large number of tourists. Jagodina is one of the first cities in Serbia to start investing in the development of its infrastructure, culture and tourism. Today, it is an environment that boasts characteristic attractions: the Museum of Wax Figures, the Aqua Park and the Zoo. We have selected all the information about Jagodina for you and fully presented all the details of its tourist offer. Explore it and organize an unforgettable vacation.

Jagodina Apartments


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Jagodina · City · Aqua Park
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Jagodina · City · Aqua Park
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Apartman Srdjan

Jagodina · City · Aqua Park
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Apartman Muzika Jagodina

Jagodina · City · Aqua Park
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When to visit Jagodina?

Jagodina has developed numerous facilities and attractions, so it can be characterized as a perfect choice for a vacation throughout the year. Depending on the time of year when you stay in the city, you have at your disposal:
  • During the summer - summer is the perfect choice because then you have access to the most famous attractions: the Zoo, Aqua Park, picnic areas, as well as the most popular events.
  • During the winter - you can complete your winter vacation by visiting cultural institutions: the Homeland Museum, the Museum of Naive Art or the Jagodina Theater.

How to get to Jagodina?

Thanks to its excellent position, Jagodina is connected with all parts of Serbia. It is 130 kilometers away from Belgrade, 230 from Novi Sad, 55 from Kragujevac, 110 from Nis. From these centers you can get to Jagodina in several ways:
  • By car - this is a great option because in the immediate vicinity of the city lies the international highway E 75, which connects Belgrade and Nis, and continues further towards Athens. Thanks to this section of the road, you can reach Jagodina from Belgrade in about 90 minutes, and to Novi Sad in about two and a half hours. Also, the city is connected with the road E 70, which leads to its center via Slavonski Brod, from the direction of Zagreb.
  • By bus - bus transport is extremely developed and allows you to reach Jagodina from all cities of Serbia: Belgrade, Kragujevac, Arandjelovac, Novi Sad, Aleksinac, Subotica, Leskovac, Nis. Apart from cities in Serbia, buses from Jagodina also run to: Croatia, Sweden, Italy, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. For all additional information on departures and ticket prices, call the Jagodina Bus Station: 035 221241, while the timetable for international departures is available at: 035 228 404.

Activities for tourists in Jagodina

The city offers many activities both outdoors and indoors. During your stay you have at your disposal:
  • Excursions - one of the biggest city attractions is the resort Potok, which is located in the heart of the city and where you can enjoy the rest, walks and relaxing sound of the Fountain. Apart from it, you can also enjoy excursions to the surrounding attractions, such as the Lisina waterfall or the Resava cave
  • Visit to cultural institutions - Jagodina nurtures cultural values ​​and various contents. During the visit to the city, you can observe the contents of the Homeland Museum, the Museum of Naive Art, the Historical Archive and the Cultural Center Svetozar Markovic, as well as the programs of the City Theater.
  • Sports activities - Jagodina is a city that invests a lot in the development of sports and recreation. We recommend that you use spaces such as: Sports hall, where there are courts for volleyball, basketball, table tennis, handball, boxing, or a tennis complex, which has a tennis court for slag, open football field and indoor hall for indoor soccer. . In addition to this, the city stadium complex will allow you to enjoy interesting sports matches as spectators.

Events and festivals in Jagodina

Jagodina has very high quality events, which are available throughout the year. The most famous are:
  • Comedy Days - one of the most significant events and a kind of symbol of the city. It is held every year from March 20 to 27, when all theaters in Serbia compete in presenting the best comedies. In the end, the best receive the Javanča Micić Award for the funniest play and Curan for the best role and direction.
  • Music Autumn - during the 25 years of its existence, this festival has gathered the most famous names of soloists of serious music and instrumentalists who create the most beautiful sounds. It is organized every year by the Cultural Center of Jagodina at the end of November and lasts for 20 days.
  • Meetings of the village - a festival that has been preserving the tradition of village life, folk costumes, ethno-motifs for 3 decades. During the festival, village creators of different categories gather, who present their products and encourage the preservation of the rural environment and tradition. It is held in late February and early March each year.
  • Summer scene - Djurdjevo brdo city park has been turning into the epicenter of good entertainment, various musical sounds and quality programs for children and adults since the first of May. The most famous names of our music scene and the biggest names of our theaters are guests here.

Facilities for children in Jagodina

The youngest visitors will enjoy various activities and attractions in Jagodina. The city has developed a number of spaces especially for the youngest, so during your stay you should not miss:
  • Zoo - Jagodina is next to Palić and Belgrade the only city in Serbia that has a zoo. It is located within the sports complex of Jagodina, and more than 150 species of animals live in it. During your stay you will hang out with: Bengal tiger, giraffe, lions, seals, bears. Guides are waiting for you at the zoo, as well as a restaurant, a playroom and a souvenir shop.
  • Aqua Park Jagodina - another tourist attraction located within the sports center Jagodina is an ideal place to entertain the youngest visitors. It spreads over 3.5 hectares and contains 7 pools with water attractions and water slides with a total length of 600 meters: 6 for adults and 3 for children. Within the Park there is also a restaurant and a kiosk for selling ice cream and juices.
  • Skate Park - within the sports center Jagodina there is a Skate Park, which was opened 13 years ago. The polygon in the park occupies an area of ​​1000 square meters, and the park also has two swimming pools, as well as five ramps for rollerbladers, skaters and bikers. Well, if you are on the road with slightly older children, it is certain that this will be the perfect place for all family members to enjoy.

What to see in Jagodina?

In addition to the attractions listed so far, Jagodina also has a number of institutions with quality programs, as well as landscaped natural beauty. We recommend that you complete your stay with a tour of the following attractions:
  • Museum of wax figures - a space that has become the most important symbol of the city and one of the buildings that marked the beginning of the accelerated tourist development of Jagodina. It is located within the sports and recreational complex Potok Djurdjevo brdo and has been representing the most famous people of our history, culture and sports for 13 years. There are 30 exhibits in it, and it is open to visitors every day from 8 am to 8 pm
  • Museum of Naive Art - since 1960, Jagodina has been richer for a museum institution that collects, studies and exhibits works of naive art. To date, the Museum has collected over 2,000 works, making it the largest institution of its kind in the Balkans.
  • Homeland Museum and Archaeological Sites - an institution that displays more than 200,000 exhibits through 5 departments: archaeological, ethnological, historical, artistic and natural history. It was founded in 1954 and is a cultural monument protected by law.
  • Excursion site Potok - excursion site Potok is part of the tourist complex of Jagodina and is one of the most attractive attractions. A fountain was built in it, which is 122 meters long and decorated with colorful lights, as well as pictures of turkeys and the coat of arms of Jagodina. In addition to this, Potok also has a waterfall that is 7 meters high and 12 meters wide, and which, together with the fountain, beautifies the natural ambience of the picnic area.
  • Djurdjevo brdo City Park - the most visited picnic area in Jagodina, a real oasis of greenery and clean air, in which there are spaces for sitting and resting, as well as devices for children's play. A summer stage with an amphitheater is set up in the park from May to August, where various theater, music and other entertainment programs are organized.
  • Churches - in the city itself there are three churches of beautiful architecture and magnificent decorations. The temple of the Holy Archangel Michael or the old church was built in 1824 by Prince Miloš Obrenović; The Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul - the New Church, was consecrated in 1899 and is one of the most beautiful monuments of the Byzantine style; The Church of the Holy Great Martyr George - the family endowment of the merchant family of Vaso Rakić, who built it in 1891, burned to the ground in 1985, and a more magnificent temple was created in its place.

Accommodation in Jagodina

If you want to stay one or more days in Jagodina, there are accommodation units of exceptional quality and very affordable prices. The most popular options are:
  • Hotel - available to you hotels Garni Hotel Lion, which has three stars and is located only 500 meters from the city center, as well as Hill Hotel Jagodina. In addition to accommodation, you can provide meals as well as popular amenities: a spa and wellness center. You can afford a night for two for a little over 4000 dinars.
  • Apartments - these accommodation units have reached an exceptional level of development, so they can offer almost all the amenities that are available within the hotel accommodation. At your disposal are extremely luxurious apartments Jagodina, such as those that contain a Jacuzzi tub and are available for about 70 €, as well as those slightly smaller and without luxury amenities that you can afford for 20 € per person.
  • Rural households - categorized rural households are also at your disposal, perfect for all those who want to enjoy a combination of peace, clean air, delicious home-made meals and quality accommodation units. The most famous household of this type is Morava garden in the village of Kacarevo.

Important telephone numbers and information in Jagodina

Here is a detailed list of important telephone services that you may need during your stay in Jagodina.

City services
  • MUP - SUP duty service 192
  • Firefighters - 193
  • Ambulance 194
  • Pharmacy - city 1 035 / 221-425
  • Pharmacy - city 2 060 / 02-21-479
  • General Hospital 035 / 815-0200
  • Health Center Jagodina - Central 035 / 815-00-33
  • Railway station 035 / 221-003
  • Bus station 035/221 241
  • Nis Express Jagodina 035 223 418, 065 466 93 79
Tourist facilities
  • Touristic organization Jagodina 035 25 29 83
  • Aqua park 035 / 24-14-53, 065 / 83-17-719, Fax: 035 / 243-203
  • Zoo 035/244 728
  • Wax Museum 035 / 252-983
  • Cultural Center 035 / 222-613
  • Museum of Naive Art 035/223 419
  • Homeland Museum 035 / 231-328

Where to eat in Jagodina?

Jagodina is a city that has a number of facilities that can offer you delicious meals, great atmosphere and quality service. We recommend:
  • Restaurants - catering facilities that offer the most delicious local meals. The most famous are: Potok - located in the park Djurdjevo brdo, R-club, Vasarac plus, restaurant of local cuisine Ćuran and ethno-restaurant Konak.
  • Bakeries and Fast food facilities - an ideal choice if you do not have much time and you want to treat yourself to a quality meal. Locals recommend bakeries Karamela, Mama, Zlatni klas, Babuška, as well as fast food restaurants: Obelix, Francis, Don Gedza.
  • Pastry shops - sweet treats are the perfect way to complete delicious salty meals. The best places for that are confectioneries: Sweet Sin, Imagination, Pelivan-Es, Sweet Heart.

Where to go out in Jagodina?

In Jagodina there is a rich offer of places for quality nightlife, which provides quality content for every musical taste. During your stay in the city you can choose between:
  • Tavern - catering facilities in which there is always a great atmosphere created by the sounds of traditional music. The most popular cafes in Jagodina are: Balkan and Srpska kafana.
  • Cafes and pubs - spaces perfect for a slightly more relaxed night out and places ideal for daytime relaxation. We recommend: Padrino, Gabo, Status and Beer House.
  • Clubs - places perfect for all those who want to enjoy the fun that lasts until the early morning hours and provides the sounds of newly composed, popular music. Apis and Club Gold are in charge of that.

Transportation and taxi in Jagodina

As for public city transport, the territory of the municipality of Jagodina is covered by lines of city and suburban transport that run throughout the day. A total of 21 lines run through 53 settlements on the territory of the municipality of Jagodina. All citizens of Jagodina can use transportation completely free of charge. You can see the detailed timetable of all lines on the link: Timetable.

Taxi transport
If you decide to use taxi services to get around the city, there will be several taxi services available. The kilometer traveled in the first tariff is 70 dinars, while during weekends and holidays it is 80 dinars. Waiting is charged 700 dinars. The most famous taxi services in Jago