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Welcome to Raska

Raska is a municipality located in southwestern Serbia, between Kopaonik and Golija, on the rivers Ibar and Raska. This town is one of the areas that best preserve the Serbian tradition and the spirit of old times. It contains important cultural and historical monuments and writings outside, such as the Gradac monastery and a phototype edition of Miroslav's Gospel. Thanks to that, this area is very attractive for tourists and visited throughout the year. Our site presents all the important information about Raska and highlights the most important details of its tourist offer. Organize your trip in the best possible way.

When to visit Raska?

Nikola Pasic once described Raska as the place where we were born. This town is located at the confluence of the Ibar and the river Raska. Due to its geographical location, and due to its cultural and historical heritage, we can rightly say that this is one of the few places you can visit throughout the year.
  • Throughout the year - The richness of the historical heritage is one of the main reasons to visit this area. This is the place where the Serbian modern Serbian state and church was founded. The main tourist location, apart from the winter centers, is certainly Jošanička Banja. There is also a photocopy of Miroslav's Gospel in Raska. These are some of the main reasons to visit this small town.
  • During the winter - If one city is so lucky that it is bordered on one side by Golija, on the other by Kopaonik it is clear that this is an ideal tourist destination in the winter period of the year. Golija is ideal for beginners, while Kopaonik is our largest winter tourist center about which we should not spend a lot of words.

How to get to Raska?

Due to its geographical position, Raska is well connected with all major cities in our country. The distance from Belgrade to Raska is 252 kilometers, Novi Sad is 320 kilometers away, Cacak 108, Kraljevo 82, and Novi Pazar 20 kilometers. You can get to Raska in several different ways:
  • By car - The easiest way from Belgrade to Raska is the Ibar highway. Further, one branch of the highway separates towards Novi Pazar, and the other towards Kosovska Mitrovica. It will take you approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes from Belgrade to Raska.
  • By bus - There are several buses running daily from Belgrade to Raska. Some of them continue towards Novi Pazar, but each passes through Raska. Since they are organized by several auto carriers, the prices vary. You can buy a one-way ticket for an average of RSD 1,100, while the price of a return ticket is RSD 1,700.
  • By train - From the direction of Kraljevo to Raska you can also get by train. The price of a one-way ticket is 310 RSD, while the travel period is slightly longer than 90 minutes. Detailed timetable can be found on the page: Serbian Railways - timetable.

Activities for tourists in Raska

If you like an active vacation, Raska is the right choice for you. On the territory of this municipality with the surrounding area, you can find activities that will satisfy the taste of even the biggest adrenaline addicts. We will mention some activities in the next few lines:
  • Hiking and hiking tours - Hiking tours through the largest mountain center, Kopaonik, never leave anyone indifferent. There are several trails that are suitable for both beginners and experienced mountaineering companies. Some of them are Markov Kamen, Smokovska reka, Nebeske Stolice and Metodje. In the village of Rudnica there is a hiking trail Brezovik. The trail is clearly marked with signalization and fragments from the life of Saint Sava are written on thematic boards.
  • Rafting and rafting on the Ibar - If you want an unforgettable adventure and event that you will retell, we suggest you try rafting or rafting on the Ibar. This is one of the most exciting events you will experience during your stay in Raska.
  • Extreme sports and adrenaline activities - If you find yourself on Kopaonik, paragliding is something you should definitely try. In addition to this fun, you can try a quad ride, and there are also climbing climbs. Tubing, bobsleigh and zip-line are available. The first zip-line in Serbia was set up on Kopaonik.
  • Wellness & Spa - outdoor and indoor pools, salt and ice rooms, jacuzzi, steam baths, massages are part of the offer that will relax you. You can enjoy the wellness & spa program at one of the following locations: Grand Hotel, Hotel Milmari, Hotel Klub A, Hotel Gray, Villa Mujen Luks, Apart Hotel Kraljev Čardak.
  • Sports program - in the territory of Raska and its surroundings you can enjoy rich sports activities such as: cycling, basketball, football, swimming in the city pool or aqua park, and there is also an outdoor gym.
  • Skiing - The largest ski center in our country has over 62 kilometers of trails, and there are three illuminated trails that are available for night skiing. The price of a seven-day ski dog for adults is 16,830 RSD, while for children it is 10,870 RSD. A one-day ski pass for adults is 3,300 RSD, while for children it is 2,360 RSD.

Manifestation and festivals in Raska

Rich cultural and historical heritage, the proximity of tourist centers, such as Josanicka Banja and Kopaonik, influences the fact that in Raska there are a large number of tourist and traditional events that should be visited. Here are some of them:
  • Days of Milunka Savić - One of the greatest heroines of the Balkan wars and the First World War, Milunka Savić got her manifestation. This event has a two-day character. The first day is held in the House of Culture in Jošanička Banja, and the second day in the village of Koprivnica in front of her birthplace.
  • Raska spiritual festivities - This event consists of several parts and the first part consists of the International Art Colony Jelena Anžujska. A large number of clergymen, writers, philosophers, artists and musicians are participating in this event. The second part of the event is a tourist tour through the Valley of the Serbian Kings, which promotes the entire tourist potential on the territory of the municipality of Raska. Starting in 2000, the Stefan Prvovenčani Award is given for an exceptional contribution to Serbian culture.
  • Days of Queen Jelena - This event is named after Jelena Anžujska, the wife of King Uroš I. Through this event, the culture, history and tradition of the Raska region are presented. There are film screenings, art exhibitions, concerts, workshops, children's program. Queen Jelena's days are held in the gate of the Gradac monastery.
  • Blueberry Days - Lovers of nature and forest products gather in the last weeks of July, and compete in harvesting and preparing blueberry products. Great prizes are provided for the winners of this event.
  • Boletus Days - Boletus Days are held on Kopaonik at the beginning of September. Nature lovers can compete in preparing culinary specialties from mushrooms. At the closing ceremony of this event, the heaviest mushroom of Kopaonik is proclaimed.
  • Trail Race and three sides of Kopaonik - Both events take place in July. Trail race is a run through mountainous landscapes and participants can choose a 15-kilometer race or a 7-kilometer race. 3 sides of Kopaonik is a bicycle race through the unique landscapes of the Kopaonik National Park. You can also choose to race 22, 46 or 64 kilometers.
  • Serbian Trophy - Serbian Trophy is a competition of field crews through the almost impassable and wild landscapes of Kopaonik. There are three classes in this race, and among them is a tourist route where anyone can be found and watch the clashes in other classes. This event is held every November.
  • Enduro Raska - Adrenaline lovers will be able to enjoy a unique motorcycle rally that takes place on the territory of Golija and Kopaonik. After a good drive you will be able to try the traditional gastronomic specialties of this area.
  • Kopaonik Summer - During July and August, visitors to Kopaonik will be able to enjoy a rich cultural and artistic program. A large number of concerts, theater performances, contents for children are organized, which are an excellent proof that the offer for tourists during the summer is amazing.

Activities for children in Raska

Tourist organization Raska has developed a wide range of products and services that you can enjoy with your children. Regardless of the fact that your children may have different areas of interest, we are convinced that there will be something for everyone. We will present you certain contents for children that are available to you on the territory of Raska and its surroundings:
  • Activities in the municipality of Raska for children - If you are located in the municipality of Raska, your kids can enjoy some sports activities that they will really like. Bicycle paths, football and basketball courts are available, and swimmers can head to the City Pool.
  • Content for children on Kopaonik - As the largest mountain tourist center in Serbia, Kopaonik has irresistible facilities for your kids. Starting from children's playgrounds, through a children's city with a lot of unusual contents such as children's castles, inflatable houses, slides and the like. Adventure Park is the icing on the cake in terms of entertainment for children on Kopaonik. Zip-lines, big chess, climbers, tarzan vines and suspension bridges are something that will forever be etched in the memory of your kids. Skiing flies? Whoever says that it is not possible, would be deceived! On Kopaonik there is a safe summer ski slope of 900 meters and it can be used by your children.
  • Aqua Park Draguljica (Josanicka Banja) - if you go to Raska and its surroundings with your children, you must visit the Aqua Park Draguljica in Josanicka Banja. This complex is full of content for children's play, and while the children are playing you can relax in the jacuzzi.

What to see in Raska?

In Raska, there are a large number of picnic areas, religious buildings and cultural and historical sights that you should visit if you find yourself in this small town. We will list some of the locations that must be found on your tourist route:
  • Excursion sites - In the immediate vicinity of the Gradac monastery, there is the Očna Banja excursion site, known for its water source, which is suitable for the treatment of eye diseases. The picnic area is beautifully decorated and it also contains facilities for children such as slides and swings. That is why you will always see a large number of families here. Only 9 kilometers from Raska near the monastery of Stara Pavlica is the picnic area Izvorak. Water from four springs flows into the ditch in which this picnic area is located. The Festival of Original Serbian Songs and the Festival of Sermons and Toasts are held at this site.
  • Religious facilities - If your priority is tradition and religious tourism, then there is no better place to visit than Raska. The beautiful monasteries Končul, Gradac, Stara and Nova Pavlica are located on the territory of Raška. Here you will come across some of the unusual shrines such as the Church in Paklenj (a church that is completely buried in the ground), the Church of St. Petka in Jarandol and the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Binić. One of the most beautiful churches, the Church of Saint Sava in Supnje was built in 2002 and its construction is still ongoing.
  • Cultural-historical sights - There are a large number of cultural-historical sights that you should visit if you are in Raska, and we will list three locations that you should not miss. These are the medieval town of Brevnik, the house of Kurslulić from the 19th century (the building of the cultural center) and the memorial room of the Raska war capital of the Kingdom of Serbia in 1915, erected on the centenary of the royal government's stay in Raska.
  • Attractions - The stone bridge on the river Ibrar was built in 1895 and this is one of the most beautiful buildings in the territory of this municipality. Smeteško Lake is a fairy-tale location located about fifteen kilometers from Raška in the village of Smeteš. This lake is characterized by floating islands and sods. If you want to immortalize the memories from Raska with beautiful photos, take a picture near Smeteško Lake.
  • Waterfalls - In a dense forest of spruce, beech and maple is the waterfall Jelovarnik. This waterfall has a height of 71 meters, which makes it the second largest in Serbia. It was discovered only in 1998, and until then only the local population knew about it. In the village of Lisine there is a waterfall on the Banjska river. The road to this waterfall is inaccessible, so a visit to people who are not experienced mountaineers is not recommended. The biggest attraction of this waterfall are waterfalls 300 meters long.

Accommodation in Raska

Accommodation capacities on the territory of Raska and its surroundings can be divided into several categories. Depending on your wishes and needs, choose the appropriate accommodation:
  • Hotels - If you want a complete atmosphere with a possible Wellness & Spa program, the best option are hotels. On the territory of Raska and its surroundings there are a large number of hotels such as: Grand Hotel, Hotel Klub A, Hotel Putnik, Kraljevi Chardasi Spa, Hotel Milmari. The price of bed and breakfast ranges from 4500 RSD, and more.
  • Hostels and hostels - If you are planning an active vacation, one of the options can be hostels and hostels and we will list the best rated: Ethno house Čakmara, UTR Jagnjilo 1986, UR Caravan, Hostel montana. The price of bed and breakfast for one person ranges from 1700 RSD and more.
  • Villas and apartments - In the area of ​​Raska and Kopaonik there are a large number of apartments and villas that can be the best option for your accommodation. We will recommend only some of them: Villa Ras, Zvezdan Trifunović, Janković Srećko, restaurant with accommodation Stari Putnik, apartments and rooms Gradačka Banja. You can also find room rental at a price of 1000 RSD.

Important phones and information in Raska

We have singled out important phones that you may need during your stay in the territory of Raska:

Municipality of Raska:
  • Tourist organization Raska 036/738 ​​670
  • PUC Roads Raska 036/736 671
  • Raska Health Center 036/736 127
  • Kopaonik National Park 036/737 703
  • Raska Police Station 036/736 335
  • Bus station Raška 036/737 555
  • Railway station Raska 036/736 008
  • Gas station Nis Petrol 036/739 150
  • Pharmacy Raska 036 738 080
  • Raska Fire Service 036/737 900 ext. 1600
  • Mountain Rescue Service 063/466 466
  • Fire service 036/547 19 77
  • Police Administration 036/547 10 92
  • Pharmacy 036/547 13 49
  • Health Center 036/547 10 94
Ski lifts and cable cars:
  • Pančićev Vrh 036/547 19 77 local 1799
  • Suvo Rudište 036/547 19 77 local 1777
  • Sunny Valley 036/547 19 77 local 1776
  • Ski pass 036/547 12 09
  • PE Ski Resorts of Serbia 036/471 206, 547 12 03

Where to eat in Raska?

On the territory of Raska and its surroundings there is a large number of restaurants where you can enjoy tasting excellent food. We will classify these objects into several categories:
  • Restaurants - Whether you want to enjoy the charms of international or traditional local cuisine, restaurants in the territory of Raska will offer you an excellent selection of food. Some of the best rated restaurants are: restaurant Karavan, restaurant Dolce Vita, La Toscana, restaurant Boemi Raška, restaurant Velež, restaurant Viša Sila.
  • Pizzerias - Fans of Italian cuisine and pasta products will also have something to enjoy on the territory of Raska. Try delicious meals in one of the following facilities: pizzeria Mrvica, pizzeria Lazzaro, restaurant Klopa, pizzeria Lola.
  • Fast Food and Bakeries - If you want a quick and tasty meal the best option may be bakeries and fast food facilities. Some of the best rated facilities of this type are: Good Food, Fast Food, Anterija, bakery Evropa, bakery Besne Gliste, bakery Kljajić.

Where to go out in Raska?

Apart from the tradition and history of Raska, the place is also known for its exceptional entertainment and exciting nightlife. Kopaonik, as the largest ski center, has several facilities where the procession lasts until the early morning hours. The most famous places to spend time in the territory of Raska are:
  • Cafes and pubs - Relaxed atmosphere, pleasant conversation or a good gig? You can find all this on the territory of Raska and some of the best facilities for entertainment are: cafe bar Ramona, City Pub, cafe bar Talični Tom, Blesava kornjača Pub, cafe Exit.
  • Discos and night clubs - The most famous place for nightlife until the early morning hours is the Arena disco in Raska. Some of the most attractive names from our stage often sing here. On the territory of Kopaonik, we recommend Pub & Co and Olympic Ice caffe place with the largest accumulation of young people.

Transport and taxi in Raska

As far as city and intercity transport is concerned, two lines are available from Raska:
Bus route Raška - Kopaonik - Every day from Raška to Kopaonik there are two buses, one departing at 11:30 h the other one with departure time from 16:30 h. Approximate travel time is 45 minutes
The bus line Raška - Jošanička Banja - From Raška in the direction of Jošanička Banja, there are five daily departures. All information related to bus transport can be found from the carrier Kavim Raška on the phone number 036/737 555

Taxi service
There are several taxi services on the territory of Raska and Kopaonik. The prices of taxi services vary, somewhere you will pay for the standard service per kilometer traveled and somewhere you will have to agree on the prices. The most famous taxi services on the territory of Raska and Kopaonik are:
Beli Taksi 036/737 300, AS Taxi 036/232 21 11, Grga Taxi Kopaonik 064/188 09 64, taxi Jokac 065/573 53 48, Euro Taxi 036/737 668 and 069/311 22 77

Parking and public garages in Raska

Parking in Raška - there are no public garages on the territory of Raška and parking lots in Raška are divided into two zones, red and green:
  • Red zone - In the red zone, maximum parking is allowed for 120 minutes. The price of parking per started hour is 35 RSD and you can send the number of registration plates by SMS to the number 9461.
  • Green zone - In the green zone, maximum parking is allowed for 120 minutes. The price of parking per started hour is 25 RSD and the number of registration plates can be sent by SMS to the number 9462, It is possible to buy a daily ticket at a price of 100 RSD and the number of registration plates can be sent to 9463.

Parking on Kopaonik - On the territory of Kopaonik there are several private parking lots and garages. Parking prices vary:
  • Garage between Hotel Grand and Club A - daily ticket 1200 RSD
  • Bus parking next to the Konak - daily ticket 600 RSD
  • Parking in front of the Grand Hotel - daily ticket 600 RSD
  • Parking at Konak Sunčani vrhovi - daily ticket 500 RSD
  • Parking garage Kopaonik - daily ticket 1900 RSD
  • Parking by the villa Bjanka, Ivana and Nikola - daily ticket 500 RSD
There are several free parking lots on Kopaonik: parking at the former Bačište Hotel, Jaram, in front of the Putnik Hotel, across from the Marina Voda ski lift and at the Srebrnac Hotel.

Surroundings of Raska

In the vicinity of this small town at the confluence of the Ibar and Raska, there are several tourist locations that you must visit. Here are just a few suggestions:
  • Josanicka Banja - This tourist location is one of the balneological settlements with the hottest water in Europe. The water temperature is 77 degrees Celsius and makes this spa an ideal location for spa tourism as well as for the preparation of athletes and recreation. Marked hiking and biking trails provide tourists with the opportunity to get to know the Green Gate of Kopaonik.
  • Golija - 17% of the territory of Mount Golija belongs to the municipality of Raska. This mountain was placed under state protection in 2001 and declared a nature park. Beautiful and diverse landscapes and preserved cultural and natural beauties make this mountain one of the most beautiful in Serbia.
  • Gradac Monastery - only 22 kilometers from Raska, on the slopes of Golija is the Gradac Monastery, the endowment of Jelena Anžujska. It is believed that this monastery was completed in 1276. During the Austro-Turkish war, the monks hid the relics of Queen Jelena in a place that has not been discovered to this day. Today, Gradac is a nunnery and one of the most important monuments of medieval architecture.
  • Koncul Monastery - only 3 kilometers southeast of Raska is the Koncul Monastery. This monastery was founded by Stefan Nemanja in 1175. Rastko Nemanjić spent the first night during his trip to Hilandar in this monastery. There is a workshop for icon painters and a sewing workshop in the Končul monastery, while nuns make miniatures on parchment.

History of Raska

Early history - There is only one city in our country that bore the name of the country in which it is located and that is Raska. The first school was founded in this city, and Raska is considered the founder of Serbian literacy and spirituality. Archaeological findings testify that even in the Neolithic era, there were human settlements in the Ibar valley. The name Raska was first mentioned in Byzantine writings in the 12th century. Raska was under the Turkish Empire from 1455 to 1833.

More recent times - By the decree of Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević on September 17, 1845, the town of Raška was founded. Soon after that, customs offices, education, judiciary, crafts were established. From October 31 to November 15, 1915, Raska was the unofficial Serbian capital because the Serbian government headed by the king stayed there. The construction of roads after World War I significantly improved the traffic position of Raska, which improved its tourist potential.

Geography and climate of Raska

Geographical position - Raska includes parts of Kopaonik and Golija and the valley of the river Ibar. Raska is connected to the west with Pomoravlje and Šumadija, to the south with Kosovo and Metohija, to the southwest with Montenegro and to the east with Aleksandrovac Parish.

Climate - The climate on the territory of the municipality of Raska is moderately continental and Raska is rich in water sources. On the territory of this municipality you can find: springs, thermal springs, radioactive springs and lakes.

Demography of Raska

  • Slightly more than 5,100 adult citizens live in the settlement of Raska, with a noticeable decline in the number of inhabitants.
  • According to the latest census, more than 97% of the population are Serbs.
  • The average age of the population is 38.9 years.

Tradition and culture of Raska

Economy - On the territory of the municipality of Raska, several economic branches have been developed, of which the leading ones are; tourism, industry, agriculture and mining. The most important industrial product in this area, which is also in demand on the world market, is magnesium metal. Mineral resources are great, so zinc, lead, coal and asbestos can be found on the territory of Raska. When we talk about agriculture, the striking feathers of this area are fruit growing and cattle breeding.

Culture - the municipality of Raska was the central part of the Serbian medieval state and as such has a rich cultural and historical heritage. The most famous monasteries from this period are: Gradac, Končul, Stara and Nova Pavlica. A large number of churches were also built in the period from the 12th to the 14th century. Raska has a rich tradition of cultural and historical creation, and a large number of artists originate from this area.

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