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Welcome to Smederevo

We present Smederevo, a city that is recognizable by the beautiful Danube and the famous Fortress. This destination is one of the most developed cities in Central Serbia, which makes it increase its tourist capacity from season to season and become increasingly popular. Our station contains all the information you need to know before going to Smederevo. On it you will find the best accommodation in the city, the most famous restaurants, the most important localities and activities. Get to know Smederevo before traveling and organize the perfect vacation.

Smederevo Apartments

Vila Vazdušna banja

Smederevo · City · Center
3 Bedrooms · 9 Guests
€23.36 night

Libero house

Smederevo · Surrounding places · Vucak
3 Bedrooms · 6 Guests
€23.36 night


Smederevo · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€40.89 night

When to visit Smederevo?

Most attractions and activities that Smederevo offers are available for visit throughout the year. You can plan a tour of the Smederevo Fortress, explore the city center or visit cultural monuments and museums at any time of the year.

How to get to Smederevo?

Positioned between two European corridors, the E-75 highway and the Danube, Smederevo has a great geographical location. It is situated on the right bank of the Danube, about 45 kilometres downstream of the Serbian capital, Belgrade. 

There are several transport options for those travelling to Smederevo.
  • By car
The best way to get from Belgrade to Smederevo is by car, which takes about an hour. If you're travelling from Belgrade, you can get to Smederevo in two different ways: either by the E-75 highway or by the old road going through Grocka. 
  • By bus
Several bus companies regularly travel to Smederevo. There are around 30 daily departures from Belgrade to Smederevo, organized by Lasta and Jugoprevoz Velika Plana.
Traveling by bus takes between an hour and an hour and a half, depending on the bus company you pick and the weather conditions. The return ticket is around 700din. There is also a frequent bus service to Vrsac, via the towns of Kovin and Bela Crkva north of the Danube. For all additional information, you can contact the bus station Lasta Smederevo, by calling the following number: +381 26 46 22 245.

Activities for tourists in Smederevo

Tourist organization of Smederevo offers various activities, both in the city and in its surroundings. We chose several interesting ones for you:

  • Exploring The fortress of Smederevo
The fortress in Smederevo is certainly one of the most famous attractions in the city. The Small Town and the court are open to visitors every day from 8 am to 8 pm. The ticket price for group visits is 120 dinars for adults and 60 dinars for children. One-hour guided tours can be arranged through the tourist office for 1000 dinars. For announcements of group visits and guide services, contact the Tourist Organization of Smederevo (+381 26 615 666).  
  • Tour of the city center
An obligatory part of your visit to Smederevo should be a walk in the city center. Here, you will see beautiful monuments and buildings, such as the Church of St. George, The Old City Hall, The Regional Prefecture and Grammar-School Building. 
  • Museums and galleries
If you are primarily interested in perservance of cultural and historical heritage, Smederevo has several great places for you. You can visit The Smederevo Museum,  which holds several priceless historical, ethnological, archaeological, artistic and numismatic collections, and The Gallery of Contemporary Art Smederevo.
  • Excursions and outdoor activities
Visitors who want to relax in nature, can head to one of the places around Smederevo. 5 kilometers away from the city center, lies the picnic area Jugovo, which includes courts, playgrounds, restaurants and a pool.10 kilometers away from the city, you'll find Šalinački lug and a lake with a little beach. 
  • Sports and physical activities
Lovers of physical activities and healthy life can visit one of the many recreational complexes and facilities, such as Pools Smederevo, thr olympci pool in Jugovo, Riverside hall for indoor soccer and numerous gyms and fitness clubs in the city center.

Events and festivals in Smederevo

The city of Smederevo organizes various manifestations and festivals throughout the year. These are just some of the events that you can visit if you decide to visit Smederevo:

  • Teatar u Tvrđavi (Theater in the Fortress)
The unique theater festival called Theater in the Fortress is held in the Small Town of the Smederevo Fortress every July. Every year, numerous domestic and foreign theaters participate in the festival. This event is attended by as many as 20,000 people a year.
  • Nušić's Days Festival
The Nušić's Days festival is held every April, in honor of the famous Serbian comedian Branislav Nušić, who spent most of his life in Smederevo. During this festival, the most successful comedian is awarded with a lifetime achievement award, Many plays, exhibitions, tribunes and children's programs, which aim to introduce the audience to the life and work of the famous author, also take place in the city during this event. 
  • Smederevo Autumn Race
For over 25 years, the Athletic Club of Smederevo has been organizing the annual Smederevo Autumn race. Both professionals and amateurs can participate in this race. The event is held every September at the Smederevo Fortress and in the city center.
  • Bostanijada
Every July, in the village of Ostionica, the Bostanijada event attracts a large number of domestic and foreign farmers and exhibitors. A small agricultural fair, a competition for the best watermelon and an entertainment program performed by are also being held during the event. 
  • Smederevo Autumn
Smederevo Autumn is a tourist and economic manifestation held every September with the aim to celebrate the famous grapes and wine from the area of Smederevo. Concerts and plays are arranged in the Smederevo Fortress, while performers, dressed as medieval knights, parade through the city center.

Activities for children in Smederevo

If you are traveling to Smederevo with your family, you can also find some activities suitable for the youngest visitors.
  • Playgrounds and indoor playrooms
In the center of Smederevo, you'll find several lovely playgrounds that will surely appeal to children. The most visited of them are the playgrounds in the Smederevo Fortress and in the park on the Danube Quay. Smederevo also contains a large number of indoor playrooms, such as Začarani grad, Dečiji gradić, Čudesna šuma i Džungla.
  • Cultural institutions
You can give your kids a simultaneously fun and educational vacation,  if you take them to one of the Smederevo's cultural institutions. Some of the potential places you can visit with children are the Cinema and the Museum in Smederevo.
  • Parks and picnic areas
Parks in the vicinity of Smederevo, Jugovo and Šalinački lug, include courts for tennis, football, basketball, beach volleyball and playgrounds for kids, which makes them a good choice for families looking for an active vacation. There's also a little beach on the shore of Šalinačko lake.

What to see in Smederevo?

  • The fortress of Smederevo
During your visit to Smederevo, you shouldn't miss the symbol of the city, the well-preserved fortress with ramparts and nineteen towers. The ticket costs 120 dinars for adults and 60 dinars for children, students and pensioners. Entrance is free for children under the age of 3.
  • Republic Square
In this charming square in the city center, you can explore some of the most famous buildings and monuments in Smederevo, such as the Church of St. George, the monument to soldiers who fought in WWI, the Regional Prefecture, the Gallery of Contemporary Art and the fountain.
  • Churches
The most famous church in Smederevo is the Church of St. George. Nearby, in the old memorial complex The Old Cemetery, you can also find the mediaeval Church of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God.
  • Museums and galleries
The museum in Smederevo gives you the opportunity to see its rich collections and exhibits dedicated to the reign of Đurađ Branković, the Obrenović dynasty, but also to the First and Second World War. The museum is open to visitors every day except Monday. You can visit it on weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 3 pm. Within the museum, there is also the Gallery of Contemporary Art Smederevo.

Accommodation in Smederevo

Depending on what kind of vacation and price you expect, in Smederevo you can choose one of two types of accommodation:
  • Hotels
There is only one hotel in Smederevo, Hotel Hamburg, which is located near the city center. The lowest price for a single room is 3745 dinars.
  • Hostels and apartments
Private accommodation in Smederevo is much more diverse than the hotel accommodation. You can choose from a wide range of apartments, houses and flats. The price of private accommodation in this area starts at 2117 dinars per night.

Important phone numbers and information in Smederevo

For all additional questions and information, you can contact the Tourist Organization of Smederevo at  +381 26 615 666 or email address The address of the tourist organization is Trg Republike 1-3. In the next part of the text, we added several phone numbers that could be useful during your visit to Smederevo.

Institutions and services

Main post office Smederevo: +381 26 222 568
Health center: +381 26 240 500
Bus station Lasta: +381 26 4622 245
Police Administration Smederevo: +381 26 633 444
Police station Smederevo: +381 26 619916
Pharmacy: +381 26 4622 066
Parking service: +381 26 613 227
Rent-a-car: +381 26 240 245

Where to eat in Smederevo?

If you decide to travel to Smederevo, you can try some of the traditional local dishes and wine. Explore the rich gastronomic world of Smederevo in one of the places we selected for you:
  • Restaurants
If you're interested in traditional Serbian dishes, you can try one of these restaurants: Park, Vinceia, Pogled, Vila Jugovo S, Talismano, Blim i Kod Bivka. If you prefer European and international cuisine, then Terasa, Barrique, Klub Privrednika, Akvarijus i Fontana are perfect places for you. Restaurant Fuego is a great choice for the lovers of Italian food, while Goranski dom i Perfeto offer dishes made of the fresh river fish.
  • Fast food
If you are in a hurry and a quick meal would suit you better, you can find it in one of Smederevo's fast food restaurants, such as Firenca, Mediteraneo, Kobaja bar, Mama Mia, Petica or Kućica. You can buy pizza in pizzerias Čiča Gorio, Passage and Knez, and gyros in Greek restaurant Tzatziki. 
  • Bakeries and pastry shops
You can buy bread and various pastries in the bakeries Stari grad, Kod lovca, Jana, Skroz dobra pekara and Kraljica. Cakes, pastries, ice cream and other sweet treats can be enjoyed at the Mimoza and Hokus Pokus patisseries.

Where to go out in Smederevo?

If you are looking for an unforgettable night out, Kralja Petra Prvog Street is the ideal place for you. Numerous coffee bars and clubs are located in this street. If you can't find your ideal spot here, you can also go to the Danube Quay, where you+ll find many other clubs, discos and floating river clubs.
  • Bars and pubs
Enjoy a good beer or two in one of the following pubs and bars: Kombinat, GAZZA - whiskey & beer bar, Black Dogs Pub and Caffe Bar Gracije.
  • Clubs
Smederevo offers something to lovers of clubs or nightlife on the river as well. If you're interested in this kind of adventure, club Maximus, coffee-club Vienna or Club Crystal promise an unforgettable night out. 

Public transport and taxi service in Smederevo

  • Public transport
Smederevo has a well-organized public transport system with 9 inner city and 27 suburban lines, which means that you won't encounter any problems when touring the city, even if you left your car at home. Smederevo has a system based on the use of electronic individual cards. Bus cards can be purchased at the counters of the Lasta Smederevo Bus Station. (Phone number: +381 26 4622 245, e-mail:

  • Taxi service

In Smederevo, there are several different taxi services that are available throughout the day. The most reliable taxi services in Smederevo are:
Eco Kab:  +381 26 672 708, 069/326-22-22, 065/326-22-22, 060/326-22-22
Maxi: +381 26 641 111
Lux: +381 26 263 666
Pepsi: +381 26 614 157, 062/313 233
Euro: +381 26 646 666, 062/64 6666
Fer: +381 26 644 444
Blic: +381 26 420 444 
Aurora: 065/50 500 68, 069/50 500 68
Taxi Boy: +381 26 618 218, 064/127 98 98
Pink: +381 26 65 38 65, 069/155 26 16

  • Rent-a-car
You can also choose the car rental option. The most famous rent-a-car agency in Smederevo is SDX rent-a-car, which is located at Karadjordjeva 12, within the Danubius shopping center.
Phone: 026 / 240-245
Mobile: 064/333 0 800

Parking in Smederevo

There are three parking zones in this city.  The price for an hour is 32 dinars for
Zone I, 26 dinars for Zone II, and 19 dinars for Zone III.

Parking cards can be purchased from the employees of the Parking Service Smederevo or at the exchange offices. You can also pay for parking with your phone, by sending an SMS to 8661 for the first zone, 8662 for the second and 8663 for the third.

Surroundings of Smederevo

  • The Golden Hill Villa
The Golden Hill Vila is located four kilometers away from the city center, in the village of Plavinac. This building from the 19th century became famous as the summer residence of the Obrenović dynasty. Today, it houses the exhibits of the History Museum and the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade. It's open to visitors from the 1st of April until the 1st of October. Visit tour of The Golden Hill Villa can only be organized by prior booking. For announcements of group visits and guide services, please contact the Tourist Organization of Smederevo
  • Wine Route
Wine lovers explore many wineries around Smederevo. Some of them are the Jeremic winery in Jugovo, the Dionis cellar in the village of Dobri Do, the Ilić cellar and the Vodnjanka winery in the village of Vodanj.

History of Smederevo

  • Middle ages
The modern founder of the city was the Serbian Despot Đurađ Branković, who built Smederevo Fortress in 1430 as chose Smederevo as a new Serbian capital. Smederevo was the residence of the Branković dynasty and the capital of the Serbian Despotate from 1430 until 1439, when it was conquered by the Ottoman Empire, after a siege lasting two months.
  • Modern history
During the First Serbian Uprising in 1806, the city became the temporary capital of Serbia, as well as the seat of the Praviteljstvujušči sovjet, a government headed by Dositej Obradović. After World War II, Smederevo became an industrial and cultural center of Podunavlje district. Under the overall industrial development of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the city received a boost in infrastructure. Due to the ideal geographical position of Smederevo, socialist government supported building of roads, apartment buildings and tens of factories

Geography and climate of Smederevo

  • Smederevo is a city and the administrative center of the Podunavlje District in eastern Serbia. It is situated on the right bank of the Danube, about 45 kilometres (28 miles) downstream of the Serbian capital, Belgrade.
  • During the month of May and September you are most likely to experience good weather with pleasant average temperatures that fall between 20 degrees Celsius (68°F) and 25 degrees Celsius (77°F). On average, the warmest months are July and August, with an average maximum temperature of 28°C . 

Demography of Smederevo

  • In the 2011 census, there was 108,209 residents in the city administrative area-
  • 101,908 were Serbs and 2,369 were Romani.

Culture and tradition of Smederevo

  • Smederevo is a city of rich culture and history. The city is steeped in history and Smederevo historical and heritage sites, like the famous Fortess in Smederevo, Church of St. George and The mediaeval church of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God. 
  • Many annual events and festivals, such as Bostanijada and Smederevo Autumn, aim to preserve old local traditions and customs.  

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