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Srebrno jezero is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Serbia. The rapid development of the tourist offer has influenced this area to develop multi-colored contents and attractions, which manage to respond to the requests of tourists of different desires and possibilities. Srebrno jezero offers landscaped beaches and carefully maintained bathing water, numerous cafes nearby, facilities for children and excellent accommodation units. We present all the most important information about Srebrno jezero and its tourist offer. Find everything in one place and organize the perfect trip.

Srebrno jezero Apartments


Srebrno jezero · Center · Setaliste
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€35 per night


Srebrno jezero · Surrounding Places · Veliko Gradiste
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€41 per night

Vikendica Kalinovac

Srebrno jezero · Surrounding Places · Kisiljevo
2 Bedrooms · 7 Guests
€47 per night

Silver Lux

Srebrno jezero · Surrounding Places · Veliko Gradiste
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€41 per night

Apartman Zivkovic

Srebrno jezero · Surrounding Places · Veliko Gradiste
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€56 per night


Srebrno jezero · Surrounding Places · Veliko Gradiste
1 Bedroom · 3 Guests
€47 per night

Srebrna Nit A12

Srebrno jezero · Center · Setaliste
Studio · 3 Guests
€35 per night

Srebrna Nit A11

Srebrno jezero · Center · Setaliste
Studio · 3 Guests
€35 per night

Srebrna Nit A10

Srebrno jezero · Center · Setaliste
Studio · 3 Guests
€35 per night

Srebrna Nit A3

Srebrno jezero · Center · Setaliste
Studio · 3 Guests
€29 per night

Srebrna Nit A2

Srebrno jezero · Center · Setaliste
Studio · 3 Guests
€29 per night

Srebrna Nit A9

Srebrno jezero · Center · Setaliste
Studio · 4 Guests
€35 per night

Srebrno jezero Attractions

When to visit Silver Lake?

Located on the border with Romania, in the east of Serbia, Silver Lake is one of the real gems of this country. Given its size, the warmth of the water and the location of the lake, most tourists choose to visit Silver Lake during the warmer days of the year. In winter, the number of attractions is somewhat reduced, but you can still see the beauty of this area.
  • During spring - Spring, better weather and nature that wakes up are good reasons to go for a walk and discover the natural beauties of Silver Lake. The surroundings of the lake are known for beautiful sunflowers that adorn hectares of land and are one of the recognizable symbols of this area.
  • During the summer- During the summer there is the largest number of various attractions for all tourists. Then Silver Lake is most like the sea and its beaches are full of visitors on all sides. In addition, there is an open space nearby for a summer camp, close to the water, while various sports are available on the water.

How to get to Silver Lake?

Below we will give you all the necessary information on how to get to Silver Lake, but check the detailed information by calling the carrier on +381 12 62 272. The distance between Belgrade and Veliko Gradiste, which is located near Silver Lake is about 110 km, so you have to There are several roads that can take you to the lake from various parts of Serbia:
  • By car - The best and fastest would be to get to the town of Pozarevac, which is only 35 km from Silver Lake, and from that part of the road you should simply follow the signs at the end of the road and soon Silver will just appear in front of you.
  • By bus- Veliko Gradište is located 2km from Silver Lake, and all buses stop in Veliko Gradište, so you can get to Silver Lake in two ways: by mini bus or taxi. Buses that have regular lines can take you to Veliki Gradište or Požarevac. Arriva Litas has its own buses that often travel to Požarevac and the ticket price is 1435 RSD.
  • By train - The railway station is located in Pozarevac, so if you want you can get by train to Pozarevac, where you will then change to a bus and get to Veliki Gradiste. The bus and train station in Požarevac are very close and only 200m away.

Activities for tourists on Silver Lake

This artificial lake, located in the valley, was created by dividing the Danube tributary and is surrounded by wooded hills. The very name Silver Lake comes from the specific color of the water, which has a silvery reflection in the twilight, so all this is enough to provide many tourists with a multitude of activities, and below we have singled out some of them:
  • Swimming in the lake - During the summer, this lake has the largest number of tourists who enjoy its warm and clean water. Water levels are different and there is enough space for everyone, so Silver Lake during the summer can be a decisive substitute for the sea.
  • Water activities - Aqua Club is a pool complex with many water attractions for all ages. It is a perfect form of entertainment and often receives over 1200 visitors. This water park is located near the lake and one of the most popular attractions are the winding and long slides.
  • Camping by the lake - Camp Srebrno Jezero is located in an attractive location along the shores of the arranged and always visited Srebrno Jezero. Renting a caravan will cost you 1200 dinars, while renting a place for passing trailers will cost 600 dinars. There is an even cheaper option: for only 300 dinars you can find the perfect place for a tent.
  • Sports activities - Silver Lake has excellent sports fields for all lovers of active vacation and healthy living who want to continue playing sports or training on their vacation. On Silver Lake you can rent pedal boats, play beach volleyball, kayak or enjoy a tennis court and a mini golf course. As you can see, the possibilities for a fun and active vacation are many.
  • Lake cruise - The Silver Star boat will take you on a three-hour cruise on the blue Danube where you can enjoy the unreal nature of the lake and its surroundings, as well as the panorama of Veliki Gradište. This cruise will also take you to a medieval fortress called Golubac, so the atmosphere will be complete.
  • Cycling - The cycling and jogging trail that stretches along the entire bank of the Danube is a real challenge for all lovers of sports and running. Surrounded by greenery, untouched nature and 2.7 km long, this beautifully landscaped trail starts from the marina on Silver Lake and ends in Veliko Gradište. 

Manifestations and festivals on Silver Lake

The tourist-recreational complex Srebrno jezero offers all its visitors a series of fun and educational events throughout the year. The tourist organization of the municipality of Veliko Gradište presented the annual calendar of the most important cultural events. Below we have singled out some of them:
  • Swimming for the Holy Cross - Epiphany is a great, Christian holiday that celebrates the baptism of Jesus Christ. Only those over the age of 18 can apply for this popular event, and the winner of the Holy Cross received a gold medal and a trophy. Every year, a large number of people gather to watch this interesting competition and celebrate this great holiday together. Swimming is traditionally held on January 19th.
  • Uranak Music Festival - This beautiful festival is held during the May Day holidays, as its name suggests, and is truly one of the best cultural events in this area. The festival is held on as many as 4 large stages and has an incredibly large attendance. Each stage covers a certain musical genre and this event brings together a large number of prominent musicians and artists.
  • Alaska Evenings - During the month of August, Veliko Gradište gathers to celebrate the Alaska Evenings, a manifestation that has been going on since 1965. The competition in cooking fish soup, with a suitable cultural and artistic program, gathers over 100 competitors and numerous visitors every August. . Of course, the winner received special recognition.
  • Rama Twilight - This is a poetry festival that is held near the Rama Fortress, on the banks of the Danube. This event has been held regularly for a decade. The recitation gives a special charm and note when held in a medieval ambience, with a beautiful view of the Danube bank and the Ram fortress.
  • Tid regatta- This is a truly spectacular and special regatta. The Tid regatta is the largest and river regatta in the world, lasting 61 days and covering more than 2080 km. Every year on June 26, the regatta starts from the German city of Ingolstadt, and ends on August 28. The regatta enters our country at the end of July near Apatin. This is a unique regatta that unites several countries and peoples. 

Activities for children on Silver Lake

If you decide to spend your stay on Silver Lake with children, this area has a rich content that will interest your little ones and make your vacation a real, family pleasure.
  • Aqua Club- Silver lake resort has designed this fun water park in which the youngest visitors will especially enjoy. The aqua park spreads over an impressive 1500 m2 and has one pool which is intended only for children up to 3 years. The pools have several slides that lower you directly into the water.
  • Playground for the youngest - On the promenade next to the Silver Lake, near the restaurant Sidro, there is a nicely decorated and safe corner for the youngest visitors. With swings, seesaws and slides and carousels, this outdoor space for children is the right place for kids to have fun and socialize.

What to see on Silver Lake?

Silver Lake is an ideal place for swimming, recreation and outdoor recreation. We have found some interesting locations and activities that you should experience and see on Silver Lake:
  • Silver Lake - Due to its clear, warm water, this lake is rich in various species of fish and is a real paradise for all fishing lovers, but also for all those who want to escape from the city. Silver Lake gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature and all the attractions. Sunset is something you should not miss during your stay here. In the late afternoon, the water gets a pearly glow on its surface due to the sun's rays, and only then do you really understand why this lake got its name.
  • Promenade - The promenade on Silver Lake is the center of all major and important events and surrounded by the best cafes and restaurants. Across the road, on the other side of the lake, you can see beautiful cottages, with private docks where owners often enjoy fishing and swimming.
  • Silver Lake Beach - One part of the beach is beautifully landscaped and covered with pebbles. The beach is divided into two private parts. The first part is empty and you have enough space to put your towels. The other part of the beach is in the cafe, where you can rent a set of deck chairs and umbrellas at very reasonable prices. Of course, then it is mandatory to order drinks from that cafe. There are often promotional actions on weekends, so for only 500 dinars you get two deck chairs, an umbrella and two drinks on request, which is really not a bad offer. 

Accommodation on Silver Lake

On Silver Lake you can find different types of accommodation units, so you can spend your vacation in accommodation of different structures, prices, as well as equipment. If you want a more luxurious vacation, you can look for apartments with a private pool and spa, while half board or full board prices range from 1500 to 4000 dinars. If you are only looking for an overnight stay, the prices are mostly favorable from 800 to 1500 dinars. In the following text, we have singled out a few of the most popular accommodation facilities:
Hotels- Silver Lake, Danubia Park
Apartments- Cottage Lazić, Apartments Ethno Log cabins
Villas- Villa Mirjana, Villa El Barco
However, the best and largest offer of apartments can be found on the page apartments Silver Lake.

Important telephone numbers and information for Silver Lake

Below are some of the most important phones you may need during your stay at Silver Lake:
  • Bus station 7662-272
  • Health center 194
  • Red Cross 662-207
  • Department of Inspection Affairs 662-588
  • Firefighters and rescuers 193
  • Veterinary Station 662-278

Where to eat on Silver Lake?

In addition to beautiful nature, lakes and lookouts, Silver Lake also offers its guests a multitude of facilities where you can enjoy real, gourmet specialties, surrounded by nature and a wonderful ambience.
  • Alaska Dawn Restaurant - Located in Dunavska Street, according to the recommendations and opinions of many, this restaurant has the best fish specialties, of which their fish soup stands out.
  • Restaurant Sidro- Restaurant Sidro can be found on Šetalačka street number 1. The atmosphere is great and the food offer is equally good. The prices are reasonable, and the staff is very fast and always at your service.
  • Restaurant Dinčić- In Jezerska Street there is this popular restaurant of national cuisine. In addition to excellent grilled dishes and other local, traditional dishes, this restaurant also has a very nice ambience.

Where to go out on Silver Lake?

Good atmosphere and fun are guaranteed at Silver Lake. That is why we have found for you several cult and famous cafes that you can enjoy:
Ethno tavern Ethno Tavern Jedro- It is located in Veliko Gradište and has been cultivating the rich culture and tradition of this region for many years. The garden of the cafe is full of flowers and guests will really enjoy the wonderful ambience.
  • Kafana kod Brke- It is located in Braničevo and here you can find a wonderful atmosphere, good music and a great menu. The cafe has a lot of space and the staff is always at the service of all guests. The menu of drinks is equally rich and something good can be easily found for everyone's taste.
  • Beach Bar- Located on the shores of the lake, Beach bar is one of the most popular and most visited places of Silver Lake. In addition to the fact that you can take a deck chair on the beach with drinks or food, this bar also offers all guests a rich night program on weekends when the DJ plays music until dawn or you listen to the band live.
  • Pivnica Copacabana- This popular club is located in the center of Veliko Gradište and is one of the larger clubs in this area. Many famous singers regularly, during the season, performed in this club and gathered large numbers of people. Next to the club there is the Copacabana Pub which is more used for the daily variant where you can have coffee in the beautiful garden overlooking the lake. 

Transportation and taxi on Silver Lake

There are several taxi services on Silver Lake. The prices are reasonable and affordable, and the service is very fast. Taxi services are open 24/7. We have selected some for you:
Taxi Vladan Cvetkovic 061 1758188 Taxi Nenad 012 63602 Bozidar Stojicevic taxi 063 261087

Parking and public garages on Silver Lake

Parking service on the territory of the municipality of Veliko Gradište charges for one zone of parking services. The parking fee is charged from 8 am to 3 pm, on Saturdays until 1 pm, while on Sundays and public holidays parking is free.
Parking is charged via SMS or by purchasing a ticket at the kiosks or exchange offices. All you have to do is send one message to the numbers 8821 and 8822. The price for one hour is only 36 dinars, a daily ticket will cost you 200 dinars. 

Surroundings of Silver Lake

The surroundings of the lake hide almost the same beauty as the center of Silver Lake. The whole area is rich in natural beauties and riches:
  • Ram Fortress - This ancient, medieval building is located only 20 km from Veliko Gradiste. Once upon a time, the Ram Fortress was a fortified fortress around which Hungary and the whole of Byzantium fought. This beautiful fortress attracts a lot of attention from various tourists and was built on the remains of ancient foundations. Today, the openings for the cannons are impressive, which are a witness that there used to be an artillery fortification here. Tickets can be picked up right at the entrance to the fortress. From this medieval castle stretches a wonderful view of all the beauty of Silver Lake.
  • Viminacium - If you are staying on Silver Lake, this famous archeological site is really something worth your time and visit. About 40 km away from Silver Lake, Viminacium was one of the most important Roman cities and military camps in the period from the 1st to the 6th century. The significance of Viminacium for our culture and history is incredibly great. Once upon a time, the center of the Roman province was here. For all the information and questions you have, there are always excellent tourist guides who will be happy to tell you all the important information about this valuable site.
  • Nimnik Monastery - The monastery is located near the village of Kurjača, on the road Veliko Gradište - Požarevac and is about 20 km away from Silver Lake. The architecture of the monastery is really impressive. It is a simple building that was carefully built of crushed stone, with a gabled roof. The corners of the building are made of larger pieces of hewn stone, brought perhaps from some ancient site. The monastery is of great importance for Serbian culture.
  • Lepenski Vir- One of the most important Mesolithic and Neolithic archeological sites that is located on the right bank of the Danube in the Djerdap gorge. This is where the center of the most complex culture of prehistory used to be. Life on Lepenski Vir died around 4500 BC, when its inhabitants set out in search of larger arable land. Old objects such as jewelry and weapons made of bone and stone were discovered here. Perhaps the most significant discoveries are the stone tablets with the symbols that represent the basic letter of humanity.
  • Rajkova Pećina - Rajkova pećina was named after the famous Rajko Vojvoda, who is believed to have lived in ancient times19. century. According to the legend itself, Rajko was a mechanic during the day, while at night he skillfully robbed Turkish caravans and hid them in this very cave. Rajkova cave is fascinating in many ways, one of its characteristics are the cave channels through which the river flows. The beauty of the cave jewelry, pillars and draperies are really impressive and have attracted a lot of attention from all visitors over the years. 

History of Silver Lake

  • Origin of Srebrno jezero - In order to protect the shores of Rama Rita from groundwater, in 1971, the Danube was blocked by an embankment in the upper course near the village of Zatonja. This is how Srebrno jezero was formed, 14 km long and 300 m wide. In the afternoon, millions of sparks make its silver glow. This lake is of exceptional beauty and from the beginning it has become a favorite picnic spot and an important part of tourism in this area, hence its second name, the Serbian Sea.
  • Silver Lake Development - The growth and development of Silver Lake tourism has been gradual. Many years passed before this lake reached its full capacity and splendor. When the beach was arranged and when it took on its modern and attractive appearance, then tourists, both foreign and domestic, began to come regularly and enjoy all the benefits of Silver Lake. Of course, numerous historically significant localities are in charge of the good development of tourism in this region.

Geography and climate of Silver Lake

  • Geography of Silver Lake - Silver Lake is located in the Danube valley and is surrounded on all sides by hills. The confluence of the river Pek and the Danube is important for the geography of the entire region and is recognizable by its specific reverse flow. The historical sites of the fortress in Rama and Golubac are also present here. Silver Lake has a very irregular shape and covers an area of 4 m2. The altitude of the lake is 70 meters, while the depth of the lake is 8 meters.
  • Climate of Silver Lake - Due to its favorable and favorable temperate-continental climate, this lake has become a real tourist attraction. Summers and winters are very moderate, the snow cover does not cover for too long, and there is even a moderate annual amount of precipitation. This area is characterized by typically a continental climate with temperature fluctuations of about 68˚C. July has the highest average temperature with 21.08˚C 

Demography of Silver Lake

  • U naselju Veliko Gradište živi 4438 punoletnih stanovnika
  • Prosečna starost stanovništva iznosi 38,1 godina 
  • U naselju ima 1888 domaćinstava

Tradition and culture of Silver Lake

  • Djerdap National Park - Northeast of Serbia includes a part of the area of ​​the beautiful Djerdap Gorge and this national park is a real gem of the entire region. Seeing the entire Djerdap gorge live is a spectacular and unforgettable experience. The area of ​​this national park includes more than 1000 plant species and rich flora and fauna. The vegetation is impressive and ideal for all lovers of true, untouched nature.
  • Fishing - Silver Lake is a real, small paradise for all passionate anglers. This lake is rich in various species of fish, so it is no surprise that fishing in this area has become one of the traditional and important features over time. Beovice, bream, carp, catfish, are just some of the types of fish that you can find here.
  • Tourism - Silver Lake is a real hidden treasure of eastern Serbia. This increasingly famous lake has become an extremely popular tourist destination in recent years. You can often hear its other name, which is the Serbian sea. A large number of beaches, cafes and restaurants, as well as sports fields and water parks are part of the diverse and very rich tourist offer of Silver Lake.

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