Welcome to Arandjelovac

Welcome to Arandjelovac - a city with cultural and historical significance and a very developed tourist offer. Arandjelovac is located in central Serbia, in the Sumadija district. It is located at the foot of the mountains Bukulja and Bencac, and in its vicinity there is a famous place where the First Serbian Uprising was raised. Apart from these geographical beauties and historical significance, the city is also known for its highly developed tourist facilities and attractions, and therefore one of the most visited in Serbia. Discover all that Arandjelovac has to offer and get ready for your dream vacation.

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When to visit Arandjelovac?

There are several answers to this question, because the ideal time to visit Arandjelovac depends on the reason for your visit and the type of vacation you want to plan.
  • During summer and spring - If the reason for your visit is rest and recreation, the best time to visit Arandjelovac are summer and spring. Walks in the park of Bukovacka Banja and hiking trails, as well as a tour of the Risovac Cave and the Bukulja Mountain are best organized during this part of the year, when the weather conditions are pleasant. Some facilities, such as the Izvor Aqua Park and Lake Garashi, are only available during the summer season.
  • During winter - If you are brought to Arandjelovac for treatment, the special hospital for rehabilitation Bukovicka Banja, which is located in the city, offers facilities that can accommodate you during the winter. It is equipped with an indoor pool with Jacuzzi bath and underwater massage, sauna, hydrokinetic showers and fitness rooms, which are at your disposal even during cold days.

How to get to Arandjelovac?

Arandjelovac is located in central Serbia, only 76 kilometers from Belgrade. Arandjelovac is well connected with other cities in Serbia. The E-75 highway passes by it, so this city is easy to reach.
The distance of Arandjelovac from Kragujevac is 55 km, from Mladenovac about 22 km, Topola 14 km and Lazarevac about 33 km. This position of the city enables connection with administrative, economic and tourist centers and landmarks.
  • By car
Belgrade and Arandjelovac are connected by the E-75 highway, which makes it very easy to get to this city. The journey takes about an hour.
  • By bus
Arandjelovac is also well connected with other cities by bus. Seven buses depart from Belgrade to Arandjelovac every day, organized by the carriers Lasta, Autokodeks and Transprodukt DOO. The ticket price is in the range of 580 and 620 dinars. Travel on this route lasts from an hour 1 and 20 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the carrier, type of bus and traffic conditions. For all additional information you can contact the main bus station in Arandjelovac on 034 6717300.

Activities for tourists in Arandjelovac

With a long and turbulent history, as a famous health resort and former summer residence of the royal family, Arandjelovac offers many diverse activities to tourists of all ages. Some of them are as follows:
  • Rest and rehabilitation in Bukovicka Banja
Arandjelovac is best known for its beneficial Bukovica acidic water, whose beneficial effect on the body has been known and celebrated since ancient times. The possibilities that this healing water provides have been used in the special hospital for rehabilitation in Bukovicka Banja, where the most modern therapeutic methods are applied today. It is surrounded by the magnificent Bukovicki Park.
  • Adventures on water
During the hot summer days, you can find salvation from the heat in the aqua park of the Izvor Hotel, the biggest attraction of this type in Serbia. At 6 kilometers from the city there is a swimming pool Garashi, where you can also start your summer adventure.
Introduction to cultural and historical contents
Arandjelovac is a city with a long and rich history, so when visiting this city you should not miss the cultural and historical contents it offers, such as the famous place Orasac, the National Museum in Arandjelovac and the Knjaz Milos Pavilion in Bukovicki Park.
  • Relaxation in nature
The divine nature of Arandjelovac and its surroundings offers interesting activities for nature lovers. If you long to escape from the city, Risovačka Cave, Bukulja Mountain, Garaši Lake and hiking trails in Bukovicki Park are ideal places for you.

Events and festivals in Arandjelovac

As part of its history and tradition, the City of Arandjelovac organizes various events and festivals throughout the year. Meet the most famous of them.
  • Festival Marble and Sounds
The two great loves of the citizens of Arendjol, music and sculpture, merge during the Marble and Sounds festival. Every July, under the clear sky of Bukovicki Park, exhibitions of statues are organized, accompanied by appropriate musical contents. The festival program is also enriched with various literary and theatrical programs. All manifestations are performed on the summer open stage or in the beautiful "Hall of Princes" of the hotel "Staro zdanje".
  • Street of smiling faces festival 
The Street of Smiling Faces is a manifestation organized by the Tourist Organization of Arandjelovac, which takes place from the beginning of June to the end of September. This event is intended for the youngest and offers a variety of content, from educational, through cultural and entertainment, to sports and recreation. It is held in the center of Arandjelovac and admission is free.
  • Saint Sava's retinue
Every year on Savindan, the traditional Saint Sava suite is organized in Arandjelovac. This festival is adorned with performances performed by the youngest citizens, but also many other events, as well as equestrian clubs and the Knights of Svibor.
  • Hardworking hands festival 
In July, during the traditional Fair of the Worthy Hand, folk handicrafts are celebrated in Arandjelovac. Homemade handicrafts present their valuable handicrafts, from folk costumes to embroidered towels.
  • Theater festival in Arandjelovac
From the second to the sixth of November, in Arandjelovac, you can see a theater festival of a competitive nature. The best troupes and performances are awarded two prizes, according to the choice of the audience.

Activities for children in Arandjelovac

Families with children will certainly not be denied a visit to Arandjelovac. Apart from the beautiful nature and healing climate of this city, children can also enjoy some of the following activities:
  • Water Park 
One of the most attractive destinations in Arandjelovac and its surroundings is the Aqua Park Hotel Izvor, which holds the enviable title of the largest complex of this type in Serbia. Three pools and twelve slides provide summer fun for both the elderly and children of all ages.
  • Horse riding in the equestrian club Arandjelovac
Equestrian club Arandjelovac offers quality time spent in nature, in the fresh air, with animals. It organizes activities based on working with children and young people, during which the youngest can get acquainted with the basics of sports and enjoy nature and socializing with horses.
  • Sports
If you went to Arandjelovac to provide your family with sports activities or, simply, a vacation in nature, you can take your children to the park Bukovicke Banja, where there are walking paths or to the Garashi pool, where they can relax on the football fields, handball and beach volleyball.

What to visit in Arandjelovac?

Arandjelovac offers several interesting places you can get to know. Here are some of them:
  • Bukovicka Banja Park
This beautiful park covers an area of ​​over 22 hectares. In it you can see the Old Building, the oldest building in Arandjelovac, built in the middle of the 19th century, the Knjaz Milos pavilion and a collection of outdoor sculptures. Admission is free.
  • National Museum in Arandjelovac
The National Museum in Arandjelovac keeps and exhibits numerous exhibits in the field of paleontology, archeology, ethnology, history and art history. Its permanent exhibition, called Millennia, will take you through the history of this area from prehistoric times to the time of the Second World War. The working hours of the Museum are from 9 am to 5 pm. The ticket price is 120 dinars.
  • Risovačka cave
At the very entrance to Arandjelovac, there is the Risovac Cave, a place that was home to Neanderthal people during the Old Stone Age. You can visit this interesting place, which combines the beauty of nature and exceptional historical significance, every day from 9 am to 5 pm. The ticket price is 200 dinars.
  • Orašac
The village of Orasac near Arandjelovac is known as the place of the agreement on raising the First Serbian Uprising and declaring Karadjordj the leader. In memory of this event, a monument complex was built in Orađac, which consists of the Church of the Ascension of the Lord, the Memorial School and the memorial fountain in the Marićević ditch, the museum and sculpture of Karađorđe.

Accommodation in Arandjelovac

Arandjelovac offers a number of different accommodation units, and we offer hotels, apartments and rural households.
  • Hotels - There are two hotels in Arandjelovac. There is a luxury hotel Izvor, within the complex of which, among other things, there is an aqua park. The second is the garni hotel Kruna Elegant, which is located at the entrance to Arandjelovac. Accommodation for one person in Kruna Elegant is 2,750 dinars, while Izvor is a slightly more expensive variant, with a price of 110 euros per night.
  • Apartments - Somewhat cheaper vacation option will provide you with some of the many apartments, located in Arandjelovac or its surroundings. The price for one night starts at 1,411 dinars.
  • Rural tourism - If you would rather spend your vacation outside the city, you can choose one of the rural households located in the vicinity of Arandjelovac. This type of accommodation is offered by Paunove stene, Vajati Bosutića, Kuća u Orašcu, Kuća Teja and apartments Gorski car.
  • Bukovicka Banja Spa - If you are brought to Arandjelovac for health and rehabilitation reasons, you can stay in the special rehabilitation hospital Bukovicka Banja and use the facilities it offers. The price of accommodation per night starts from 3,300 dinars.

Important phone numbers and information

For all information, you can contact the Tourist Organization of Arandjelovac at 034 / 715-335
or email The tourist organization is located at Knjaza Miloša 289. Below we have singled out some other important telephone numbers, in case you need them during your stay in Arandjelovac.

  • Health center Arandjelovac: 034 711917
  • Arandjelovac General Hospital: 034 712779Special Hospital Bukovicka Banja: 034 725 250
  • Duty pharmacies: 034 569171, 034 726966
  • Police station: 034 569171
  • Bus station Aranđelovac: 034 6717300
  • Towing service Arandjelovac: 064 1332921
  • Post office: 034 569171
  • Parking service: 034 727 013

Where to eat in Arandjelovac?

Arandjelovac offers numerous facilities where you can try some of the local or international specialties.
  • Restaurants
Depending on what tastes you like, you can find several types of restaurants in Arandjelovac. If you are attracted by traditional Serbian cuisine, head to the Ethno-Village Divljakovac, the restaurant Lovački Raj, Karadjordjev Vajat or Knežev Han. The search for international cuisine will take you to the restaurants Tarpos, Aleksandar, GRB and Stari Park. MB Restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine, while pizza and pasta can be found at San Giorgio Restaurant.
  • Fast food
If you don't have time, you will find a quick meal in fast food establishments, such as Njambo, Pink ćevabdžinica, Fortuna grill, Ćevabdžinica Janković and Index pizza.
  • Bakeries and patisseries
Fresh bread and pastries are offered by bakeries Ilić, Neša, Kod dve jetrve, Duško and Deni. The confectioneries Slatko srce, Dolce, 1001 torta, Nešto slatko, Park srce and Vanilica will fulfill your desire for sweets.

Where to go out in Arandjelovac?

Arandjelovac is primarily a health resort, so, due to the peace and quiet necessary for patients, the nightlife is not as developed as many other places in Serbia. In the city, however, there is one club, and you can spend your time in one of the cozy cafes and bars.
  • Club
There is only one nightclub in Arandjelovac, Complex, so if you insist on this type of entertainment during your visit, it would be an ideal place for you.
  • Cafes and pubs
The choice of cafes is much wider than the offer of clubs. If you like this more relaxed variant of nightlife, you can try some of the following places: Mystic, Somewhere, Divino, Kingston, Hemingway, Clover Pub, Elephant, Aldi, Ur Carpet Pub, Milord, Charisma, Pivnica Bašta, Kavana, Havana, Fan club , Café L'étage or Jazz.

Transport and taxi in Arandjelovac

Arandjelovac is a very small town, so you should not have any problems when visiting and visiting this place. However, if you arrived by bus and want to explore the surrounding places, public transport and taxi service are at your disposal.
  • Public transport
There are six lines of public transport in the city itself. Arandjelovac is connected to the surrounding places by a suburban transport network, which consists of ten lines. Public transport in the municipality of Arandjelovac is organized by the company Lasta. You can get more information by contacting them at 034 6717300.
  • Taxi service
You can also move around Arandjelovac and its surroundings by taxi. Toll-free contact lines are 0800 32 32 32, 0800 22 22 24 and 0800 725 725.

Parking service and public garages in Arandjelovac

  • Parking
Parking spaces in Arandjelovac are divided into three zones:
  1. Red zone: The maximum retention in this zone is 180 minutes. The price of the first hour is 42 dinars. The price of two hours is 54 dinars, and the price is 78 dinars.
  2. Yellow zone: There is no parking time limit in this zone. The price of one hour is 30 dinars, and a full-day ticket costs 210 dinars.
  3. Green zone: There is no parking time limit in this zone. The price of one hour is 50 dinars, and a full-day ticket costs 250 dinars.
You can pay for the parking service by purchasing a card at the kiosk or via SMS. You can find additional information on the website or get it by phone 034 727 013.
  • Public garages 
Arandjelovac does not have a public garage.

Surroundings of Arandjelovac

The rich history and natural beauties of the Arandjelovac region make the surroundings of this city an interesting place for tourists.
  • Bukulja Mountain
Bukulja Mountain overlooks Arandjelovac and Bukovicka Banja. Marked hiking trails leading from the spa park lead to the very top. At the top of Bukulja, an observatory has been opened for visitors, which offers a magnificent view of a large part of Šumadija.
  • Lake Garaši
At 6 kilometers from the city lies Lake Garashi, which is an ideal place for fishermen. Fields for indoor soccer and beach volleyball have been built near the lake, as well as a restaurant. Near the lake there is a swimming pool Garaši.
  • Topola and Oplenac
Only 14 kilometers from Arandjelovac, on the road Arandjelovac-Kragujevac, there is an important historical place, the former capital of Karadjordj - Topola. Parts of the tower and the wall of the old leader's town, the residence and the church dedicated to the Most Holy Mother of God have been preserved in it. Nearby is Oplenac, which includes the church of St. George and the house of King Petar.
  • Monasteries
Several monasteries are hidden on the slopes of Rudnik: the monastery of Nikolje, Voljavča, which includes a monastery complex with a boarding house and the church of St. Archangel Michael, and the Annunciation.

History of Arandjelovac

  • The first Serbian uprising
Arandjelovac is a relatively young city, especially compared to many other Serbian cities. The basis of the town used to be the village of Bukovica, about which we have the oldest written mentions from the 15th century. The first Serbian uprising broke out in 1804, in Orašac near Arandjelovac, where national leaders and prominent people gathered. The insurgents were sworn in by Archbishop Atanasija of Bukovica.
  • The second Serbian uprising and consequences
After the Serbian uprisings in 1804 and 1815, the village suddenly developed rapidly and progressed, when members of the Obrenović dynasty became interested in it, attracted by the benefits of its healing water. Prince Miloš himself often stayed in the health resort of Bukovicka Banja, so he decided to build a church in the village of Vrbica and dedicate it to the Holy Archangel Gabriel. After that church, the newly formed town was named Arandjelovac. In it, Mihailo Obrenović built the Old Building as his summer residence. 

Geography and climate of Arandjelovac

  • Geography
Arandjelovac lies in the northeastern wooded foothills of the mountains Bukulja and Vencac at about 255 m above sea level, 76 km from Belgrade. The municipality includes two urban and 18 rural local communities. Bukovicka Banja is located in the town itself. Administratively, it belongs to the Šumadija district with its headquarters in Kragujevac.
  • Climate
This area is characterized by a temperate continental climate, from temperate to the most pleasant temperate. The higher parts of its territory (Bukulja and Venčac) have a specific variety of milder, altitude, subalpine climate, with quite regular temperature relations. The climatic area of Arandjelovac is characterized by relatively cold winters, autumn warmer than spring and moderately warm summers.

Demography of Arandjelovac

  • According to the last census from 2002, there were 24,309 inhabitants in the city, and 48,129 inhabitants in the municipality. The average age of the population is 38.7 years.
  • According to the 2002 census, this settlement is almost entirely inhabited by Serbs. In the second half of the 20th century, the population increased fivefold.

Tradition and culture of Arandjelovac

  • Arandjelovac has a long tradition of healing, which has been developing since the nineteenth century. Miloš Obrenović was also interested in the healing water, discovered in these parts. Thus begins the history of Bukovicka Banja, which today has been developed into a modern rehabilitation center. The city is also known for the sour water Knjaz Miloš, which has been produced there for more than a century.
  • The city is also known for its collection of marble sculptures, which are displayed in a permanent exhibition under the open sky, tucked away in the park of Bukovicka Banja. As part of the tradition of marble sculptures, the city organizes an international art festival Marble and Sounds every year.

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