Welcome to Krusevac

We present Kruševac - the capital of medieval Serbia and one of the largest city centers in the country. Krusevac is the center of the Rasina district and the core of economic, cultural and tourist development of the entire area. It is especially known for the fact that it was founded in the 14th century by Prince Lazar, which influenced the development of the city through specific features that testify to its tradition and distinct historical significance. Our site presents all the most important details of the entire tourist offer of the city. Explore it and organize the perfect trip.

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When to visit Krusevac?

A large number of diverse facilities make Kruševac an excellent choice of destination, regardless of the season. Whenever you head to the former capital of Serbia, you will find numerous activities that can enrich your vacation.
  • Throughout the year
Most of the content that Krusevac offers is available throughout the year. You can start sightseeing the city and its cultures regardless of the season. In it, you will also find a lot of museums, galleries and similar contents indoors, when visiting which you will not be disturbed by bad weather.
  • During the summer
One part of the tourist offer of Krusevac is available only during spring and summer. It is, above all, the Sports and Recreation Center Samar, whose mini aqua park and fields are only worth visiting during the warmer days. The nearby Jastrebac Mountain, with its facilities such as Adventure Park, hiking and biking trails and other amenities of the tourist complex, is also best visited during the summer months.

How to get to Krusevac?

The position in central Serbia and its good connection with other cities by different types of transport makes Krusevac a city that is not difficult to reach. Only 27 kilometers from the city is the E-75 highway, which connects Krusevac with the capital.
Krusevac is 196 kilometers away from Belgrade. Distances from some other larger city cores in Serbia are as follows: 80 kilometers from Nis, 120 kilometers from Kragujevac and 290 kilometers from Novi Sad. You can travel to Krusevac by different types of transport:
  • By car
The fastest way to get from Belgrade to Kruševac is to take the E-75 highway. After passing Jagodina, Ćuprija and Paraćin, 168 kilometers from the capital, you will reach the Pojate toll ramp, where you turn off the highway and cross the E-761 road. On this road, you will pass Ćićevac, Stalaža and Mrzenica, after which you should take the roundabout to the second exit to Savska Street.
In order to cross the mentioned road, it is necessary to set aside about two hours and seven minutes of driving, without breaks. The price of the toll is 530 dinars for the first category.
  • By bus
On the Belgrade-Kruševac route, transport is performed daily by four carriers, Lasta, Jugoprevoz Kruševac, Eurocompass and Dumeco. The price of the ticket is from 900 to 1000 dinars, depending on the carrier and the date of the trip, and you will need between two and a half and three hours to Krusevac.
For all additional information, you can always contact the Kruševac Bus Station at 037 / 421-555 or email

Best tourist activities in Krusevac

Regardless of your age or the type of vacation you want, you will surely manage to find something for your soul in the diverse offer of Kruševac.
  • City tour
Walking through Kruševac, you can get acquainted with interesting architectural objects, such as the City Hall, which houses the so-called Mosaic Hall and the Simić House, which is the oldest preserved building in the city. It is also worth dedicating time to squares, such as Kosturnica Square, Actors' Square and Fontana Square.
  • Culture
If you are a fan of history and art, you will come across several very interesting places in Kruševac. One of the most famous is the archeological park Lazarev grad, where you can explore the medieval heritage of this city, primarily the church Lazarica and the Donjon tower. The National Museum of Kruševac is also worth a visit, as are the galleries: the Art Gallery, the Treasury Gallery and the Milić od Mačve Gallery.
  • Relaxation in nature
Do you dream of a vacation in nature outside the city? Head to one of the many picnic areas in Kruševac. The most famous are the mountain Jastrebac and Ribarska Banja, and there are also Bagdala, Slobodište and the rural-tourist household Bela voda.
  • Sports
Today, Kruševac has become one of the most important regional sports and tourist centers. The Sports Center Kruševac complex includes a sports hall, the Soko gymnasium, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts and courts for small sports. Rasina Beach is also nearby.

Events and festivals in Krusevac

Fifteen different manifestations and festivals are held in Krusevac every year. Explore some of them:
  • Sretenje Ball
In the Great Hall of the National Museum on February 15, the Sretenje Ball is traditionally organized. The idea of ​​the event is to remind of the importance of the First Serbian Uprising, but also to collect humanitarian aid for the most endangered fellow citizens. The boys and girls of the Kruševac dance group Lazarica are in charge of the ball program, who introduce the audience to different types of games.
  • Imperial Festival - Lazar's Wine Routes
During April and May, the Tourist Organization of Krusevac organizes a festival called Lazar's Wine Routes. The festival gathers wineries from the entire Rasina district and its goal is to promote and encourage their activities and products.
  • The battle of knights in Lazar's city
Held in honor of Prince Lazar, the ruler who built this city, this three-day manifestation every June at the place from which he once ruled, in the archeological park near the church of Lazarica. In addition to the knight's square, an exhibition of souvenirs and old crafts, a knight's children's carnival and a medieval wedding in the Lazarica church will be organized for visitors in the three-day program every year.
  • International Balloon Festival - Kruševac through the clouds
During August, an event intended for the youngest is organized at the Bagdala picnic area: the International Balloon Festival. The most interesting attraction of the festival is flying in a balloon, but, in addition, there are many other accompanying activities. Among other things, children can enjoy the amusement park, horse riding, concerts, theater performances and much more.

Activities for children in Krusevac

Krusevac is a beautiful destination for families with children, because it offers several attractions adapted primarily to the youngest.
  • Adventure park Jastrebac
Within Jastrebac Lake Resort, near Kruševac, there is Avantura Park, a great place where families with children can spend an exciting and fun day. The park consists of four parts: a children's adventure park, a zip line across the lake, artificial climbing walls and large adventure trails on two levels.
  • Pioneer Park
Equipped with a beautiful and modern children's playground, this park is a pleasant place for little ones who want to play and have fun. Several times a year, the Tourist Organization of Kruševac chooses this point for holding festivals and events dedicated to children,
  • Bagdala hill
On Bagdala, a hill above Kruševac, you can find a space full of greenery, with landscaped sports fields and walking trails. Recently, a playground for children was set up on it.
  • Water park Samar
You can escape from the heat of summer days if you go to the sports and recreation center Samar, which includes a small water park. It includes three swimming pools, one for children and two for adults, with slides and other accompanying facilities. The price of a daily ticket is 400 dinars for adults and 200 dinars for children.

What to visit in Krusevac

It is logical that a city rich in history and culture such as Krusevac offers many interesting contents that you can visit. We have picked some of the most representative of them:
  • Archaeological park Lazarev grad
The medieval city, built by Prince Lazar in the 14th century, has been well researched, arranged and prepared for tourists in recent years. It includes the prince's endowment, the church of Lazarica, and the main city tower.
  • National Museum of Krusevac
The National Museum of Kruševac is also located within Lazar's city. The museum contains seven different collections: archaeological, ethnographic, numismatic, cultural-historical, natural history and collections of fine and applied arts. The ticket price for the National Museum costs 150 dinars and includes a visit to the Simić House and the Art Gallery.
  • Simic's house
Simić's house is one of the oldest buildings in the entire city. It is a historically important place, because Prince Miletina's revolt was agreed in it, after which the restriction of Miloš Obrenović's power was won. Today, it houses a museum exhibition, which evokes family life in this city during the first decades of the 20th century.
  • Town house
Another building worth visiting is the City Hall, which is proud of its sumptuous Mosaic Hall. Valuable mosaics are dedicated and inspired by history and mythology related to the time of Moravian Serbia.
  • Park Serbia
The newest tourist attraction of Krusevac is the Miniature Park of Serbia. Located on the hill of Bagdala near the city, this original park contains twelve small replicas of medieval Serbian monasteries.

Accommodation in Krusevac

Krusevac is a city that offers a wide and diverse offer of accommodation facilities. We can divide them into several categories, according to which you can choose the type of accommodation that suits you best:
  • Hotels
Krusevac owns two three-star hotels, Golf and Rubin. In the town and surroundings there are also garni hotels City and Nicolo & Spa. The price of bed and breakfast starts from around 3000 dinars.
  • Private accommodation
The offer of private accommodation is even more diverse than the hotel, and it brings, of course, more affordable prices. If you decide for one of the many apartments in the city or its surroundings, you should set aside 1,170 dinars per night.
  • Rural households
Would you rather enjoy on a vacation in peace and quiet of Jastrebac or Ribarska Banja? In that case, rural households, such as Mali raj with a tower on seventeen winds, Rajković, Bela voda, Zorica 1 and Zeleni dvor, can be a great place for you.

Important phone numbers and information

For all additional information, you can contact the Tourist Organization of the City of Krusevac at 037 / 445-180 or e-mail The Tourist Organization is located at Majke Jugovića no. 3. In the following part of the text, we have singled out important telephone numbers that can be of help to you during your stay in Kragujevac:

Important phones numbers

Kruševac Police Station: 192, 037 / 427-459
Bus station: 037 / 421-555
Railway station: 037 / 428-888
General Hospital Kruševac: 037 / 414-000
Kruševac Health Center: 037 / 441-885
Main post office PTT Kruševac: 037 / 413-700
Gas station: 037 / 420-780
Pharmacy Kruševac: 037 / 424-460

Where to eat in Krusevac

Kruševac offers an excellent gastronomic experience and food such as bungur soup and veal cutlet from Šumadija. Get to know the rich tastes and wines of this region in one of the local restaurants.
  • Restaurants
Fans of traditional Serbian tastes will certainly not be deprived during their stay in this city. Some of the restaurants where you can try traditional specialties are Konak, Napredak, Ethno House, Meraklija, Potkovica, Gedza, Verige, Donjon kula, Krle and Kod Ljube.
  • Pizzerias
You can try Italian cuisine at the E.T., Laterna, Pizza heat, Moment and Arabica restaurants.
  • Fast food and bakeries
If you are looking for fast food, the right solution for you are some of the following fast food facilities: Fantastiko, Tweety, Am-am, Tasty bar, Magic grill, Happy end, Lightning, Kod Žileta, Kruna and many others ... What as far as bakeries are concerned, you will find excellent bread and pastries in the Bronx or Panader.
  • Pastry shops
Are you in the mood for a short break with a cake or pie? You will enjoy one of the confectioneries in Kruševac, such as Anđela, the Little Prince, Gaga or Sweet Life.

Where to go out in Krusevac

In Kruševac you can enjoy several different types of nightlife. Depending on what you want, you can choose one of the following places:
  • Taverns
You can start a standard time in traditional Serbian taverns if you go to taverns Srbija, Idu dani, Gradska kafana or Prerovo.
  • Cafes
Through the center of Krusevac there are countless cafes with a pleasant atmosphere. Discover your ideal break point in one of the following bars:  San Marko, ABC, Salsa, Dora, Grizzly, EL Paco, Dali, Choco, Magnetic, Basement, Gallery cafe, Tailors pub or Apriori.

Transport and taxi in Krusevac

When it comes to public transport and other types of transport, Krusevac has a developed network that will make your movement around the city very easy.
  • Public transport
The city itself, but also its surroundings, are well connected by a large number of city, suburban and intercity lines. The company Jugoprevoz Kruševac is in charge of city transport. More information about lines, stations and timetables can be found on their website.
  • Taxi service
During your stay in Novi Sad, a large number of taxi services are at your disposal. The start is around 70 dinars, and each kilometer covered is 55 dinars. The most famous taxi services are:

  • Next taxi: 037 / 43-43-43, 063 / 44-33-37
  • Boss taxi: 037 / 444-555, 037 / 44-55-66
  • Urban taxi: 037 / 499-499, 037 / 499-599
  • Mega taxi: 037 / 46-46-46
  • Euro taxi: 037 / 49-49-49
  • Star taxi: 037 / 444-999, 066 / 6-444-999
  • Kruna taxi: 037 / 3-500-500, 065 / 3-500-500
  • Moj grad moj taksi: 037 / 492-492, 066 / 492-492

  • Rent a car
In addition to the above types of transport, in Krusevac you can also rent a car in the car rental service located within the Golf Hotel. They are located at Gavrila Principa 74, and you can contact them at 037 / 3462-820.

Parking service and public garages in Krusevac

Having in mind that Krusevac is well equipped with parking lots of various types and public garages, during a visit to this city you should not have any problems looking for a parking space.
  • Open parking
Parking spaces along the city streets are divided into three zones:
  • Extra zone: The price of an hour of parking is 40 dinars.
  • Zone I: The price of an hour is 35 dinars.
  • Zone II: The price of an hour is 25 dinars.
You can pay for parking by sending an SMS to 9371 for the extra zone, 9372 for the first zone and 9373 for the second zone. You can buy a parking ticket at locations on the street. Čolak Antinoj (PASSAGE I, PASSAGE II), info center, parking lot near the Sports Hall, at the field controller or the offices of the market administration. For 150 dinars you can buy a full-day ticket by sending a message to the number 9370.
  • Closed parking
There is also a special parking lot Parking by the sports hall. The price per hour is 35 dinars. This space offers 155 parking spaces.
  • Public garages
You can also leave your car in the public garages Kosturnica (40 dinars for the first hour, 50 dinars for each subsequent hour), Bolnica (40 dinars per hour) and Centar II (40 dinars for the first hour, 50 dinars for each subsequent hour).

Surroundings of Krusevac

In the vicinity of Krusevac you can discover several very interesting locations and attractions, such as:
  • Bela Voda
At 14 kilometers from Kruševac, you will find the village of Bela Voda, which is known for its natural resources, mineral water springs and sandstone maidans. When visiting this settlement, you can visit the Museum of Masonry and Sculpture and the Sculpture Park.
  • Birth house of the national hero Miloje Zakić
In the village of Mali Golovod, not far from Kruševac, is the birthplace of the national hero Miloje Zakić. Today, it has been turned into a memorial house and houses a museum exhibit related to the life and activities of Miloje Zakić.
  • Monasteries
If you are interested in visiting monasteries, Krusevac is a great place for you. In the vicinity of this important medieval center there are a large number of church monuments, of which it is worth mentioning the Monastery of the Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God, the Monastery of St. Roman, the endowment of Princess Milica-Ljubostinja, Naupara, Drenča, Mrzenica, Rudenica and Veluća.

History of Krusevac

  • Middle Ages
Kruševac was built as his capital by Prince Lazar in 1371. The city was first mentioned in 1387, in a charter by which Prince Lazar in his fortified capital confirmed earlier trade privileges to the people of Dubrovnik. The city became the economic and cultural center of Serbia. After the Battle of Kosovo, Krusevac became the capital of vassal Serbia, ruled by Milica, and later by her son, Despot Stefan, before moving the capital to Belgrade.
  • Modern history
Krusevac was liberated from the Turks in 1833. After that, the city began to develop and prosper rapidly and became one of the larger regional centers of the then Serbia. It has maintained that status to this day.

Geography and climate of Krusevac

  • Geography
Krusevac is a town in the valley of West Pomoravlje. It is located on the river Rasina. It represents the economic, administrative, cultural, health, educational, informational and sports center of the Rasina district. The city of Krusevac covers 101 settlements and covers an area of 854 km².
  • Climate
The surroundings of Krusevac are mostly hilly areas with smaller lowland areas in river valleys.
Average altitude is 300m. The average air temperature is 11ºC, and the relative humidity is 66-83%.

Demographics of Krusevac

  • According to the latest census from 2011, the City of Krusevac had 131,368 inhabitants, while the city settlement of Krusevac had 58,745 inhabitants.
  • There are 46,395 adult inhabitants in the settlement of Krusevac, and the average age of the population is 39.2 years. There are 19,342 households in the settlement, and the average number of members per household is 2.95.
  • This city is mostly inhabited by Serbs (95%).

Tradition and culture of Krusevac

  • The inhabitants of Krusevac are very proud of the rich cultural heritage from the Middle Ages. To this day, they are kept alive to keep the memory of the glorious days of the former Serbian capital and its founder, Prince Lazar. The story of times long past is revealed by his endowment Lazarica and the remains of his fortified city. The city also organizes numerous festivals with medieval themes, in order to introduce new generations to the life of past epochs. These are the Knight's Square in Lazar's city, the Medieval wedding in the church of Lazarica and the Knight's Children's Carnival.
  • Krusevac boasts many valuable cultural institutions, such as the National Museum of Krusevac, the Art Gallery, the Treasury Gallery and the Milić od Mačve Gallery.

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