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Novi Sad - a city of perfect atmosphere, which will give you a quality experience and a lot of diverse content. Get to know a wide range of apartments in Novi Sad and the most famous tourist beauties of the city. Find out the reasons why it was declared the European Capital of Culture. Get ready to enjoy quality cultural programs and facilities that offer rest, enjoyment on the banks of the Danube and quality nightlife. Choose the option that will show you which restaurants in Novi Sad offer the highest quality traditional Vojvodina meals. Prepare for your stay and use your Novi Sad time in the best possible way.

Novi Sad Apartments

Dld Ns 5

Novi Sad · Sajmiste · Futoski park
Studio · 7 Guests
€38.82 night


Novi Sad · Detelinara · Detelinarska Pijaca
Studio · 3 Guests
€44.71 night

Top Tenis

Novi Sad · Detelinara · Bulevar Evrope
Studio · 2 Guests
€23.53 night


Novi Sad · Stari Grad · Trg Slobode (Monument to Svetozar Miletic)
Studio · 2 Guests
€58.82 night

Apartman TĐ

Novi Sad · Grbavica · Brace-Ribnikar
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€64.71 night

Skalar studio

Novi Sad · Detelinara · Bulevar Evrope
Studio · 2 Guests
€23.53 night


Novi Sad · Stari Grad · Dunavski park
Studio · 2 Guests
€64.71 night

Relax spa

Novi Sad · Petrovaradin · Petrovaradinska-pijaca
2 Bedrooms · 6 Guests
€105.88 night


Novi Sad · Telep · Elementary school "Jožef Atila"
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€58.82 night


Novi Sad · Petrovaradin · Petrovaradinska-pijaca
Studio · 2 Guests
€29.41 night

Petrovaradin 11

Novi Sad · Petrovaradin · Petrovaradinska-pijaca
1 Bedroom · 3 Guests
€41.18 night


Novi Sad · Telep · Elementary school "Jožef Atila"
1 Bedroom · 3 Guests
€52.94 night

When to visit Novi Sad?

The most correct answer to the question would be: Novi Sad is a perfect destination for a vacation throughout the year.
  • Indoor facilities - are available to tourists at any time of year. Throughout the year you can enjoy cultural institutions, exhibitions, quality restaurants and the most famous sights.
  • Outdoor activities - a number of tourist attractions are available during the summer months. These include Strand, long walks in Novi Sad parks and enjoying numerous events and festivals.

How to get to Novi Sad?

The position of Novi Sad can be defined as the north of Serbia, the border between Backa and Srem. Its excellent position and location at the crossroads allows excellent connections with nearby places. It is 70 kilometers away from Belgrade, and in its vicinity there are border crossings with: Hungary - Horgos (120 kilometers), Croatia - Backa Palanka 40; Romania - Serbian Black 100.

The developed infrastructure and the good location of the city allow you to reach it in different ways:
  • By car - via the highway E-75, on which the city is located, or E-70, which is located 70 kilometers south of the city, towards Belgrade.
  • By bus - from the bus station Novi Sad departs and a large number of lines come to it from and to all places in Serbia. More detailed information awaits you on the website: Bus transport Novi Sad.
  • By boat - since it is located on the Danube, Novi Sad allows you to reach it by water, through cruising arrangements.
  • By bicycle - the EuroVelo 6 bicycle path passes through Novi Sad. Thanks to it, the city is connected to the European corridor that stretches along the Danube.
  • By train - the capital of Vojvodina passes the railway, which runs a large number of lines to all parts of Serbia and Europe. For more information visit: rail transport Novi Sad.

Activities for tourists in Novi Sad

Novi Sad is a city perfect for various types of sports activities, excursions and tours. Numerous tourist agencies organize various tours through the city, and the tourist organization of Novi Sad has developed a number of spaces in which you can fill your stays in a very high quality way. Enjoy:
  • Sports activities - which are available on wide cycling trails, trim running tracks and numerous sports fields. The city has a trim track Belgrade Quay and a Health Trail, ideal for running, athletics and all long recreational activities. Bicycle paths and parking lots have been set up along the entire city, and the Euro6 route passes through Novi Sad, which starts from the left bank of the Danube to the Varadinska Duga bridge.
  • Activities during the summer - famous swimming pools and swimming pools will provide you with extremely high quality swimming activities. Apart from Strand, Novi Sad also has swimming pools: at Sajmište, the Slana Bar Sports Center and a swimming pool within Spena. In addition to the outdoors, these sports centers also have indoor pools, so you can enjoy them during the colder days.
  • Wellness and spa programs - perfect treatments for rest and enjoyment. The capital of Vojvodina provides modern spaces with various relaxing programs. The most famous centers of this type are: Green Life, Atrium Hamam & Spa, Hotel Premier President and Wellness Panorama Aqualux.

Manifestation and festivals in Novi Sad

Novi Sad is a city where quality events and festivals are held throughout the year. The most famous are:
  • Exit - a trademark of the capital of Vojvodina and an event during which Novi Sad became the center of the whole of Europe. It is held every year at the Petrovaradin Fortress from July 8 to 11. During those three days, Exit gathers over 1000 performers, who perform on more than 40 stages. The festival hosted the most famous names of European and world music and won a large number of international titles.
  • Euroijada - one of the events that promotes sportsmanship, healthy living, friendship, culture and equality in a quality way. It is held every year from April 15 to 19. Euroriada organizes competitions in: futsal, football, volleyball, basketball, handball, tennis, table tennis, athletics, swimming, chess, cheering, knowledge quiz. It is held within Spence, the Faculty of Sports and the Petrovaradin Sports Hall.
  • Mountaineering marathon on Fruška gora - during April 24 and 25, one of the oldest international marathons will be held on Fruška gora. Affirmation of sportsmanship and healthy living is carried out on 19 tracks of different lengths and heights. Five trails are adapted for the competition part, while the others are intended for recreational participation and easier activities.
  • Štrand Summer Fest - a series of events organized on one of the most beautiful beaches in Serbia. It includes various programs and competitions, the most famous of which are: children's competition in making a sand tower, selection of the most beautiful visitors to the Strand, numerous concerts, dance evenings, film screenings, performances for children and sports activities. It is held from July 1 to September 1 each year.
  • November fest - how to omit the event that best promotes Vojvodina's culinary tradition. During November 13 and 14, producers of sausages, cracklings, meat and dried meat products from all over Serbia gather in Novi Sad. The process of making is accompanied by the sounds of the tambourine, and the best in assembling the sausage receive valuable prizes.

Activities for children in Novi Sad

The youngest visitors have at their disposal a number of facilities and spaces that they will enjoy during their stay in the capital of Vojvodina. We recommend the following:
  • Novi Sad parks: Danube Park, Liman Park, Futoški Park - wonderful oases of fresh air and lush vegetation, in which there are children's playgrounds with numerous play equipment.
  • Štrand - a space that is certainly one of the largest children's empires. A huge beach, a playground, spaces for various sports activities and children's competitions, the most famous of which is: making the largest sand tower, are part of what the most beautiful Novi Sad beach has to offer.
  • Winter attractions - outdoor skating rink in the Danube Park and indoor within the Spence Hall. Kids will be able to enjoy the period from November to March here. It is certain that these spaces will provide the opportunity to enjoy and maximize energy in the right way.
  • Cultural events - Novi Sad is the capital of culture and therefore one of the places in Serbia that provides the highest quality cultural content for children. The Youth Theater has a Stage for children, on which the highest quality adaptations of works of domestic and world literature are staged. Novi Sad also has a Children's Cultural Center, within which numerous exhibitions and art programs for children are organized.
  • Cinemas - there are a large number of cinemas throughout the city, the largest of which is located in the Promenade shopping center. In them, you can watch the premieres of the most famous children's films and enjoy various screenings: from 2 to 6D.

What to see in Novi Sad?

Novi Sad is a city with a very developed tourist offer, which abounds in very interesting attractions. During your stay in Novi Sad, do not miss the following:
  • City center - the main reason why Novi Sad is called the center of culture. It houses the Museum of Vojvodina, the Matica Srpska Gallery, the Serbian National Theater, as well as the famous Monument to Jovan Jovanović Zmaj, the most central point of the city. In the heart of Novi Sad, the Danube Park awaits you, one of the four largest green areas in the city. The central part of this neighborhood is a landscaped promenade, with buildings of beautiful architecture, numerous gastronomic facilities and places of good nightlife.
  • Petrovaradin Fortress - a space where today there are hundreds of art studios, museums, galleries and restaurants. Its center is a clock tower - known for the fact that the large hand of the clock shows the hours and the small minutes. Its mechanism is still winding up every day. At the top of the Tower is a weather vane and a compass, which has a heart instead of a spear on the mast. Here is also; Planetarium, which organizes numerous scientific and educational activities led by the Astronomical Society of Novi Sad, as well as the Belgrade Gate, which is a true architectural work of art, authentic and in harmony with the spirit of Vojvodina.
  • Danube - better known as the main street of Novi Sad, with the famous Strand on the left and Sremski Kamenica and the weekend settlements Ribarsko ostrvo and Kamenjar on the right. The city beach Strand has been the liveliest and most visited part of the capital of Vojvodina for years. The weekend resorts on the right contain numerous chardas, restaurants and a place from where you can go for a ride on the Danube and visit places like Kamenjar, Mačkov sprud and Ljubavno ostrvo.
  • Cultural institutions - spaces with the highest quality spaces. The most famous are: the Matica Srpska Gallery - with over 500 works of art exhibited in a permanent exhibition; Serbian National Theater - one of the most developed cultural institutions in Serbia, which offers a wide repertoire of various dramas, ballets and operas; Museum of Vojvodina - the largest museum institution in the entire province. It contains about 400,000 museum objects and a library fund with about 50,000 publications. Exhibits from archeology, general history, art history and ethnology.

Accommodation in Novi Sad

As one of Serbia's largest administrative and tourist centers, Novi Sad has developed many accommodation units of different structures, capacities, and prices. Novi Sad also offers auto-camping accommodation, accommodation on farms, or accommodation within touristic households.  You can choose between:
  • Hotels - Novi Sad has 31 hotels with different structures, equipment, and price. Most are located near the city center. Accordingly, a night for two will cost you from 2000 to 10000 dinars.
  • Apartments - the most affordable accommodation, representing the best price-quality ratio. Apartments Novi Sad are distributed throughout the city, all are very high quality and equipped, so you can spend longer and shorter stays in them. A night in them is available for 8 euros per person.
  • Hostel - a type of accommodation that is intended for short stays and generally provides enough space to sleep in it. You can rent them at very affordable prices, and they are located in all parts of Novi Sad.

Important telephones and information

We list the most important telephone numbers of services you may need during your stay. The contact center for all concerns and questions of tourists is available at +381 21 420-066 and the address: Trg slobode 1. Other significant telephone numbers are listed below.
  • Novi Sad Railway Station tel: 021/443 200
  • Novi Sad Fire Brigade 021 / 527-888
  • Novi Sad Police Department, Papa Pavla 46, phone: 488 5000
  • Intercity bus station +381 21 444 021, 444 022
  • City traffic (Information) +381 21 527 399
  • Roadside Assistance 1987
  • Ambulance - 194

Where to eat in Novi Sad?

During your stay in Novi Sad, real gastronomic enjoyment awaits you. Depending on the taste and the time you have, you can choose between:
  • Restaurants - places that are the perfect combination of delicious food, great service and wonderful ambience. There are restaurants in the city that serve national, foreign or vegan food. The warmest recommendations are: Lazin salas, Kafanica, Alaska terasa, Giardino, Arhiv, Vege & Vegan and Ananda.
  • Pizzeria - places that serve the highest quality Italian specialties and where you can try pizzas of various flavors, including sweet. Novi Sad boasts pizzerias: Alla Lanterna, Pizzeria Ciao, Libero pizza and many others.
  • Fast food facilities and bakeries - a great choice if you want to eat something fast. Facilities such as: Banjalički ćevap, Toaster Bar, Perec and Žeki are an indicator that fast food can be very high quality.
  • Čarde - traditional facilities that will provide superior enjoyment of the river view and tasting of the highest quality local dishes. The ethno objects that the locals warmly recommend are: Aqua Doria and Tako je suđeno.

Where to go out in Novi Sad?

Novi Sad is one of the cities in Serbia with the best spots for a great night out. According to the musical taste, you can choose between traditional cafes, pubs, pubs and clubs. When it comes to nightlife, there are three Novi Sad addresses where the best parties are held:
  • Laza Telečkog Street - a neighborhood of the best parties, where you can enjoy the most varied rhythms. The most famous objects are: Cuba libre, Cactus, Lazino tele, Lazin sokak, Ladovina, Tamo daleko.
  • Ribarsko ostrvo - a place where tambourine rhythms and hard rock sounds intersect until the early morning hours. The most famous cafes here are: Ski Bar, Čarda Kućerak na Ribarac, Discount bar, Cafeteria. This place is ideal for a day out and enjoying the view of the Danube.
  • Petrovaradin Fortress - a place that is not only known for its cultural and historical significance. Here are cafes and clubs that are in charge of a great time. The most famous clubs are: Bastion Museum, Devil and Museum.

Transportation and taxi in Novi Sad

Novi Sad, the second largest city in Serbia, has a very developed network of public transport, both when it comes to public transport and when it comes to a number of taxi services and car rental agencies.

  • Public transport - A large number of urban transport lines transport many passengers to all parts of the city, including the suburbs. The price of an individual bus ticket is 65 dinars. You can find all the information on the city transport company Novi Sad website.
  • Taxi service - During your stay in Novi Sad, a large number of taxi services are at your disposal. As for the price of the ride, the start is 120 dinars, while each kilometer traveled through the city is 59 dinars, the suburban 98 dinars, and the waiting 700 dinars. The most famous taxi services are City plus taxi 450 450, MBR taxi 500 222, LUX taxi 6300 000, New taxi 500 700, Our taxi 6300 300, and Halo taxi 444 9 44.
  • Rent a car - In addition to the above, you can move through the city by booking the services of car rental agencies. You can choose from a large number of available centers, and we recommend the following Addagio - Narodnog fronta 10/4; 069 / 232-44-44; 021 / 632-04-44, DDM Company- Dr Svetislava Kasapinovića 9; 021 / 270-00-17 064 / 133-45-89 and Set Car - Ilariona Ruvarca 5e; 066 / 064-066

Parking and public garages in Novi Sad

Novi Sad has a developed parking system and public garages like any city center. Parking is divided into zones, and public garages are available in several places. In addition to this, the city also has several occasional parking lots, and details about them can be found at the link: occasional parking lots Novi Sad. For all additional information, you can call JKP Parking service at the phone number: 021 48 99 111/48 99 119. Parking by zones works like this:
  • Red zone - Parking time is limited to 120 minutes in the red zone. The price of parking for each started hour is 53.00 dinars. The short number for paying for parking by SMS in the red zone is 8211. Red zone streets are Bulevar Mihajla Pupina; Bulevar oslobođenja; Zlatne grede; Ignjata Pavlasa 
  • Blue zone - Parking time is not limited in the blue zone. The price of parking for each started hour is 44.00 dinars. The short number for paying for parking by SMS in the blue zone is 8212. Streets located covered by the blue zone are Alberta Tome; Alekse Šantića; Antona Čehova; Arse Teodorovića; Arhimandrita Rajića. 
  • White zone - Parking is not limited in the white zone. The price of parking for each started hour is 30.00 dinars. In the white zone, it is possible to pay a daily ticket in the amount of 95.00 dinars. The short numbers for paying for parking by SMS in the white zone are 8218, or 8215 for the daily ticket. Streets located in the white zone are Vojvođanska; Železnička stanica; Miloša Bajića; Mičurinova (northern part) i Mičurinova (southern part). It is also possible to buy a daily ticket valid all day and cost 95.00 dinars. It can be paid in two ways: by buying a parking ticket at kiosks and sending an SMS to 8215. The daily ticket is valid for parking lots in the white zone and the ones in blue, marked with additional tables.
  • Garages Novi Sad has two closed garages: Garage near the Serbian National Theater (19) - the price of parking in this parking lot is 45 dinars for each started hour; Parking lot near the Institute in Sremska Kamenica (655) - for which 30 dinars are charged every started hour.

The surroundings of Novi Sad

Novi Sad is a city that boasts an exceptional immediate surroundings, which you can reach in a very short time. You can visit the surroundings in various ways: Booking tour, walking tours, bus or as with agency routes led by organized groups with a guide. The most famous surrounding destinations and attractions that you should not miss are:
  • Fruška gora - certainly one of the most famous landmarks of Novi Sad. It is located only twenty minutes drive from the city and is the only mountain in Vojvodina. It is a space that offers a range of very high quality facilities. It is best known for: picnic areas, monasteries, landscaped areas for walking and running and Vrdnik, the famous spa and resort. Fruška gora also has excellent accommodation facilities, so you can stay here as well.
  • Sremski Karlovci - a place that is associated with the cultural rise of Serbs and is one of the motherlands of our historical development. They were the seat of the Karlovac Patriarchate and the first Serbian gymnasium. The city boasts institutions from the 18th and 19th centuries: the Cathedral, the Four Lions fountain, and the gymnasium building. Sremske Karlovce is also adorned with a long tradition of vines, so you can visit one of the wineries. They are only 11 kilometers away from Novi Sad.
  • Salaši - ethno spaces, which show all the traditional beauties and features of Vojvodina. In them you can taste the most delicious home-made dishes and drinks, enjoy a walk along the beautiful nature, breathe fresh air or relax in traditional rooms. The most famous farms in the vicinity of Novi Sad are: Farm 137 - 10 km from Novi Sad and is known for its many details, trees and flowers; Brkin salaš - located in Chennai, 17 km from Novi Sad, it is ideal fo walking, cycling; Bucin salaš - Temerin - it is known for the large number of animals that are bred here.

History of Novi Sad

  • Numerous tribes have inhabited the area of today's Novi Sad since Roman times: Avars, Huns. Slavs, Hungarians, Germans, Byzantines and Turks. The Romans created the first fortification in the area of ​​today's fortress, which was later held by the Hungarians and then the Turks. The history of Novi Sad itself begins more than 300 years ago. It was first mentioned in 1694, two years after constructing the Petrovaradin fortress. The city was built under the Petrovaradin rock.
  • The Habsburgs built a bridgehead, and a settlement of merchants, craftsmen and soldiers rose around it. The first was called Racko (Serbian) village, and later the Petrovaradin trench. When the settlement increased at the beginning of the 18th century, in 1748, the citizens obtained the status of a free city from Queen Maria Theresa, which was called Novi Sad. After numerous political turmoils and struggles, Novi Sad finally became part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes on December 1, 1918.

Geography and climate of Novi Sad

  • Geography - Novi Sad is the administrative, economic, cultural, scientific and tourist center of AP Vojvodina, the second largest city in Serbia. It is located in the heart of the autonomous province of Vojvodina, on the border of Backa and Srem. It lies on the river Danube, on the left bank of which there is a plain part, while the right one is bordered by the slopes of Fruška gora. The municipality of Novi Sad has 15 suburban settlements, which cover an area of ​​700 kilometers. Novi Sad has a very low altitude of 72 to 80 meters.
  • Climate - The climate in the city is temperate-continental and continental. This means that all four seasons change, and the average temperature is 11 degrees. A characteristic of the climate of Novi Sad is the wind of Košava, which blows for up to 7 days in a row. The climate is also characterized by a fairly large amount of precipitation, which increases yearly, a consequence of general climate change and global warming.

Demography of Novi Sad

  • According to the data from 2011, the number of inhabitants in the city center of Novi Sad is 313,000 inhabitants, while the entire municipality with suburban settlements has 400,000 inhabitants.
  • Novi Sad has 725,000 households. They are mostly inhabited by Serbs (75%), while Slovaks predominantly inhabit only the settlement of Kisač. Of the other national minorities, there are Hungarians (5%) and Croats (2%).

Tradition and culture of Novi Sad

  • Culture - What is certainly the biggest and most distinctive feature of Novi Sad is its cultural development and care for the preservation of heritage. Novi Sad was also declared the European Capital of Culture with full right. Since the 18th century, the city has been the center of Hungarian Serb culture, a place where the most significant writers, painters and architects gathered. Here, in 1861, the Serbian National Theater was created, the first in the entire South Slavic area. Then, in 1864, Matica Srpska, the oldest Serbian cultural institution, which already owned the Library and Gallery, was moved to Novi Sad.
  • Significant institutions - The path of cultural development has continued even today, when there is a vast number of institutions in Novi Sad that nurture art and culture. Among them are: Museum of Vojvodina, Museum of Accession in 1918, Museum of the City of Novi Sad, Collection of Foreign Art, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Matica Srpska Gallery, Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection, Újvidéki Színház / Novi Sad Theater, Youth Theater, Cultural Center of Novi Sad , Atelje 61.

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