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Welcome to Vrsac

We present you one of the most beautiful cities in Serbia. For many years, Vršac has been one of the leading tourist destinations in Vojvodina, thanks to numerous cultural and historically important monuments, sights and natural beauties. Our page contains all the most important information about this destination. On it you will choose the highest quality accommodation, find the most famous restaurants, explore the best tours through the city, the most beautiful surrounding facilities and city attractions. Get to know the city before you go on a trip and treat yourself to a perfect Lalin vacation.

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When to visit Vrsac?

Whatever time of year you decide to visit this city, you will not go wrong. Almost all the facilities that the city offers are available regardless of the time of year, except for a number of outdoor attractions.
  • Throughout the year - mountaineering associations throughout Serbia regularly visit the Vršac Transversal in both summer and winter. You can visit cultural and historical sights and city monuments at any time of the year.
  • During the summer - the summer period of the year in Vršac is ideal because of the strong, refreshing winds, the beautiful city lake that will cool you down and bring you positive energy, as well as numerous summer manifestations.

How to get to Vrsac?

Only 14 kilometers from the border with Romania, below the Vrsac Mountains, is Vrsac. Vrsac is 84 kilometers from Belgrade, 74 kilometers from Timisoara, 278 kilometers from Subotica, 96 kilometers from Zrenjanin, 147 kilometers from Novi Sad, 173 kilometers from Kragujevac. This Banat town is well connected with the rest of Serbia and Romania.

You can reach Vrsac using several different forms of transport:
  • By car - If you are going to Vrsac from the direction of Belgrade, it is best to go over the Pancevo bridge, then via the E 70 over Pancevo, near the City Park in Pancevo, you need to turn right (continuation of the E 70 road). This road will take you straight to Vrsac and the travel time on the route Belgrade - Vrsac is a little more than 90 minutes. From the direction of Novi Sad, it is best to go through Zrenjanin, then through Secanj and Plandiste and you come to Vrsac. The travel period from Novi Sad to Vrsac is two hours and 10 minutes.
  • By bus - On a daily basis, about 15 departures go daily from Belgrade to Vrsac. The first morning departure from Belgrade is at 05.30h, while the last is at 22: 00h. The price of a one-way ticket is 850 RSD, and a return ticket 1.360 RSD. From Novi Sad to Vršac, there are seven bus departures every day. The price of a one-way ticket is 1,230 RSD, while the return ticket is 1,970 RSD. For all additional information, you can contact the carrier Stup Vršac by phone 013/832 900 or by e-mail stupdepo@stup.rs.
  • By train - From Belgrade to Vrsac you can also come by train, and every day on this route there are six departures, the first is at 07:02 and the last at 20:52. The price of a one-way ticket is 370 RSD, while the return ticket is 592 RSD.

Activities for tourists in Vrsac

The tourist offer on the territory of the municipality of Vrsac is magnificent. A large number of activities await you, which we can divide into several categories:
  • Excursions - Only 17 kilometers from Vrsac is the village of Straza, and in it the picnic area of ​​the Eco Fishing Society ABC. A fishing track adapted for people with special needs and people with disabilities has been built in this area. This is an ideal place for a trip near Vrsac.
  • Sports activities and extreme sports - In addition to a large number of outdoor sports fields and parks with exercise equipment, you can also use the services of SC Milenium. Within this sports facility there are sports halls, fitness centers and an outdoor Olympic swimming pool. The Extreme Sports Club Izazov has been operating since 2007. You can try yourself in: Ice Climbing, Free Climbing, Mountainbike, Paragliding, Kayaking.
  • Fun and entertainment - You can experience an hour of irresistible fun and adventure in the Vršac Escape Room. Solve the mysterious cases that will be in front of you and try to find a way out of this room. Depending on the number of team members, the price of an appointment in the Escape Room ranges from RSD 2,500 to RSD 4,000 per team. You can book an appointment in the Escape Room: 063/7 636 686 or escaperoomvrsac2015@gmail.com

Events and festivals in Vršac

A large number of events and festivals in Vršac are dedicated to maintaining the tradition of this area. In addition, you will see a number of cultural events and music festivals. Here are some that can get your attention:
  • Folk Art Fair - This fair presents folk art from Serbia and around the world. This fair is held as an accompanying program of the International Folklore Festival Vršački venac.
  • Vršački venac - Cultural Center Vršac organizes the international folklore festival Vršački Venac. Folklore ensembles from all over the world take part, and so they take care of the tradition of each of the countries representing this festival with song and dance.
  • Vinofest - Vršac is known for its viticultural tradition, so it is no wonder that Vinofest is held in this city. This event is of a competitive nature, and top oenologists appear as tasters. In addition to wines from Vrsac, you can try wines from other parts of Serbia, but also from countries in the region.
  • Jazztronic - Fans of alternative music have something to enjoy in Vršac. Every May, the Jazztronic Festival of Jazz and Blues Music is held. This event attracts a large number of tourists from the country and the region, while the best jazz and blues bands around the world perform at it.
  • Vršac Theater Autumn - During the second half of October, the theater festival Vršac Theater Autumn is held in Vršac. Depending on the year, the festival lasts from three to five days, and you will be able to enjoy theatrical performances of the best theaters in Serbia.
  • Grape harvest days - This event in Vršac is much better known as Grapefruit. This is the largest tourist event in this area and, in addition to marking the grape harvest, it offers a variety of cultural content: concerts and exhibitions. Children's masquerade, carnival, amusement parks are available for your kids, while older tourists can visit the wine cellars and taste the most delicious wines. Intoxicating aromas of wine, roasted sausages and grapes are spreading throughout the city.

Facilities for children in Vršac

A large number of contents will be available to your children when visiting Vrsac. Here are just a few that you should not miss if the road takes you to Vrsac:
  • Vršački breg - Vrsacki planine or as the people of Vrsac prefer to call them, Vrsacki breg is a paradise for your children. This is a favorite picnic spot of the people of Vršac and a place where they regularly take their children. In addition to hiking trails, you will see carousels, swings and a large number of facilities for kids. A day in nature will bring a smile to the faces of your children as well.
  • Horseback riding - The Popović family started a riding school in the village of Ritiševo, about ten kilometers from Vršac. Children from the age of seven can already try riding, as they say in this school. In addition to horses, Popovići also has a farm where dogs, sheep, pigeons and rabbits can be seen. Your children will enjoy the company of animals.
  • Grape Harvest Days - As part of the Grape Harvest Days event, comprehensive activities for children are organized. During this event, your children can enjoy the carnival, children's masquerade and amusement park.
  • Contents for children with disabilities - The City of Vrsac and the sports association have launched sports therapeutic riding for children with disabilities. Horseback riding helps to develop new motor and sensory abilities and has a very positive effect on people with disabilities. Another positive side of this type of entertainment is the integration of children with disabilities into society.

What to see in Vrsac?

In this beautiful Banat town you will see a large number of cultural and historical monuments, religious buildings, museums and parks. In the following part of the text, we will present the locations that should be visited on the territory of Vršac:
  • Religious buildings - In Vrsac and its surroundings there are a large number of Catholic and Orthodox churches. The Chapel of the Holy Cross is the oldest Catholic church, and you can also visit the court of the Banat diocese, the Cathedral, the Mesić Monastery and the Malo Središte Monastery. The Church of St. Gerhard is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.
  • Green areas - Apart from Vršački breg, which we have already talked about in Vršac, you can enjoy the City Park. It is interesting that this park was previously called Šeriblov Majur, and after that Gradski Majur. The park is six hectares in size and is under state protection as a monument of garden architecture.
  • City Lake - The swimming season on the city lake begins in late June and lasts until mid-September. This is a favorite beach of Vrsac and a huge number of tourists are present on the shores of the lake throughout the summer. During the season, various competitions, children's playrooms and a music program are organized on the city lake.
  • Cultural and historical buildings - One of the largest monuments in the entire region is the Vršac Tower, which was built by Despot Đurađ Smederevac after the fall of Smederevo to protect his property in Vojvodina. Be sure to visit some of the following locations and get to know the soul and heart of this city: Pharmacy on the Stairs (better known as Pharmacy on the Stairs), Sterija's House, Concordia Museum and City Hall.

Accommodation in Vrsac

Accommodation capacities on the territory of Vrsac can be divided into several categories. Accordingly, you can choose what suits you best:
  • Hotels - There are several hotels at your disposal in the territory of Vršac and you have a warm recommendation to visit the Hotel Srbija and the Hotel Vila Breg. Bed and breakfast for two people will cost you from 64 euros and up.
  • Motels - The most beautiful motel in the territory of Banat is the Vetrenjača motel. You have a warm recommendation to visit this motel and you can try the great lamb under the honeycomb. You can book a bed and breakfast for two for 50 euros.
  • Private accommodation - There is a large number of capacities available in private accommodation. If you want to enjoy getting to know Vrsac during the day, this is perhaps the best option for you. The following accommodations are the best rated: Fine living, Apartments Marinero, Castle Marijeta, Casa Rustic. The price of accommodation ranges from 2000 RSD for accommodation and more.

Important telephone numbers and information in Vršac

In the following part of the text, we will single out the important telephone numbers that you may need during your stay in Vršac:
  • Youth Center: 013/838 833
  • Bus station 013/832 900
  • Railway station 013/837 299
  • Ambulance: 194 or 013/839 538
  • City Hospital 013/832 542
  • Police station 192
  • Belladonna Pharmacy: 013/823 107
  • Pharmacy Lek: 013/833 853
  • Old pharmacy: 013/834 787
  • Fire Service 193 and 013/839 537
  • Gas station Petrol: 013/806 078
  • Gas station Knez Petrol: 069/859 46 04
  • Gas station OMV 013/839 019

Where to eat in Vrsac?

We can also divide the catering facilities that serve gastronomic specialties on the territory of Vršac into several categories. Here are our suggestions where you can eat well in Vršac:
  • Restaurants - In the city of Vrsac there are a large number of restaurants that offer gastronomic specialties of national and international cuisine. We will single out several restaurants whose specialties you must try: Ethno house Dinar with traditional Banat cuisine, Restaurant Etage, Restaurant Pamboli and restaurant Leskovčanin.
  • Pizzerias - Fans of Italian culinary specialties can try pasta dishes in one of the following facilities: Masters pizzeria, Contrast pizzeria, Beba pizzeria.
  • Wineries - Vršac is known as an area that produces exceptional wines. In addition to top quality wines, some wineries will also offer you excellent culinary specialties. Be sure to visit: the Rab wine house, the Vetrenjača cellar and the Vinik maternity winery.
  • Fast food and bakeries - If you like fast food and want to eat something "off your feet" and we have a solution for that. In that case, the following bakeries and facilities where fast food is sold are the ideal solution: Kukuriku Fast Food, PS Kebab Vršac, Domino Foods, Hermes bakery, 1. maj bakery and Sana bakery.

Where to go out in Vršac?

Vrsac is widely known for the best entertainment in the entire territory of Banat. A large number of well-known cafes, pubs, cafes and discos are located on the territory of this city, so we will classify the places for entertainment.
  • Cafes and pubs - Depending on what kind of entertainment you want, you can visit some of the cafes or pubs where good gigs often take place. If you like a good time, be sure to visit the following locations in Vršac: Caffe Jezzva, Max Caffe, Caffe Promona, Čađava furuna nova, Caffe Priča, Element Drinks & Food, Irish Pub Luda krava.
  • Taverns - In Vršac taverns, in addition to good food and drinks, you can also hear excellent tamburitza players. We recommend some of the following facilities: Ethno house Dinar, Salaš 9, Tafana Fafir, tavern near Dragog, Stari Mlin.
  • Hills Night Club - If you like a slightly more modern sound and entertainment until the early morning hours, Hills Night Club is the ideal location for you. This disco often hosts some of the most popular pop artists from our area.

Transport and taxi in Vršac

City transport - On the territory of Vrsac, there is one city line that runs several times a day, depending on whether it is the season or not. The line starts from the bus station, goes to the market, the small church is the turning point in Ljubljanska Street, after which it returns to the bus station. If you have not arrived by your own car, this type of transport will be quite satisfactory.

Taxi transport - The best type of transport you can use in Vrsac if you do not have your own car is Taxi. The start is charged 70 RSD, while the price in the first tariff per kilometer is 75 RSD and in the second tariff 79 RSD. Here are a few Taxi carriers that work 24 hours a day:
Premier Taxi 013/800 900, Fokus Taxi 060/888 77 77, Maxi Taxi 013/833 833, Taxi Vršac 063/191 12 71

Parking and public garages in Vršac

Vrsac has over 1400 parking spaces and there is no public garage in this city. On the territory of Vrsac there are two parking zones that you can use.
  • The price of a parking ticket in zone I is 35 RSD per hour.
  • The price of a parking ticket in zone II is 30 RSD per hour
  • The price of a full-day parking ticket is 200 RSD
You can pay for parking by purchasing a parking ticket at the kiosk or by sending an SMS with the contents of your registration to the phone numbers: 8131 (zone I), 8132 (zone II) and 8133 (daily ticket that includes both zones).

Surroundings of Vrsac

In the vicinity of this beautiful Banat town there are several tourist locations that need to be presented. In some places in the vicinity, tourist events are also held.
  • Vršac Vineyards - Vršac vineyards are among the oldest wine-growing areas, not only in Serbia but in the whole of Europe. According to archeological data, the first vineyards were mentioned in this area in the time of the Romans and Dacians. The people of Vršac are very proud of their vineyards and the tradition of making good wine. If you are able, visit the wine cellars in Veliko Središte and Gudurica. The sight you will find there will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Sušara - In the heart of Delibat sandstone is the village of Sušara, and in this village you will find examples of steppe animals that have disappeared from other parts of Vojvodina. Mountaineers, hunting enthusiasts, biologists are regular visitors to this village. In the village of Sušara, there is also the Marijeta Castle, which will delight you with its appearance and the collection of art paintings it has.
  • W.O.L.F. Way of Life Festival - Near the village of Straža, by the river Karaš, an electronic music festival is organized every year. Fans of techno and house sounds from all over the region come to visit this festival.

History of Vrsac

Earlier history - The first traces of settlements on the territory of Vršac appear in prehistoric times, while the official settlement with the Vršac Tower was created in the 15th century. Hungarian King Sigismund handed over the city to despot Djuradj, who built this tower to defend his possessions in Vojvodina from the invasion of the Turks. Vrsac, however, fell under Turkish rule and remained there until 1716, when the Turks were expelled by the military leader Eugene of Savoy. In 1858, 10,000 Orthodox Serbs lived in Vršac, and the Serbian and Romanian seminaries still existed in the town at that time.

Recent history - During the Second World War, the local Germans expelled almost all Jews from the city to the camps, and then the biggest ethnic change in the city took place. Vrsac began to develop rapidly during the eighties of the last century and acquired the image of a beautiful, successful city as it is today.

Geography and climate of Vrsac

Vrsac is located at the foot of the Vrsac Mountains near the border with Romania. The Vršac mountains cover 170 square kilometers. Gudurički vrh (641 meters) is the largest peak not only in Vršac but in the whole of Vojvodina. In Vrsac, there is also a railway border crossing with Romania, Vatina. Near Vršac, there are depressions of Veliki and Mali rit and parts of Delibat sandstone also spread on the territory of this town.

Climate - The climate in Vršac is temperate-continental with longer warm summers and cold and snowy winters. The specificity of Vršac is a strong basket. The speed of the basket is extremely variable and the most common gusts are from 18 to 40 km per hour, but it happens that the wind gusts are up to 140 km per hour. In addition to the basket, the north and north-west wind are blowing on the territory of this city.

Demography of Vršac

  • The last three censuses show a decline in the population of Vrsac. Slightly more than 36,000 inhabitants live on the territory of the city settlement, while 52,000 inhabitants live on the territory of the entire municipality. There are over 12,800 households in the settlement.
  • The average age of the population is exactly 40 years. The average age of the male population is 38.4 years, while the average age of women is 41.4 years. More than 77% of the population identify as Serbs, but there are close to 5% of Hungarians and Romanians.

Tradition and culture of Vrsac

Economy - In the tradition of this area, viticulture has been developed since ancient times. The first records testify to that from the time of the Romans and Dracan. Some of the best wineries in our country are located on the territory of Vrsac. Try the products of wineries: Sočanski, Soul Wine and Rnjak. Sports airport and sailing are developed in this area, and Vršac airport is the fourth largest in our country. The first flight from the hills of Vršac took place in 1911, and since then it has become a regular occurrence.

Culture - Vrsac has a famous cultural and historical heritage and many architectural buildings date back to the 18th and 19th centuries, such as: the Old Pharmacy, the Town Hall, the house of Jovan Sterija Popovic. The Orthodox Church of Father Nikolaj has its origins in 1785, while the Manić Monastery dates from the 17th century. The main feature of this town is Vršac Castle located on Vršac Hill. One of our most famous painters, Paja Jovanović, and the founder of Serbian drama, Jovan Sterija Popvić, were born in this city.