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Perućac - the most beautiful village in Western Serbia, known for the Drina and Perućac Lake. This small village is a perfect place for a complete vacation and enjoying high quality facilities, activities and important cultural and historical monuments. Our site allows you to get to know the entire offer of Perućac and select from a wide selection those contents that are in line with your wishes and possibilities. Find the best accommodation, discover the most visited restaurants, the biggest attractions, events and activities. Treat yourself to the perfect vacation.

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When to visit Perućac?

Perućac is an increasingly popular tourist resort located on the right bank of the beautiful river Drina. Due to the favorable climate, beautiful surroundings and the proximity of other, popular tourist attractions, you can visit this area throughout the year.
 Perućac is one of the most beautiful, natural gems of this region and its benefits will not leave anyone indifferent. The turquoise water of the lake, the greenery of its surroundings, true exotics located in the heart of western Serbia, are good reasons to visit Perućac throughout the year, especially plants and vegetation bloom.

How to get to Perućac?

If you are wondering how best to get to this town, Bajina Basta is a small town that plays a major role in planning your trip. Bajina Basta is located on the border with Bosnia, among conifers on the green bank of the Drina River. Distance from Belgrade is 167km.
You can reach Bajina Basta:
  • By car - Ibar highway towards Čačak, then turn right towards Valjevo.
  • By bus - Buses of Raketa AB agencies run regularly from Belgrade, via Užice to Bajina Bašta.
The distance of Bajina Basta from the town of Perućac by car is 12.3 km and it takes about half an hour to drive. Bajina Basta is also well connected with Valjevo. From Novi Sad to Bajina Basta, the carrier a.d. Swallow on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
However, our recommendation on how best to get to Perućac are the following routes:
  • Ibar highway - through Valjevo, Kosjerić, towards Divčibare.
  • Across Sabac - this time it takes you to Loznica and then across Ljubovija, all along the banks of the beautiful river Drina to Bajina Basta

Activities for tourists in Perućac

The river Drina, lake Perućac and all the beautiful surroundings of that area represent a real enjoyment of all the charms of nature. We have selected a few interesting activities for you:
  • Drina Cruise - This cruise is a very popular attraction and activity for many tourists. In addition, the cruise is an ideal opportunity to get to know the whole surroundings of Perućac in a completely different way. Cruising the Drina will take you all the way from Perućac to the famous city of Višegrad. The price of the package per person is 88 €, and that includes one night and two days of this beautiful cruise.
  • Tourist Rafting Tours on the Drina - If you are, after all, fans of adrenaline sports and real adventures, then rafting is the right attraction for you. It will give you an unreal view of the natural beauties and benefits of nature in this area, but at the same time a lot of fun. Professional rafting boats, professional tourist guides and skippers are there to provide you with safety and security. The rafting route includes a ride from Perućac Lake next to the waterfall of the river Vrelo to the bridge Skelani near Bajina Basta.
  • Fishing on Lake Perućac and the rivers Drina and Vrelo - The Drina is known as the most beautiful and cleanest mountain river in the Balkans with numerous species of fish, so it is no wonder that these waters are rich in the best California trout. Probably the shortest river in the world flows in the settlement of Perućac, about ten kilometers from Bajina Bašta. It is, of course, about the river Vrelo, which is also rich in many species of fish and is an ideal place for all passionate anglers.
  • Windsurfing - This new, fun and incredibly popular sport is one of the unavoidable activities that you must try if you spend your vacation in this area. Rent your board and embark on new adventures, while experienced and professional instructors will be there to teach you for free how to successfully maintain your balance in just 15 minutes. This sport offers you, at the same time, to enjoy all the natural beauties of Perućac and the river Drina. You will experience nature and the feeling of belonging to that unreal nature like never before.

Events and festivals on Perućac

In addition to beautiful nature and unreal lookouts, the surroundings of the town of Perućac have a lot to offer with fun events.
  • Drina Regatta - Perhaps the most famous and certainly the most visited event, with the longest tradition, is the Drina Regatta. As the word itself says, it is held every year on the river Drina, as well as every third week in July. This event represents a link between tradition and modern tourist trends. In addition, the Drina regatta is truly one of the largest tourist events in Serbia. The great descent across the river Drina traditionally takes place always on Saturdays. 
  • Epiphany swimming - Epiphany is a great, Christian holiday that celebrates the baptism of Jesus Christ. Only those over the age of 18 can apply for this popular event, and the winner of the Holy Cross received a gold medal and a trophy. Every year, a large number of people gather to watch this interesting competition and celebrate this great holiday together. 

Activities for children in Perućac

Apart from the unreal and rich nature, clean mountain air, the surroundings of Perućac in its wide tourist offer also have educational contents for children. We have selected the best:
  • Roman Museum Municipium Malvesiatium
This ancient archeological site makes up the complete room of the Roman administrative building-basilica. Apart from the fact that your little ones can have fun seeing the remains of something so ancient and important for the whole history, as interesting exhibits, children will also enjoy the educational program prepared by the museum guides for the youngest ones.
  • Research of fungi and flora
The Drina National Park is unique in terms of flora. A significant number of endemic and rare plant species grow in this area, which contributes to the rich vegetation. In these areas, your children can safely discover the charms of nature with guides and learn how important the flora and fauna are for the entire ecosystem.
  • Water activities
Drina and Perućac, during the summer season, offer a range of fun and attractive water activities that all children will be happy to enjoy. In addition, you can always rent boats with which you can sail the waters of this beautiful area. The beach on Perućac also has special pools that are intended only for children. The buoys have a safely fenced bathing area, while experienced and trained lifeguards are constantly watching over your children who are really in safe hands.
Showers, slides, ski jumps, pedal boats, boats and a beautiful restaurant on the shore, are just a part of the luxurious offer of Lake Perućac and beautiful activities that will occupy your little ones. 

What to see in Perućac?

  • Visit to the river Vrelo- This indomitable and unrealistically beautiful river originates from the spring Perućac which is located at the foot of the mountain Tara. Dozens of waterfalls of clear and pure mountain water flow down the steep cliffs. The waterfalls and the whole river make an incredibly beautiful sight and represent the real, still untouched beauty of nature. This is an ideal place for all true lovers of true and lush nature.
  • Drina Canyon Natural History Museum - Known for rafting, steep cliffs, unrealistically beautiful views and undulating waterfalls of the Drina River, this canyon leaves all visitors breathless. In addition, the Drina canyon is very important due to its rich and special flora and fauna. Rare and edematous species of flora that are hidden in the steep and hilly areas of the canyon are a real treasure for the nature of the whole of Serbia.
  • Lake Perućac- The lake was created by blocking the flow of the river Drina, for the needs of the hydroelectric power plant Bajina Bašta. It is located in the natural bend of the canyon of the river Drina between Bajina Basta and Visegrad. The middle of the lake represents the border between the Republika Srpska, BiH and the Republic of Serbia, which, in addition to its beauty, also gives it great economic and administrative significance.
  • Waterfall Vrelo on Perućac - In the immediate vicinity is one of the largest and most impressive waterfalls in all of Serbia. In 1927, a mini hydroelectric power plant was put into operation on Vrelo, which can also be an interesting place worth visiting for many tourists. The Drina with the river Vrelo was declared the first natural beauty of Serbia in the action of selecting seven Serbian wonders of nature, organized by the Tourist Organization of Serbia.

Accommodation in Perućac

With the growth and progress of tourism, an increasing number of different accommodation units have appeared. Especially nicely arranged holiday homes on the water are in demand. These houses are located surrounded by the clear water of the lake, in the center of nature and all its benefits. In addition, Perućac and its surroundings offer a variety of accommodation units that, in accordance with the capacity, comfort and equipment, differ in price.
  • Rafts- Hogar, Maki, House on the water
  • Apartments- Dobra Vila, Andjela, Jovanovic, Mia and Lena
  • Villas- Lake, Konstantinović
Prices range around € 13 per person, and for more luxurious variants, be prepared to spend over € 100. However, you can find the highest and best price of accommodation on the page Apartments Perućac.

Important telephones and information in Perućac

For all information you can always contact the tourist organization Bajina basta and Tara on the phone number +381 (0) 31 865 370. Below we have selected the most important phones that you may need during your stay in Perućac:
Institutions and services
  • Health center - 031 / 865-966
  • Ambulance - 031 / 865-994
  • Police - 031 / 865-092
  • Fire Service - 031 / 865-093

Where to eat in Perućac?

The rich table, the homely atmosphere and the great specialties of the local cuisine are part of the culture and tradition of this area, so we have singled out some of the most prominent restaurants in Perućac and its surroundings:
  • Restaurant Vrelo- This restaurant is one of the best and most visited, mostly because of its unrealistically beautiful, fairy-tale location. It is located in a really beautiful place, on the waterfall of the river Vrelo, which falls into the river Drina at that place. 
  • Perućac Pond - This pond is a very popular place and contains the best California trout. Other fish are equally represented and delicious.
  • Wine House Tara- Here you will find quality and diverse wines that you can taste in a very, beautiful and pleasant ambience.

Where to go out in Perućac?

If you are looking for a break from many activities and a vacation that is at the same time fun and relaxing, you are in the right place.
  • Tavern Dve lipe- This tavern nurtures a long and successful tradition. It is located at the entrance to Bajina Basta. A cheerful atmosphere, a great offer of drinks, traditional food and good live music is guaranteed here.
  • Kafana Kod Mike- Kod Mike is the most favorable offer of homemade brandy and draft beers. It is located in the heart of Perućac. The ambience is characteristic of a tavern located in these hilly and mountainous areas, while the atmosphere is warm and the hosts are always cordial. This is a place where all tourists will always feel more than welcome.

Transportation and taxis in Perućac

When it comes to transportation in Perućac, perhaps the best advice would be, if you are able, to come by your own transportation. There is still no official taxi service here, although there are plans to create conditions for that soon. However, if you need the services of a taxi service, there are several taxi agencies from Bajina Basta that you can always call. We have singled out a few of the most popular:
Plus Taxi Bajina Bašta, 065 / 861-9991, Tina Taxi 031 / 864-111, Naxi taxi 031 866 55
Parking and public garages
Most hotels and apartments, as well as private accommodation on the mountain have private parking for their guests, large public garages and parking in Perućac, officially, still does not exist. 

Parking and public garages in Perućac

Most hotels and apartments, as well as private accommodation on the mountain have private parking for their guests, large public garages and parking in Perućac, officially, still does not exist. The reason is that this is one of the last areas that has managed to preserve its true, wild and untouched nature.
However, there are parking spaces near the lookout, and if you are looking for accommodation on this mountain, be sure to ask the owner for a free parking space. In addition, the hotels Omorika and Beli bor have a large number of parking spaces in their vicinity.

Surrounding in Perućac

  • Tara National Park- Whether you decide to go hiking or mountaineering, Tara National Park provides you with the most beautiful nature possible, which, in certain areas, is still wild and untouched. This mountain is simply rich in natural beauty and you can always find new places that can't wait to be explored. There are as many as 18 hiking trails on Tara, and each one takes you to the most beautiful parts of this mountain. There are more than 251 species of fungi in the forests of Tara
  • The house in Crni potok - Drina National Park is as rich in diverse flora and fauna as Tara. The house located in Crni potok, one of the most beautiful parts of this area, is also used for accommodation, so you can rent it to stay in this beautiful environment.
  • The old town of Đurđevac - The medieval town of Đurđevac is one of the greatest cultural and historical treasures located in the zone of the national park. This ancient, stone building is located not far from Perućac, on the left bank of the Drina.
  • Bajina Basta- This small town is the main, administrative center of the entire district. Perhaps a small, but very important and famous town that gave birth to some of our most famous and most prominent artists, is located on the right bank of the river Drina, in western Serbia. A visit to Bajina Basta, after Tara and Perućac, can be an ideal opportunity for a break and rest in some of its many accommodations and cafes. 

History of Perućac

  • Ancient history of Perućac and its surroundings - In the middle of the 19th century, this area gradually began to settle. A great role in that was played by Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević, who personally issued the decision to establish a small settlement that today proudly bears the name Bajina Bašta. From then until today, at the very foot of the untamed mountain Tara, is the center of the entire municipality. 
  • Origin of Lake Perućac - This artificial lake was created by damming the untamed river Drina. The Bajina Bašta hydroelectric power plant and its construction played a significant role for the entire region and this accumulation lake, which is supplied with water from the Drina. Lake Perućac got its name from the settlement of the same name in the municipality of Bajina Bašta, which is only 20 km away.
  • Perućac today - The emerald beauty of the lake and the lush flora of the town of Perućac are what attract a large number of tourists today. Lake Perućac has progressed and developed from a hidden gem of the Tara National Park to today's increasingly popular tourist attractions.

Geography and climate in Perućac

  • Geography of Perućac - Perućac has a good geographical position, primarily due to the river Vrelo, which is located at an altitude of 234 meters at the foot of Mount Tara. The river Vrelo is of great importance for the geographical position of the town and lake Perućac. Both this lake and the town belong partly to the Tara National Park, which belongs to the old Vlach mountains and is located at an altitude of about 1150 m. The whole area is bordered by the canyon of the river Drina, whose border is the Solotushka river.
  • Climate of Perućac- The climate of Perućac and its surroundings is temperate-continental with increased humidity, so that the average annual rainfall is 700-800m. This climate affects both the flora and fauna of this area. Fresh, clean air and the famous wind rose are what especially emphasizes the climate of this region and attracts a large number of tourists. In addition, the rich flora and good climatic conditions have made this region very favorable for the treatment of various respiratory problems.

Demographics in Perućac

  •  The average age of the population is 36.1 years
  •  There are 3014 households in the settlement, and the average number household is 3.17.
  • 7432 adult inhabitants live in the settlement of Bajina Basta 

Tradition and culture in Perućac

  • Osac tradition - Oscan tradition is the cradle of Serbian culture and tradition and architecture. This tradition represents a real treasure trove of cultural heritage and gives an insight into the former life of people from these parts. Many call this tradition the cradle of Serbian architecture. These are ancient buildings of Serbian, traditional log cabins.
  • Stećak tombstones in the Drina National Park - These late medieval monuments are a special kind of sacred art in the entire Balkans. Sacred, tombstones are a permanent legacy of our ancestors and thus represent an indispensable part of the culture and tradition of this region. They are of great importance for the development of the Serbian alphabet and language. Old, Serbian customs, synesthesia of language and script, history and traditions are what make these monuments ancient relics of Serbian culture and tradition.
  • Hunting and fishing - The whole region is ideal for hunting and fishing, precisely because of the huge natural wealth, as well as the developed flora and fauna. Fishing is very popular both on the lake and on the Drina. The waters of this area are rich in high quality California trout.

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