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Welcome to Neum

We present you the most beautiful place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, its only exit to the sea, a destination that wins the hearts of tourists from all over Europe from season to season. According to the data, Neum is a city of small area and number of inhabitants, which in the last few years has directed its capacities towards the development of the tourist offer. Its greatest assets are the exceptional beauty of the coast and a very pleasant climate. All these advantages make Neum the perfect place for a summer vacation. Therefore, we have selected for you all the details of its tourist offer, but also additional information that you will need when you prepare for your stay in this beautiful town. Find out how to get there, what is the best time to visit, how much money a vacation will cost you, and how to find accommodation, where to enjoy the best specialties and what facilities to enrich your vacation moments. Make a detailed travel plan and indulge in the hospitality of the locals and the beauty of their city.

When to visit Neum?

  • During the summer - Neum is the only city in Bosnia and Herzegovina that overlooks the sea, so during the summer it offers tourists many opportunities to enjoy the beaches through sea activities.

How to get to Neum?

You can reach Neum from several directions by car, bus, train and plane.
  • By car - Neum has two border crossings with Croatia on the D8 road. Crossing Neum 1 borders Klek, and Neum 2 borders Zaton Doli. The main highways to Neum are M17.3 and E65. The road from Serbia leads through Zvornik to Sarajevo and then to a small town on the sea.
  • By bus - Several bus lines that are connected to major centers and lead to Neum. Find out more about timetables on the page: Bus Neum.
  • By train - From 2019, you can reach Neum from Sarajevo via Čapljina to Neum. Find out more on their page.
  • By plane - The nearest airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in Mostar, and from Neum is about 1 hour and 20 minutes drive.

Activities for tourists in Neum

  • Enjoying the beaches and swimming in the sea - Everyone's favorite activities are those on the beach, with the sounds of the waves and the sun's rays. Beautiful beaches where you can spend your summer days are Mimosa Beach, Neum Beach, Zenit Beach, Jazina Beach and many others.
  • Water sports - You can complete your stay in Neum with various activities such as scooters, speedboats, skiing and water surfing. You can rent a jet ski and indulge in adventure.
  • Excursion to Vjetrenica - When you get tired of the sun and the sea, you can visit one of the largest and most famous caves in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is only 12 km away from the Adriatic Sea. It will delight you with its large tunnels and halls. It houses the Golden Hall, whose ground is covered with oysters that give a special glow and atmosphere to these tunnels.
  • Panoramic boat ride - Also, there is a possibility to see Neum from a new perspective by boat ride Ivana. Through 90 minutes of sailing around Neum, you will enjoy delicious food, swimming and company.

Events and festivals in Neum

  • Neum Summer - This event has been held for many years and includes various festivals, exhibitions and concerts. Some of the important events marking "Neum Summer" are art colonies, "Josp Marchniko" indoor football tournament, "Ivica Bacic" Memorial wind polo tournament, "Mediterranean Days", "International Underwater Film Festival" and "Neum Summer Photo Contest".
  • NAFF Animated Film Festival - The NAFF Animated Film Festival has been held since 2006, and includes a fun festival of animated films for younger and older audiences as well as workshops for future film artists. The form of the festival itself is very relaxed, but also very successful. The festival managed to attract Oscar winner Joan Gratz and popular Simpsons television writer Mike Reiss.
  • Ethnofest in Neum - Etnofest Neum is a festival that is held every year at the end of August, since 1996. It is celebrated on the occasion of the Day of the Municipality of Neum. Numerous music performers from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia perform at the festival. The introduction to the festival is the Evening of Croatian Folklore, which features folklore groups from these countries.

Activities for children in Neum

  • Children's Park - is located in Neum Battalion Street and contains slides, swings and other props for children's play.
  • Pools - a large number of pools in hotels is great for relaxing with children. The pools are affordable and mostly all are suitable for family vacations.

What to see in Neum?

  • Klek Peninsula - The Klek Peninsula is located across the bay and mostly belongs to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to a lesser extent to Croatia. Karst and plants such as periwinkle and spruce adorn this area. The part of Klek called "Rep" is under protection as a nature reserve of Mediterranean flora, "mediteranetum". It is an untouched part of nature rich in macchia reserves. In this karst and stone, the inhabitants still manage to grow olives and fish.
  • Ljanik Garden - This garden is located in Stari Neum, and is a place where the highest quality Herzegovinian tobacco was once grown. Nearby is the church of St. Ante from 1904.
  • The necropolis of the princes of the Hum family Nikolići - It is located in Vranjevo selo. About 160 preserved stećak tombstones can still be seen. Below them are the graves of Katarina Kotromanic, Prince Vladislav and Prince Peter. This ancient settlement is included in the list of national monuments.

Accommodation in Neum

There are different types of accommodation in Neum where you can stay depending on your preferences. There are many hotels and apartments at affordable prices. We have selected the most popular hotels and apartments for you:
  • Grand Hotel Neum - the largest and most luxurious hotel in Neum. Modernly equipped with enchanting sea views and additional facilities make it an ideal place to relax. You can also hold conferences in the Grand Hotel because it has a hall equipped for just that. To completely relax, there are spa and wellness centers, four swimming pools, a restaurant and access to the beach. The price depends on the season, date and other factors, and ranges from 64 euros.
  • Hotel Jadran - one of the most popular hotels that offers a large number of rooms and additional facilities such as indoor pools, spa and wellness center, fitness center and the presence of an indoor pool throughout the year. The price of accommodation depends on the date, number of guests and other factors, and they start at 43 euros.
  • Hotel Zenit - also one of the popular hotels that offers different types of rooms and suites with additional activities for guests. There is a congress hall, swimming pool, sports fields and a restaurant with different types of specialties. Prices depend on the date of booking.
  • Marea Hotel & Spa- this hotel offers luxury accommodation with sea views. In addition, the rich offer of swimming pools, spa, massages, manicures and pedicures will make you completely relax. And with the games room and fitness center, you will stay energetic and active. The nearest beach is just 100 meters from the Marea Hotel & Spa. Accommodation prices start at 73 euros.
  • Hotel Sunce - Hotel Sunce is one of the most modern hotels in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located on the shores of Neum. It has 400 beds (single and double rooms and suites) and various catering facilities. There are restaurants, swimming pool, congress hall, and the beach is only 30 m away. Accommodation prices vary, and you can find it at a price of only 39 euros.
  • This seaside town, in addition to hotels, offers a large number of apartments where you can stay during your vacation. Prices vary slightly, and the average price of accommodation is around 30-35 euros, while in the season it is up to 50-70 euros.

Important telephone numbers and information in Neum

When you are in Neum, it is important to have important phone numbers at hand:
  • Police - 122 (036 880 094)
  • Firefighters - 123 (036 880 581)
  • Ambulance - 124 (036 880 194)
  • Health center (administration) - 036 880 094
  • Civil Protection Office: 036 880 016

Where to eat in Neum?

  • Mediterranean restaurants - where you can enjoy the best Mediterranean specialties, including fingerlings, which you can only try in Neum. And in some places you can enjoy meat specialties): Restaurant "Bonaca"; A restaurant; Cocktail bar "ŠKOJ"; Maestral Restaurant; "Hum House"
  • Traditional and continental restaurants - where you can enjoy a variety of traditional and world cuisines - Restaurant "Odyssey"; "Villa Dom".

Where to go out in Neum?

If you want to go out and spend time in Neum, you can do so in one of the following bars (depending on what suits you best):
  • Night clubs: Contact Club; Disco Sunce; Disco Paganini - Grand Hotel Neum
  • Live concerts: Restaurant and Cocktail bar “ŠKOJ; City bar & cafe.

Transport and taxi in Neum

  • Taxi: Taxi Neum - +38763623557
  • Rent a car: Rent a car DUO - +38763485953

Parking and public garage in Neum

  • Parking Neum - Dokotra Franje Tuđmana Street (open 24 hours); price: 1 hour is about 0.50 euros.

Neum surroundings

  • Hutovo Blato Nature Park - was founded in 1995 and is one of the largest wintering grounds for birds in Europe. In it you can see wetland birds and fish species. This ornithological reserve is under the protection of the state, where you can see as many as 250 species of birds. In Hutovo blato you will have the opportunity to watch birds, rent a bike or ride boats and canoes, as well as try sport fishing.
  • Medjugorje is one of the most famous Roman Catholic pilgrimage destinations in the world. Back in 1981, when, as it is claimed, the Virgin Mary appeared as a phenomenon, this place became a center of religious tourism. Today, it is one of the most visited tourist centers in Bosnia, attended by a huge number of Catholics from around the world.
  • Stolac is a small town located not far from Neum, and it is rich in history that will catch up with you here. Numerous monuments and necropolises will open a window to the past.
  • Dubrovnik (Croatia) is only an hour away from Neum, and will provide you with an unforgettable summer experience. Beautiful beaches, buildings and local people will complete your vacation if you decide to visit this place near Neum.

History of Neum

Since ancient times, Neum has been known as a significant crossroads. It was first mentioned in the 4th century under the name "Neuense". Until 1718, Neum was part of the Republic of Dubrovnik. In 1878, Neum and the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina became part of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, until the end of the First World War in 1918. In the second half of the last century, the first resorts and hotels began to be built, and Neum soon began to take on today's tourist role.

Geography and climate of Neum

  • Geography - Neum is a town in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is the only exit of this country to the Adriatic Sea. It is reached by a coast just over 20 km long. It is located opposite the Peljesac peninsula, and is only 70 km away from Dubrovnik (90 km from the airport). Neighboring municipalities are Capljina, Stolac and Ravno, and the larger center of Mostar is about 70 km away.
  • Climate - The climate in Neum is Mediterranean, summers are long and warm, and winters are short and mild. The average annual temperature is about 16 ° C. Favorable climate allows all visitors, in addition to swimming and enjoying the clean coastal air, walking and various water sports.

Demographics of Neum

The population of Neum is distributed in 27 settlements. According to the last census from 2013, the number of inhabitants is 4,960, and the largest percentage are Croats, followed by Serbs and Bosniaks.

Tradition and culture of Neum

Neum is known for nurturing music and film art at the highest level. Numerous festivals dedicated to just that speak for themselves. They prefer to express their cultural expression, as well as the traditional ones, through folklore performances. The Ethno Fest in Neum, which is held every year and gathers a large number of participants, is also known for that. And the most famous cultural and artistic societies from Neum are "Humski glas" and "Lindžo".

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