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Welcome to Novi Pazar

Welcome to Novi Pazar - a city located in the Raska district, in the center of the Novi Pazar field or the former Ras - the capital of the Serbian medieval state. This is a city whose feature is the coexistence of religions and peoples and the preservation of traditional values ​​and symbols. It houses important cultural monuments, which testify to its key place in the history of the Serbian people. Our site fully presents the most important characteristics of Novi Pazar and its entire tourist offer. Get to know Novi Pazar and get ready for the perfect trip.

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When to visit Novi Pazar?

The answer to this question depends on the reason for your visit and the way you want to organize your vacation.
  • During summer
For the largest number of activities and attractions that this city offers, it is best to set aside time during the summer months. The ideal time to visit the city itself, medieval monasteries and picnic areas is the time of year when the weather is pleasant.
  • During winter
If you are interested in spa tourism, in the vicinity of this city there are Novopazarska spa and Rajčinovića spa. Their facilities and capacities are available during cold winter months. Near Novi Pazar, there is also the mountain Golija, where the ski center Odvraćenica is located. It has seven ski trails and five cable cars.

How to get to Novi Pazar?

Traveling to Novi Pazar is not so simple, because it’s not directly connected to the highway. The distance between Belgrade and Novi Pazar is 290 kilometers. You can get to the city in two ways, by car or by bus.
  • By car
Novi Pazar is located 290 kilometers from Belgrade and can be reached by a section of the old road that leads across the Ibar highway.
  • By bus
It is relatively easy to get to this city by this type of transport, because it is connected by buses with Belgrade, Kragujevac, Kraljevo and Sarajevo, from where lines depart daily for Novi Pazar. The journey between these two places takes a minimum of 4 hours and 30 minutes, and a maximum of 5 hours and 45 minutes. Ticket price costs around 1250 dinars.

Activities for tourists in Novi Pazar

Novi Pazar is a place where natural resources and numerous cultural values ​​meet. The entire medieval complex of Stari Ras and Sopoćani are under the protection of UNESCO.
  • Tour of Stari Ras and Sopoćani
In the vicinity of Stari Ras, near Novi Pazar, lies a group of medieval monuments consisting of fortresses, monasteries and churches. In 1979, they were added on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage under the name: Stari Ras and Sopoćani. The most important monuments that should definitely be visited are the monasteries of Sopoćani, Đurđevi Stupovi and the church of St. Peter and Paul, the oldest preserved church in Serbia. The fortresses of Ras and Gradina also belong to this complex.
  • Exploring Stara čaršija
Stara čaršija is the core of the city, where you can see buildings that were built in the span of several centuries, from the XV to the XVIII century. In this interesting architectural ensemble, there is the Altun-alem mosque with a mekteb, Isabeg's hamam, Amir-agin’s han and a watchtower with ramparts.
  • Excursions in nature
Novi Pazar has the privilege of being surrounded by landscapes of exceptional beauty, so nature lovers will surely find activities for themselves when visiting this area. In the vicinity of the town are the mountains Rogozna and Golija, which is equipped with a ski center. 

Events and festivals in Novi Pazar

Every year in Novi Pazar, several events and festivals of entertaining and educational value are organized. The most famous of them are:
  • Stari grad Music Festival
Every year at the end of July in Novi Pazar, the music festival Stari grad is organized, organized by the Cultural Center Novi Pazar and Mass entertainment group. Some of the most famous pop and rock stars in the region have given concerts at this festival over the past decade.
  • The Festival of Youth Creativity
The Festival of Youth Creativity is traditionally held in Novi Pazar in the spring. Its goal is to encourage and promote the artistic efforts of the youngest citizens. Novi Pazar’s primary schools participate in the preparation of various programs and competitions.
  • World Music Fest Zeman
This three-day music festival is held every August in Novi Pazar. One of the youngest festivals in the region, during which concerts, interactive workshops and the Glas Zemana competition take place.
  • Pazar na dar
A festival of handicrafts of a sales and exhibition character is also being held in Novi Pazar. This area has long been known for making various handicrafts, such as clothing, decorations and bags. The goal of the festival is to keep old traditional crafts from being forgotten.

Activities for children in Novi Pazar

If you are heading to Novi Pazar with your family, explore some of the locations that can be perfect for rest and recreation:
  • Mount Golija
Mount Golija, known for its clean air, is a perfect destination for families with children. In addition to enjoying the untouched nature, there are trails on the mountain and fields for indoor soccer and other sports.
  • Excursion sites
Beautiful resorts can be represented by some of the picnic areas in the vicinity of Novi Pazar, such as the Jerka Valley, Pazarište and Ribarić Lake.
  • Sports and Recreation Center
In the very center of the city there is a sports and recreational center which is adapted for the youngest. It includes a field for indoor soccer, handball, volleyball, tennis courts, a recreational track and a swimming pool.

What to see in Novi Pazar?

Novi Pazar has a turbulent and rich past. Among the most important cultural and historical monuments that you can visit are:
  • Stara čaršija
The old core of the city, preserved from the glorious days of Novi Pazar, during which it was an important trade and craft center, is located in Prvomajska Street. In this part of the city you can explore the old objects of oriental culture, as well as numerous old trade and craft workshops. In this area you will find the best bakeries that the city has to offer.
  • Đurđevi stupovi Monastery
The monastery is located on a hill above Novi Pazar and belongs to the Stari Ras complex. Built in 1171, this endowment of Stefan Nemanja is one of the oldest monasteries in Serbia. The monastery is included in the World Cultural Heritage and is under the protection of UNESCO.
  • Sopoćani Monastery
Sopocani Monastery is located 17 kilometers west of Novi Pazar. It dates from the 13th century, when it was erected by the Serbian king Stefan Uroš I. Due to its magnificent frescoes that represent a masterpiece of art, the Sopoćani gained world fame and got included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Peter's Church
Peter's Church, located only 2 kilometers from Novi Pazar, is an interesting building because it is the oldest preserved monument of church architecture in Serbia. Written documents testify that it dates from the 8th century, but it is believed that the church is even older. The interesting thing about this church is that Rastko Nemanjić was baptized in it.
  • Altun-Alem Mosque
This jewel of Islamic architecture is considered one of the most beautiful and oldest mosques in the Balkans. It is assumed that it was built in the middle of the 16th century.
  • City Fortress
Novi Pazar Fortress is located in the city center, within the city park. This relatively well-preserved fortification dates back to the 15th century. The Novi Pazar Fortress has been declared a cultural monument of exceptional importance for the Republic of Serbia.
  • Ras Museum
Located in the heart of the city, the museum contains a rich archaeological, historical and ethnological collection. It is especially worth mentioning the collection of money from the period of the Nemanjic dynasty, which is the only collection of that type in Serbia. There are also interesting ethnological settings, such as authentic rooms decorated in Turkish and Serbian style.
  • Amir-agin han
The building dates from the 17th century and is one of the two preserved inns in Novi Pazar. Today, the inn has been transformed and is used for tourist and catering purposes. It is located at Rifata Burdževića Street.

Accommodation in Novi Pazar

Depending on the type of accommodation and the price you expect, you can find several different types of accommodation in Novi Pazar.
  • Hotels
There are several hotels in the city, and the most famous are Emrović Raj, OXA, Raj, Vrbak, Taj-S and Atlas. The price of a night in a single room starts from 2350 dinars.
  • Private accommodation
Novi Pazar also offers a diverse selection of private apartments, motels and rooms, both in the city and in its surroundings. You can rent apartments for the price of 1175 dinars.

Important phone numbers and information

For all additional information you can always contact the Tourist Organization of Novi Pazar at 020 / 338-030 or email The travel agency is located at Ulica Mitrovačka BB.

In the next part of the text, we have singled out some other important phones that can be important to you during your visit to Novi Pazar.

Important phone numbers

City Administration: 020 / 313-644
Bus station Novi Pazar: 020 / 318-354
Cultural Center Novi Pazar: 020 / 315-878
City pharmacy: 020 / 311-939
City Hospital: 020 / 314-722
Post office: 020 / 314-244

Where to eat in Novi Pazar?

  • Restaurants
Known for its excellent kebabs, mantije and coffee, Novi Pazar offers a variety of places and places where you can enjoy a variety of specialties and local and international cuisine. Some of them are restaurant Pazarište, Marina, Med Café, Jovanje, Dunja, Plava laguna and Ukus.
  • Pizzerias
If you are in the mood for pizza, pasta and similar Italian dishes, Raffaello and Monaco pizzerias are waiting for you.
  • Fast food and bakeries
If you’re more interested in fast food, we have a solution for that as well. There are numerous restaurants of this type in Novi Pazar. Some of them are Fast Food Inn, Kebab House, Barbecue Kod Jonuza, Fast food Kod Samela and Burger Medina. Bakeries Sač, Mimoza, Arena, Hani International, Polet ad, Ridvan and many others are also available.
  • Pies
Novi Pazar is best known for its widely known pies. You can try these local specialties in the restaurant Sve pod sač.

Where to go out in Novi Pazar?

Novi Pazar also offers opportunities for a good night out. If you are interested in this type of entertainment, you can find several interesting cafes, taverns and clubs in the city.
  • Taverns
Fans of this type of night out can enjoy a combination of music and good food in the taverns Kod Ljutve, Stari Ras, Rile, Obrni okreni and Draškova kafana.
  • Cafes
You will find a slightly more relaxed version of the fun if you head to one of the Novi Pazar cafes. In the very center of the city there are Cafes YENI, Down Town Caffe, Plato, Ooh La La, Cosmopolitan and Med.
  • Clubs and discos
Do you prefer a night out in a club or a traditional disco? You will find it in the clubs Elvedina, Evolution, Frankfurt, Akord and Crystal Cube disco.

Transportation and taxis in Novi Pazar

If you arrived in Novi Pazar by bus, there is no reason to worry, because Novi Pazar has a solidly developed network of urban and suburban transport, as well as taxi and car rental services.
  • Public transport
The transport company Sandzaktrans is taking care of the functioning of the city transport in Novi Pazar, which also covers the surrounding areas of Sjenica and Tutin. In Novi Pazar, there are 5 city lines with 66 departures per day and 8 suburban lines with 25 departures per day.
For all information about the timetable and prices, you can contact this company at 020 / 318-354.
  • Taxi service
It travels through Novi Pazar and its surroundings in several different taxi services, and some of them are as follows:
  • Yellow cab maxi taxi: 020 333 333
  • Alpha taxi: 062 424 242
  • ABE taxi: 064 134 2565
  • Euro radio taxi: 063 710 1600
  • Cash taxi: 036 662 076
  • Mega taxi: 020313 882

  • Rent a car
If you would rather decide to rent a car during your stay in Novi Pazar, there are two car rental companies at your disposal:
AC Mumdžić (phone: 060 7090000, address: Borski kej 5)
Menda Rent A Car (phone: 062 687688, address: May 1 Street)

Parking and public garages in Novi Pazar

In Novi Pazar you will find two types of parking, open and closed parking. There are no public garages in this city.
  • Open parking
Open parking lots are located along the streets of Novi Pazar and are divided into three distinct zones. You can pay for parking in two ways: by purchasing a parking ticket or by sending an SMS to 8630 for the extra zone, 8631 for the first zone and 8632 for the second zone.
  • Extra zone: It is located in the streets of Avnoja and 28 November. The maximum retention time in this zone is 120 minutes.
  • Zone I: This regime rules for the following streets: Rifat Budžević Street, Sandžak Division, Isa beg Isaković and Ramiz Koca Street, Gradska Street and Kej Mira. The maximum retention time in this zone is 120 minutes.
  • Zone II: It spreads in the streets of 1. maja, Generala Živkovića, Veljko Vlahovića, Gojko Bačanina, Stana Bačanina, Njegoševa ulica, Miodraga Komatine ulica, 8. marta, 7. jula, Dr Tirše, Mehmeda Alibašića, Višegradska and Omladinska streets. Retention time is not limited.
  • Closed parking
In Novi Pazar, there are several closed parking lots. Those are:
  • Health Center - It is part of the Health Center Novi Pazar and has 64 parking spaces. The working hours of the parking lot are from 7 am to 8 pm, during all days of the week.
  • Vrbak - It is located in the very center of the city, right next to the town square. It contains 135 parking spaces and works all day, all days of the week.
  • Pendik - It is an integral part of the sports and fair institution of the same name. It has 72 parking spaces. It works from Monday to Friday between 7 am and midnight, with a break between 4 pm and 7 pm.
  • Market 1 - This is a parking lot is a part of the city market. The working hours of the parking lot are from 7 am to 11 pm, all days of the week.
  • Market 2 - The second smaller parking lot within the city market has 19 parking spaces. It works from Monday to Sunday, from 7 to 23 hours.

Surroundings of Novi Pazar

Novi Pazar is surrounded by lush, untouched nature in which lie many wonderful places for rest and recreation that are worth visiting.
  • Mountains
At 32 kilometers north of Novi Pazar lies Golija, a real small oasis of untouched nature. During the summer, this mountain offers opportunities for rest and recreation in its beautiful forests, while during the winter months it is transformed into an ideal place for skiing. On it is the ski center Odvraćenica, which includes five cable cars and seven trails.
At 12 kilometers from the city there is another gem of nature, Mount Rogozna. On it you can see the remains of the medieval town of Jelec, around which there was a parish of the same name in the 10th century.
  • Spas
There are two spas in the vicinity of the city. Rajčinovića spa contains three hot water springs that have good therapeutic value. Rajčinovića spa is marked as a suitable spa for the treatment of diseases of the digestive organs, liver, kidneys and urinary tract. Nearby is the Novi Pazar Spa, which offers a large park and water that has a beneficial effect on neuromuscular diseases, rheumatic diseases, sciatica, sports injuries, conditions after a stroke, skin and gynecological diseases.
  • Excursion sites
If you want to enrich your vacation with sports and recreation, Novi Pazar picnic areas can be a great place for you. Some of them are the Jerka Valley, Pazarište and Ribarićko Lake.

History of Novi Pazar

  • Early history
Novi Pazar was founded at the time of the establishment of Turkish rule in the Raska region. Beneath the old town of Ras, the center of the old Serbian state of Raska and the capital of Stefan Nemanja, a market place called Trgoviste developed at the latest in the time of Vuk Brankovic. It was located on the site of today's locality called Pazarište. In the 15th century, the Turks built Novo Trgovište, ie Novi Pazar, next to it. The founder of Novi Pazar was one of the most famous Turkish military leaders, Gazi-Isa-beg Isaković. Novi Pazar reached the peak of progress in the second half of the 17th century.
  • Modern history
After the uprising in Šumadija, the Serbs liberated Novi Pazar in 1809, but they had to withdraw quickly after the Turkish offensive on Serbia and the collapse of the uprising.

Geography and climate of Novi Pazar

  • Geography
Novi Pazar is located in southwestern Serbia, territorially belongs to the Raska district and is the cultural and economic center of the Sandzak region. It is 297 kilometers south of Belgrade, on a section of the old road that leads across the Ibar highway to Podgorica and the Adriatic Sea. It is located in the valley of the rivers Jošanica, Raška, Deževska and Ljudska, at an altitude of 496 meters. It is surrounded by the Peshtersko plateau and the mountains Golija and Rogozna.
  • Climate
The surroundings of Novi Pazar have a mountain climate at higher altitudes and a valley climate in the Ibar and Lima valleys. There is a transitional climate between the mountain climate and the valley climate, which is called a moderately modified mountain climate, ie a mixture of mountain and continental climate.

Demographics of Novi Pazar

  • There are 47165 adults living in Novi Pazar, and the average age of the population is 33.2 years.
  • The population of Novi Pazar is mixed with the Bosniak majority. 77% of the population are Bosniaks and 16% Serbs.
  • According to the latest censuses, an increase in the number of inhabitants has been noticed.

Tradition and culture of Novi Pazar

  • Novi Pazar is a place of turbulent and rich history, which is located at the crossroads. It makes it a unique multiethnic space where Eastern and Western civilizations meet.
  • The whole area is specific because it represents the cradle of the Serbian state. Stari Ras, positioned on a hill near the city, used to be the capital of Stefan Nemanja. In its vicinity there are many historically significant sites related to the Nemanjić dynasty, such as Peter's Church, Đurđevi stupovi and Sopoćani monasteries. All of them have been placed under the protection of UNESCO, as monuments of exceptional value.
  • Novi Pazar is also known for its excellent food and has a long tradition of making local dishes, such as mantija, kebabs and Turkish coffee. 

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