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Welcome to Mostar

Welcome to one of the most beautiful and most famous parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, welcome to the beautiful city on the Neretva. Mostar is a city that bears the title of the administrative center of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton and the largest inhabited place in Herzegovina, but also a city that has an unusual symbol. It is about the famous bridge on the Neretva, the Old Town, which was built five centuries ago and which was demolished at the end of the twentieth century, and rebuilt a few years later. Apart from the impressive history, the bridge is also known for the famous event, during which brave participants jump into the Neretva from a height of 27 meters. We believe that we have already presented you with enough information about Mostar, which will lead you to include this city in the destinations you must visit. So, explore the information about the city that is on our site and fully prepare for the perfect vacation in this magical place.

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When to visit Mostar?

  • During spring and summer - Mostar is most beautiful during spring and warm summer days when you can fully enjoy city walks, excursions, jumping off a bridge and many other attractions.

How to get to Mostar?

  • By car - The main road leading to Mostar is E73, and it can be reached from different directions. The fastest way from Belgrade and Novi Sad to Mostar is via the M17 road. From Sarajevo it is via E73 (distance is 129 km). If you are starting from Banja Luka and nearby cities, you can head across the M16, M15 and M6 in front of Mostar.
  • By bus - In Mostar there are 2 bus stations, east and west. And there are regular buses to Mostar from different parts of BiH and the surrounding countries, so you can come from Belgrade, Novi Sad (at a price of approximately 11 hours). There are 4 bus lines from Sarajevo that take you to Mostar in about two and a half hours. If you want to know more information about timetables from the cities you are in, visit the page and find out.
  • By train - The railway station in Mostar is located near the East bus station. This route mostly follows the river Neretva and passes through Sarajevo, Konjic, Mostar and Ploce. If you want to enjoy the natural landscapes of this area, this is an ideal opportunity.
  • By plane - Mostar International Airport is located in the village of Ortiješ, about 7 km southeast of Mostar. Nearby, about 70km from Mostar, is Sarajevo International Airport, also known as Butmir Airport, the main international airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Activities for tourists in Mostar

  • Walks through the city and bridges - The real attraction for all who are in Mostar for the first time are long walks through the city, sightseeing of heritage and old buildings, and most of the bridges that represent the city's ID card. The most famous of all is the Old Bridge, which many can't wait to visit.
  • Sky walk - A unique attraction 15 meters high, 35 meters long that stretches over Mostar and offers an irresistible view of the city from a glass surface. You have a special experience at sunset when you can enjoy the beautiful views. For those for whom this is not enough adrenaline, there is a zip-line located at an altitude of 510 meters. The price of the ride is about 10 euros.
  • Rafting - getting to know the city from a slightly different perspective through rafting on the Neretva. Neretva is known for its emerald color, and even more because it divides Mostar into two shores connected by as many as 5 bridges. Through rafting with this beauty, you will hear stories about five bridges and the history and culture of Mostar from a local guide. The price is 13 euros, and rafting on a 12 km long route takes 3-5 hours.
  • Diving ("Scuba diving") - Diving at the location of the lake, which is located north of Mostar and is a nature park with clear emerald water and rich underwater. The locals also call this location "Stari potok Neretva". You can also get diving lessons here if you haven't learned yet. And, the price for a diving tour is 45 euros (for 5 people minimum) and lasts about 6 hours.

Events and festivals in Mostar

  • Jumping into the Neretva from the Old Bridge is a traditional competition in diving, which is traditionally held every year at the end of July. The jumps have been known since the time the bridge was built, and the formal competition began in 1968 and has been held every year since.
  • Mostar Blues and Rock Festival is a two-day festival that has been held every year for 19 years. During the years of its holding, this festival has hosted numerous domestic and foreign celebrities such as Ten Years After, Dr. Feelgood, Tito & Tarantula, Majke, Josipa Lisac, Yu Grupa and many others.
  • Mostar Film Festival is a festival of films from the region that are presented to a slightly wider audience.
  • Mostar Summer Festival is a three-day music festival that aims to present different music genres - rock, alternative rock, hip-hop and trap, funk, punk and electronic music. It takes place in the summer months in the industrial zone in Mostar. During the festival, the City organizes free transportation to the festival.
  • The Mostar Fair is one of the most important events in the region. It is one of the most successful exhibitions in BiH, with more than 40,000 visitors a year. At the Mostar Fair you can see new car models, new technologies and developments as well as exhibitions in the field of tourism, sports and food.

Activities for children in Mostar

  • Funland Children's Center - one of the largest children's centers that offers a variety of content, props and space for children to play and enjoy. Next to the playroom, there is a cafe from which parents can look after their child. There is a professional and expert staff who are in charge of keeping everything in the best order. The center is located at Blajburških žrtava bb, Mostar.
  • Mepas Mall is the largest and most modern shopping center which, in addition to classic shops, contains a cinema and a playroom that your little ones will enjoy.

What to see in Mostar?

  • Old Bridge - The Old Bridge is a building built during the Turkish rule in 1566. The bridge was destroyed in 1993 during the war, and rebuilt in 2004. It is located on the Neretva River in the heart of Mostar. This building is the most popular in Mostar, and as such is under UNESCO protection. Every year, at the end of July, jumps to the Neretva from this bridge are organized, now as a traditional jumping competition.
  • Old Bridge Museum - The museum is located on the east side of the bridge, and contains exhibitions that show the history of the bridge through different periods. The museum has an entrance to the underground spaces and excavations of the bridge, which you can visit for 2.5 euros.
  • Kriva cuprija - Kriva ćuprija is located next to the Old Bridge. It was built back in 1558 and its appearance is very reminiscent of the Old Bridge. The original stone of the bridge was destroyed in the flood, but was soon afterwards restored at the request of UNESCO.
  • Kajtaz's house - The oldest preserved house in this town is located in the settlement of Luka. It used to be a harem for a Turkish judge. The original structure and items such as Ottoman wallpaper and books in Arabic are very well preserved. You can visit this house from the 16th century and see objects, decorations and a garden in it. Also, the house is under the protection of UNESCO.
  • Hammam Museum - It is located in the only hamam in Mostar that is preserved today. It was built in the classical Ottoman style and dates from the 16th century. By visiting this place you can learn more about Ottoman customs and culture.
  • Belfry of Peace - This is a Catholic church built with the help of the Ottomans built in 1866. The Catholic Church and the Franciscan Monastery have 50,000 Western and Eastern ancient writings, which is an enviable figure for the entire territory of Herzegovina. To get to the church, you need to climb a large number of steps, and somewhere in the middle you will find an elevator to the top. At an altitude of 75 m you will be able to enjoy the enchanting view that allows you to see the whole city in the palm of your hand

Accommodation in Mostar

There are different types of accommodation in Mostar where you can stay depending on your preferences.
  • The 4-star Hotel Mostar is located in Kneza Domagoja bb in Mostar. It offers double and triple rooms, a superior apartment and a presidential apartment. Also, at this hotel you can relax in the spa and wellness center, which offers numerous swimming pools, relaxation baths, massages, tropical showers and gyms. Room prices range from 5,500 RSD for one person.
  • Hotel Amicus is a 4-star hotel located in Zalik bb, Mostar. It offers you all types of rooms, standard and deluxe packages and many amenities. These include a restaurant, room service and an outdoor pool. Room rates range from $ 60.
  • Hotel Buna is also a 4-star hotel located at Buna bb. It has a total of 40 deluxe rooms and 3 modern apartments. Room rates start at 50 US Dollars.
  • Hotel Bristol is a 4-star hotel located in Mostarskog bataljona bb. The hotel has a capacity of 47 equipped rooms. It is about 8 single, 39 double rooms and one presidential suite.
  • Apartments "Old bridge" - located at Dizdareva no. 3, and contain 5 deluxe apartments where you can stay when visiting Mostar.

Important telephones and information in Mostar

When you are in Mostar, it is important to have important phone numbers at hand:
  • Police - 122
  • Firefighters - 123
  • Ambulance - 124
  • Roadside assistance - 1282/188
  • Post offices and telephones - 188/1181
  • Duty pharmacy: Europharm Pharmacy: +387 (0) 36 577-392, Mostarskog Bataljona b.b.

Where to eat in Mostar?

  • Traditional restaurants - In Mostar you can try traditional indigenous dishes, mostly in the old part of the city. There are famous kabobs, bureks, Herzegovinian japrak, various types of pies and the most delicious desserts such as baklava and tufahija. The most famous restaurants with a warm atmosphere and delicious food are: Fountain; Tima-Irma; Hidin Han; Basement.
  • Mediterranean and continental restaurants - And if you want to try Mediterranean food as well as modern cuisine, these are some of the famous restaurants worth visiting: Del Rio; Taboo bar and Prestige Restaurant.

Where to go out in Mostar?

If you want to go out and relax in Mostar, you can do so in some of the following bars (depending on what suits you best):
  • Night clubs: Club Art Mostar; Nightclub Second Way; Night club "Pink Panthe; Golden cube nightclub
  • Live Music: Club 27 - Mosar Rock School; Shankly's Pub; Summer garden Stari grad.

Transport and taxi in Mostar

  • City transport: City and intercity transport in Mostar is available throughout the year, and all detailed information on driving lines can be found on the page: City transport Mostar.
  • Taxi: AMMI 88 taxi - 1512 or 036 / 577-088; Hey taxi - 1502 or 036 / 555-095; Arny taxi - 1507 or 063 / 150-715; Pink taxi - 1598 or 063 / 150-011
  • Car rental: Tourist Agency "AUTOPREVOZ" Mostar: + 387 (0) 36 551 900; Hyundai Car Rental 036 552 404036 552 404; Budget Car Rental - 387 (0) 63 311 114; Sixt - +387 (0) 580 788; NUR Rent A Car - +38763415517

Parking and public garages in Mostar

Public garages:
  • Autopark - Stjepana Radića 31, Mostar
  • Underground Parking Garage, Kapetanovina - Gojka Vukovića 8
  • Autocamping Old Bridge - Gojka Vukovica 3

Surroundings of Mostar

  • Vrelo Bune is located 12 kilometers from Mostar in Blagaj. This is the most famous Herzegovinian picnic area, which today attracts an increasing number of visitors from all over the world. Here you will have the opportunity to explore the rooms of the Blagaj Tekija and get to know a part of the history of this area while resting in the peace and quiet of this spring.
  • Kravice Waterfall is located only 40 kilometers from Mostar. The waterfalls reach a height of 27 meters. The lakes are suitable for swimming and enjoying the summer days.
  • Stolac is a town about 37 kilometers away from Mostar, but it hides many adventures. The team "Mostar X Adventures" organizes visits to Stolac with exploration of the river Bregava as well as the waterfalls Pjena and Provalija. At these locations there are natural beaches and pools that the river has built over time. Therefore, it is an ideal place for a vacation that is not always full of tourists and where you can relax.

History of Mostar

Mostar was built around the Old Bridge, which was built in 1566. With the arrival of the Austro-Hungarian administration, Mostar began to develop and build. In the period after the Second World War, Mostar continued to develop. However, during the 1992-1995 war, Mostar was devastated. Today, Mostar gets new content every day and regains its importance, especially after the renovation of the Old Bridge and its inclusion as the only monument from BiH on the list of protected cultural heritage of UNESCO.

Geography and climate of Mostar

  • Geography - Mostar is located in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina, more precisely in the center of Herzegovina. It can be said that Mostar is the junction of northern, western and eastern Herzegovina. The river Neretva flows through the center of the city, so the other name for Mostar is "City on the Neretva".
  • Climate - It has a temperate Mediterranean climate characterized by mild but fairly cold winters (with little or no snow) as in very hot summers. In summer, the temperature in the cold can be up to 45 ° C. Mostar is one of the warmest cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, next to Trebinje and Neum.

Demography of Mostar

According to the last census in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 2013, there are 113,169 inhabitants in the city of Mostar. The majority of the population are Bosniaks and Croats, followed by Serbs.

Tradition and culture of Mostar

Mostar is a city that preserves the tradition and culture of the people of this area. It is known for its turbulent past and war destruction, but also for the rebuilding of buildings and raising culture. That is why Mostar preserves and nurtures its tradition and culture so much. There are a large number of mosques, churches and monuments in Mostar. Some of the most famous religious and cultural landmarks of Mostar are:
  • The old bridge
  • Karadjoz-beg's mosque
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral
  • Mostar Synagogue
  • Tekija in Blagaj na Buni

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