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Bajina Basta

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Welcome to Bajina Basta

Bajina Basta - one of the most beautiful and touristically richest cities in Serbia. The surroundings of the city, Tara, Perućac, Drina make up its offer and they are there to give you the perfect vacation. We have selected the most important contents from the wide offer of the city: the highest quality accommodation, the most visited restaurants, localities, attractions and activities. Our selection will help you organize your trip in the best way and spend a very quality vacation in Western Serbia.

Bajina Basta Apartments

Ivanovic No2

Bajina Basta · City · Center
Studio · 4 Guests
€35.05 night


Bajina Basta · Surrounding places · Lug
2 Bedrooms · 4 Guests
€46.73 night

Vila Povlen

Bajina Basta · Surrounding places · Zarozje
2 Bedrooms · 5 Guests
€70.09 night

Corso Residence

Bajina Basta · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€35.05 night


Bajina Basta · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€32.71 night


Bajina Basta · Surrounding places · Lug
1 Bedroom · 5 Guests
€35.05 night

Ivanović No1

Bajina Basta · City · Center
Studio · 4 Guests
€35.05 night

Nina S

Bajina Basta · Surrounding places · Lug
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€52.57 night

Nina S2

Bajina Basta · Surrounding places · Lug
Studio · 2 Guests
€39.72 night

Nina S1

Bajina Basta · Surrounding places · Lug
Studio · 2 Guests
€39.72 night

Bajina Basta Attractions

When to visit Bajina Basta?

Depending on your wishes, needs and contents that you want to enjoy, we will classify the periods of visiting this city into two categories:
  • Bajina Basta summer, spring and autumn - If you want to get away from the city bustle and enjoy the fantastic nature, Bajina Basta is the ideal place during the summer. You can enjoy various facilities and attractions on the Drina, but also hiking tours of the Tara National Park.
  • Bajina Bašta winter - You can enjoy the beautiful viewpoints from Tara during the winter as well. In addition, Tara has several ski slopes that are ideal for beginners. If you want to learn skiing, Tara is an ideal tourist destination for you and your children.
Once you visit Bajina Basta and the surroundings of this beautiful city, love at first sight will happen. The tourist season here lasts all year round and whenever you decide to visit this city you will enjoy the magical nature.

How to get to Bajina Basta?

Bajina Basta is located on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina on the right bank of the Drina River. The distance of this tourist center from big cities is as follows: Belgrade 168 kilometers, Novi Sad 235 kilometers, Valjevo 70 kilometers, Uzice 30 kilometers, Cacak 86 kilometers, Nis 293 kilometers, Visegrad 62 kilometers, Sarajevo 175 kilometers.

You can reach Bajina Basta in several ways:
  • By car - From the direction of Belgrade by car you can reach Bajina Basta in two ways. The first way is by the highway Miloš Veliki, and after that you can join the state road 170. The second variant is along the Ibar highway to Čačak, then right towards Valjevo and then by road over Debeli brdo, Sedlar, Rogačica and you reach Bajina Bašta. The first variant is a bit longer, but it arrives faster. From Belgrade to Bajina Basta, you will need close to three hours by car.
  • By bus - On the route Belgrade - Bajina Basta - Belgrade there are several departures every day. Most departures are organized by the company Raketa AB, but there are also a few departures organized by Lasta. The price of a return ticket is 2400 RSD. All information related to bus transport can be obtained by calling the bus station in Bajina Basta: 031/865 485.

Activities for tourists in Bajina Basta

Tourist organization Tara-Drina presents a wide range of attractions for tourists that you will not resist. If you want to gather first-hand information about the tourist offer of Bajina Basta and its surroundings, visit the Tourist Information Center and the souvenir shop located at Kneza Miloša Obrenovića 28. in Bajina Bašta. Our choice are: 
  • Excursions to rivers and lakes - Fascinating nature along the banks of the Drina will delight you, but the Drina is not the only tourist content in Bajina Basta. Be sure to visit Lake Perućac and Lake Zaovine. Besides. Enjoy the valley of the river Vrelo and visit the alkaline-thermal spring Lađevac.
  • Walking tours and lookouts - Tara National Park is a park with absolutely the most beautiful lookouts in Serbia. Be sure to visit Mitrovica, one of the largest plateaus of Tara, which offers a magical view. Mountaineering clubs throughout our country organize walking tours of Tara.
  • Cultural heritage - Bajina Basta and its surroundings are proud of their different cultural contents. What we can recommend to you is a visit to the monastery of Rača, the wooden church in Dub and the remains of Solotnik, which is located near the village of Solotuša on the slopes of Tara.
  • Sports and recreation - The area around Bajina Basta provides excellent conditions for the preparation of both professional sports teams and the organization of preparations and recreational classes for children. A little less than half a kilometer from the Hotel Drina is the sports hall Bajina Bašta. The Tara area is ideal for organizing fitness preparations.

Manifestation and festivals in Bajina Basta

A large number of festivals and events are organized in this city along the Drina. These events include both cultural and entertainment activities. In the next part of the text, we will list only some of the manifestations that await you during your visit to Bajina Basta.
  • Garden Fest - The first weekend in July is reserved for an international short feature film festival called Garden Fest. This festival lasts for three or four days. In addition to the main film festival, an accompanying music and educational program is held every year.
  • Xross Enduro - Fans of motor sports will also have something to enjoy when visiting Bajina Basta. The Xross Enduro is one of the toughest motorcycle races in the region. Since 2015, this race has been held on Tara on mountain terrains.
  • Cyrillic Heritage - During the adoption of the Declaration on the Protection and Nurturing of the Cyrillic Alphabet, which was unanimously adopted by the Municipal Assembly of Bajina Basta, a manifestation called Cyrillic Heritage was established. Cyrillic Heritage is held every May in Bajina Basta.
  • Tesla Days - Tesla Days is a cultural event held as part of the Tesla Roads route through Serbia. This event marks the birthday of Nikola Tesla every year, and Bajina Basta is just one city where this cultural project is held.
  • Days of Rača along the Drina - Beginning in 1995, in the first week of October, spiritual ceremonies called "Days of Rača along the Drina" are held in the monastery of Rača. These ceremonies are held in the field of literature, painting, acting, scientific gatherings and artistic music, and end with the awarding of the "Rača Charter". We warmly recommend this event to all culture lovers.
  • Drina Regatta - In 1994, the first Drina Regatta was held and since then this has become a cult event. This is one of the most visited tourist events in the whole country. The Drina regatta is traditionally organized in the third week of July, and Bajina Basta is visited by over 100,000 tourists at that time of year. This event is traditionally held from Wednesday to Sunday, and on Saturdays a big descent down the Drina is organized. If the road takes you to Bajina Bašta at this time of year, you must not miss this event.
  • Tribalion - Fans of good fun, sports and adrenaline will be delighted with this event. A 20-kilometer Tara adventure awaits you through improvised obstacles such as: crawling on mud, climbing on a rope, carrying sandbags. If you love sports and adrenaline, be sure to visit this event, which takes place every May.

Facilities for children in Bajina Basta

Bajina Bašta offers a large number of tourist facilities that you can enjoy with your children. From natural beauties and lookouts that you will be delighted with, through beautiful rivers, lakes and springs to great sports activities.
  • Lookouts - In the area of ​​Bajina Basta, there are a large number of beautiful lookouts, and the lookout point that you will be absolutely delighted with is called Banjska stena. This is one of the most beautiful lookouts in Serbia. From Mitrovica, two pedestrian paths lead to it, and from the lookout point there is a view of the Perućac reservoir, the canyon of the river Drina and the area of ​​wasps in Bosnia. In addition to Banjska stena, visit Bilješka stena, Crnjeskovo, Sokolarica and the Senič lookout.
  • Rivers and lakes - The surroundings of Bajina Basta are rich in water, so be sure to visit the rivers and lakes around this city. The Drina offers a large number of facilities and the most exciting content is certainly a ride through the Drina canyon. Your kids will be delighted with the view and the beautiful landscapes that stretch from the boat. Be sure to visit Lađevac, the river Vrelo, lakes Zaovine and Perućac.
  • Cottage on the Drina - If you want your kids to wear impressive pictures from Bajina Basta, be sure to visit the cottage on the Drina. A house was built in the middle of the Drina River, surrounded by emerald green water. This house is not only a symbol of Bajina Basta, but also of the river Drina and the whole of Serbia.
  • Sports activities - In Bajina Basta there is a large number of sports fields both outdoors and indoors. You can enjoy playing football, handball, tennis, volleyball, For a complete atmosphere with the family visit some of the beautiful pools. There is also the Dora equestrian club on Tara, take the kids for a ride, apart from the fact that riding has been proven to be healing, they will have fond memories.
  • Skiing - If you want your children to learn skiing, Tara is the ideal opportunity to do so. There are three locations for such a thing in Kaludjerski Bare. Next to the Kurta restaurant there is a ski slope with a ski school. In addition to Hotel Omorika and Hotel Beli Bor, there are several other trails, but none is longer than 600 meters, which makes them ideal for beginners.

What to see in Bajina Basta?

Bajina Bašta and its surroundings are extremely rich in various contents, natural beauties and attractions. We single out for you:
  • Tara National Park - Tara National Park has been protected since 1981 and the protected area covers over 25,000 hectares. The most significant value of this park are forests that cover over 80% of the national park area. If you like cycling, hiking and walking tours, Tara National Park is the right choice for you.
  • Activities on the Drina - In addition to the man-made Drina regatta on the Drina, you can enjoy a large number of facilities. Visit the famous house on the Drina, which is a symbol of the whole river, or enjoy a ride through the Drina canyon. The area around the Drina is also known for sport fishing, if you are a passionate fisherman, fishing on the Drina will be one of the activities you will enjoy.
  • Water world of Bajina Basta - If you want to immortalize the memories of Bajina Basta with great photos, visit the river Vrelo and its magical landscapes. You can enjoy a walk to the thermal-alkaline spring Lađevac. Visit some of the most beautiful lakes in our country such as Perućac and Zaovine and enjoy the facilities they offer.
  • Cultural and historical sights - The most important monument of this area is the Raca Monastery. It is an endowment of King Dragutin, and dates from the 13th century. There are several other religious buildings in this area, such as: the church in Dub, the church in Rogačica, the church of the holy prophet Elijah. At the location of Bajina Basta, there are two UNESCO-protected landmarks: the Mramorje stećak tombstones and the Rasište stećak tombstones. Another historical landmark is Solotnik, a fortress believed to date from the 14th century, although there is no precise information about it.

Accommodation in Bajina Basta

Bajina Bašte has several different types of accommodation. Depending on what you want, we suggest the following:
  • Hotels - There are several hotels in Bajina Basta. If you prefer this type of accommodation the price ranges from 25 € for accommodation to 70 €. You have a warm recommendation for the following hotels: Hotel Turist, Hotel Omorika, Hotel Beli Bor, Hotel Cepter Drina.
  • Hostels and apartments - There are several hostels and apartments that you can book in Bajina Basta and its surroundings. If you want a more active vacation, this option is a cheaper option. The price of accommodation per person ranges from 1200 RSD and more. You can visit Hostel Mistična Reka, Apartments Kurta, as well as Hostel Dve Lipe.
  • Ethno-villages, log cabins, cottages, rafts - You can find accommodation in ethno-villages near Bajina Basta at a price of 12 euros per night. Log cabins, cottages and rafts can be rented at a price of 40 € per day and more. We will recommend only some of them: ethno accommodation Srpski Car, raft house Perućac, Modern House, log cabin Drinski Merak.

Important telephone numbers and information in Bajina Basta

In the following part of the text, we will single out some important phones that you will need when visiting Bajina Basta and its surroundings:
  • Post office Bajina Bašta 031/865 252
  • Bus station Bajina Bašta 031/865 485
  • Bajina Basta Police Department 031/862 177
  • Bajina Bašta Fire Service 031/865 093
  • Ambulance Bajina Bašta 031/865 994
  • EPS Bajina Basta (duty service) 031/862 155
  • City Pharmacy Bajina Basta 031 865 595
  • Gas station Knez Petrol 031/861 800

Where to eat in Bajina Basta?

When you get tired of the speed of the Drina and the ascents of the Tara, it is time to eat something good. In Bajina Basta and its surroundings there are many catering facilities that can be classified into several categories:
  • Restaurants - Most restaurants in this part of our country are based on national cuisine. The food is really delicious and here are a few restaurants that you should definitely visit if you find yourself in Bajina Basta: Belvi restaurant, Odmor na Drini restaurant, Kod Pece restaurant and Vrelo restaurant.
  • Pizzerias - If you like Italian specialties and pasta-based dishes, be sure to visit the most famous pizzerias Piccolo and Se La Vi.
  • Fast food and bakeries - Fans of barbecue specialties and ready meals from the express restaurant will also have something to enjoy. You have a warm recommendation for the fast food restaurant Gurman as well as for the express restaurant Suncokret. You can buy good burek, sweet and savory pastries in several bakeries. We suggest you try the specialties of Dara bakery, Obradović bakery, Radovanović bakery and Vasić bakery.

Where to go out in Bajina Basta?

A large number of clubs, pubs and coffee bars in Bajina Basta and its surroundings will offer you a great night out. You will enjoy both during the Drina regatta when this town is visited by the most tourists, and in the winter months. Here are just a few of them:
  • Pubs - For all fans of good beer and acoustic rock and roll gigs, we will list a few places you should not miss if you are in this city along the Drina: Hogar pub, Alas pub, Jacks pub and Cigla and Krigla pub.
  • Bars - If you like going out at night and want to enjoy a conversation with good company, we will recommend some quieter places. Be sure to visit some of the following coffee bars: Breza Cafe, Como Cafe, Grand Cafe and Paparazzo Cafe. In the cafe Breza you can try the famous BB Klekovača - a brandy that is talked about all over Serbia.
  • Night clubs - One of the most famous night clubs in Bajina Basta is the Troy 2 club. If you are a fan of modern sound and popular music, a visit to this club must be a mandatory part of your stay.

Transportation and taxi in Bajina Basta

Public transport
Considering that Bajina Basta is a small town, the city transport is not too branched. But you don’t have to worry there are a few lines that can take you to Tara. The price of the ticket, depending on which carrier you use, will cost you 150 or 200 RSD one way. This line is driven by the carriers Peony 021 and Lasta. The journey takes about twenty minutes. For additional information, contact the bus station Bajina Bašta by phone 031/865 485.

Taxi service
A taxi service can serve as the best means of transport in this city. Here are just a few of the taxi services you can use:
Taxi Pavlović 065/615 29 13, Plus Taxi 065/861 99 91, Mata Taxi 060 086 28 62, Halo Taxi 031/866 999.

Parking and public garages

There is an open parking system in Bajina Basta. The payment for parking started this October, and it is available in the following streets: Hadži Milentija, Rajko Tadić, from the municipality to the court building, Vojvoda Mišić, Milan Obrenović, Vuk Karadžić, Braće Ninčić.

Parking takes place in two zones: red and yellow. The price of parking in the red zone is 35 RSD per hour, while in the yellow zone it is 25 RSD. Parking is charged by SMS, but you can also buy an all-day parking ticket, which costs 120 RSD.

Surroundings of Bajina Basta

We present you the most famous attractions in the vicinity of Bajina Bašta. These sites must be part of your tours through Western Serbia.
  • Gate of Podrinje - Next to the main road Valjevo - Bajina Basta, on the mountain Povlen there is a fantastic lookout called Gate of Podrinje. This Lookout is stationed on Debeli Brdo at 925 meters above sea level. A large number of tourists and passers-by who find themselves on this road visit this lookout every day.
  • Lake Perućac - Only 13 kilometers from Bajina Bašta is Lake Perućac. Villa Perućac and restaurant Vrelo are located on the shores of this lake. There is a beach with swimming pools for children in the vicinity of these facilities. Tourist attractions that await you on Perućac are: fishing, boating, canoeing, pedal boats and boating on the Drina.
  • River and waterfall Vrelo - 13 kilometers from Mitrovica on Tara there is a river and waterfall Vrelo. The river Vrelo descends into the Drina with a beautiful waterfall. The landscapes next to this waterfall will leave you breathless and the surroundings of the waterfall are perfect for photography.
  • Banjska stena - We present you one of the most beautiful lookouts in Serbia, it is the lookout Banjska Stena which is located six kilometers away from Mitrovica on Tara. From this lookout point there is a beautiful view of the Drina canyon and Lake Perućac.
  • Lake Zaovine - When the dam Lazići was built on the river Beli Rzav, Lake Zaovine was created. The water of this lake is crystal clear, so with a little processing it is also used for drinking. Near this lake, there is a place where Josif Pančić found Pančić's spruce.

History of Bajina Basta

Prehistory - Historical archives say that Bajina Basta has been continuously inhabited for the last 7000 years. From the Neolithic area, the settlement of Kremenilo is mentioned for the first time, which was located only 2.5 kilometers away from today's Bajina Basta. There are several different legends about the origin of the name Bajina Bashta, but the most common is the Turk named Bajina, who had large gardens, so Bajina Bashta got its name.

19th and 20th century - on July 12, 1858, Aleksandar Karađorđević issued a decision establishing the town of Bajina Bašta. The first post office and telegraph were founded in 1881 during the time of Milan Obrenović, and then the customs house began to operate. In 1930, the first hospital on the territory of this city was built. After World War II, economic and sports facilities began to be built. The crucial economic project happened in 1966, when the Perućac hydroelectric power plant was built, and since then the number of inhabitants in this town has been constantly growing.

Geography and climate of Bajina Basta

According to the 2011 census, there are slightly more than 26,000 inhabitants in the municipality of Bajina Baštaq, with an average population density of 38.6 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Climate - Bajina Basta is located at an altitude of 257 meters, and is surrounded by the Tara and Drina. The climate is moderately continental and the humidity has increased, especially after the construction of Lake Perućac and Zaovina. The biggest brands of this region are Tara and Drina.

Demography of Bajina Basta

  • The total number of adult inhabitants in Bajina Basta is a little over 7400, while the average age of the population is 36.1 years.
  • The total number of households in Bajina Basta is just over 3,000, while the average number of members per household is 3.17.
  •  In terms of ethnicity, Bajina Basta is almost entirely inhabited by Serbs, who make up 95% of the population.

Tradition and culture of Bajina Basta

Tradition - When we talk about culture and tradition in Bajina Basta and its surroundings, there are several events that should definitely be visited. The citizens of Bajina Basta managed to preserve their tradition with manifestations such as: Cyrillic heritage, Tesla days and traditional Epiphany swimming.

Cultural contents - Those who do not believe that religion, culture and art cannot work together, will have the opportunity to dissuade themselves through the manifestation of the Days of Rača along the Drina. Painting, music, literature and acting are represented at this event in one of the most famous monasteries in Serbia. In addition to the monastery of Rača, be sure to visit Solotnik, the stećak tombstones in Rasište and Mramorj, the church in Rogačica, the church of St. The Prophet Elijah and the log cabin church in Dub.

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