Privacy policy


The Portal undertakes to use all personal data of users taken for the purpose of making reservations or advertising only for the specified purposes. User information is stored, processed and shared in accordance with the law on personal data protection. Users in the policy on the site are informed about the scope of data to be downloaded and how to use them. 

About privacy

Portal complies with all legal regulations prescribed for the protection of user privacy. Downloaded personal data is used in accordance with a policy that does not violate privacy. The user can read below what data is required to perform activities on the portal. The portal undertakes that no additional information will be downloaded without the knowledge and approval of the user.

Data storage

In accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection our portal undertakes not to misuse the user's personal data. The data will not be used for any purpose other than those indicated (below). The portal will not share the downloaded data with a third party, nor redirect it to other, unauthorized addresses. All employees are committed to strict adherence to privacy and data protection laws. They will use the downloaded personal information only to fulfill the stated requests of the user or owner. The data is stored until the moment when the user registration on the portal is active.  

Data processing

User data is collected and processed to perform the functions available on the portal. Personal information will be used to use the portal, book reservations and advertise accommodation. Another type of use refers to the voluntary registration of users to receive notifications about activities on the portal. The data will not be used outside the specified frames.


In this privacy policy, all those who use the services of the portal are identified as the user or you, while the portal or we mean the representatives of the portal

Information we collect


In order to perform activities on the portal, it is necessary to collect a certain amount of personal information of users. The amount of information is limited, and in the general conditions it is clearly indicated which data are necessary. Nothing that goes beyond the specified box will be requested by the portal. The portal will download the following information:

  1. Account information - When registering on the portal, the user will be required to leave personal information: name, surname and year of birth.
  2. Profile information - Additional user activities on the portal, which follow after the reservation, require a certain amount of additional information: address and phone number.
  3. Authentication Information- In order to create secure cooperation, it is necessary to provide certain information that confirms the personal identity of the user. This type of data includes: picture, passport and email address.
  4. Other information - All other information can be submitted by users based on personal choice. The purpose of collecting this type of information is to improve the search and user experience. A certain amount of data is also collected automatically, as a consequence of the use of modern service improvement systems.

Information necessary for booking accommodation

When booking an apartment, users are required to leave the following personal information: 

  • name and surname  
  • e-mail address
  • phone number

Information that users voluntarily leave

A certain amount of information users can submit to improve their personal experience of using the portal. This type of information includes: 

  • gender 
  • interests
  • previous trips
  • personal contacts users
  • user email contacts

All this information will allow you to more easily find relevant content that is most in line with your interests. 

Information that is collected automatically

When using the options on the portal, information is automatically collected regarding the way users use certain areas of the site. Like the information that users leave of their choice, automatic information is used to improve service and the quality of user experiences. Such data include:

1. Information on the user's location
  • Geo location (ip address) - During the stay on the portal, information is collected about the location where the user is at the specified time. This type of data is collected through the use of the user's IP address.
  • Phone GPS location - You can also download a user location via the phone's GPS location. Most mobile devices allow their users to prevent the ability to control location data. All you need to do is select the excluded location option in the mobile settings.
2. User information 

During the user activity on the site, information is collected about visits and interaction with certain pages, clicks or storage of certain content on the portal. 

3. Login information 

When accessing the portal, a certain amount of user data is collected, which are related to the interaction with the content on the site and accompanying activities. These include: 

  • details of how the user spends time on the site 
  • the user's IP address
  • the date and time of access to the portal
  • information about the devices accessed on the portal or the page accessed before or after using the portal.
4. Cookies 

Thanks to cookies, the website you come to recognizes you as a unique user. They are used to collect statistics and traffic information on the portal, and to improve user experiences. If users do not want their data to be downloaded, the Cookies menu that appears when entering the portal allows them to disable this option.

5. Pixels  

Social networks, above all Facebook, can use the information collected on the portal to make measurements, set the target audience and even better advertising material. The connection between the portal and Facebook is done in order to find relevant new users and improve the experience of existing ones.

6. Payment information 

Information relating to user transactions is collected automatically. This means:

  • date and time of payment
  • information necessary to make a payment

Information for payment

When paying for selected services on the portal, users are required to provide the necessary information, on the basis of which the transaction will be executed. The user is obliged to submit the following:

  • Identification data - In order for the user to confirm his identity before paying the amount of services, it is necessary to leave data that will confirm his identity: name and surname, residential address and telephone number.
  • Financial Information - In order for payment to be properly made, the user will be required to provide certain financial information, such as a bank account or credit card number.

All information provided will be used only for the purpose of conducting financial transactions. The portal guarantees that the data will be protected from misuse or sharing with a third party.


How we use the information we collected  

  • All information collected in various ways is used for the purpose of improving the platform and a better user experience.

The improvement of the platform is due to the measurement of user activity, site traffic and the percentage of successfully completed visitor inquiries. A better user experience means that the data we collect allows us to provide you with faster service and display content that is relevant and in line with your interests.

  • Marketing and user experience - User data can also be used to promote our content and services. It is a technique used to show relevant content to relevant users and thus improve their experience in a particular area.
  • SMS and e-mail messages - Receipt of messages by the portal will be done only for the purpose of confirming reservations and notifying users about new content on the portal (newsletter). If you do not wish to receive this type of notification, you can unsubscribe from the email list at any time.

All data collected will be used exclusively for the stated purposes and will not be used in a manner that violates the prescribed law on user data protection.

Information Sharing 


The exchange of user data can only be done with a third party (Google, Facebook), in order to increase the number of visits to the site, a better user experience or the generation of new customers.  
If you want to stop sharing this information, you need to turn off sharing options in your Google and Facebook accounts. You can also do that by filling out the contact form on our portal.  

Users (members)  

Based on the contract made with the owners of accommodation facilities, and in order to perform the items listed in them, we are obliged to share the necessary user information.


When booking, in order to improve the quality and speed of service, it is necessary to exchange information taken from users. This implies the following situations:

  • After confirming the reservation, certain user information will be forwarded to the owners of the accommodation. These include: name, last name and phone number.
  • When the owner confirms the reservation, the guest is forwarded his name, last name and phone number.

Within the company reserves the right to exchange user data within companies or websites that are also owned by the portal.

Other important information

Linking accounts  

When logging in to the site, there is the possibility of access through accounts that users have within other companies: Facebook, Google. This allows the site to use the data and display some of it on the profile you have opened on our site.

The following sites are automatically transferred:  

  • name
  • surname
  • year of birth
  • option to invite your friends to use the contents of our porta


Independent partners and connectivity

Links posted by users, that lead to other platforms, such as Google Maps, Google Earth, develop communication between portals. During the communication, data exchange necessarily takes place. Our portal is not responsible for the collection of your data. On that occasion, these platforms take responsibility.

User rights 

Users have the right to request that all collected information and the rules of use of the platform do not apply to them. To activate this option, users are required to verify their identity.

Managing your account (information) 

If your account is linked to accounts on other platforms: Facebook, Google, you are after entering the portal allowed to change your profile settings

Correcting your account information 

If you do not find relevant options in the settings, you can at any time ask us to change all your information, which was previously entered on the portal.  

Access to your data

Users have the full right to ask us for a copy of all information we hold about you. You need to indicate the required steps in the contact form and you will receive their execution as soon as possible. 

Deleting your user account 

Deleting a user account from the portal can be done by sending an official request via email. The user can contact the portal at the e-mail address to inform of their request to remove their user account from the portal. The user will be notified in a timely manner about the completion of the deletion process.

Saving your data

The portal reserves the right to retain a certain amount of information even after deleting the user account. In general, information regarding the account and activities performed by users on the portal will be preserved, such as reservations or reviews about apartments. This information will only be used to provide a better experience, user safety, or for legal purposes. This information will not be shared with third parties by the portal. 

Complaints and ambiguities

To resolve all complaints, objections and ambiguities, you can contact us via contact forms on the portal.

Data security

If some information changes or some user data is stolen, feel free to contact us at any time.   

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Bookaweb platform reserves the right to change the privacy policy at any time. After the change is made, a notification about the performed activity will be placed at the bottom of the home page.