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Everything you need for a perfect vacation in one of the most famous destinations in Serbia. Vrnjacka Banja is a space that offers many attractions and amenities, which are the reason why it is the favorite destination of both domestic and foreign tourists for many years. We offer you the opportunity to find accommodation, find out what are the most famous tourist attractions and how to best spend your time in Banja. In addition to health tourism, during your stay you have at your disposal a number of entertainment and cultural activities, modern facilities for rest and enjoyment and the surrounding natural facilities. Find out everything before you go on a trip and be ready for the perfect experience.

Vrnjacka Banja Apartments


Vrnjacka Banja · City · Central park
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€29.21 night

Vrnjacka zora

Vrnjacka Banja · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€35.05 night


Vrnjacka Banja · City · Center
Studio · 2 Guests
€29.21 night


Vrnjacka Banja · Surrounding places · Lipova
Studio · 2 Guests
€25.70 night

Vila Gočki raj

Vrnjacka Banja · Surrounding places · Goc
4 Bedrooms · 13 Guests
€16.36 night

Panorama 17

Vrnjacka Banja · City · Central park
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€29.21 night


Vrnjacka Banja · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€46.73 night

Romansa Vrnjačka Banja

Vrnjacka Banja · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 6 Guests
€40.89 night

Apartmansko naselje Jezero

Vrnjacka Banja · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 5 Guests
€26.87 night

Zvezdana 3

Vrnjacka Banja · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€46.73 night

Zvezdana 2

Vrnjacka Banja · City · Center
Studio · 2 Guests
€38.55 night

Zvezdana 1

Vrnjacka Banja · City · Center
Studio · 3 Guests
€38.55 night

Vrnjacka Banja Attractions

When to visit Vrnjačka Banja?

The ideal time to visit Vrnjačka Banja depends on the reason for your arrival.
  • If you come for treatment, thermal springs are available to you throughout the year.
  • If the reason for your arrival is rest, choose some spring and summer months. The reason for that is the spa facilities and beauties, which are organized during the summer and shine in the most beautiful light. The Vrnjačka promenade and the park are the most beautiful when the trees are deciduous, and at that time you can get to know all the beauties of Banja by riding a carriage.
  • If you come for fun, you will enjoy the most important festivals: Lovefest, Vrnjačka Carnival and Vrnjačka Cultural Festival, which are held during July and August.

How to get to Vrnjačka Banja?

Vrnjacka Banja is located in central Serbia at distance of 200 kilometers south of Belgrade, 134 from Niš, 289 from Novi Sad and 25 km from Kraljevo. If you go by your own transport, and you start from Belgrade, the accessible sections are:
  • Highway (E-75) Belgrade - Niš to Batocina, where you will use the 115-kilometer section, and then cross the regional road through Kragujevac and Kraljevo for another 90 to the spa.
  • Highway (E-75) Belgrade - Niš - Pojata, in the length of 169 kilometers, and then on the regional road through Krusevac to Banja (additional 66 kilometers)
  • Ibar highway - via Gornji Milanovac, and then regionally via Kraljevo. The time you will need is about 2 and a half hours.
If you come by bus
If you do not come by your own transport, you can reach Banja by bus lines from all parts of Serbia. From Belgrade to Vrnjačka Banja, there are 12 bus lines every day. You can reach Banja by bus from the capital in 3 hours.
For all additional information and the exact time of bus departures to and from Banja, you can call Bus station Vrnjačka Banja at the number: 036 612446.

Activities for tourists in Vrnjacka Banja

The Tourist Organization of Vrnjačka Banja has developed numerous terrains and spaces where you can enjoy a variety of activities. The most famous are:
  • Paradise Sports Center - with 3 grass football fields, a beach volleyball court and an athletics track.
  • Sports hall - the most important indoor sports space, where events and sports competitions of various types are held
  • Several fields for small sports, located at the beginning of the promenade, where you can engage in various types of activities: football, basketball or handball.
  • Ski trail on Goč - 12 kilometers from Banja there is a newly built trail for recreational skiing.

The Tourist agencies in Vrnjacka Banja also organizes trips to the surrounding attractions and natural beauties, so while you are on vacation in Banja you can go on a day trip to the mountain Goč or to the surrounding monasteries: Ljubostinja, Studenica and Zica, during which you can visit Kraljevo. Excursions are organized during the weekend and do not exceed the price of 1000 dinars.

Events and festivals in Vrnjačka Banja

During the summer in Vrnjačka Banja you can enjoy quality events and festivals of culture, music and good fun. The most famous are:
  • Lovefest - an event that gathers fans of modern sound every three days in August, who can enjoy on numerous stages and dance until the early morning hours.
  • Carnival in Vrnjačka Banja - during the five warm July days in Banja, a hot atmosphere of South America is created. During the event, it takes place through concerts, masquerades, plays. The central event is the Great International Carnival Parade, in which a huge number of participants dance to the accompaniment of enchanting sounds.
  • Vrnjačka cultural festivities - an event that lasts 100 days during the summer, and within which the most famous are: International Festival of Classical Music, Film Screenplay Festival and museum exhibits, theater performances, art exhibitions.
  • Days of Danilo Bata Stojković - from August 11, 2010, on the summer stage, events are held in the field of film and theater, which were launched in memory of the great man of our theater. Part of them are literary evenings, concerts, acting meetings.

Attractions for children in Vrnjačka Banja

Vrnjacka Park is a perfect place for a good time with the youngest. In addition to a wide space for running, there are also playgrounds for children, which also have an artificial rock for hiking. In addition to this, children will enjoy swimming in the indoor and outdoor pools in Banja. Outdoor and indoor pools are at your disposal:
  • City pool and Klobuk pool, located two kilometers from the source Snežnik towards Goč. These are the biggest outdoor pools in Vrnjačka Banja.
  • As for indoor swimming pools, a large number of hotels have them, and within the Novi Merkur facility there is an aqua center, which provides swimming pools, wellness and spa.

What to visit in Vrnjačka Banja?

Vrnjačka Banja is a destination that contains a number of beautiful natural places, but also famous localities, which should be found on your tour through the city. The most famous are:
  • Vrnjacki Park
The center of the Spa and its biggest feature is the vegetation-rich Vrnjački Park. The Vrnjačka River stretches along the entire length of the park with its bridges and promenades along which linden trees are planted. At the beginning of the park is the Bridge of Love, one of the most famous symbols of the Banja and a space where you can strengthen your love by putting a padlock with you and the name of a loved one. Another attraction in the park is the Japanese Garden, which is planted with plants from Japan, and which also has a pond, tea houses and a cascading waterfall.

  • Religious object
Apart from being a healing place for the body, the Spa is also there to enlighten the spirit. Important symbols are the churches and monasteries that are located in it. The central place in Banja is occupied by the Church of the Living Source of the Most Holy Mother of God, and one of the greatest symbols of Banja is the Church of the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God on Čajnički brdo. Čajničko brdo is another locality that you must not miss. It is a cultural and spatial whole embellished with lush vegetation, which offers a beautiful view of the Banja.
  • The castle
When it comes to important buildings, the most famous is certainly the Belimarković Castle. The castle, which was the home of General Belimarković's successor until 1968, has been a cultural institution ever since. Today it is the Homeland Museum with archeological, ethnographic, historical and a collection of valuable paintings, sculptures and graphics.
  • Monuments
The city is also known for the monuments dedicated to important people who come from Banja: a memorial plaque dedicated to Danilo Bata Stojković on the Summer Stage, as well as a monument to Dragan Nikolić in Vrnjački Park. Here we can place the famous monument to Sparrow, which is located at the beginning of the promenade.

Accommodation in Vrnjacka Banja

During your stay in Vrnjacka Banja, accommodation facilities of different prices and structures are at your disposal. The city has a large number of extremely luxurious hotels, within which you can book full or half board type of accommodation, as well as a stay that includes the use of all additional amenities: wellness center, swimming pools and Jacuzzi. A night in this type of accommodation can cost you up to 100€.

If you opt for apartment in Vrnjačka Banja, which is a little less luxurious, but which provides everything you need for a comfortable stay, you can book it for as little as 5€ per person.

Phone numbers for important services

Here are the numbers of important institutions and facilities that you may need during your stay in Vrnjačka Banja:
  • ZIP: 36210
  • Area code: 036
  • Bus station: 036 612 446
  • Post office: 036 611 887
  • Ambulance: 036 611 124
  • Pharmacy: 036 616 010
  • Railway station: 036 612035
  • Police: 036 611 122
  • Hospital: 036 616 970
For all additional questions and concerns, you can contact the Tourist Organization of Vrnjačka Banja at the phone number: 036 621 900 every working day from 07:30 to 15:30.

Where to eat in Vrnjačka Banja?

The tourist offer of Banje boasts very high quality restaurants, which provide quality food and perfect service. The largest number of cafes is located along the spa promenade, and in the category of the best are:
Švajcarija, Di Milano, City In.
If you want to stop by for a delicious lunch, the recommendations are:
Tri golubice, Tri lipe, Kruna, Čičino sokače.
If you want to eat something fast, in Banja there is a large number of kebab shops and fast food places, of which we recommend: Dobra klopa.

Where to go out in Vrnjačka Banja?

In addition to delicious meals, the facilities in Vrnjačka Banja will provide you with a good night out. Young people can have a good time in the modern club Podrum, while the restaurants are:
Kod kumova, Kruna, Bela ladja and Savka
in charge of a somewhat more traditional pastime, accompanied by sounds and tavern music.

Transport and taxi in Vrnjačka Banja

There are no public transport lines in Banja, but you can take all distances through the city by taxi. There are several taxi services in the city:
  • Profi taxi - 0800 272728
  • TX taxi - 036 622933
  • Palma taxi 036 616700
All taxi agencies work 24 hours a day, and have more than 15 vehicles at their disposal. The longest ride through the city will not cost you more than 200 dinars. The start is 40 dinars, and each kilometer covered is 45 dinars.

Parking and public garages in Vrnjačka Banja

There are no public garages in Vrnjačka Banja, while parking is available along city streets.

Parking lot
Parking is usually provided within the accommodation you have booked. If not, parking spaces are available throughout the city, which are charged in zones during the season. During the seasonal period, which lasts from 01.04. to 30.09, parking is charged every day from 07-21h.
Parking zones and prices
 Extra zone - 9630 (hourly ticket) - 45,00 din
In the Extra Zone, parking time is limited to 120 minutes (60 + 60). The price of parking for each started hour is 45 dinars. Streets located in the extra zone:
  • Vrnjačka Street
  • Kraljevačka - from the bridge near the bank "Intesa" to the Health Center
  • Plateau near the bank Intesa
  • Plateau near Sloboda
  • Parking of the Health Center
Red zone - 9631 (hourly) and 9633 (daily ticket) - 40.00 din and 155.00 din
In the red zone, parking time is limited to 180 minutes (120 + 60), and there is also the option of paying a daily parking ticket. The price of parking for each started hour is 40 dinars. The price of a daily parking ticket in the red zone is 155 dinars. Streets located in the red zone:
  • Kraljevačka Street
  • Belgrade Street
  • Proleterske brigade Street
  • Plateau near the hotel Železnicar
  • Cara Dušana Street
Green zone - 9632 (hourly ticket) and 9634 (daily ticket) - 40.00 din and 155.00 din
Parking time is not limited in the Green Zone. The price of parking for each started hour is 40 dinars. The price of a daily parking ticket in the green zone is 155 dinars. Streets located in the green zone:
  • Moše Pijade Street
  • Serbian Warriors Street
  • Slatinski venac - near Jezera
  • Parking Bus stop
  • Heroja Čajke Street

Surroundings of Vrnjačka Banja

The surroundings of Vrnjačka Banja abound in natural beauties and places that testify to the tradition and culture of this part of Serbia. The most famous are:
  • Goč Mountain - a mountain that boasts lush vegetation, numerous mountain springs and trout ponds. From Vrnjčka Banja to Goč you will need about 15 minutes drive.
  • Zapadna Morava - an oasis for all those who love fishing and swimming and fresh river water. It is located 10 kilometers from the center of Banja.
  • Important cultural monuments - pillars of memory of Raska, the first Serbian state. Remains such as Maglič, Ras, Lazarev town, to churches and monasteries - Žiča, Studenica, Ljubostinja and Đurđevi stupovi.
  • Grabak Winery and Alexandrovac župa - a paradise for all wine lovers and hedonists who would like to enjoy a vacation and beautiful views of the vineyards.
  • Popina Memorial Park - a memorial park located in the village of Stulac, not far from Vrnjačka Banja. It is a pillar of memory of one of the first partisan fights against the occupiers.

History of Vrnjačka Banja

The first written sources about Banja date back to the last century and testify to the use of spa water for bathing and drinking by Roman legionaries. The next to meet the spa medicine springs are the Old Slavs, and after them the Turks. At the beginning of the 19th century, Prince Miloš hired a German geologist to examine mineral springs in Serbia, which also checked the spa water. Throughout the century, the inhabitants of the village of Vrnjci use the tested water for treatment and drinking, and since 1868, there has been a turning point and the beginning of the modern history of the spa. That is when the regulation plan of the city is created, and the wealthy citizens created by that create luxurious villas and holiday houses here.

Development continued during the 20th century, mostly after the First World War. At that time, a modern bathroom was built, parks were arranged, roads were built, the flow of the river was regulated and the tourist company Goč was founded. Twenty years after the Second World War, the spa recovered and its complete appearance was formed. As it has remained to this day.

Geography and climate of Vrnjačka Banja

Latitude: 43° 37 '; Longitude: 20° and 53 '

The city of Vrnjačka Banja is the center of the municipality of the same name, which belongs to the Raška district. It is a tourist resort of the first degree, the center of the entire tourist region and the largest spa in Serbia. It is located in Central Serbia, between the development centers of Kraljevo and Kruševac. On one side it lies on the mountain Goč towards the Zapadna Morava, while on the other it is bordered by the valleys of the Lipovačka and Vrnjačka rivers. The city belongs to the settlements of low altitude, considering that the highest point is 217 meters.

The climate in Banja is moderately continental, with transient mountain influences. It is characterized by summers with fresh mornings and evenings, but warm and sunny days. In this area, winters are recorded without sharp frosts and with occasional snow. The average annual temperature is 20 degrees.

Demographics of Vrnjačka Banja

  • According to the 2011 census, there are 10,065 inhabitants in the city itself, while the entire municipality, with 14 settlements, has 27,332 inhabitants, with a steady increase in population in the last three censuses.
  • The average age of the population is: 41 years. The majority of the population in Banja are Serbs.

Tradition and culture of Vrnjačka Banja

The first association with Vrnjacka Banja and the area with the strongest tradition is certainly tourism. From its earliest beginnings, tourism has been based on medicinal springs, found in Banja, which are used to treat various diseases: from skin, kidney and cardiovascular diseases, to metabolic diseases. During your stay in Vrnjačka Banja, there are 7 springs at your disposal, 4 of which are used for balneological therapy, while two are bottled and the famous Vrnjci Water is created from them.
Another important area that is a kind of feature of Banja is the development of culture and various manifestations. Throughout the year, the Cultural Center of Banja organizes contents within the cinema and theater hall, the Castle of Culture Belimarković, which has a gallery and museum space, and the public library of Dr. Dušan Radić. She is the organizer of one of the most important cultural festivals of the Vrnjačka Cultural Festival, which lasts during 100 summer days, and during which you can enjoy quality programs from literature, theater, film, television and music.

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