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Welcome to Kraljevo

Get to know Kraljevo, the center of the Raska district and one of the most beautiful places in Šumadija. The city is the administrative, economic, sports and cultural center of Serbia. It is recognizable for its exceptional historical significance, preservation of tradition, important monuments and characteristic gastronomic specialties. Thanks to all that, this area is extremely attractive for tourists and visited throughout the year. We have selected for you all the most important information about the city and all the important details of its tourist offer. Organize the perfect trip through the heart of Serbia!

Kraljevo Apartments


Kraljevo · City · Center
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Kraljevo · City · Center
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Brvnara Aleksić

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1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€38.55 night

Vikendica Cerović

Kraljevo · Surrounding Places · Drakcici
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€64.25 night

When to visit Kraljevo?

As an extremely developed tourist center, Kraljevo is ideal for holidays throughout the year. Depending on the time of year, your moments will be filled in different ways:
During the summer - summer facilities in the city are really extremely rich: cultural and historical sights: Lilac Valley and Maglic, through the most beautiful Serbian monasteries, all the way to the beach on the Ibar, excursions and hiking in the surrounding Gledic mountains, Troglav, Cemerna, Radocel.
During the winter - as far as winter holidays are concerned, there are winter magic that is developed in the mountains around Kraljevo or Kopaonik, 50 kilometers away from the city. Also, during the winter holidays you can enjoy visiting cultural spaces: the National Museum or the Kraljevo Theater.

How to get to Kraljevo?

Kraljevo is located in central Serbia, at the crossroads of land and waterways. As for the distance of Kraljevo from the larger cities of Serbia: Belgrade - Kraljevo 194 km, Kraljevo - Nis 150, Kraljevo - Novi Sad 284 kilometers, while the closest to Kraljevo is Kragujevac with a distance of 54 km. If you go by bus from Belgrade and Nis, it will take you a little more than 3 hours to Kraljevo, while the road will be crossed by car in about 2 hours. The traffic position of the city is extremely favorable, and you can reach it in several ways, as follows:
  • By car - two roads lead to Kraljevo: Ibar highway: Belgrade - Ljig - Cacak - Kraljevo - Raska, as well as two directions of the highway E-75 Belgrade - Nis, with routes that separate towards Kraljevo: - Batocina - Kragujevac - Kraljevo and - Pojate - Kruševac - Vrnjačka Banja - Kraljevo.
  • By train - From Kraljevo to the east, there is a railway and a road in the direction of Kragujevac and further along the valley of Velika Morava. These valleys are led by the railway of international importance Belgrade - Nis - Skopje, or Nis - Sofia - Istanbul. In the west, towards Čačak and Užice, Kraljevo is connected to the Belgrade-Bar railway. Detailed information on railway transport can be found at the link: Serbian Railways - Timetable.
  • By bus - Kraljevo connects numerous bus lines with major cities in Serbia. More than 5 departures depart from the capital for Kraljevo daily, and the price of a return ticket is 1050 dinars. If you are leaving Nis, you will have two departures a day, with a price identical to that of Belgrade. For all additional information, call the Kraljevo Bus Station: 036 / 313‑444.

Activities for tourists in Kraljevo

Kraljevo is a destination that can really offer an extremely rich repertoire of various activities for tourists. During your stay in the city are available:
  • Cycling and mountain biking - Kraljevo is a city that has developed numerous trails in the city and suburbs, as well as in the surrounding mountains. You can enjoy recreational cycling through the city or more demanding mountain biking in the surrounding mountains: Stolovi, Golija, Radočel. The most popular is the descent from Chiker, the top of the Tables, from which there is an amazing view.
  • Water activities - Kraljevo is a town through which the river Ibar flows, ideal for rafting and kayaking. The Grmčić trail is one of the best water sections for kayaking, and there are several rafting tours on the Ibar. The most famous is the descent from Bujanovac, which is 12 kilometers long, as well as the trip from Usce to Maglic, which is 30 kilometers long.
  • Paragliding and panoramic sightseeing of the city - lovers of adventure and adrenaline can enjoy the beauties of the landscape in and around the city from a bird's eye view. Geographical conditions have enabled the development of paragliding in the city, in addition to the panoramic sightseeing of the city from sports planes.
  • Horseback riding - a city that preserves the memory of knightly days and medieval life cannot be imagined without horses and equestrian sports. The tourist offer of the city has developed riding schools, riding in nature, staying and hanging out with horses, as well as riding old carriages or somewhat more romantic carriages, which will make you feel like heroes from a fairy tale.

Events and festivals in Kraljevo

Given the highly developed tourist offer of the city and the excellent beauty that is located in it, a large number of events have been created that celebrate the most important places, dates and events. We present you the most popular:
  • Maglic Fest - one of the symbols of this part of Serbia, an event held in the medieval town of Maglic. During one day in May (May 25), knight beans are held here, performances by groups that perform medieval music, acting performances, and all this is complemented by costumed knights, princesses, troubadours, so Maglic really returns to the Middle Ages.
  • Prom - an extremely beautiful and unusual event, which is held in the central city square, at the time of the dissolution of high school graduates of all high schools. It begins with a quadrille dance and ends with a traditional circle. Exactly at noon, all the graduates gather and start dancing to the music of Johann Strauss.
  • Rock and River - summer (June 29 and 30) in Kraljevo is complemented by quality sounds that spread to several locations in the city. This musical event brings leading rock musicians, who perform live on rafts along the river, cafes and a stage fortified along the Ibar.
  • Silver cauldron - at the beginning of September (from 7 to 9) every year, Kraljevo turns into a real paradise for fans of traditional Serbian specialties. It has been held for more than 25 years, during which competitions are organized in the preparation of traditional dishes: prebranca beans, fish soups, and the program is completed with exhibitions of honey and hajduk all-around.
  • Studenica Art Colony - one of the most important cultural events in Serbia, brings together artists from the country and the region, who develop their artistic skills in the Studenica Monastery. It is held every year in August, while the exhibition of collected works is presented in October.
  • Lilac Days - one of the most beautiful manifestations in the whole of Serbia is held in honor of Jelena Anžujska, the Serbian queen and French princess. It is held every year on April 26, and it includes various manifestations and quality programs that remember the time of Nemanjić.
  • Happy descent - descent along the Ibar from Maglič all the way to the city beach in Kraljevo. At the end of July, Ibar becomes a destination where a great time is guaranteed, a crazy ride, which is accompanied by the sounds of the highest quality trumpet orchestras. The merry descent lasts one day - July 26.

Activities for children in Kraljevo

Kraljevo has developed numerous facilities and attractions that will be enjoyed by the youngest visitors. During their stay in the city, children have at their disposal:
  • Various sports activities - hiking, nature walks, cycling on the trails of Golija, Radočela, Stolova, as well as horseback riding and socializing with these wonderful animals on wide pastures and open spaces.
  • Bathing places - the city has arranged bathing places on the rivers, but also city pools. Kids will enjoy the city beach on the Ibar, the city pool, the Mošin gaj pool, just a few kilometers from the center, the ethno-bathing Matovića watermill in the village of Bogutovac or hidden beaches on the rivers Zapadna Morava, Ibar, Kamenica, Žiča.
  • Outdoor and indoor playrooms - as a large city and developed center, Kraljevo offers numerous spaces for children to play both outdoors and indoors. In the center of the city, there is a children's playground with numerous devices, while the most famous of the closed variants are: Children's Kingdom playrooms in Cara Dušana Street and Children's Kingdom in Milutina Kekerića Street.
  • Fun and children's vacation on the mountain Goč - this mountain is a perfect tourist destination for a healthy and active children's vacation. Rich in paths for walking and playing, but also with facilities such as sports fields for basketball, five-a-side football, skiing and sledding, and a children's resort, it has become a perfect place for socializing and entertaining children.

What to see in Kraljevo?

We have tried to present the contents that are located in the city and in the best way present its tradition and culture:
  • Trg srpskih ratnika - a trademark of Kraljevo, which is believed to have been created personally by Prince Milos in 1832. It is characterized by a circular shape, which is inscribed in the orthogonal scheme of streets that intersect at right angles.
  • Monuments - Kraljevo has a number of monuments that preserve the memory of the great people of this area and important historical events. The most famous are: The monument to Serbian warriors who died in the wars of 1912 to 1918, which is located on the town square; Monument of Resistance and Victory - dedicated to the victims of the Second World War
  • Master Vasin konak - an object that preserves the memory of life in the 19th century and shows the way of building the then town houses. After numerous different purposes that he had today, Bishop Nikolaj Velimirović was transformed into an Orthodox spiritual center.
  • Adzic's house - the oldest residential building in the city, which is an example of Balkan-style folklore architecture of the first half of the 19th century. It preserves all the features of the life of that time and all the details that belonged to the inhabitants of the then Kranovac.
  • Museum - a building built in 1873, today it has been turned into the National Museum, which houses collections from the fields of: archeology, numismatics, history, ethnology, fine arts and natural sciences.
  • Churches - The Church of the Burning of the Relics of Saint Sava and the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity are the two most important village buildings in the city. The cathedral was built in the 19th century, while the church is dedicated to Saint Sava of a more recent date - it was painted at the end of the 20th century.
  • Kraljevo October Memorial Park - a complex dedicated to the citizens of Kraljevo who were shot by the Wehrmacht in 1941. A monumental complex has been created in the area of ​​mass graves, which consists of several columns of stone sculptures.
  • Kraljevo Theater - a quality cultural institution, which puts on its boards the most famous works of Serbian and world literature. The theater also has a stage for children, and we recommend The Bereaved Family and the Children's Wizard of Oz.

Accommodation in Kraljevo

The highly developed tourist offer certainly includes very high quality and diverse accommodation units, where you can stay during your vacation in Kraljevo. Available are:
  • Hotels - the most luxurious type of accommodation unit will provide the greatest pleasure. Kraljevo boasts 4-star hotels, such as Kristal, Botika and Turist, but also somewhat less luxurious: Tehnograd, Belvedere, Djerdan. Prices range from 12,000 dinars per night to 3,200 dinars.
  • Apartments - apartment type accommodation is available throughout the city and has become one of the favorite tourist options. High quality apartments are available for about 3000 dinars per night, or a little more than 10 € per person.
  • Ethno-accommodation - one of the most characteristic accommodation categories in this area. The rural accommodation is perfect for all those who want to enjoy complete peace. In the territory of Kraljevo, the most famous households are: Shekler, Orlovo gnezdo and Selena in the village of Rudno, as well as Biser Lopatice in the village of Lopatice. A night in ethno-facilities is available for as little as € 10 per person.

Important telephone numbers and information in Kraljevo

Below are all the most important phones that you may need during your stay in Kraljevo.

  • MUP headquarters: 036/364 - 000
  • Railway station - 313-555
  • Bus station - 313-444
  • Taxi stations - 311-911; 326-326;
  • City administration of the city headquarters: 036/30 6000

Health institutions
  • Hospital - 301-968
  • Medical Center - 332-522; 301-988
  • Ribnica Health Center - 372-070
  • Pharmacy "Center" - 315-650
For all additional questions, you can contact the tourist organization of Kraljevo on the phone number: 381 36 316 000; 316 001. Her guides are at your disposal every working day from 07:00 to 20:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 to 14:00.

Where to eat in Kraljevo?

Kraljevo is a city that offers the most delicious specialties of traditional Serbian cuisine, but also modern culinary delicacies of foreign cuisines. The most famous specialties are kajmak with hot bread, river trout and veal under the sac. You will find the best sweet and savory meals in:
  • Restaurants - Kralj, Geneva, As, Nacional and Ethno restaurant Brvnara
  • Pizzerias - Mirage. Matini, Green Tooth, Sun, Venice
  • Pastry shops - Pelivan, Extreme Mirage, Dolce Vita

Where to go out in Kraljevo?

Like every segment of the tourist offer, the nightlife of Kraljevo is extremely rich and diverse. According to the type of entertainment and music you prefer, you have at your disposal:
  • Traditional cafes - places where you will enjoy traditional folk sounds. The most famous catering facilities of this type are Kafana Pariz, located on the southern edge of the central Kraljevo square, as well as Queen Ibra, located on the quay by the river.
  • Modern clubs - nightlife here lasts until the morning and attracts the largest number of visitors throughout the year. The most famous clubs are: Loco, Uno momento, Passage, Havana.
  • Bars - if you want a more relaxed time, you will be able to enjoy Golub or iBar, places that nurture great rock sound and where the atmosphere is best during the summer days, considering that they are outdoors.

Transport and taxi in Kraljevo

Kraljevo has an extremely developed city transport, which travels along the entire city, and transports passengers to suburban settlements. On the official website of the city, you can see a detailed timetable of public transport, which runs from 07 to 23 hours.

Taxi in Kraljevo

You can drive along the city and its suburbs using taxi services. Kraljevo has a large number of taxi services, which are available 24 hours a day, and whose services are significantly cheaper compared to other large cities in Serbia. The most famous taxi agencies are:
Bond taxi - 036 317911; As taxi 036 323323; Tref Taxi KV 036 323232; Mega Taxi KV 036 303303

Parking and public garages in Kraljevo

Since there is no public garage in Kraljevo, parking is available along the city streets. Parking is charged in the city, which you can do by sending an SMS message or buying paper parking tickets. It is also possible to buy daily tickets, which amount to 160 dinars for the whole day.

Parking prices are divided according to the zone:
  • The first zone - red - in which one hour is 39 dinars, available in the streets: Cara Lazar to the intersection with Vojvode Putnika Street, Cara Dusana to the intersection with Vojvode Putnika Street, Heroja Maricica and the 4th Kraljevo Battalion and Milos Veliki.
  • The second zone - yellow - in which one hour is 28 dinars, which starts at the intersection of Vojvode Stepe and Zelena Gora streets and goes east on Zelena Gora street to the intersection with Dimitrija Tucovića street, which continues in the same direction to the intersection with Vojvode Putnika street, where turns south along Vojvode Putnika Street to the intersection with Jug Bogdanova Street.

The surroundings of Kraljevo

The surroundings of Kraljevo are one of the richest tourist areas in Serbia. It contains beautiful landscapes, cultural and historical sights, natural beauty and man-made attractions. The most famous are:
  • Maglic Fortress - one of the best preserved medieval fortresses in Serbia is located 30 kilometers from the city and is the most dominant feature of the Ibar Valley. This fortification offers a beautiful view of the surrounding landscapes. The first written information about this medieval city dates from 1337, it consists of 7 towers 10 meters high and the main Don Juan tower with over 20 meters in height.
  • Lilac Valley, Ibar Gorge - a place of permeation and intersection of numerous traditions and cultures, the scene of important events, myths and legends. Rich in forest, adorned with a field of lilacs, this valley looks fabulous. There is also an underground church, wooden churches, churches called "Ibarske preletnice" because they "flew" from village to village, Stara Pavlica and many other important cultural and historical places and buildings during the night.
  • Rural tourism in the villages of Lopatica and Rudno - one of the most important features of this area is the preservation and development of rural areas, which have become important tourist attractions. In the village of Lopatice, which is located just a few kilometers from the city, tourist complexes have been developed that offer excellent accommodation and delicious meals, spaces with clean air, filled with peace.
  • Mataruska spa - one of the most beautiful spas in Serbia, a source of healing water, a destination that has been receiving guests since the 19th century and beautifying their vacations. It is located only 8 kilometers from Kraljevo and is a must-see destination during a vacation in this part of Serbia. It has one of the most beautiful parks in Serbia, a beautiful natural environment: forests, lush vegetation, which create clean air, as well as springs that cure all types of diseases: from hormonal disorders to rheumatism.
  • The most important Serbian monasteries - in the vicinity of the city are the monasteries Studenica - 60 kilometers, Zica only 5 kilometers and Ljubostinja 36. These shrines preserve the memory of the Serbian medieval state and the most important symbols of Serbian tradition. They are the best indicators of life in the past and important historical moments of the Serbian people.

History of Kraljevo

Early history of Kraljevo - The oldest mention of the settlement dates from the 10th century, and in later centuries this part became the scene of the development of the young Serbian medieval state. At the end of the 12th century, the Studenica monastery was built, and in the 13th century, Žiča, where the first Serbian king, Stefan Pvovenčani, was crowned. The development of this area continued in the 18th century, more precisely in 1718, with the signing of the Peace of Požarevac and the establishment of the Astian-Turkish border along the Western Morava. Since then, accelerated development has begun, which continues in the 19th century, when Kraljevo became the city center of Serbia, with the first urban plan.

Recent history of Kraljevo - after the First World War, the industrialization of the city began, when an aircraft factory and an aircraft factory were created, which led to an increase in the number of inhabitants. Development came to a halt with the capitulation of Yugoslavia in World War II, especially after the mass shooting in October 1941. After the Second World War, the development continued and the opening of new companies and factories began. New schools were developed and opened, and in 1970 the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Today, Kraljevo is an important cultural, educational and tourist center.

Geography and climate of Kraljevo

Kraljevo is located in the heart of Serbia in the Raska administrative district. It covers an area of ​​1,529 square kilometers and is one of the largest administrative, cultural and industrial centers in this part of Serbia. It is located at the confluence of the Ibar and the West Morava, and is bordered by tame Šumadija and sharp old Vlach and Kopaonik mountains, the most famous of which are: Goč, Stolovi, Čemerno. The average height of the city is 206 meters. The relief of the city and its surroundings can be described as diverse: from deciduous and coniferous forests, through pastures to terrain suitable for planting orchards and vineyards.

Climate - the city has a typical temperate-continental climate, which is characterized by the existence of all four seasons. Summers are warm and sunny, and winters are harsh and cold. Transitional seasons exist, but they are quite volatile. The average temperature in the city is 11 degrees: 22 in summer and around zero in winter. A typical feature of this lime is the košava wind, which is most frequent during late autumn, winter and early spring, while during other periods of the year, the western and northwestern winds are the most recorded.

Demographics of Kraljevo

  • According to the 2011 census report, there were 125,500 inhabitants
  • There is a fairly equal ratio of male and female population.
  • 55% of the population lives in the city center, while the rest is located in suburban settlements.
  • 95% of the population belongs to the Serbian nationality.

Tradition and culture of Kraljevo

The center of the medieval state - The most important feature of Kraljevo and its surroundings is the preservation of important cultural and historical monuments, which date from the period of the greatest memory of the Serbian medieval state. Fortress Maglič, the most important medieval monasteries and wooden churches, Lilac Valley, manifestation Maglič Fest, which takes place as part of preserving the memory of chivalry and the life of princesses, pageants, kings.

Preservation of the traditional - This part of Serbia is trying to develop and preserve the most important traditional landmarks and rural areas with preserved houses and auxiliary buildings in which our ancestors lived. Within them, the most delicious national dishes are prepared and served, by which this area is recognizable. In the first place, homemade cream is certainly served with hot homemade bun, as well as veal under the sac, baked in traditional ovens.

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