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Bookaweb takes you through the tourist offer of Niksic. With us, you will get to know all the most important tourist categories that the city offers and the ways in which you can organize a perfect stay in Niksic. On our page, there are answers to the questions: how to get to Niksic, what to visit, where to eat, where to go out, and how to find and book the perfect accommodation. Our research shows that this second largest city in Montenegro is the perfect place for a fulfilling vacation, as its many attractions and activities will fill your days. It is up to you to use this information to best prepare for the visit. Niksic is waiting to give you moments to remember.

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When to visit Niksic?

Niksic is one of the most important cities in Montenegro. This destination has won the hearts of many world travelers with its history, culture, and surroundings, so you must not skip it on your trip. The city is visited equally in summer and winter. There are so many reasons why you must visit Niksic. 
  • During summer - During the summer season, the city is extremely visited, mainly because of its proximity to the cities on the Adriatic Sea, but also because of the wonderful natural resources that surround it. We recommend you visit and experience the numerous lakes around the city, the largest of which are Krupacko and Slansko.  Lake Krupa is also located only 5 km from the city center and is a perfect place for swimming, riding a pedal boat, and playing volleyball on the landscaped courts and beach. If you are also a big fan of fishing, Niksic during the summer season is the right place for you.
  • During winter - During the winter season, Niksic is very visited and offers its visitors a completely new experience. The favorable nature that surrounds it is idyllic for the winter period precisely because of the favorite activity during the cold days - skiing. You must not miss the charms of snowy Niksic.

How to get to Niksic?

The town of Niksic is surrounded by great roads, so getting there won't be the slightest problem. The main road Risan-Niksic-Zabljak-Pljevlja testifies to this. Some talk about Niksic as a link between the hilly north and the coastal south because it is only 30 km from the sea by skyway while also being only 43 km from the famous rugged Montenegrin mountains. 

The distance of Niksic from other cities of Montenegro is as follows: Podgorica 50 km, Zabljak 73 km, Herceg Novi 94 km, Kotor 95 km, Kolasin 102 km, Bar 104 km, Budva 110 km. Ways to reach Niksic are:
  • By car - In addition to the highway connecting the north and south of Risan-Niksic-Zabljak-Pljevlja, the main transit routes are: north - towards Belgrade and Central Europe (E65 or E80), west - towards Bosnia and Herzegovina and Western Europe (E762), south - towards Adriatic coast (E65 or E80), east - towards Albania (E762).
  • By bus - A bus that runs on the Belgrade-Niksic route takes an average of 12 hours and 45 minutes. The price of a bus ticket for an adult is approximately 25€. Montenegro is also connected to Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and other Balkan countries. The ticket price for the bus that operates on the route Tivat-Niksic is 7.70 EUR, and the journey takes 2 hours and 45 minutes. During the summer and winter seasons, many private carriers and minibusses transport tourists to their desired destinations. For more information, you can call the bus station in Niksic (+382 40 213 018).
  • By train - The most famous Belgrade-Bar railway connects these two important destinations, so you can also get to Niksic by train. The price of the ticket for the 2nd class is 42 EUR with a surcharge for reserving a seat of 3 EUR (valid for one direction only). The trip takes approximately 15 hours. Call the Niksic Railway Station (+382 40 211 912) for additional information.
  • By plane - For a quick arrival in Niksic, you can use the three nearby airports because Niksic only has a sports airport that is not in the function of international air transportation. Podgorica airport is 52 km away, Tivat airport is 85 km away, and Dubrovnik airport is located 108 km from Niksic.
  • By ship - Ports of Kotor and Bar are ports in charge of international traffic. The port of Kotor is 95 km from Niksic, and for more information call +382 32 325 573. The port of Bar is 105 km from Niksic, and for more information call +382 30 300 400.

Best tourist activities in Niksic

We are sure that Niksic offers something for everyone. One thing is for sure, you will not be disappointed. If you like adrenaline sports or still prefer quieter activities, we got you. 
  • Walks through history - Natural phenomena in the immediate vicinity of the city of Niksic will leave you breathless. Do not miss visiting the Red Rock, the country's most important prehistoric site. The nature of the Gornjepolje Vir will make you wonder if you are currently in a fairy tale or if this is reality. The oldest estavel in the Balkans is located near Niksic.
  • Hiking and mountaineering - Niksic is surrounded by mountains. On its eastern and northeastern sides are the mountains Prekornica, Stitovo, Maganik, Zurim and Vojnik. In the west lies the mountain Njegos, and in the southwest, the plateau of Old Montenegro, from which Budos and Pusti Lisac rise in the immediate vicinity. This type of sport and hobby has been practiced in Montenegro for ages. There's a famous hiking trip from Niksis, via Lukavica, to the Moraca monastery. Some of the more famous hiking trails today are: Gradacka poljana - Kapetanovo jezero 20 km, Gradacka poljana - Veliki zurim 12 km, Jasicje - Vojnik 6.5 km, Morakovo - Prekornica 7.5 km.
  • Skiing - When the Javorak skiing association was founded in 1950, the ski school also began to operate. Ski schools are organized at the Vucje Ski Center every year. There are recreational trails for alpine disciplines, sledding trails, and an equipped ski service with experienced instructors. The ski club organizes various competitions for younger categories. During the winter season, Vucje is visited by a huge number of tourists from all over the world. If you are interested, contact Ski Club Javorak or Ski Club Onogost.
  • Swimming - Niksic is surrounded by wonderful and magnificent natural lakes where swimming is possible. So, if you like to practice this sport recreationally, an indoor Olympic pool in the Sports Center will be at your disposal in addition to the surrounding lake. During the summer and winter, swimming and water polo schools are active in the city. These schools are run by experienced instructors. 
  • Parachuting - The Aero Club in Niksic was founded in 1928 and was among the first in Montenegro. At that time, the club had modeling, parachuting, and sailing sections and training for sports flying licenses. The airport in Niksic was reconstructed, and the World Parachute Championship was held there in 2010. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you must indulge in this attraction. A tandem skydive is also possible. For more information, call +382 69 425 931.

Events and festivals in Niksic

If you happen to be in Niksic during the most famous events and festivals, we recommend that you visit them.  Some of the most famous events are:
  • Winter Marathon - This event is held every February and is organized by the Municipality of Niksic, the Tourist Organization of Niksic, and the NGO Nature Lovers. The marathon consists of three disciplines - Nordic skiing, touring, and snowshoeing. The length of the main race is 25 km for individuals, includes three continental points, and is limited to nine hours.
  • Montenegro trophy jeep rally - The event was held for the first time in 1999, and its task is to promote the more inaccessible regions of Montenegro. The organization is divided into three days, starting on the first weekend in July. The event provides participants with all the conditions for a pleasant stay.
  • Lake Fest - This festival is a rock music festival that brings together popular Montenegrin and regional stars. It is held every August. Apart from the musical part, the camp itself is also very popular, making it the largest festival camp in the territory of the former Yugoslavia. Lake Fest is also known as the first green festival in Montenegro precisely because of its ecological orientation and program. This festival allows visitors a complete experience of Montenegro because it connects the country's central, southern, and northern parts.
  • Festival of street musicians - The festival is held every August in Niksic. During its duration, visitors can enjoy different acts of performers coming from all over the world. Stilt walkers, jugglers, fire performers, clowns, musicians, and dancers are just part of the rich program. The festival is held in several locations around the city.
  • Bedem Fest - Bedem Fest takes place in September and is a music festival that traditionally takes place both on the big and small stages of the summer stage at Bedem in Niksic, after which it got its name. This festival is international and showcases a wide range of genres, so different profiles of musicians, performers, and bands can be heard here. Young demo bands also get promotional spots at the festival. Badem Festival offers a phenomenal and certainly unforgettable time to its visitors.
  • September Days of Culture - This event takes place every year in the month of September and is dedicated to the city of Niksic. Throughout the month, various programs are organized in the city to showcase the effort in culture, sports, art, tourism, and the economy.

Activities for kids in Niksic

Niksic is one of those cities that offers entertainment to all generations. In Niksic, you can find interesting activities for your little ones, such as:
  • Indoor playgrounds - There are playgrounds in the city, which are certainly favorite spots for children. Playrooms offer slides, climbing frames, bouncy castles, and ball pits, and your children will be looked after by one of the best-educated creative animators.
  • Parks - On the territory of the entire city, there are beautifully arranged green and extremely spacious parks. Within the parks, there are various children's activities that will entertain your children for hours and hours without stopping.
  • Activities at Lake Krupa - At the largest and most beautiful swimming area in the continental part of Montenegro, it is possible to enjoy swimming, diving, pedal boat rides, and games on the landscaped grounds on the shore itself.

What to see in Niksic?

As the second largest city in Montenegro, Niksic offers its tourists a handful of localities that they can visit. If you find yourself in this destination during the summer or winter, you will not regret it. In the following text, we have selected for you the attractions that you can visit in Niksic:
  • Religious buildings - The Church of Saints Petar and Pavle was most likely built in the 12th century. It is located at the foot of Petrova glavica near the Cathedral of St. Vasilij Ostroski, which was built in 1900. King Nikola wanted to dedicate this temple to Vasilije Ostroski, ​​and it was built in memory of the Montenegrins and Hrecegovians who gave their lives in the battles for liberation from the Turks in the 19th century. In addition to these churches, be sure to visit the monastery of Saint Luke in Zupa, the church of Saint Spas in Grahovac, the monastery of Kosierevo, the church of Saint Elijah, and many other religious sights. 
  • Krupacko lake - This lake is the largest and most beautiful in the continental part of Montenegro. It covers about 5.7 square kilometers and is only 5 kilometers from the center of Niksic. The lake is surrounded by mountains and is recognizable by its green color. The temperature during the summer reaches 28 degrees. The lake is rich in fish, so this is the right place for a fishing trip. Activities on the lake include swimming, diving, water skiing, and water polo, and it is also possible to rent pedal boats, kayaks, canoes, and water skis. There is an organized volleyball court on the beach. Every year, the famous Lake Fest is held on Lake Krupac.
  • Crvena stijena - The attraction named Crvena stijena is an archaeological site of world importance. It is more than 180,000 years old and belongs to the monuments of the first category. You should not miss this attraction if you have at least a little adventurous spirit. So far, 31 cultural layers with slightly more than 20,000 artifacts have been identified. It is located 45 kilometers from Nikšić, on the way to Trebinje. What is extremely important to mention that no single European archaeological site offers such a wide range of archaeological possibilities as Crvena stijena.
  • Krnovo - Krnovo is a mountainous area located northeast of Niksic and, together with Lukavica, forms a plateau known as Montenegrin Tibet. The average altitude of the plateau is 1,500 m. It is extremely famous for its numerous herds of sheep but also for its strong winds and blizzards. Mountaineers and mountain biking enthusiasts visit this area more and more every year. 
  • Rampart - Rampart city fortress is a remnant of fortifications from the Roman era and dates back to the 4th century. It was built on the Salunto-Narona road. This fortress is about 213 m long and is built of stone. The fortress served as a protection against enemies. It was demolished and rebuilt several times. It is located very close to the center of Nikšić. Various cultural and artistic programs are organized at the fortress, as well as the Bedem Fest rock festival. If you are a lover of fun, but also of history, visit the fortress and see the phenomenal panorama of Nikšić from the ramparts of this centuries-old fortress.

Accommodation in Niksic

The city of Niksic offers a very large selection of accommodation that suits everyone's taste. We can divide accommodation units into several categories:
  • Hotels - There are several high-quality hotels in the city itself, so you won't regret it if you decide to stay in them. Some of the best rated are Hotel Yugoslavia, Hotel Trebesja, Hotel Vukov Most, Grani Hotel Atrium, Marks Palace, and Hotel Village Ostrog. The price of an overnight stay with breakfast in a double room in an exceptionally rated hotel starts from 40€ and up.
  • Hostels and private accommodation - If you are not a big fan of hotels, the city of Niksic offers you other options. The network of private apartments is well developed. The price, of course, varies from accommodation to accommodation, and some of the best apartments and hostels are Hostel Evropa, Central apartment Niksic, Hostel Anton, Hostel Vera, Belette Apartments Park, Apartments Premović Niksic, and Frile Apartments.

Phone numbers for important services

These phone numbers will cover any emergencies you might have during your stay in Niksic:
  • The area code for Niksic is 040
  • Police 122
  • Fire department 123
  • Ambulance 124
  • Roadside assistance 19807
  • Health Center +382 40 231 202
  • Mountain Rescue Service of Montenegro +382 40 256 084
  • Automobile Association of Montenegro +382 20 234 999

Where to eat in Niksic?

Depending on what you like to eat, how much time you have and what kind of environment you like to sit in, we recommend some of the following establishments:
  • Restaurants - In Niksic, you will find restaurants of both national and international cuisine. The best rated restaurants in Niksic are: Restaurant Kastel, Manitovac, Konoba Portun Niksic, Restaurant Merak.
  • Pizzerias - If you are a fan, you must not miss: Pizzeria Angolo, Pizzeria Bordo, Pizza House, Pizza King, Piccoletto.
  • Fast food and bakeries - Some of the best-rated facilities of this type are Fast food Garfield, Fast Food XD, Marenda, Kiklop fast food, Street food, Trend Bakery, Miljanic Bakery, and Pekara.
  • Pastry shops - To indulge in phenomenal sweets visit Mimosa, Merlin, Ukus, Family Cakes, and Fontana.

Where to go out in Niksic?

If you want to dance the night away and enjoy great cocktails in Niksic, be sure to check out:
  • Cafes and bars - With good music and a relaxing atmosphere, during the day, you can enjoy the wonderful cafes and bars in Niksic. Some of the famous and popular cafes and bars are Caffe Amici, Wizard Caffe, Caffe Marvel, Caffe Bastina, Terminal Pub Hemingway, Caffe bar Viktorija, and Caffe bar Padrino.
  • Clubs - Diamond nightclub in Niksic is the place to be if you're looking for an all-night party. 

Transportation and taxi services in Niksic

If you did not come to Niksic with your own transport, you can rely on city and intercity lines, as well as taxi services.
  • Public transportation - Lines of the city, intercity, and international traffic are very developed. Niksic is connected to all cities of Montenegro, the Balkans, and then to most of Europe. 
  • Taxi service - There are many taxi operators in Niksic, and the best of them are: AS Taxi (+382 67 336 919), Lucky Taxi (+382 69 072 888), Lux Taxi (+382 69 670 660), M Taxi (+382 69 703 701).

Parking and public garages in Niksic

On the territory of the city of Niksic, you can find parking spaces divided and designated according to zones, parking lots with ramps, and garages. There are over 900 parking spaces in the city, which are divided into three zones, where payment is made via SMS and parking tickets.
  • 14661 - Zone I (red), the price of parking for one hour is 0.5 EUR
  • 14662 - Zone II (yellow), the price of the package for one hour is 0.30 EUR
  • 14663 - Zone III (green), the price of parking for one hour is 0.20 EUR.

Surroundings of Niksic

There are loads of famous cultural and historical monuments, natural sights and important archaeological sites. We suggest you visit some of the attractions:
  • Lukavica - Lukavica occupies the northeastern part of Niksic municipality. This area offers its visitors incredible natural beauty. Lukavica has 365 springs, a great wealth of flora and fauna, and the extraordinary and exceptional value of the landscape itself. All of this has contributed to making this area one of the most important habitats in Europe. There are numerous hiking and mountain trails on the plateau and the surrounding mountains. Some of the paths also serve as bicycle paths. The path related to national cycling covers part of this area.
  • Trebjesa - Trebesja is a park forest representing the city's lungs. It is located very close to the center, a few hundred meters away, and occupies an area of ​​156 hectares. It attracts a large number of athletes, tourists, and recreationists who yearn for fresh air and nature. Since 2000 it has been placed under protection as a Special Natural Area. At the very top of the hill is a hotel of the same name, and at the foot of it there are tennis courts, martial arts halls, and a sports center. Vito Nikolić Promenade is extremely famous and has bicycle and pedestrian paths. There is also a mountain bike trail 5.8 km long, and due to its specific beauty, it is an ideal place for organizing various competitions and sports events.

History of Niksic

  • Legend - Ban Ugren was extremely rich and powerful and wanted to build a city by the upper reaches of the Zeta River. On the very day of the beginning of the work, the woman advised him that the worker who starts digging first should hit the ground three times and loudly shout three times the same sentence that she said to him with Ban's name. Thus, the city will survive and always belong to Ban's clan. Ban did so, but when Niksha was about to hit the ground for the third time, Ban got angry and snatched it from his hand, so he hit it himself, but this time he said Niksha's name. So, the city belonged to the worker Niksha and was named after him. In reality, the city was named after the Niksic tribe.
  • Reign - The old town named Onogost was created in the 4th century as a Roman military fortress of Anderba in the Niksic field. It got its name from the Eastern Goths and their fortress Anagastum. The Goths had supremacy in this area for a long time. Over the centuries, the city was destroyed and rebuilt several times. Before the Goths, this area was ruled by the Romans, whose settlement in this area disappeared without a trace. The Turks had the longest rule over Niksic and its surroundings until 1877. At the beginning of 1916, Niksic was bombed by Austria. During the two world wars, many important buildings and institutions in Niksic were destroyed but later rebuilt.

Geography and climate of Niksic

  • Geography - Niksic is the second largest city in Montenegro and is located in the karst field in the northwest. This city belongs to the municipality of the same name, which is the largest municipality in the territory of the former Yugoslavia. The altitude of the field is from 600 m to 660 m. The municipality of Niksic is the largest in Montenegro and covers an area of ​​2065 square kilometers. To the west is the state border with Bosnia, and it borders 6 Montenegrin cities: Kotor, Cetinje, Danilovgrad, Kolasin, Savnik and Pluzine.
  • Climate - The climate is variable because it goes from the Mediterranean to the mountain and continental climates. The average air temperature in January is 1.3 degrees, while in July, the average temperature is 21.1 degrees. Niksic has 2,245 sunny hours yearly, and summers are extremely warm with little precipitation. Winters are mostly rainy. On average, snow falls for about 19 days, while in mountainous areas, it stays for up to 6 months. North and south winds dominate.

Demographics of Niksic

There are 43,551 adult residents living in settlement of Niksic, and the average age of the population is 35.3 years. For men, that number is somewhat different and amounts to 34.4 years, while for women, it is 36.2 years. There are about 16,400 households in the settlement, and the average number of members per household is 3.55. The population is very heterogeneous, while Montenegrins make up most of the population. 

Tradition and culture of Niksic

  • Culture - The culture of Montenegro is closely connected with the cultural events of the city of Niksic. The best evidence of the great influence of Niksic is the fact that only the gymnasium in Niksic produced 30 academics. The first theater in Montenegro was founded in Niksic. Numerous music and acting schools were founded there, which are still world-famous today.

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