Banja Koviljaca

Banja Koviljaca

Welcome to Banja Koviljaca

Welcome to one of the destinations with the longest tradition and a favorite vacation spot in Serbia. Banja Koviljača is a space that will provide you with a perfect vacation, fulfilling moments and many different attractions. On our page you will find all the most important information about this tourist place. Find the best accommodation, find out which are the most visited restaurants, the most famous attractions, localities and natural beauties. Learn everything you need for a perfect vacation and spend quality and fulfilled moments with dear people.

Banja Koviljaca Apartments

Studio 6

Banja Koviljaca · Spa · Center
Studio · 2 Guests
€24.53 night

Studio 5

Banja Koviljaca · Spa · Center
Studio · 2 Guests
€24.53 night

Studio 17

Banja Koviljaca · Spa · Center
Studio · 3 Guests
€28.04 night

Studio 31

Banja Koviljaca · Spa · Center
Studio · 3 Guests
€28.04 night

Kraljevski Park 2

Banja Koviljaca · Spa · Center
1 Bedroom · 3 Guests
€46.73 night

Kraljevski park 1

Banja Koviljaca · Spa · Center
Studio · 2 Guests
€26.87 night


Banja Koviljaca · Spa · Center
Studio · 3 Guests
€29.21 night

Studio 30

Banja Koviljaca · Spa · Center
Studio · 3 Guests
€28.04 night

Studio 29

Banja Koviljaca · Spa · Center
Studio · 3 Guests
€28.04 night

Apartman Banja Koviljaca

Banja Koviljaca · Spa · Center
2 Bedrooms · 4 Guests
€46.73 night


Banja Koviljaca · Spa · Center
Studio · 3 Guests
€25.70 night


Banja Koviljaca · Spa · Center
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€35.05 night

Banja Koviljaca Attractions

When to visit Banja Koviljaca?

The ideal time to visit Banja Koviljaca depends on the reason for your visit:
During the summer and spring - If you are coming for a vacation, summer and spring are the perfect option. Then you can enjoy long walks along the park, excursions to Gucevo or swimming on the Drina.
During the winter - If the reason for your visit is treatment, you can also visit Banja Koviljaca during the winter. Special rehabilitation hospitals and sulfur water sources are available throughout the year.

How to get to Banja Koviljaca?

Koviljača Spa is located in the western part of Serbia, it belongs to the Podrinje region. It can be reached by the main road Ruma-Sabac-Loznica. It is 142 km away from Belgrade, and only 6 km from Loznica. There are several ways to get to this destination.

By car
If you travel to Banja Koviljac by your own transport, you can arrive in about 2 hours. The following routes lead from the larger centers to Banja:
  • From Belgrade you can reach Banja Koviljača if you go by highway Belgrade-Ruma, and then by regional road Ruma - Sabac - Loznica - Banja Koviljaca.
  • From Novi Sad - you can reach Banja Koviljača if you go on the regional road Novi Sad - Ruma - Sabac - Loznica - Banja Koviljača.

By bus
You will arrive by bus from Belgrade to Banja Koviljača in about 2.5 hours. Carrier Lastra d.o.o. traffic from Belgrade to Banja Koviljača every day, and the first departure from the station is at 8.30 am, while the last departure is at 4.30 pm. For all the necessary information and the exact time of departure of buses to Banja Koviljača and from Banja Koviljača, call the bus station at the phone number: (015) 7882-714.

Activities for tourists in Banja Koviljaca

Banja Koviljača is developing and progressing in terms of tourism. During your stay you can enjoy various activities, of which we recommend:
  • Holidays and activities on the Drina - a beautiful river area is perfect for summer holidays and various activities. You can sunbathe on the beaches, among which the most famous is Zica's beach. In addition, you can rent a car that sails on the river and shows all the beauties of this area.
  • Excursions to Gucevo and Zvornik Lake - visit one of the natural beauties of the surroundings and enjoy moments of rest and relaxation. On Gučevo, there is a monument to those killed in World War I and a mountain lodge, while Zvornik Lake is rich in landscaped beaches, developed kayaking activities and areas for fishermen.
  • Paragliding competition - paragliding is held in Gučevo, ie from the mountain Gučevo to the center of Banja Koviljača. The feeling of freedom and an unreal view of the beautiful nature of western Serbia will delight all adventurers who try their hand at paragliding. The descent is recorded by a camera, and the price is 5,800 dinars per person.
  • Holidays in the Wellness Center Kovilje - this modern wellness center, is located in the magnificent building of the Bath King Peter I. It is designed as a preventive part of a special hospital for rehabilitation. The modernly equipped facility spreads over 1000 square meters, is equipped with two swimming pools - indoor and outdoor, two saunas, fitness center, pool bar. Treatments are performed under the professional supervision of a doctor and therapist.

Events and festivals in Banja Koviljaca

During the summer in Banja Koviljača you can enjoy interesting events and good fun. We have selected some of the most famous that you will surely enjoy:
  • The Royal Carnival in Banja Koviljaca - an event that has been held for ten years in a row, and whose goal is to present a positive atmosphere. It is held on September 18 every year and brings together more than 52 countries to present their carnival look.
  • Drina Regatta - It is held on August 5, starting in Mali Zvornik and with the finish in Banja Koviljača. It usually starts in the early morning and lasts for about 4 hours. This cheerful event is an ideal occasion for socializing and gathering lovers of river beauties.
  • Theater Festival of Acting Achievements - held in April in Loznica. Amateur actors are participating in this festival, showing the exhibits of the most famous works of our and world literature. All performances that are on the repertoire to follow at a price of 1500 dinars.
  • Vuk's Assembly - also known as Vuk's convocation or Vuk's Fair, is the oldest and most visited cultural event, which is held in Trršić in September every year, in the week before the Assumption. It is named after Vuk Stefanović Karadžić and gathers a large number of visitors every year.

Facilities for children in Banja Koviljaca

If you decide to spend your vacation in Banja Koviljača with children, these destinations will provide you with very high quality facilities:
  • Excursions in nature - the youngest members will enjoy a trip to the mountain Gučevo, which is located near the Spa Koviljača, activities on Lake Zvornik or the Drina, as well as walks through Tršić. In these areas you can organize various family activities.
  • Ethno village Suncana reka - this is a place that offers a variety of facilities: sports fields for indoor soccer, big football, tennis, table tennis, beach volleyball, basketball, amusement park for children, a stable with horses for riding, carriage rides, quad rides, archery, adventure tourism.
  • Children's playgrounds and playrooms - Banja Koviljaca has a number of playrooms located within the hotel, the most famous of which is within the Royal Hotel. Her working hours are 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. In addition, the Spa has outdoor playgrounds, which children can enjoy during the warm days.

What to visit in Banja Koviljaca?

Banja Koviljača is a destination, which abounds in attractions and beauties. During your stay do not miss to enjoy:
  • Spa Park - a wide area that occupies 40 hectares and has over 70 species of trees, as well as grassy areas for walking. In its center is a huge fountain with a large fountain.
  • Preserved pre-war buildings - Villa Dalmatia and Herzegovina, as well as the bathroom of King Peter I, which are located in the park and go back in time. These buildings delight with their beautiful architecture and exude a festive atmosphere.
  •  Kur-salon - the most beautiful building in Banja Koviljaca was built in 1932 under the auspices of King Alexander I Karadjordjevic. It has been used for entertainment since its opening. In 2013, it was rebuilt and its collapse was stopped.

Accommodation in Banja Koviljaca

With the growth of tourism in Banja Koviljača, the need and demand for accommodation is developing. Banja Koviljača offers a number of different accommodation units, and we offer hotels, apartments, hostels. Every tourist can find accommodation according to his taste and depending on how much money he is ready to spend. Below you can see some of the offers we have selected:
  • Hotels - Hotel Royal Spa, Podrinje, Gucevo
  • Apartments - Renome apartments; Holland 2; Stančić; apartment George
  • Konaci - Lazarev konak

Important telephones and information

Below we have selected important phones if you need them during your stay in Banja Koviljaca:
  • Special Hospital for Rehabilitation "Banja Koviljača" (015) 818-270,
  • Health Center "Dr Milenko Marin" (015) 873-333
  • Pharmacies - (015) 873-323, 882-103
  • Public Services - Bus Station - (015) 7882-714
  • Police - 192
  • Ambulance - 194
  • Fire Service - 193
  • Mail - (015) 818-079
  • Info center - 11811
  • Tourist Organization of the City of Loznica - (015) 878-520, 878-521
  • Hotel tourist company Banja Koviljača - (015) 818-254, 818-276
  • Bus station - (015) 7882-714

Where to eat in Banja Koviljaca?

Banja Koviljača offers various facilities where tourists can try delicious specialties. In the following text, we have singled out the most popular restaurants in Banja Koviljaca:
  • Restaurant Tri Kralja - this authentic, ethno restaurant offers guests a rich selection of national cuisine. Traditional cuisine and a pleasant ambience will provide visitors with a full atmosphere. The restaurant is located at the address of the People's Front.
  • Park Restaurant - pleasant ambience and friendly staff will make your stay in the restaurant very pleasant. The restaurant overlooks the park, and visitors can enjoy the beautiful nature. Delicious food is the best recommendation to visit it again. You will find the restaurant at Banja Koviljača 15316.
  • Restaurant Gile - is located on the bypass that goes along the Drina, about 200m from the shortcut that goes from the bypass to the center of Banja Koviljača. Tucked away in greenery, the restaurant offers delicious fish soup, which we warmly recommend. The restaurant is located at Banja Koviljača 19.

Transport and taxi in Banja Koviljaca

Banja Koviljaca has taxi services that operate throughout the day. Apart from driving through Banja, a taxi can take you to all the surrounding places and attractions. Taxi prices vary depending on the place you travel to. If you travel to Loznica, you will have to pay 250 dinars. Below are the most famous taxi services:
Our taxi (015) 876-133, OM taxi (015) 871-626, LO taxi (015) 872-872

Where to go out in Banja Koviljaca?

When it comes to going out in Banja Koviljača, there are no discos and places for a rich night out. Nevertheless, the pleasant atmosphere and pleasant moments will be provided by the listed restaurants, cafes and modern cafes.

If you want to go out, we suggest it be Loznica, whose most famous clubs are:
  • Cafe restaurant Stara Varos, Pop Lukina 7
  • Beer bar, Vere Blagojevic 39
  • Cafe bar Brodolom, Pasiceva 17
  • Kafanica Another one, Luka Stevića bb

Parking and public garages

There are no garages built in Banja Koviljaca, but new outdoor parking spaces are being opened. An outdoor parking lot was built at the entrance to Banja, and across from the Royal Spa Hotel. Parking is free for everyone.

In Banja Koviljaca, most hotels, apartments, as well as each restaurant have their own parking. The Royal Spa Hotel has its own car park, as well as a Special Rehabilitation Hospital.

Surroundings of Banja Koviljaca

The surroundings of Banja Koviljaca are very rich in cultural and historical heritage in the near and far surroundings, important localities and untouched nature. In the vicinity are the remains of old fortifications-cities. Our recommendation is to visit places such as:
  • Koviljaca town - legend has it that Banja Koviljaca got its name that way. Koviljaca town is the name for the archeological remains above Banja Koviljaca and the rest of the town created by the Romans.
  • Tronosa Monastery - the monastery is located 17 km from Loznica, on the road to Valjevo. The monastery is the endowment of King Dragutin and his wife Catalina, and is associated with the year 1317. In front of it is the chapel of Saint Panteleimon with the fountain of the nine Jugovićs.
  • Tršić - about 9 km from Loznica is the village of Tršić, the birthplace of Vuk Stefanović Karadžić and an area known for its beautiful natural environment. Tourists can visit Vuk's memorial house and ethnographic park.
  • Trojan's city - a fortress on the mountain Cer, whose origin is connected to the emperor Trojan. Visitors to Trojan town can see the remains of the former defensive wall, which can be reached by a forest road 800m from the road leading to the mountain lodge Lipova voda.
  • Vidin grad - a fortress located on the top of Vidojevica, a hill above the village of Lesnica (in Loznica). Tourists who visit the city of Vidin will see the remains of the above-ground remains of the fortification. The remains of the ramparts are covered with vegetation.

History of Banja Koviljaca

Early history - Banja Koviljaca has been known since ancient times and is the oldest spa in Serbia. The Illyrians and then the Romans also knew about Banja Koviljaca. The first written records from the time of the Ottomans date from 1553. In these data, we see that medicinal sources have been widely used. In the 17th century, Banja Koviljaca served as a resort, and in the 18th century it received the first women's hammam.
Recent history - In the nineteenth century, the main spring in Banja was captured, the swampy terrain was drained and the construction of the most important buildings began. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Sabac-Koviljaca railway was put into operation and a modern sulfur bath was created. Hotels and villas were built during the twenties, and the most important building is the Kur-salon, built in 1932. The first casino in the Balkans was opened there.

Geography and climate of Koviljaca Spa

  • Geography of Banja Koviljaca - Banja Koviljaca is a town in the town of Loznica, which belongs to the Macva district and the Podrinje region. It is located at the foot of Gucevo along the main road Zvornik-Loznica. The altitude of the spa is 128 meters. The relief of this part of Serbia consists of medium-high mountains (Gucevo, Sokolske, Cer), the vast Macva plain and the river Drina.
  • Climate of Banja Koviljaca - Banja Koviljaca has a temperate-continental climate, which means that springs are mild, summers are warm, and the warmest month is July. Autumn is mild with frequent rains, while winters are moderately cold.

Demography of Banja Koviljaca

  • According to the 2011 census report, there were 5151 inhabitants.
  • The average age of the population is 39 years.
  • The settlement is mostly inhabited by Serbs.

Tradition and culture of Banja Koviljaca

Healing - an area that is certainly the most recognizable symbol of the Spa and has the longest tradition in it. Healing has been developed since the 16th century, when the first written sources about this area date back. During the 19th century, the spa developed into a real health resort, where the leaders Karađorđe, Vuk Karadžić and Dositej Obradovic saw their wounds. At the beginning of the twentieth century, King Aleksandar Obrenovic built his residence and the first sulfur bath here.

Today, this is one of the best rehabilitation centers not only in Serbia, but in the entire region. The spa has a special hospital for rehabilitation, which, with the help of thermo-mineral mud and sulfur water, treats numerous health problems: from the bone and joint system to sterility. The successful fight against various diseases is made possible thanks to the natural resources of the spa, its position, which provides clean air and excellent climatic conditions.

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