Welcome to Uvac

Uvac has become one of the most famous symbols of Serbia's tourist offer. The winding meanders of the river can be found in all the pictures and tourist descriptions that represent Serbia. The habitat of the griffon vulture, a space that preserves many rare species of flora and fauna, a traditional place where you can get to know the characteristics of southwestern Serbia, the most delicious food of the region and the characteristics of the people. Our site allows you to get to know the entire offer of Uvac and its surroundings. Find everything you need for a quality vacation and enjoy this fantastic natural space.

When to visit Uvac?

Uvac Special Nature Reserve is one of the real and most beautiful gems of beautiful nature in Serbia. Considering that, Uvac is always a good idea for rest and relaxation. However, our recommendation is to visit it during the spring or summer.
  • During the summer - In the summer months, Uvac, its lake and the greenery of the nature that surrounds it can be a perfect place to escape from the heat and city crowds.
  • During the spring - If you are a lover of nature and research, then Uvac in May is the perfect location for your active vacation.
If you are in love with real and untouched nature, then this is definitely the place for you. Lush nature, mysterious caves, emerald lakes, rare, endemic plant species and the last refuge of almost extinct skies, griffon vultures, are just some of the many wonderful things you can see during a visit to the Uvac reserve.

How to get to Uvac?

There are several options available to you on the best way to get to Uvac and to the most popular place for all tourists from that area, to its famous lake. Nova Varos plays a crucial role on the way to Uvac, so you can reach Nova Varos, and then continue a little to Uvac by the following routes:
  • From Guca to Ivanjica
  • From Sjenica to Marko's plain
If you are coming:
It is best to travel by car from Belgrade to Sjenica and then follow further signs to Ivanjica. At the seventh kilometer from Sjenica to Ivanjica, on the left you will see the popular lake Uvac. The road to Lake Uvac itself is hilly and quite narrow. There is another road through Nova Varoš that leads to the other side of Lake Uvac.
  • By bus - Several trucking companies regularly travel to Nova Varoš. Agencies Janjušević and Gaga tours have buses. The distance between Belgrade and Nova Varoš is 267 km, so the journey between these two places takes about 4 hours by bus. Of course, this may also depend on the carrier. The first departure from the station in Belgrade is at 06 and 15 h, while the last departure is at 22:00 h. In addition, the ticket price for the route Belgrade - Nova Varos is 1,600 dinars.
Uvac can also be reached from Nova Vroša through the village of Božetići, but you exit from the other side of the lake near the dam. There is also a camp that organizes boat rides and trips to the lookouts. For all additional information you can contact the bus station Nova Varos, by calling the following number: +381 33 61 361

Activities for tourists in Uvac

  • Cruise Lake Uvac- This activity is an unforgettable experience for all tourists. The turquoise color of the lake as well as the greenery of the nature that surrounds it will make this cruise a special experience for everyone and will give you a chance to experience the whole area from a completely different perspective. Another great advantage of this cruise is the opportunity to see the magnificent griffon vulture that is the symbol of this region. It starts from the dam of Uvačko Lake. The trip lasts a little less than five hours. However, due to the great interest and demand, reservations are required. For all information, questions and appointments call +381 (0) 69660801.
  • Exploring the Ice Cave - This is truly one of the incredibly rare and beautiful natural treasures of this area. The ice cave is a place that will leave many visitors absolutely breathless. The very name of the cave comes from its constantly low temperature. Throughout the year, the temperature of this Uvačka cave does not exceed eight degrees. The interior of the cave itself is completely impressive. There is a beautifully landscaped trail that will take you through the most beautiful parts of the cave where you will be able to admire its draperies, curtains, stalactites and other beautiful cave decorations.
  • Visit to the bridge on the river Uvac- If you want to spend a vacation in this beautiful area, then this ancient bridge on this river is certainly one of the unavoidable places that are really worth your time and visit. In fact, it is the remains of a stone bridge that was completely submerged. Only one of the three beautiful arches of this bridge has survived. This bridge is of great importance because in its time it was a significant link between Sarajevo and Constantinople. Today, this arch can only be seen in photographs, until one day the lake water descends and the remains of a beautiful, ancient bridge see the picturesque landscape of Uvac again.
  • Kayaking - This adrenaline adventure is an ideal opportunity to kayak through the beautiful Uvačka meanders, paddle through the cave, swim in the lake and visit one of the most beautiful lookouts in Serbia. Everything you need for a perfect and interesting vacation, as well as for the absolute enjoyment of all the benefits of nature in this area, is located in a kayak ride through all the beauties of Uvac. This is the perfect route for all nature lovers and active, healthy vacations. Kayaking, tour of the ice cave and camp tickets are 1,250.00 RSD per person. 

Events and festivals in Uvac

When it comes to events, the Zlatar mountain, which is located in the immediate vicinity Uvac, only 40 km away, has a very large and rich offer of festivals and events.
  • Regatta through the canyon of the river Uvac - This is an interesting and exciting event for all lovers of adventure and adrenaline. It is organized every year in the summer months and always gathers an incredibly large number of tourists and locals.
  • Zlatarfest- A series of events that promote the numerous tourist and economic benefits of this region is traditionally held on Mount Zlatar, which is located not far from the village of Nova Varos. The program of this event is really rich and diverse, so you can find something for everyone's taste. In addition to the competition, all visitors to this event can enjoy an exhibition of the best cheeses from Zlatar, as well as the best buckwheat pies.
  • Sretenje night slalom - This is a traditional competition of the best skiers that takes place at night, every year on the big, national holiday Sretenje. The beautiful arrangement of the Zlatar mountain trail is there to welcome skiers every year on the trail, which, for this event, is specially lit by dozens of torches.
  • Livada fest- Livada fest is regularly and traditionally held on the slopes of Muretnica. The program is rich and varied, so you can easily find something for everyone's taste. Here, the participants compete in the way of mowing spacious meadows, and we also organize a competition for Miss Meadows. The most beautiful part of this fest is the race of unrealistically beautiful innovated, magnificent mountain horses. It is usually held in June or July.

Facilities for children in Uvac

  • Ethno-village Dolina vukova- This ethno-village is a perfect place for the whole family to rest. So if you go on vacation with your little ones, the Valley of the Wolves can be a wonderful destination for them to fully enjoy. It is an interesting and authentic ethno restaurant that offers various types of entertainment, good service, safe and beautiful environment. , as well as of course the excellent specialties of traditional cuisine. It is located in Sjenica, which is in the immediate vicinity of Uvac, only 13 km.
  • Exploring the plant world - What can be a special kind of fun for your children is exploring the very rich and diverse flora and fauna of this area. This is an ideal opportunity for the youngest visitors to learn educational and important facts about medicinal plants and their impact on general health.
  • Introduction to the Griffon Vulture - This beautiful and imposing bird is one of the rarest species of eagles. It will be a very special experience for all the little ones to see this rare bird live, whose wingspan is up to an incredible three meters. The griffon vulture is the true master of the sky above the Uvac nature reserve. This will also be a good opportunity for your children to learn all the interesting things about rare species of eagles and their great importance for the entire ecosystem.

What to see in Uvac?

The nature of Uvac, the greenery of lush flora and fauna and the unreal green-turquoise color of the lakes of this beautiful reserve are just a part of the rich offer of beauties of this area. Below we have singled out a few unrealistically beautiful places that you really should not miss:
  • Molitva Lookout Tower - One of the most beautiful and most popular lookouts in all of Serbia. The pedestrian path is beautifully landscaped and will lead you directly to a fenced wooden platform from which you will be shown all the beauties of the natural reserve Uvac. What attracts the most attention are the winding meanders and their emerald reflection, as well as the beautiful lake Uvac. The Uvac special reserve is a real, untouched jewel of Serbian nature. The very top of Molitva is at an altitude of 1,247 meters above sea level. If you are lucky enough, you can also see the famous griffon vulture adorning the sky above the lookout, magnificent in its full power and strength.
  • Uvac Special Nature Reserve - This reserve is a protected natural asset of exceptional importance. They were created by the partial immersion of the valley of the mighty mountain river Uvac and the construction of three dams. The canyon parts are intertwined with beautiful, winding meanders that have a relative height of up to 100m. Part of the gorge of the river Uvac in a place called Pavlovića Brod was first protected in 1971 as a special nature reserve with an area of ​​an incredible 267 hectares. The reserve has three caves of great importance on its territory, through one even the Kalipoljska river passes.
  • Uvca Cave System - The caves are rich in stalactites and various cave decorations, and in terms of richness, this is one of the most important cave systems in Serbia. The largest part is the beautiful Ušačka cave, which has two spacious entrances. The most interesting part of this system is the pit of the Abyss. Cave jewelry is diverse and can be found in various, hidden places in the cave. Draperies and curtains are equally rich and impressive.
  • Uvačko jezero- Another name for this lake is Sjeničko and it is the home of the king of heavenly heights, a beautiful griffon vulture. It is an artificial lake that is 27 km long and whose winding meanders once flowed the river Uvac. With the construction of a dam of as much as 110 meters, this beautiful lake was created, which 
  • Kingdom of the Griffon Vulture - Another name for this rare and endangered, in many ways fantastic bird is the king of the sky and in that they are absolutely inviolable. The special reserve Uvac has been placed under protection not only because of its incredibly beautiful and rare nature, but also in order to preserve the endangered griffon vulture. The griffon vulture is also the largest bird living in Serbia, which has a very important and unique role in maintaining nature and the ecosystem. Considering that it feeds exclusively on dead animals, the griffon vulture performs natural recycling and can live up to 50 years. is in many ways unique and impressive, and the special reserve Uvac is here to allow you to see it up close and in the most beautiful natural habitat.

Accommodation in Uvac

Uvac and its region are still parts of Serbia that should still progress and develop. Accordingly, a large number of accommodation units are located, primarily, in the vicinity of Uvac, Nova Varoš and Zlatar. For one night, the price of accommodation is around 1200 dinars, on average. Below we have selected some of the best villas and apartments on Uvac:
  • Villas - Zlatarski mir, Zlatarska pahulja, Maja, Lenka
  • Apartments- Aronija Uvac, Brzakovic Uvac, Zone
  • Cottage- Adventurer
However, the best and largest accommodation offer has the site Apartments Uvac.

Important telephone numbers and information in Uvac

For all additional information or questions you have, you can call the municipality of Sjenica at 020 / 741-071. Below we offer you other phone numbers that may be important or necessary during your stay in these areas:
  • Tourist Organization Sjenica 020-744-843
  • Institution for sports and recreation 020-741-025
  • Sjenica Health Center 020-741-094
  • Center for Social Work 020-741-206
  • Municipality of Nova Varos 62-140
  • Fire Department 61-774
  • Nova Varos Health Center 63-150

Where to eat in Uvac?

  • Restaurant Uvac- This restaurant is located in a very nice, natural cabinet and is ideal for all lovers of real, untouched nature. In addition to the amazing view, all guests of the restaurant can enjoy various and very tasty specialties of local, traditional cuisine, the best of which are grilled dishes. According to the reviews of many, the food and food of this restaurant are more than excellent, so our warm recommendation is to visit it and take a short break.
  • Restaurant Rival- It is located not far from Uvac, in Nova Varoš, Drmanovici bb. It stands out from other restaurants because of its very large and large portions, which are, at the same time, very affordable and affordable. Another advantage of the restaurant is the very nice view that extends from its outdoor terrace. Delicious specialties of local and international cuisine, as well as a rich, varied menu of drinks are always available to all guests of this restaurant.

Where to go out in Uvac?

If you decide to spend your vacation here, then nature, the beauty of the reserve, plant and animal species, lakes and lookouts are in the first place. In such an environment, nightlife and entertainment are put in second place. However, for you we have found cafes in Novo Varoš, in the immediate vicinity, where there is a warm, cheerful and homely atmosphere:
  • Kafana Ognjište - A combination of tradition and folk music, as well as a warm, homely atmosphere, that is what Ognjište in Nova Varoš offers to its guests.
  • Nana- Nana bar offers a rich selection of alcoholic beverages, as well as hot drinks in a very pleasant atmosphere and ambience. 

Transport and taxi in Uvac

Considering that, when it comes to the special reserve Uvac, the emphasis is placed on the wild, lush and still untouched nature, the taxi service still does not operate there. In the following, we have selected for you the following services from Sjenica, as well as Nova Varoš, which will always be available to you:
Taxi Elvis 069 2224330 Taxi 707 065 337073 Auto Tax 3 033 63320

Parking and public garages in Uvac

As for parking spaces, you can only rely entirely on private parking spaces that come as part of rented villas or apartments. Most hotels and apartments in the area have private parking for their guests, but it is important to note that the number of places is limited. The nature of the reserve and its protection have been put in the first and exemplary place, as well as the preservation of such a wonderful, untouched wealth, so it is not surprising that in such a special environment there is still no space for large parking lots and public garages.

Surroundings of Uvac

  • Uvac Monastery and other monasteries - Uvac is surrounded by a large number of important monasteries. Some of them have been preserved and recently restored, and some of them, unfortunately, no longer exist today. Among the recently renovated monasteries in the canyon of the river Uvac are the monasteries Uvac and Dubrava. Many believe that they are the most beautiful. The Uvac Monastery is located between Priboj and Cajetina in Stublo. It was built on the site of a former medieval monastery, and was renovated several times at the end of the 20th century. It represents a rare and very significant cultural heritage.
  • Jerina's town - This ancient, medieval town around which various mysterious stories and legends circulate is located not far from the reserve, in a village called Druzinic. This important, archeological site that attracts a lot of tourists' attention is located right in the gorge of the river Uvac, which makes beautiful, winding meanders. Jerina's town is located a few steps from the Ice Cave and another of the curiosities and special attractions of this town is that this historic site can only be reached by boat. The origin of the fortification is often associated in folklore with "Cursed Jerina", Jerina Branković, the wife of the despot Đurđe Branković, who is remembered in our folk literature as a negative, epic hero.
  • Radoinjsko Lake - It is a canal filled with water that meanders between steep, limestone shores. The lake is of great importance for the hydroelectric power plant Bistrica and with its incredible beauty and emerald color of the water attracts great attention of foreign and domestic tourists. This lake is also constantly working on additional growth and development of tourism, so many visitors to this area can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, fishing, relaxing and walking here.
  • Rangers Camp - This popular camp is located only 10 km from Sjenica, near Sjenica Lake. Tours and tours around Uvac are best organized here, and it is here that you will find the best and professional guides. You can arrange all additional information discreetly with this camp, as well as arrange boat rides or transportation to the most popular places. Guides are always there to make everyone happy to meet you and to give you the best advice to make your vacation even more beautiful and complete.

History of Uvac

  • Uvac history - Nature and all the beauties of Uvac, its flora and fauna have always been the national treasure of Serbia and one of its most beautiful parts. Due to that, the entire area of ​​the reserve was placed under state protection in 1971, for the first time. During 1995, this area was expanded to other, equally beautiful and important parts. The reserve finally got its final size and shape only in 2006.
  • Uvac today - Today, the special reserve Uvac continues to captivate tourists throughout the region with its great beauty, wildlife, lush flora and fauna and rich cave system through which stretch three important lakes. Today, the meandering meanders of Uvac represent a famous image that has traveled all over the world due to its rare beauty and thus glorified the entire country. We think that is quite a sufficient reason to spend your vacation right here. 

Geography and climate of Uvac

  • Geography of Uvac - Uvac represents the morphological whole of Starovlaška visija which is located in the canyon valley of Uvac. This region has a very special and specific relief in which meanders up to a hundred meters high are meandering. In addition, the reserve extends to two forested mountains: Zlatar is located in the southwest, while Mount Javor is located in the northeast. Both mountains have favored the development of the rich and diverse flora and fauna of this region.
  • Climate of Uvac - Another reason why this area is so often and gladly visited is its pleasant and good climate. It is a temperate-continental climate with an optimal amount of precipitation. Spring occurs early, but it also lasts a long time, which is especially conducive to the development and flourishing of flora and fauna. Winters are sometimes long, cold and harsh due to the proximity of the mountains, while summers are pleasant and moderately warm.

Demography of Uvac

  • There are 17 adults living in Uvac
  • The average age of the population is 55.8 years
  • There are 8 households in the settlement

Tradition and culture of Uvac

  • Cultural monuments of the special reserve Uvac - Significant historical monuments are certainly a large and important part of this reserve and are another reason why you should visit it. A long and rich Serbian history took place in this area, and as a witness to that, many monasteries were built. Icons of great cultural and historical importance are kept in them.
  • Significance of the national reserve - Uvac Special Reserve is of great importance for the growth, development and progress of tourism in Serbia. It is also one of the most popular and most visited places in Serbia. Beautiful lakes, ancient archeological sites, winding meanders of the river, rocky landscapes over which turquoise green water flows, magnificent mountain horses and kings of the sky griffon vultures are part of the rich offer of this reserve. 

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