Welcome to Zrenjanin

Welcome to one of the most beautiful cities in Vojvodina and a destination that is recognizable for its beautiful landscapes and stunning natural spaces. The most famous attractions are Obedska bara, Lake Pescara and the village of Ečka. Apart from this, the city is also known for its developed cultural institutions, events and numerous localities. Our site presents the entire tourist offer of the city, with all the most important details and suggestions. Get to know the city before leaving and organize a perfect vacation in Zrenjanin and its surroundings.

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When to visit Zrenjanin?

There are two different answers on this question that depend on the reason that brings you to Zrenjanin.
  • Throughout the year
The largest part of the tourist offer of Zrenjanin is available to tourists throughout the year. You can plan a tour of the city and its cultural and historical monuments regardless of the season.
  • During the summer
Some outdoor attractions, such as the special nature reserve Carska bara, the Pescara beach and the Tisza picnic area, can only be used in the best way during the summer season.

How to get to Zrenjanin?

As the administrative and cultural center of Banat, the city of Zrenjanin has an extremely favorable geographical position. It is 76 kilometers away from Belgrade, and only 49 kilometers from Novi Sad. You can get to Zrenjanin by car or bus.
  • By car
The E-70 road connects the capital Zrenjanin with the capital. The journey from Belgrade to Zrenjanin takes about an hour and a half. Zrenjanin is also well connected with Novi Sad, Vrsac, Timisoara and the Romanian border, from which the city is only 50 kilometers away.
  • By bus
Zrenjanin is connected to Belgrade, Novi Sad and Novi Becej by intercity bus lines. On the Belgrade-Zrenjanin route, the transport is performed by a total of 5 carriers: Lasta, Janjušević, Autoprevoz Kikinda, Banat Trans and El Tra. The price of a one-way ticket is from 550 to 580 dinars, and the return ticket is from 800 to 870 dinars. The journey between these two cities takes the shortest hour and 20 minutes, and the longest 2 hours and 25 minutes.

You can get additional information about departures and timetables by contacting the Zrenjanin Bus Station at 023 533 991 or 023 533 992. You can also contact them by e-mail, sending a message to info@netbus.rs.

Best tourist activities in Zrenjanin

According to your interests, you can choose one of the activities that are in the tourist offer of this city.
  • Tour of the old town
We recommend that you start your visit to Zrenjanin by visiting the old town, where you can discover the colorful architecture. The central zone of the city center is Freedom Square, near which you can see architectural gems, among which stand out the City Hall, the Gymnasium, the Museum building, the Roman Catholic Parish Office and the National Library. The pedestrian zones in Aleksandra I Karađorđevića Street and Gimnazijska Street are perfect places for a walk.
  • Churches
Zrenjanin is a meeting point of different nations and religions, and the consequence of that is the emergence of a large number of religious buildings created in different epochs. It is worth paying attention to, among others, the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. John of Nepomuk, the Church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Monastery of St. Melania the Roman and the Russian Church of St. Michael the Archangel.
  • Swimming in Pescara
At 5 kilometers from Zrenjanin, there are three lakes, on which a pleasant Peskara beach is located. The beach is well equipped with accompanying facilities, and during the summer season, tourists are closely monitored by the rescue service. Entrance to the beach is free.
  • Recreation in nature
The most representative picnic areas in the vicinity of Zrenjanin are Ada Šumice, a place perfect for athletes and families with children, and a camp on the Tisa  river.

Events and festivals in Zrenjanin

Numerous interesting events that are organized in their city every year testify that the people of Zrenjanin are very good at enjoying good food, drinks and music.
  • Beer fest
Zrenjanin has a long tradition of producing and drinking beer. In that honor, a festival has been organized for almost forty years. In the late days of August, Zrenjanin is transformed into a festival town. More than twenty types of beer can be tasted at the stands set up along the streets, and the event was accompanied by numerous concerts and additional contents.
  • Korzo fest Zrenjanin
Every first weekend in August, Kralja Aleksandra I Karađorđevića Street becomes a place where various cultural and entertainment events take place. The festival is held with the intention of preserving the spirit of the promenade, traditional promenades and the main places of meeting.
  • Banat fairy tale in Zrenjanin
In the ambience of the City Garden, in the period from June 5 to August 19, the manifestation Banat Fairy Tale takes place. An integral part of the festival are wine stories, a meeting of winemakers,  but there are also concerts and multimedia events for the youngest visitors.
  • Ethno-festival
With the aim of preserving the harvesting tradition and in honor of the grain, an ethno-festival is held in the village of Mužlja during one weekend in July. The central event is the mower competition.
  • Begej fest
Begej Fest is an international festival of wind orchestras, during which numerous wind ensembles from Serbia and the surrounding area have the opportunity to compete.

Activities for children in Zrenjanin

The tame city of Vojvodina is a beautiful destination for families with children. From the tourist offer suitable for children, we single out:
  • Picnic area on Tisa
Right next to the main road Zrenjanin-Novi Sad, only 12 kilometers from the city, there is a small oasis of nature. During the summer season, the picnic area is a great location for families. Within the picnic area there is a camping area, swimming pool, swimming pool for children, sports fields for basketball, volleyball and beach volleyball and a children's playground.
  • Ada Šumice
The ideal place for the activities of the youngest and relaxation of the slightly older ones is the island of Šumice, only 3.5 kilometers away from the city center. All facilities on Ada are built with a family stay in mind. Children can enjoy playgrounds, a trim track and courts for a variety of sports, such as football, basketball, tennis and volleyball.
  • Pescara beach
During the summer months, a good place for a family trip can be a well-kept swimming pool Pescara. It is five kilometers away from the center of Zrenjanin.

What to visit in Zrenjanin?

  • Main Street
Kralja Aleksandra I Karađorđevića Street represents only the heart of the city and contains some of the most beautiful buildings in Zrenjanin, of various architectural styles. If you take a walk through this street, you will see the savings bank building, the palace of Jovan Panji, the house of Scheherazade and many other architectural beauties that this city is proud of.
  • Town house
One of the most beautiful buildings in Zrenjanin is the City Hall. Right next to it is the City Garden, a beautiful park that is open to tourists.
  • Palace of Justice
Within the cultural-historical whole of the old core of Zrenjanin, there is also the Palace of Justice. It is another valuable architectural monument that should be visited during your stay in Zrenjanin.
  • Castle Ecka 
At 7 kilometers from Zrenjanin, hidden in the village of Ečka, there is a lovely castle. Today, this old building has been completely renovated, and its former ballroom has been turned into an ambient restaurant, which evokes the spirit of the aristocratic past.
  • Squares
In Zrenjanin you can discover four beautiful squares. The most famous is Freedom Square, which is surrounded by most of the most famous buildings in the city. You can also walk to Žitni trg, Karađorđev trg and Trg dr Zoran Đinđića.
  • National Museum Zrenjanin
The rich permanent exhibition of the National Museum of Zrenjanin consists of a historical, ethnological, artistic, archeological and natural history collection. The working hours of the museum are from weekdays from 8 and 30 to 19 hours, and on weekends from 8 and 30 to 12 and 30 hours. The price of tickets for the permanent exhibition for group visits is 150 dinars for adults and 100 dinars for children.
  • Museum of beer
Today, the old plant of the Zrenjanin brewery has been transformed into an interesting building: the Beer Museum. Through his collection, you can get acquainted with the long tradition of producing this drink in Zrenjanin.

Accommodation in Zrenjanin

You can find several different types of accommodation in Zrenjanin and its surroundings and choose the one that suits you from the rich offer of the city.
  • Hotels
There are several hotels at your disposal on the territory of Zrenjanin. In the city itself there is the Hotel Vojvodina, and in the immediate vicinity are the castle Kaštel Ečka in the village Ečka, Hotel Sibila, located near the reserve Carska Banja, and the spa complex Rusanda in Melenci.
  • Private accommodation
A large number of capacities in private accommodation are at your disposal. The price of accommodation in a single room in one of the private apartments starts at 1,176 dinars.
  • Accommodation in the countryside
If you want to relax in a traditional Banat household, you can find accommodation in the surrounding villages of Melenci, Stajićevo and Belo Blato. Some of the accommodation capacities of this type are the ethno complex Tiganjica, guest house Ceca, guest house Breza and farm Lujza.

Important phone numbers and information

The Tourist Organization of Zrenjanin can be of use to you, which you can contact by calling 023 / 523-160. The building of the tourist organization is located in Koče Kolarova Street.
In the next part of the text, we have singled out some more important phones that you may need during your stay in Zrenjanin.

Important phone numbers

City administration: 023 / 315-0111
Zrenjanin Police Department: 023 / 564-112
Fire service: 193
Ambulance: 194
Doctor: 023 / 562-066
Basic Court Zrenjanin: 023 / 564-737
Court Administration: 023 / 564-970
Misdemeanor court Zrenjanin: 023 / 525-253
Auto-moto society Petar Drapšin: 023 / 546-610

Where to eat in Zrenjanin?

Zrenjanin is known for its fantastic gastronomic offer. In the following part of the text, we have singled out some of the great restaurants, pizzerias and patisseries where you can treat yourself to local and international specialties.
  • Restaurants
Whether you are in the very center of the city or exploring its surroundings, you will surely come across some of the excellent restaurants in Zrenjanin near you. From a wide range of facilities of this type, we have selected the following Restaurant Trofej, Salaš Kod Stare Dunje, Banatska kuća Aleksandar, Bjeko, Kamel, pivnica Četir 'konja debela, Beckerek, Primer, Alaska tajna, Krug M, Renaissance, Gradnulica, Debela mačka and Zlatni klas.
  • Pizzerias
Fans of Italian culinary specialties can try pasta dishes in one of the following facilities: Aquarius, Verona, Venecija, Galija, Kappa M, Pino, Saracena, Jomer 023, Big, Twix, Roma and Dixie.
  • Pastry shops
If you are a gourmet, the perfect place for you will be one of the confectioneries from Zrenjanin. The most famous are Sport, Fontana, Simon, Stela, Venera and Arena.

Where to go out in Zrenjanin?

There is certainly no lack of nightlife in Zrenjanin. If you want a good atmosphere and fun, take a look at the offer of clubs, cafes, cafes, bars and pubs.
  • Clubs
If your ideal vacation must include spending time in the club until the early morning hours, Zrenjanin offers something for you. You can start the party in San Marco or clubs Inter Duo, Johnnie, Captain Jack, Old time or Specchio.
  • Taverns
If you are a fan of a slightly different sound and entertainment, there are, of course, the inevitable Serbian taverns. The most famous are Tarapana, Mustuluk, Sve moje zore and Džek.
  • Cafes, bars and pubs
Walking through the center of Zrenjanin, you will find a huge number of various cafes, bars and pubs. Izlog, Gradska bašta, Beertz Danguba, Bridge, Papagaj, Melange, Mistique, Firma, Trokadero, Minibar, Zlatna krigla pub and Vremeplov are just a small part of the Zrenjanin that you can discover.

Transport and taxi in Zrenjanin

Zrenjanin has a solid network of city and suburban lines, as well as many taxi and car rental services.
  • Public transport
Net Bus co performs city regular passenger transport on the territory of the city of Zrenjanin.
There are currently 8 city lines. In addition, Zrenjanin connects 18 suburban lines with the surrounding settlements. The price of one ride is 70 dinars.

More information about the lines and timetable can be found on the website (banattrans.rs) or contact the info center of the Bus Station Zrenjanin at 023 / 541-000 or 023 / 566-788.
  • Taxi service
A large number of taxi services also operate in Zrenjanin. Some of them are as follows:
  • Autobanat taxi: 023 / 51-44-44
  • Laki taxi: 023 / 510-462; 063 / 779-3667
  • Radio taxi & co: 023 / 566-566; 065 / 566-1-566
  • Radio taxi plus: 023 / 515-515; 065 / 515-6-515
  • Radio taxi Zrenjanin: 023 / 66-999
  • Eko taxi: 023 / 532-800; 062 / 401-101
  • Super taxi 023 / 526-222; 023 / 44-378; 064 / 294-7435
  • Maxi taxi: 023 / 512-510; 064 / 556-0-999
Start costs 60 dinars, each additional kilometer costs 45 dinars, and waiting costs 500 dinars.
  • Rent a car
If you want to rent a car, there are two car rental agencies at your disposal: Rent A Car My Way (069 610860, Beogradska bb) and Točak auto (023 515890, Cara Dušana 9).

Parking service and public garages in Zrenjanin

In Zrenjanin there is an open parking zone and several special closed parking lots. This city does not have a public garage.
  • Open parking
Zrenjanin is divided into three parking zones. Parking time is unlimited in all zones,
  • Red zone: The price of an hour costs 50 dinars. If you pay via SMS, the number for one hour is 8230, and for the whole day 8235.
  • Yellow zone: The price of an hour costs 40 dinars. If you pay via SMS, the number for one hour is 8231, and for the whole day 8236.
  • Green zone: The price of an hour costs 30 dinars. If you pay for the ticket via SMS, the number for one hour is 8232, and for the whole day 8237.

  • Closed parking
There are also several closed parking lots in the city. The price of an hour is 40 dinars.
  • Parking Žitni trg: Koče kolarova bb
  • Parking at Kulturni centar: Obala pionira bb
  • Parking Tirsova: Miroslava Tirše bb

Surroundings of Zrenjanin

Near Zrenjanin there is a nature reserve Carska bara and several settlements that have cultural and historical importance. During your visit to Zrenjanin, you can make a short trip to one of these places:
  • Carska bara
This protected nature reserve is located 17 kilometers south of Zrenjanin. A tourist boat can take you through the Carska bara, from where you will see numerous plant and animal species that live in this area.
  • Banja Rusanda
It is located in the village of Melenci, 17 kilometers north of Zrenjanin. Today, it is the only active health resort in Banat, and it houses the Special Hospital for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The entire spa complex is located in a pine and linden forest intersected by paths for walking and recreation.
  • Ecka
Right next to Zrenjanin lies Ečka, a village with rich history. The most significant attraction it offers is the castle Ečka, which has been turned into a modern hotel with a restaurant.
  • Ethno Banat
If you want to get better acquainted with the tradition and spirit of Banat, you can discover several hidden attractions in the vicinity of Zrenjanin. The ethno complex of the same name is located in the village of Belo Blato, and about 20 kilometers from the city there is one of the two preserved Banat windmills: Bosančeva vetrenjača.

History of Zrenjanin

  • Early history
The first mention of Zrenjanin dates back to 1326, when the village was still called Beckerek. At that time, the place was owned by the Hungarian aristocratic family Beče, after which it got its name. In the 18th century, it became an important trade center and developed rapidly.
  • Modern history
After the First World War, the territory of the city fell under the rule of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, and then the question of the form of the name of this city in the Serbian language was raised, without disputing the traditional name in Hungarian. Starting from 1935, the city is called Petrovgrad, after King Petar, and in 1946 the city changed its name again to Zrenjanin, after the national hero Žarko Zrenjanin Uča. After the Second World War, the city experienced economic prosperity.

Geography and climate of Zrenjanin

  • Geography
Zrenjanin is the seat of the Central Banat District and an important industrial center of Banat and Vojvodina. According to the area of the territory that administratively belongs to it (1,326 km2), it is the largest city in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the second in the Republic of Serbia. It is located on the western edge of the Banat plateau, at the place where the canalized river Begej flows into the former bed of the river Tisa. The area of the municipality is distinctly flat.
  • Climate
The climate in the area of the municipality of Zrenjanin is at the transition from a slightly humid to a dry climate type. The climate is steppe-continental. The average annual temperature is 11.2 degrees Celsius, and the annual rainfall is about 622 mm. The distribution of precipitation according to the seasons is fairly uniform, but large deviations are also frequent.

Demographics of Zrenjanin

  • According to the 2011 census report, there were 76,511 inhabitants.
  • The average age of the population is 39.9 years.
  • The largest part of the population consists of Serbs (71.42%), followed by Hungarians (13.07%), Roma (2.75) and Romanians (0.83%).

Tradition and culture of Zrenjanin

  • Throughout the centuries of existence, Zrenjanin has always been a multiethnic environment, which has led to a specific mixing of cultures in this area. As a witness to this phenomenon, you can see a dozen religious buildings of different peoples and religions in the city.
  • Zrenjanin is also known for its exceptional architecture. Walking through the city center, you will see numerous architectural treasures of different styles, from Art Nouveau to Neo-Baroque.
  • There are many cultural and historical monuments and famous institutions in the city and its surroundings, such as the National Museum, the National Theater "Toša Jovanović", the historical archive, the City National Library "Žarko Zrenjanin", the Art Colony Ečka with a gallery and numerous schools.

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