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Embark on a digital adventure through a city of exceptional beauty and great tourist potential. We have made a complete guide for you through the famous Trebinje to make it easier to organize your trip and fully prepare for the perfect vacation. On our page you will find out exactly where Trebinje is located and how to get there, when it is best to visit it, what are the most important tourist places and city symbols, destinations in the area, as well as ways to book accommodation in the city and information about the most visited restaurants. the most delicious gastronomic specialties. Our data will help you get to know all the beauties of this place and convince you to put it on your list of destinations you must visit. Feel the spirit of tradition, visit amazing religious buildings, enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and numerous city facilities. Treat yourself to an unforgettable vacation.

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Trebinje · City · Center
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Trebinje · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
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When to visit Trebinje?

  • During the summer - Trebinje is best visited during the summer when you can enjoy long walks, numerous picnic areas, parks, rides, but also outdoor pools and the beautiful City of the Sun with several pools and different types of summer attractions.

How to get to Trebinje?

This city is connected with larger centers, and the closest is connected with Dubrovnik (28 km). It is 346 km away from Banja Luka, 464 km from Belgrade and 551 km from Novi Sad. You can reach Trebinje from several directions and in several ways.
  • By car: The main highways leading to Trebinje are the M20 and M6 highways. You can reach Trebinje from the direction of Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Mostar. From Dubrovnik (only 28 km), Herceg Novi, Kotor, Podgorica, Skadar Lake National Park. Also, from Belgrade and Novi Sad.
  • By bus: If you are interested in which bus and when you can get to Trebinje, visit their page where you can pick up timetables.
  • By plane: In BiH, there are several airports near Trebinje. These are the airport in Mostar, 109 km away and in Sarajevo, 198 km away. Nearby are the airports of Montenegro - Tivat (60 km), Podgorica (117 km) and in Croatia - (Cilipi 41 km).

Activities for tourists in Trebinje

  • Vacationing resorts - Numerous resorts and places full of natural values ​​are ideal for a family vacation. There are many picnic areas near Trebinje, and the most important are Lastva, Studenac, Ubla, and there are also Stapovi na Sušici (clear water, cascades, waterfalls and pools in the Sušica canyon)
  • Bicycle tours - Since the place is rich in natural beauty, bicycle tours are often organized that never leave anyone indifferent. For all cycling lovers, bicycle tours and sightseeing of this area are organized. By agreement with the visitors, a tour of the city and its surroundings, rural areas, monasteries around the city, Austro-Hungarian towers, Ubla, Bijela Gora (Begova korita) and various wineries and restaurants are organized.
  • Paragliding - In Trebinje you can try flying in tandem paraglider with experienced pilots and instructors. The flight lasts at least 30 minutes, flies over the city and lands on the coast of Trebisnjica. And it is possible to record the whole flight.
  • Canoeing - Sports Association "Aero Club Trebinje" offers you canoeing across the river Trebisnjica. There are two ways, ie two descents, and the canoe accommodates 2 adults and their equipment.
  • Enjoying the pools - In this warm city you can relax and cool off by the pools. There are well-known swimming pools within the City of the Sun that are also suitable for children. In addition, there is the Bregovi swimming pool on Terbišnjica.

Events and festivals in Trebinje

Trebinje is known for numerous events throughout the year that tourists can enjoy. Some of the most important events are:
  • Ducic's Day - An event dedicated to the poet Jovan Ducic, who comes from Trebinje, is celebrated every year on April 6 and 7. The manifestation "Ducic's Day" usually begins with a holy liturgy and a commemoration of the poet in Hercegovacka Gracanica in Trebinje. Every year, it is traditionally held on the Feast of the Annunciation, the day when Jovan Dučić passed away.
  • Bicycle race "For the cheese orphan" - The famous bicycle race that is held every year in the rural beauties of Trebinje unites many runners. Last year, in 2021, this jubilee bicycle race was included for the first time in the official championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina in mountain biking. It is usually held in early June.
  • Days of Trebišnjica and jumps from the stone bridge - On the occasion of the day of Trebišnjica, jumps into the water from the stone bridge are traditionally celebrated. Every year, this event gathers numerous spectators and jumpers. And the three best places are rewarded with money. It is celebrated in the month of August.
  • The Transfiguration concert on the occasion of the Baptism of the city - the Baptism of the city and the Cathedral in Trebinje is the Transfiguration of the Lord. Every year it is celebrated with a rich two-day program on August 18 and 19. In these two days you will be able to visit honey and wine fairs, book promotions, exhibitions and concerts.
  • Ducic's Poetry Evenings - This is a cultural event that is held every year in October in Trebinje, in honor of the Serbian poet Jovan Ducuc. This year, in 2022, it will be held for the 55th time, and every year it traditionally gathers numerous poets and creators from the Republic of Srpska, Serbia and Montenegro.

Activities for children in Trebinje

  • Pools - in Trebinje there are pools that children adore. The most popular is: Bregovi swimming pool - the swimming pool is located on the river Trebišnjica, in natural shade with the surrounding greenery, and children can enjoy swimming, sports playground and playing on the grass.
  • City of the Sun - within the City of the Sun there are numerous swimming pools and slides designed for children's relaxation. In addition, the kids here have two corners for fun, and these are Dino Park (which houses dinosaur replicas) and the Sunny Playroom, which is equipped with various educational and fun content for play.
  • Ubla Adventure Park - located at the Zbacka Ubla picnic area, about 20 km from Trebinje. This is the first adrenaline park in nature in the area, full of many challenges for children. Kids can enjoy here on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10:00 to 18:00.
  • Excursion sites - numerous excursion sites in the vicinity of Trebinje are very practical and quiet for a holiday with children. The most famous picnic areas are Lastva, Studenac, Ubla.

What to see in Trebinje?

  • Stari Grad - Stari Grad, on the right bank of Trebišnjica, was built in the 18th century, above the deepest place in the river, Ban-vira, named after the legend of the ban who drowned in that vortex. The old spirit of the city and the special energy and warmth can be felt only in this part of the city.
  • Museum of Herzegovina - created as a result of the idea of ​​the poet and diplomat, Jovan Dučić. It was founded in 1952. The permanent exhibits and legacies in the Museum of Herzegovina that you can see are: Dučić's collection; Permanent ethnological setting; Permanent Archaeological Exhibition (exhibits from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages), Memorial Exhibition of Paintings by Atanasija Popović; Legacy of the painter Milena Šotra; Legacy of academic painter Milorad Ćorović; The legacy of the writer and sculptor Radovan Ždral and numerous other exhibits and exhibitions that are held occasionally.
  • Cultural and historical monuments - Trebinje has the largest number of monuments, 29 declared national monuments and over 50 on the provisional list. Some of the most famous that are worth visiting are: The figure of Jelena Anžujska; Monument to Jovan Dučić; Monument to Peter II Petrovic Njegos; Perović (Arslanagić) bridge; Roman bridge Vucija and Old town Klubuk.
  • Religious buildings - Numerous religious buildings in this area are extremely important because they represent an important identity of Trebinje and the people of this area. The most visited locations are: Hercegovacka Gracanica - it was built at the request of Jovan Ducic, which he expressed in his will. He wanted to be buried in Trebinje, in a church reminiscent of Kosovska Gracanica. Tvrdoš Monastery - located on the right bank of the river Trebišnjica, and was built on the foundations of a church from the 4th century and is one of the oldest cultural and historical monuments in the Republic of Srpska. This monastery is still known for its long tradition of wine production, which is successfully maintained even today thanks to the renovated vineyards, wine cellar and modern winery.

Accommodation in Trebinje

In Trebinje you can find a large selection of accommodation of various types: hotels, hostels, motels, private apartments and farms.
  • Hotel "SL Panorama" is a 5-star hotel located in the City of the Sun. On each of the three floors there is a Bistro for serving food and drinks. Since the hotel is a circular shape, guests choose the view: rooms overlooking the Aqua Park, rooms overlooking the Herzegovinian karst and rooms overlooking the "White City". At the top of the roof of the hotel there is a restaurant under the sky. Prices range from 3 706 RSD per night.
  • Hotel "Central Park" is a 4-star hotel located on the main street of Trebinje. The rooms offer a view of Freedom Square and the "Green Market", Hercegovacka Gracanica, the main street, etc. Some of the rooms have a special space for relaxation after a long business day. Prices per night range from 6,900 RSD.
  • Hotel Integra is a 4-star hotel located in the Old Town. It is equipped with two luxury suites, nine luxury rooms, a restaurant, a meeting room and a hotel garden. The view from the hotel extends to the hundred-year-old plane trees and the Old Town. Prices per night start from 4 998 RSD.
  • Apartments - apartment accommodation is a very popular accommodation option. A large number of accommodation units are rented out in the city, and the average price of a night in these facilities is 2,500 dinars.

Important telephone numbers and information in Trebinje

When you are in Trebinje, you can get all the important information in the Tourist Organization of the city of Trebinje, which is located at: Preobraženska ulica bb, Trebinje.
  • Tourist Information Center: +387 (0) 59 273-410; 273-411
  • PTT information: 1185
  • Civil protection: 121
  • Police: 122
  • Firefighters: 123
  • Ambulance: 124
  • Roadside assistance: 1285

Where to eat in Trebinje?

In Trebinje you will find top restaurants rich in Herzegovinian cuisine. You can try the best specialties in some of the restaurants:
  • Traditional and ethno-restaurants (traditional Herzegovinian and Bosnian dishes such as grilled dishes, soups and traditional desserts - buklava, tufahija, tulumbe): Old Herzegovina; Ducic's view; Ethno restaurant - City of the Sun.
  • Modern restaurants with a rich offer of various world specialties: Hotel Platani; Central Park; RAS; Segreto.

Where to go out in Trebinje?

There are several bars and nightclubs in Trebinje that offer great entertainment.
  • Day out - restaurants to enjoy coffee or evening out with light music: Summer Garden "White bar"; Cafe bar "Azzaro"; Cafe bar "Poeta"; Cafe "Hedonia".
  • Night out - fans of nightlife will enjoy the following clubs: Station club ”“ Rock bar - Underground ”

Transport and taxi in Trebinje

  • City transport: City and intercity transport is maintained throughout the year in this area. For all information about public transport you can call: +38759260400. And more information about the exact lines and departure time can be found on the page: Public transport.
  • Rent a car: Rent a car "Anis" d.o.o .: Hercegovačka bb., +387 65 650 972 (; Rent a car "Spaja" d.o.o .: Trebinjskih brigada bb., +387 65 520 275; Aleksic Trebinje Bus & Car Rental: Dr Draga Perovica no. 23, +387 65 987 517 (
  • Taxi: Trebinje Taxi: +387 65 661 555; Hello taxi: 1526 (; Anis d.o.o .: +387 65 986 116 (

Parking and public garages in Trebinje

There are two parking zones in Trebinje: ZONE I and ZONE II. Price of parking by zones:
  • ZONE I (3 KM (about 180 RSD) in the period from May 15 to September 15, the rest of the year 1.5 KM (about 90 RSD))
  • ZONE II (1.5 KM (about 90 RSD) for the period from May 15 to September 15, the rest of the year 1 KM (about 60 RSD))
  • All additional information about parking and parking prices in Trebinje can be found on the website of JKP "Parking service" Trebinje.

Surroundings of Trebinje

The area of ​​the City of Trebinje is located in the extreme southern part of the Republika Srpska and BiH. It is located in a great location so that it connects parts of BiH with Croatia and Montenegro. Locations worth visiting in the area are:
  • Dubrovnik (Croatia) is only 33 km away from Trebinje and as such serves many residents and tourists as an additional vacation and escape to the sea.
  • Herceg Novi (Montenegro) is only 39 km away, which means that in about 45 minutes you can relax in Montenegro by the sea. For many, this is a favorite one-day or weekend destination.
  • Neum is located about 88 km from Trebinje and is the only exit to the sea of ​​Bosnia and Herzegovina. That is why it has been one of your favorite destinations lately when you find yourself in Trebinje, and you want to finish your vacation on the Adriatic Sea.
  • Stolac is also located about 80 km from Trebinje. This is a small town in the heart of Herzegovina that offers a clean river, rich in natural beaches, and most importantly peace. If you are heading to Mostar from Trebinje, let this be a passing destination for you - you will not regret it.

History of Trebinje

  • Trebinje has had a turbulent history over the centuries. Important trade routes have led here since Roman times, and the proximity of Dubrovnik, one of the leading trade centers in the Balkans, certainly played a special role. Trebinje was first mentioned in the 10th century during the reign of Constantine Porphyrogenitus, under the name Tribunia. Today's name dates from the 16th century.
  • For a long time, the city was under siege by other nations, and only after 452 did it come to freedom. In 1918, the Serbian army entered Trebinje and liberated the city. To this day, it has undergone numerous changes, as evidenced by the cultural and historical monuments, religious buildings and structures of this area.

Geography and climate of Trebinje

  • Geography - The city of Trebinje is located in the extreme south of Republika Srpska, in Herzegovina. It is located on Popovo polje, below the mountain Leotar, and at an altitude of 273 m.
  • Climate - The climate in Trebinje is Mediterranean (Mediterranean) with short mild winters and long hot summers. Autumns are warmer than springs, and snow is rare. Today, Trebinje is the warmest city in the Republic of Srpska, ie Bosnia and Herzegovina (along with Mostar and Neum) with 260 sunny days. The average annual air temperature in the city is 14.5 ° C.

Demography of Trebinje

According to the 1991 census, the municipality of Trebinje had 30,996 inhabitants, and according to the recent census, it has 28,239 inhabitants. The majority of the population are Serbs, then Bosniaks and Croats.

Tradition and culture of Trebinje

  • Trebinje is the most famous region for its monasteries and churches, whose history and tradition this city faithfully preserves. There are numerous monasteries, and the best evidence of religion and tradition is: Hercegovacka Gracanica, Tvrdoš Monastery, St. Vasilije Tvrdoški and Ostroški, Zavala Monastery, Church of St. Argangela.
  • Trebinje has the largest number of monuments, 29 national monuments. Some of the most famous monuments are dedicated to Jovan Dučić, Jelena Anžujska, Peter II Petrović Njegoš and other greats. The city attaches special importance to Jovan Dučić and does not hide how proud he is of being a famous poet from Trebinje. This is evidenced by cultural events in his honor, the monument and Hercegovacka Gracanica. In addition, Trebinje nurtures tradition and culture through exhibitions, festivals, plays, film and music.

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