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Welcome to London

We take you through one of the most beautiful and most visited cities in the world. Discover the most famous attractions in London, the best tours, and enjoy the favorite activities, which are the most prominent symbols that make London special. Explore the best restaurants in the city, the fabulous places for nightlife, and how to find affordable accommodation. Take a digital tour with us through the capital of the United Kingdom and get ready to enjoy pubs, fish and chips, tea, and unforgettable cultural attractions.

The most important information about London

London has played a significant role in world history and continues to do so now. With almost 170 museums, countless palaces, and parks, this is a remarkable city worth visiting. Queen Elisabeth and her royal family live there as well. We may argue that this city is worthy of a queen, so why not pay it a visit to explore what makes it so unique?
  • History of London - London's turbulent history began with its founding as a Roman province, which the Saxons afterward conquered. This city withstood multiple Viking attacks as well as Danish and Norman rule. All of these transformations left permanent marks on the city, which we still can see today. Due to the development of the British Empire and technological advancements and successes, London became one of Europe's most important centers. Its role changed over the years and centuries, but landmarks remain a reminder of events and people who shaped its history.
  • Geography and time zone - London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and the largest area of this country. It is situated in the southeast of England and divided into 33 districts. Time zone - GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is the time zone of London, which puts it 5 hours ahead of New York and 1 hour behind Berlin.
  • Climate - This is an inland city characterized by a climate similar to South East England, with mild winter and summer temperatures. However, this city is known for having roughly 170 rainy days each year, so make sure to bring a raincoat. 
  • Demography - London has 9 million people: 44% of them are White British, while 37% of citizens are born out of the UK, and 24.5% are born outside of Europe. This makes London the largest city in the country, and the third in whole Europe. 
  • Tradition and culture - What is London unique for? - Even though some people consider London a grey and gloomy city, this is instead a lively metropolis. London is rich in culture and history, from its tea culture and famous breakfast to numerous old buildings and streets dating from various periods. We’ve all heard of well-known Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Westminister Palate, but this city has much more to offer. Traditional and modern elements combine in London, as do many diverse cultures that have contributed something unique. As a result, this city can provide whatever type of food you desire, from curry and steaks to pies and sweets.

London Travel Tips

Here you will find some of the most important information when it comes to visiting London. Some of them you should keep with you at any time, such as emergency numbers and dialing code prefix.
  • Official Language and other languages spoken - English is the official language of London. Nonetheless, a large number of other languages are spoken, approximately 250 to be precise. As a result, London is one of Europe's most linguistically diverse cities. People can be heard speaking Polish, French, Gujarati, Spanish, Portuguese, and various other languages on the streets.
  • Entering the city: Procedures and requirements - Check whether you require a visa or only a passport before traveling to the United Kingdom. You will need to contact the British Embassy in your country for more information. Citizens of EU countries, of The United States, Canada, Japan, Israel, and Australia, for example, do not require visas for entering the UK. But if you are traveling from a non-EU country, a visa will be required.
Important Numbers
  • Emergency number: 999 (police, ambulance, fire services, HM Coastguard)
  • Country Dialing Code Prefix - Dialing Code Prefix for the whole country is +44.
  • Emergency (dialed from mobiles): 112
  • Non-emergency number: 111 (this number you will dial if you need medical help, but it is not an emergency)
  • U.S. Embassy: 020 7499 9000
Money Tips
  • Currency - is the pound sterling (£, GBP). Currently, one pound equals 1,18 euro.
  • Without a doubt, London is an expensive city. Make sure you bring enough money with you because lodging can be costly. On the bright side, many museums in the city are inexpensive or free to enter.
  • Purchase your tickets and make all of your arrangements in advance. You'll save money and won't have to stand in long lines to see attractions.
  • Get a London Pass, which grants you access to several of London's monuments, including the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and the London Bridge Experience. It is less expensive than purchasing individual tickets.
  • Restaurants and bars in London often charge service, 12,5% percent of the bill. You don’t have to pay it, so keep an eye on your account when it comes.
Useful apps, free travel map
  • CityMapper - This handy app will help you to move through the city. It will provide you with complete directions and transportation information. From buses and trams to Uber and bike routes, you can compare prices and choose the best mode of transportation for you.
  • Santander Cycles - London is famous for its cycling culture. And if you want to be part of it, install this app. It will help you to find the nearest available bikes you can use to get around London.
  • YPlan - make a plan for a night out with this great app. You will find some exciting places to go out to and meet some incredible people.
  • The Pub Finder - if you are in London, you’ll want to have a good pint of beer. Check out this app for the best pubs in your surrounding. 
  • British St. Food - if you are tired of going to restaurants, you can always try different street food. With British St.Food, you will find the best places to try something delicious.

When to visit London?

The best period to visit London is in spring when the temperature is mild, and the whole city is in bloom. Summer is also a good choice, but don’t forget to pack a small umbrella or raincoat because London has many rainy days throughout the year.

How to get to London?

London is well-connected to a lot of major cities and countries. You can get to London by:
  • Plane - For now, London has six major airports: London City, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, Southend, and the largest Heathrow airport. You can easily travel to London from any continent, with low-cost or regular companies. Getting to the city by:
  • Train - London has twelve major railway stations located throughout the city's central area. Each station offers rail services to various parts of the country. Eurostar train will get you from other European cities to London in no time. 
  • Bus - Flixbus offers many departures from most of the bigger cities in the UK.
  • Car - It’s always great to take a car trip because you can freely visit cities and make your route. We recommend you make a plan and visit other cities on your way to London, such as Manchester, Liverpool or Cambridge and Oxford. Just keep in mind that in the UK people drive on the left-hand side. 

Activities for tourists in London

London has much to offer when it comes to activities for tourists. The best way to get to know the city is to take one of the tours we recommend to you. After that, enjoy the unique experience of shopping in London, or attend some of the most beautiful events and festivals.
Best tours 
  • Have you ever heard of hop-on/hop-of tours? You may not recognize it by its name, but you are undoubtedly familiar with the large red open-top buses that cross London every day. This is one of the most well-known excursions available in London. It's lovely, it's not too pricey, and you get to choose when you use it. This is a one-of-a-kind bus ride that you may take at any time of day. You need only one ticket for the entire day, and then the fun begins. You are free to board any bus you see and take off wherever it takes you. This is a fantastic way to get out and about in the city on your own. The most well-known buses are red, but different companies offer different-colored buses. That’s how you’ll know which one you can take. A single ticket that expires within 24 hours costs approximately 45 euros. Prices vary depending on whether you are traveling with children or the entire family.
  • River Cruise is a great way to explore the city along the River Thames. Different companies offer many services, such as serving sweets and London afternoon tea during the tour.
  • Jack the Ripper Ghost Walks is maybe one of the most famous themed tours you can get in London. Trace the steps of Jack the Ripper passing shadowy and eerie alleys and streets.
  • Cycling tours are also a great way to get to know London. If you want to feel the wind in your hair and have a bit of action, rent a bike and take a tour of London.
Best Shopping
  • You can visit numerous streets if you want to treat yourself or buy presents for your friends and family. Whole streets are dedicated to specific clothing, shoes, and various accessories. Oxford Street is dedicated to designer wear. From Swarovski and Calzedonia to John Lewis and Debenhams, you will find plenty of stuff to try on and buy.
  • Bond Street has all of the critical, high-fashion stores you can imagine. Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Tiffany & Co. will lead you through this street.
  • Notting Hill has a recognizable name and also famous and creative stores. This is a place where boho and chic people will find their paradise.
  • London Street Markets are the best places to bargain and to buy some authentic stuff. There you can buy clothes, some cool souvenirs but also excellent street food.
  • If you are a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, you are in luck! You can find plenty of Harry Potter stores in London. Maybe on your way, you will find platform nine ¾.
Events and festivals
  • Notting Hill Carnival - Every year on the last weekend of August, the streets of west London welcome the largest street festival in Europe. This special event is dedicated to the celebration of Caribbean culture and traditions. Enjoy great music and food, among many other activities during this colorful festivity. 
  • St. Patrick’s Day - Day dedicated to one of the most famous Irish patron saints is celebrated on 17 March. Even though this is traditionally an Irish holiday, it’s celebrated all over the country, including London. Dress in green for the occasion, as is customary, and enjoy great beer, music and activities during this holiday. 
  • BBC Proms - During summertime, from the end of July till the beginning of September, enjoy classical music events at affordable prices. The Royal Albert Hall and other London venues organize concerts of classical music in an informal atmosphere.
  • Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park - If you are in London during Christmas, you shouldn’t miss this glorious spectacle. Christmas markets, circus shows, live music concerts, and many other winter activities await you during this incredible celebration of New Year.
  • New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day Parade - On the 31st of December and 1st of January, the streets of London fill up with people who gather to welcome New Year. During New Year’s Eve, you will have an opportunity to see the most incredible fireworks over the famous landmarks of London. The next day, enjoy the winter carnival that runs through the streets of the city.
  • Wimbledon - In two weeks during summer, you can watch the best tennis matches in the world. But make sure to buy tickets in advance, so you don’t have to wait in lines on the day of the matches.
  • London Fashion Week - Alongside New York, Paris and Milan, London hosts the most famous fashion event globally. Don’t miss to see this significant fashion show that presents new collections of all the celebrated designers.

Tourist attractions in London

It was challenging to list just ten attractions when London has plenty of things to show and offer. We can start by mentioning the most important ones, and then it’s up to you to explore even further and find your favorite landmark of London.
  • Westminister Palace - Also known by the Houses of Parliament, this is an 1840 palace that hosts the two houses of Parliament of the United Kingdom. The original building was built in the XVI century but was demolished due to fire. Also, this is the place where the famous Big Ban stands. Today, Westminister Palace is the most famous symbol of England. The entrance is around 33 euros. 
  • Westminister Abbey - London's most famous and oldest religious building, dating from the XI century. In its interior preserves tombstones and mausoleums of famous British people. In there you can see, among many other things, King Edward’s Throne, Lady Chapel and College Garden, the oldest park in the UK. The regular price is around 24 euros.
  • Piccadilly Circus - Piccadilly Circus is the most famous square in London. In the middle of the square, there is the Eros Fountain and around it many stores, restaurants, and big neon signs.
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral - Second largest in the world, this cathedral is tall 111 meters. This is the place where Churchill’s funeral was held and the wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales and Lady Diana. This may be one of many signs of how great importance this cathedral is.
  • London Eye - Also known as Millennium Wheel, this 135 meters tall metal Ferris wheel was erected in 2000. From that time it became one of the most recognizable symbols of London. It has  32 glass capsules that can hold up to 25 people. The regular ticket price is around 32 euros. 
  • Hyde Park - Hyde Park covers 142 hectares, which makes it the biggest park in central London. It’s also known to be the oldest park in the city. If you visit Hyde Park on Sunday morning, you may stumble upon Speakers’ Corner, a place in the park where speakers and eccentrics step up to give speeches and discuss various topics, usually on religion and politics. 
  • Tower of London - Built in the XI century, this castle was home to a prison, then a royal residence, and was used as a fortress and an arsenal. Between the walls of this castle was executed famous Queen Anne Boleyn. Today you can explore its chambers for a price of 30 euros.
  • Tower Bridge - The place you must take pictures at when in London. This monumental drawbridge was built in the XIX century to connect the two sides of the Thames and allow the flow of ships on the River. It will take you around 5 minutes to cross this bridge on foot, so don’t miss the chance to do it!
  • British Museum - Visiting one of the world’s oldest museums is a real treat. Inside of British Museum, many antiques from Greece, Rome, Egypt, the Middle East and America are preserved. You will need some time to see seven million objects that are kept here. But, if you don’t make it in a day, don’t worry. YOu can always come back the next day since the entrance to this museum is free!
  • Big Ben - Last but not least, we present the Palace of Westminster’s famous clock tower to you. This tower is 96 meters tall. His fame talks about the fact that its Great Bell’s chimes were broadcasted by the BBC radio every day. You should not miss the chance to hear its sound

Accommodation in London

If you are visiting a prominent and well-known city such as London, you will have a vast range of options for lodging. We made a selection of accommodations you can book and enjoy during your stay in the city, based on your budget.
  • Hotels - Numerous hotels in London will provide you with the best service you can find. If you are searching for a five-star hotel in London, in a great location, consider booking a room at 45 Park Lane (night from 1000 euros), the famous Four Seasons Hotel (night from 700 euros), or The Chesterfield Mayfair (night from 250 euros). 
  • Rooms and Apartments - It’s straightforward to find a private room or an apartment in the whole of London, including the city center. Just near Hyde Park, you can find sheltered accommodation. Starting from 50 up to 100 euros per night, you can check out a vast offer. Apps for booking will be of great help while exploring and choosing a suitable apartment or a private room. 
  • Hostels and budget accommodation - For budget accommodation, you can always consult websites and apps that will help you find the one with the right price for you. Also, you can try couch surfing, an option that most young and adventurous people use nowadays. And if you are interested in staying in a hostel, we recommend Smart Hyde Park Inn Hostel and Wombat's The City Hostel London. Prices in hostels per night vary between 10 and 45 euros.

Best restaurants, food and drinks in London

If you're visiting London, don't miss out on the chance to try some of the world's best beers and traditional dishes. We'll take you on a culinary tour, and you'll be able to make the most of it.
  • Where to eat - Some of the specialties you mustn’t miss in London are traditional English breakfast, Fish and Chips, Beef Wellington. Even though there is a story you should drink tea at 5 pm, that is just a myth. You can experience the tradition of tea drinking also at 2 or 3 pm. It’s ultimately allowed. Bike Shed Motorcycle Club is an excellent choice if you are a beer and biker club fan. Some of the finest restaurants in London you can find are famous: Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Indian restaurant Chutney Mary, Momo or L'Enclume; DF Tacos Shoreditch, Street Pizza At York & Albany. 
  • Where to go out - There is a lot of fun stuff to do when in London. From stand-up shows and chill music to nightclubs, this city has to offer a variety of options. Keep in mind that pubs usually close at 11 pm, bars at midnight or 1.30 am, and clubs stand open up to 4 in the morning. The best areas to check for a club are East London, Soho, and Mayfair is just the right place for a bit more elegant night out.
  • Places unique for London - Pubs - Pubs are a must if you are visiting London. They offer a variety of events that often include good food and high-quality pints of beer. You can stumble into a stand-up comedy night, food night, or organized game watching (usually football). We recommend The White Swan, Prince of Peckham, The Montpelier, or a more elegant gastro pub such as Three Cranes. There is no mistake when it comes to pubs. They are one of the main symbols of London, so don’t miss visiting a couple of them.

Public transport in London

The best thing you can do for yourself when it comes to transport and tickets is to buy an Oyster Card. This card works as a rechargeable pass you can use for all kinds of public transport in London. It’s also cheaper than buying tickets every time separately. 
  • Buses - When at a bus station, always check routes and final destinations of buses. Since London is a vast city, it may be challenging to catch all the information needed. Feel free to install some of the apps we recommended you to move faster and more freely. Official London transport website also gives valuable information on bus routes and directions. The price of a regular ticket is around £ 1.50 (€ 1.80), but keep in mind that it cannot be paid in cash.
  • The London Underground - Tube- The London Tube has a network of 11 lines that operate in 9 zones. 1 and 2 are the ones most visited by the tourists. There are three groups of zones with different pricing. Those are: Zones 1-3: £ 4.90 (€ 5.80), Zones 1-5: £ 5.90 (€ 7) and Zones 1-6: £ 6 (€ 7.10). Usually, the approximate waiting time is around 2 or 3 minutes. 
  • Cycling - The healthiest and maybe the best way to get to know London. This is a widespread system of transportation in the city. Because of that, exists a bicycle-sharing system that will allow you to rent a bike anytime. And for renting a bike you will have to pay an access fee and usage charges. Paying is done with a bank card, not cash. Access fees are: for 24 hours: £ 2 (€ 2.40) and for 7 Days: £ 5 (€ 5.90). The first 30 minutes of usage are free, but from 30 minutes onwards, every additional half-hour costs £ 2 (€ 2.40).
  • Taxi - Famous Black Cabs. Extremely pretty and comfortable, but also extremely expensive. They apply different tariffs at different hours, so keep that in mind when calling a cab in London. For 10 minutes of the ride, you can be charged from £ 5.60 (€ 6.60) to £ 9 (€ 10.60).

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