Welcome to Pirot

One of the largest cities in Southern Serbia is an area that is in many ways characteristic and special. Its natural environment, the surrounding mountains: Stara, Vlaška, Suva, the connection with Bulgaria, the textile industry, delicious food, but also the remains of old tourist times are just some of the features that make Pirot special. We have selected for you all the details and the most important information about the city, as well as its tourist offer. Find the best accommodation, quality restaurants, the most famous places to relax and enjoy and plan the perfect trip.

Pirot Apartments


Pirot · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€17.52 night

Brvnara Riva

Pirot · Other locations · Vrandol
1 Bedroom · 2 Guests
€75.93 night

Vila Vuksanović soba 3

Pirot · Other locations · Vrandol
Studio · 3 Guests
€58.41 night

Vila Vuksanović soba 2

Pirot · Other locations · Vrandol
Studio · 3 Guests
€58.41 night

Vila Vuksanović soba 1

Pirot · Other locations · Vrandol
Studio · 3 Guests
€58.41 night


Pirot · City · Senjak
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€35.05 night

When to visit Pirot?

If there is a place that you must visit during the summer and winter period of the year, then it is definitely Pirot. There are a handful of reasons why you should visit this beautiful city and we will list just a few of them:
  • During the winter - One of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia and certainly the fastest growing mountain, Stara Planina, is the main reason to visit Pirot and its surroundings during the winter. Nine ski trails that are ideal for both beginners and experienced skiers are the main reason to visit this mountain. The immediate vicinity of Pirot to Stara Planina has made this city extremely desirable during the winter period of the year.
  • During the summer - A large number of mountaineering associations organize hiking and mountaineering tours on the tops of Stara Planina. Zavojsko Lake, the most beautiful waterfalls, beautiful gorges are part of what you must not miss in the vicinity of Pirot. But it would be worth visiting some of the traditional events in the city itself that maintain the spirit of this area, and are held mainly in the summer.

How to get to Pirot?

Pirot is the center of the district of the same name, which was named after Pirot, Pirot district. Dimitrovgrad, Knjaževac, Bela Palanka and Babušnica are located in the vicinity of Pirot, and Pirot also borders the border with Bulgaria in the length of 65 kilometers. The distance of Pirot from larger cities is Belgrade 304 kilometers, Novi Sad 400 kilometers, Nis 70 kilometers, Knjazevac 64 kilometers, Kragujevac 218 kilometers. You can get to Pirot in several ways:
  • By car - From Belgrade to the exit for Pirot, follow the highway E 75, after which you turn off on the A4 road, which will take you to Pirot. Approximate travel time is 3 hours and 10 minutes.
  • By bus - There are three daily departures from Belgrade to Pirot, organized by the Presto trucking company. The price of a one-way ticket is 2000 RSD, while the return ticket is 3000 RSD. The approximate travel time on this route is four hours. A much larger number of departures is organized from Nis to Pirot. A one-way ticket costs RSD 500, while a return ticket costs RSD 800. The approximate travel time on this route is 90 minutes. For detailed information, call the bus station Pirot on the phone number 010/342 548.

Activities for tourists in Pirot

When visiting Pirot, you will be offered a large number of activities that will satisfy everyone's needs. Whether you like a vacation by the water, or you love the mountains and the beautiful nature that Pirot and its surroundings offer, you will enjoy your stay in this beautiful city.
  • Excursion sites - Great excursion sites and lookouts you must visit if you are already in Pirot. One of the most beautiful lakes in this area, Zavojsko Lake, must be found on the route of tourist locations that you must visit. At the very entrance to the Stara Planina Nature Park there is a mountain lodge with an excellent ambience for recreation. Smilovica Lookout Tower and Tumba Lookout Tower are a real feast for the eyes.
  • Gorges, waterfalls and caves - Waterfalls in the vicinity of Pirot are said to be the most beautiful in all of Serbia. If you find yourself in Pirot, be sure to visit the Kurtulski waterfall, Čunguljski skok, Piljski waterfall and Tupavica waterfall. You will also be delighted by the beautiful gorges of this area, and only some of them are: the canyon of the river Visocica, the gorge of the river Temstica and the gorge of the river Gradašnička. Extremely interesting caves in this area are: Vatrena dupka cave and Velika pećina.
  • Beaches - There are three great beaches that Pirocans visit in the summer. On the right bank of the Nisava there is an open City beach, and a large number of locals like to refresh themselves on the quay near Nisava. If you prefer indoor pools, the indoor City Pool is the ideal destination for you.
  • Stara Planina Nature Park - There are 160 species of birds in the area of ​​Stara Planina, of which over 90 are listed as rare species. You can see black grouse, white eagle, golden eagle and bustard. There are several nature reserves on the territory of Stara Planina, of which we will single out only some: SRP Arbinje, Smrča, Tri čuke (habitat of pine curves), Vražja glava (habitat of maple and beech).

Manifestation and festivals in Pirot

If there is a place that can boast of wealth in the number of events and festivals that are held in it, then it is certainly Pirot. The following events and festivals should not be missed in Pirot if you are there during the period when they are held:
  • Traditional Pirot Fair - At the end of August every year, a traditional Pirot Fair is held, which used to be called the Pirot Fair. In addition to rich adult content, your kids will enjoy Luna Park.
  • Rafting on the Nisava - Every August 12, on the International Youth Day, a big descent on the Nisava is held. People from Pirovac and tourists descend Nisava with their boats and improvised vessels (inner car tires). This descent lasts two hours, and after the descent, goulash is prepared for all participants on the promenade next to the quay on Nisava.
  • Ironed sausage fair - One of the biggest culinary events in our country is the ironed sausage fair. This fair is held in Pirot in the sports hall Kay on the last weekend in January. After the downhill skiing in Stara Planina, visit this event and try the best sausages in our country.
  • Pirot Cultural Summer - From July 1 to August 31, a two-month event called the Pirot Cultural Summer is held. A rich cultural and artistic program takes place during the evening at several locations such as: town squares, Pirot's Kale Fortress, Kay Promenade, Museum of Humiliation, Archive Gallery.
  • Refreshment Festival - A festival of authorial creativity is held at the old medieval fortress of Kale. During this festival, numerous rock and roll bands from Serbia and the surrounding area are guests, and the goal of this festival is the promotion of young alternative Pirot bands.
  • Outdoor Festival Jerma - In mid-August, a festival is held in the canyon of the river Jerma, which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and nature protection. Until the 70s of the last century, this canyon was inaccessible. Steep cliffs, tunnels, caves are part of what awaits you when visiting this festival. nature and adrenaline lovers will enjoy the valley of the river Jerma.
  • Bishop's Plate Rafting - Every year in mid-August, rafting is organized next to the Bishop's Plate Gorge. One group of tourists descends by boat, while the other reaches this place on foot, descending from the Stara Planina. All participants during this event were accommodated in a camp in the village of Pakleštica.
  • International Folklore Festival - As part of the Pirot Cultural Summer, an international folklore fair is held when folklore ensembles from all over the world come to this beautiful city at the foot of the Old Mountain. The festival lasts for four days and begins with a parade of all participants to the town square.
  • Stara Planina Dishes Fair - In the village of Temska, the best housewives of all places from Stara Planina make traditional dishes of this region that they present to all visitors. You can try bean pihtije, sarmis in linden leaves, ram in a hajduk way, lamb, lamb and many other dishes.

Facilities for children in Pirot

The Pirot region does not lack content for your kids, and if you have been thinking about whether you can visit Pirot and its surroundings with your children, the answer is of course yes.
  • Skiing - A large number of ski trails and trails for beginners are available on Stara Planina, and this is one of the ideal destinations if you want your kids to learn to ski. Friendly ski instructors are at your disposal every day on the slopes of this mountain beauty.
  • Swimming pools - As we have already mentioned, there are three bathing areas where your children can have fun if they are swimmers. Your kids can't swim? No problem, during the whole summer, the swimming club Sveti Sava organizes a swimming school for children.
  • Luna park - Within the traditional Pirot fair, a large part is set aside for your children. Carousel, cars, slides, carousels, trampolines are just some of the things your children can have fun with during their stay in Pirot.
  • Educational part during the Outdoor Festival Jerma - If you want your kids to get to know the flora and fauna around the river Jerma a little better, be sure to visit this festival. Children will enjoy creative work with pedagogues and animators.

What to see in Pirot?

Pirot is a place that abounds in natural beauties and cultural and historical locations that should be seen. In the following part of the text, we will mention some locations that we recommend you to visit if you are in this city on the banks of the Nisava:
  • Monuments - Pirot was liberated from Turkey on December 28, 1877, and a monument to the Liberators from the Turks was erected in the old part of the city. This date is marked today as the day of Pirot. Kale Fortress (Momcilov grad), where certain parts of the film The Battle of Kosovo were filmed, and the Guševica fountain are some of the monuments that should be visited if you find yourself in Pirot.
  • Ponišavlje Museum - Visit the Ponišavlje Museum setting where you will find traditional objects of Pirot pottery. Pirot carpets and parts of clothes and shoes of Pirot and its surroundings. Since 1979, this building has been a cultural monument of exceptional importance.
  • Churches - On the territory of the City of Pirot, there are two Orthodox churches that believers will inevitably visit. These are the Cathedral Church in Tiabara and the Church of the Nativity. The Cathedral Church was built partly from the contributions of all Pirot craftsmen, while the Church of the Nativity was built exclusively from donations from wealthier people.
  • Carpet making workshop - In Pirot, there is a tradition of weaving for five centuries, and in this place you can visit a carpet making workshop. You can organize your visits on weekdays from 8 am to 3 pm. The Pirot carpet has 95 patterns and as many as 122 ornaments.
  • Pirot Quay - At the suggestion of the professor of the Pirot Gymnasium, Velimir Vukićević, the Pirot Quay was built in order to avoid frequent floods, which were often caused by the rising water from Nišava. In 1933, at the suggestion of the mayor Svetozat Misirlić, an alley was planted on the quay itself, and thus the quay got its present shape. Today, this is a favorite promenade in the city. In 2013, a roller coaster track, an outdoor gym and a trim track were built on the quay.

Accommodation in Pirot

Accommodation capacities on the territory of Pirot can be divided into three categories: hotels, apartments in the city, and accommodation in the countryside (Stara planina).
  • Hotel accommodation - There are several hotels in the city, so if you want to enjoy the complete atmosphere that Pirot hotels provide, this is the right choice for you. The top rated hotels in Pirot are: Hotel Alma, Hotel Gali, Crystal Light and Hotel Ana Luks. The price of bed and breakfast in a double room ranges from 1980 RSD and up.
  • Apartments (in the city) - If you want private accommodation in the city, this will not be a problem either. In Pirot there are many apartments and villas among which you will find some available for you. You can find bed and breakfast in a double room for 12 euros per person. Some of the best rated apartments are: Tosic Boban, Krstic Sonja, Gacev Dragana
  • Rural accommodation (Stara Planina) - If you came to visit Pirot for skiing or hiking in Stara Planina, the best option you can choose is accommodation in rural households at the foot of Stara Planina. Accommodation you can find several villages such as Dojkinci, Topli Do, Rsovci, Gostusa. The price of accommodation per person is 10 euros, while half board on a daily basis is 18 euros. Visit the households of Miroslav Pejić, Gordana Tošić, Dragan Igić or Najda Jandrić.

Important telephone numbers and information in Pirot

Here are some important phones you may need during your stay in Pirot:
  • Mountaineering Association Vidlič 010/311 724
  • Ambulance 194
  • AMSS Pirot 010/333 982
  • Bus Station 010/342 548
  • Pharmacy Pirot 010/312 030
  • Gas station Lukoil 010/322 264
  • Pirot Police Department 010/342 122
  • Sector for Emergency Situations Pirot 010/311 192
  • Exchange office Dedin S 063/447 762
  • Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia 063/466 461
  • Tourist organization Pirot 010/320 838

Where to eat in Pirot?

Catering facilities on the territory of Pirot that serve food can be divided into several categories. Depending on what you like and prefer, you can visit some of the following facilities:
  • Restaurants - In Pirot you will find restaurants of national and international cuisine. Since this area is known for good barbecue most restaurants are based on it. The best rated restaurants in Pirot are: Restaurant Ladna Voda, Restaurant Kod Piroćanca, Restaurant Lane Moje, Restaurant Desetka, Kraljev Čardak.
  • Pizzerias - We will single out several facilities that serve specialties of Italian cuisine that you should visit if you like this type of food: Pizzeria Paradiso Plus, Pizzeria Rosa, Pizzeria Minut Dva.
  • Fast Food and Bakeries - If you like to eat something in a hurry, and don’t want your meal to take up too much time the best options for you are bakeries and Fast Food facilities. Some of the best rated facilities of this type are: Cezar Fast Food, Čaršija, Fast food and barbecue Company, bakery Stefan and bakery Pravi Ukus.
  • Restaurants on Stara Planina - On the ski slopes on Stara Planina there is a restaurant Gondola and a restaurant Plaža. Whether you want a short break and light sandwiches in the breaks between ski descents, or whether you want serious dishes of local cuisine, you can try some of the specialties of these restaurants.
  • Pastry shops - We will single out several pastry shops where you can eat an excellent dessert, and the best rated pastry shops are: Rekord pastry shop, Mladost pastry shop and Pelivan pastry shop.

Where to go out in Pirot?

When you find yourself in Pirot, you will experience a cheerful atmosphere and a great time in some of the traditional Pirot cafes. These are places that, in addition to having a good time, will also serve you great food. In addition to the Pirot cafe, there are a large number of cafes, pubs and discos where you can expect a good time until the early morning hours. In the following part of the text we will list some of them:
  • Taverns - You can expect a great time with live music and traditional old folk songs in one of the following cafes: Dukat cafe, Bohem cafe, Mali Pevac cafe, Pirotska Avlija cafe.
  • Cafes and pubs - Pirot has something to offer for fans of a slightly different type of entertainment. If you prefer a good pop / rock gig or are a fan of popular music, visit some of the following cafes and pubs in Pirot: Pub Imperium, Crystal Bar, Sweet My Place, Dancing Bar Odeon and Pub Canucks.
  • Caffe Bar Trač - Night club with the recognizable name Trač, will offer somewhat more modern music and entertainment until the early morning hours. This is the most popular disco in Pirot and the place where the largest number of people gather on weekends.

Transport and taxi in Pirot

If you did not come to Pirot by your own car, you can travel by city bus and taxi.

City bus
On the territory of Pirot, a network of bus transport has been developed both in the city itself and in the suburbs. Bus transportation in Pirot is performed by several carriers and the ticket price varies from carrier to carrier. Due to that, the city administration of Pirot announced a competition for the selection of one carrier that will operate all buses o