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Welcome to Sombor

Sombor is one of the most beautiful cities in Vojvodina, a space that preserves and nurtures important cultural and historical landmarks and the memory of great people who lived and created in the city. The beautiful city atmosphere and numerous facilities have influenced Sombor to become a very attractive tourist destination. That is why we have selected all the most important information about the city and presented the entire tourist offer of Sombor: accommodation, restaurants, tours, excursions, attractions and sights. Find out what the city has to offer and get ready for the perfect trip.

Sombor Apartments

Dan 9

Sombor · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€40.89 night


Sombor · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 3 Guests
€37.38 night


Sombor · City · Center
2 Bedrooms · 4 Guests
€40.89 night

Citadela - Superior suite

Sombor · City · Center
2 Bedrooms · 5 Guests
€35.05 night

Citadela - Family suite

Sombor · City · Center
2 Bedrooms · 4 Guests
€26.87 night

Citadela - Velika dvokrevetna soba

Sombor · City · Center
1 Bedroom · 2 Guests
€21.03 night

When to visit Sombor?

It is safe to say that Sombor can be an ideal place for your vacation throughout the year. Much depends on whether you come to Sombor for recreation or business. However, Sombor is a city in Vojvodina that is ideal for all occasions and for all generations.
  • During the summer - A certain amount of content is available only during the summer. If you want to enjoy the beach of Čonopljansko Lake or swim, the best period to visit is late spring or summer.
  • During the winter - Even in winter, the city of Sombor offers many rich activities and attractions, such as great spas and wellness facilities, Vojvodina farms are equally popular, and important cultural and historical events.

How to get to Sombor?

Sombor is located in Vojvodina and belongs to the West Bačka District. Therefore, Sombor is one of the cities that are very well connected with the vast majority of cities in Serbia. The distance of Sombor from Nis is 441 km, from Belgrade 2015 km, while from Novi Sad it is exactly 100 km away.
You can get to Sombor in several ways:
  • By car - If you are going from the direction of Belgrade, join the E-75 highway and follow its route until you turn off for Sombor. From Belgrade to Sombor, this type of transport will take you a little less than three hours. 
  • By train - You can also get from Novi Sad and Subotica by train. The price of a one-way ticket is 534 dinars, while the price of a return ticket is 794 dinars. For all other information, call the Sombor Railway Station 025 / 418‑922
  • By bus - On this route, the transport is performed by 3 carriers: Lasta, Severtrans, and Best Komerc bus. The ticket price is 1150 dinars. The first departure from the station Sombor is at 04:00 h, while the last departure is at 18:00 h. From Novi Sad to Subotica, the lines are even more frequent, and for all additional information, call the bus station number (025) 44-11-66

Activities for tourists in Sombor

Sombor is a city of rich culture and tradition. Here, the traditional is intertwined with the modern, and all that is part of the unique spirit and offer of Sombor. Below we have singled out a few interesting activities for tourists:
  • A tour of the Dragić vineyard - Dragić Winery has a long and successful history of doing business and creating the best wine. In time, it became one of the better and more famous family wineries in the whole of Sombor and its surroundings. At the same time, it is an excellent location for enjoying the natural ambience, so this can be an ideal activity for all lovers of wine and the beautiful ambience of Vojvodina.
  • Visit to the Milan Konjović Gallery - Legacy with over 1000 works by Milan Konjović. A place that you should definitely visit if you are staying in beautiful Sombor.  Milan Konjović is a part of the rich history and culture of Sombor and is one of his most famous painters. Milan Konjović and Sombor are inextricably linked.
  • A walk along the main Sombor street - It is a beautiful and spacious street with a lot of shops where you can feel the authentic spirit of Vojvodina. It is filled with colorful buildings of many styles that tell the tails of Sombor's history. 
  • Enjoying the Barcode Wellness & Spa Center - This is one of the most famous hotels with a spa center in Sombor. Guests have at their disposal a beautiful and spacious indoor pool, alongside treatments. 
  • Going to the Sombor Theater - The Theater in Sombor is one of the best and most famous in all of Serbia. In addition to having a long tradition and an enviable repertoire, the culture of the theater in Sombor is highly valued and respected. 

Events and festivals in Sombor

Considering that we have already pointed out that Sombor is a city of developed tradition and culture, then it is not surprising that there are a large number of festivals and various events in this area:
  • Sombor Drama Evenings - This event is traditionally held every first half of June. It is a beautiful occasion that celebrates acting, especially monologues. This event regularly gathers a vast number of amateur drama societies and gives them a chance to show all their talents.
  • Sombor Theater Marathon - Another event that concerns the world of acting and is also held in June. It is an interesting and educational theatrical marathon. This event has a long tradition, existing since 1993. During three days and three nights, one after the other, plays of the Sombor theater and performances of guest theaters are performed, making it an impressive event that is worth your visit.
  • Eco music festival Regeneracija Dunava- For all lovers of music and good sound, this music festival also carries a strong message. The event proudly presents a series of educational events that raise awareness around the importance of the Danube, with musical performances in the form of two-day reggae concerts. The festival is held at the Eco-Recreation Center.
  • Street of Old Crafts - This event promotes the traditional crafts of Serbia. Craftsmen can promote and sell their unique services, products, and inventions. It is held at the end of June in the center of Sombor, and the program is diverse so that all generations can enjoy it equally.
  • Sombor Literary Festival - In May, this beautiful event is held, which promotes Serbian literature and the written word. In addition, for the first time, contemporary trends in domestic literature are presented here, and the relationship between literature and the world, society, and film is discussed today.
  • Sombor music festivities - An ideal event for lovers of classical music. During April, the Laza Kostić Cultural Center from Sombor organizes classical music concerts for its fellow citizens.
  • Laza Kostić Day - Laza's bench is located on St. George's Square, and every June, it welcomes the Laza Kostić Day literary event. The song Santa Maria della Salute was the main inspiration for launching this unique event.

Activities for children in Sombor

If you plan on coming to Sombor with the kids, have no worries. From many parks to run around to entertaining events, your kids will love this colorful city. Here are some of the options:
  • Sombor Children's Summer - It is held every June and August. This is a perfect opportunity for many children to gather and enjoy educational programs and music. The event is organized under the auspices of Sombor.
  • Colorful vocals - This is a trendy and successful children's music festival that celebrates the best and most talented participants. The children's music festival Colorful Vocals was created in 2010 to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Sombor Singing Society. Children compete in categories and receive prizes at the end. 

What to see in Sombor?

  • Church of St. George - This church is under the protection of the Republic of Serbia as a monument of great cultural and historical significance. It was built on the site of an old church that was renovated during Turkish rule.
  • Gymnasium in Sombor - One of the symbols of the city of Sombor and the center of its learning. The high school in Sombor has specialized classrooms and cabinets for natural and social sciences, a sports field, and a gym.
  • Monuments and fountains - Fountains and monuments are only one part of the rich Serbian cultural heritage and at the same time some of the biggest attractions in the cities of Serbia. Some can be real works of art, while others can symbolically remind us of critical historical events.
  • Karapandža Eco Center - It is a collection of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, with its largest area being occupied by marsh and floodplain forests. The reserve is usually open every day from 10 am to 6 pm.
  • Museum of the Battle of Batin - As the name suggests, it is dedicated to the famous Batin fight and its influence on the further course of the Second World War in Yugoslavia and the whole of Europe. Admission is 150 dinars, but students and children always have a discount.

Accommodation in Sombor

Sombor offers a range of rich and diverse accommodation facilities whose prices, of course, depend on equipment, size and other more or less luxurious amenities. However, the offer of accommodation is rich, so you can easily find something for everyone's taste. The average price of a night in Sombor is around 3000 dinars.
  • Hotels- Garni Hotel Andrić, Barcode Wellness & Spa
  • Apartments- Apartment Cute & Cozy, Spring
  • Motels- Knez Petrol, Krnoic
However, the best and biggest offer can be found on the page Apartments Sombor

Phone numbers of important services

We've listed some of the services that you may need on your visit to Sombor:
  • Police 92
  • Fire department 93
  • Ambulance 94
  • Medical center "Dr Đorđe Lazić" 025 / 483-566
  • National Pharmacy 025 / 412 - 079
  • Bus station 025 / 441 - 166
  • Railway station 025 / 418 - 922
  • Sombor Fire department 025 / 466 - 594
  • Electricity distribution 025 / 465 - 200
  • Center for Social Work 025 / 482 - 499

Where to eat in Sombor?

Sombor is also known for its delicious delicacies and traditional Vojvodina dishes.
  • Ethno Restaurant Fijaker- This famous restaurant is number one on our list for a reason. In addition to a great offer of food and drinks, this restaurant, located on Sonje Marinković Street, has a beautiful garden with a small lake and a bridge, and a special place in the garden is occupied by a recognizable carriage. It is located in Hero Park.
  • Restaurant Slon - This famous restaurant is located in a building more than 50 years old. Experienced chefs will prepare the food for you according to good old recipes. Have breakfast for less than 500 dinars, or treat yourself to the famous Stara slonovaca, a portion that covers all grilled dishes and side dishes for 2,430 dinars.
  • Restaurant Andrić- For all lovers of seafood and fish specialties, restaurant Andrić is an ideal spot. It is best known for its excellent fish soup and delicious grilled trout. Visit it at Naselje Strand 5.
  • Restaurant Gradska Kafana- Appetizers, soups and stews, pasta, somersaults, grilled dishes, pizzas, and desserts, you can find it all on the menu of this Sombor cafe. The prices are affordable. Kralja Petra 1 is the location of this restaurant.
  • Nas salas - The ideal place to enjoy beautiful nature and delicious meals for the whole family. Sea soup, Bačka potatoes, pheasant soup, and rooster stew are a must-try.

Where to go out in Sombor?

As one of the largest cities in Serbia, Sombor boasts a rich nightlife. Whether you are a fan of pubs and folk music or you like somewhat alternative sounds, there is a suitable place for you in Sombor:
  • Club 2- This place is perfect for good parties that can last until the early morning. During the day, it is an ideal place to relax and enjoy a coffee, while at night, it becomes a real club that gathers many visitors. It is located at: Trg Koste Trifkovića 4
  • Club Eden- In Ernesta Kiša 2, you can find this famous Vojvodina club. A large selection of various types of drinks, professional and fast staff, and great music is what you can find in this disco. Besides that, the club ambiance was done with special care and good taste.
  • Maxi Club- This famous nightclub is located on Filipa Kljajića Street 25. It has a very recognizable interior. It provides the best entertainment for all visitors and creates unforgettable moments. A large selection of drinks, professional service, and the best bands awaits you here, and of course, the best parties in town. 

Transport and taxi in Sombor

A large number of lines run several times a day and will take you and return you from one end of the city to the other without any problems.
  • Public transport - The city transport in the suburbs is well organized. The price of a ticket on public transport is 65 dinars, while a ticket for a night ride is 90 dinars.
  • Taxi - A large number of taxi services are at your disposal. In the first tariff, the start costs 95 dinars, and the mileage is charged 70 dinars, while in the night tariff, on weekends and holidays, the start costs 120 dinars, and the mileage 90 dinars. The most famous taxi services that work 24/7 are: R-Taxi Service 025 450450 MAXI TAXI Sombor 025 442222 Alo Taxi 025 469469

Parking and public garages in Sombor

The outdoor parking space is divided into four zones. You can pay for parking via a parking ticket (which you buy at the kiosk) and via SMS. Pregnant women and people with disabilities do not pay for parking spaces. For more information, call the Sombor parking service on 0800 102 125
  • Extra zone - 9250 in which one hour of parking costs 44 dinars
  • Zone I-9251 or Red parking ticket that will cost you 39 dinars per hour
  • Zone II- 9252 or Yellow parking ticket for 26 dinars per hour
  • Zone III- 9253 or Green parking ticket with a price of 55 dinars per hour
  • Gray zone - All-day parking in the Gray Parking Card will cost you 189 dinars

Surroundings of Sombor

The surroundings of Sombor are as beautiful and important as its center. 
  • Bački breg- This quail, Vojvodina village is located in the northwest of Vojvodina. Beautiful nature and wonderful ambiance are what this village offers to its guests, as well as clean and fresh air.
  • Čonopolje Lake - This is a small but undoubtedly beautiful lake that can be an ideal location for a family trip in nature. Our suggestion is to have a small picnic by the lake. In addition, this lake is ideal for all anglers because it is incredibly rich in various types of fish.
  • Gornje podunavlje special nature reserve - Gornje podunavlje is one of the destinations where you can still enjoy sailing on the blue and beautiful Danube. This is an opportunity to explore the endless river canals, but also to enjoy the peaceful nights of rural households, as well as authentic fish specialties.
  • Karapandža Eco Center - This is a protected natural asset that stretches along the left bank of the Danube River and is part of a large complex that stretches to Hungary and Croatia. This is a natural treasure and a real gem of this area. 

History of Sombor

  • Sombor in the past - The first mention of Sombor dates back to the 14th century, on the manorial estate of the branched Hungarian family Cobor. Sombor was under Turkish rule for 146 years and gradually became a large town with many authentic Vojvodina houses. During the Austrian rule, Sombor was particularly important because it was inhabited by Serbs under Arsenij Čarnojević.
  • Sombor today - In the modern and contemporary good, the city of Sombor has become important for the whole country. Sombor is the permanent seat of the large Bačko-Bodroška County, which covers the entire area between the Danube and the Tisza. Many cultural and educational events occur in this city, and many essential institutions exist. Today, Sombor is an important administrative, economic and cultural-educational center. 

Geography and climate of Sombor

  • Geography of Sombor - Sombor is located in the northwest of Vojvodina, at the bottom of the basin of the former Pannonian Sea. It borders Hungary and the territory of Croatia. Considering that Sombor is a city in Vojvodina, it is not surprising that this city is mostly of plain relief.
  • The climate of Sombor - The climate of Sombor is pleasant and suitable for many. The cathedral has a temperate-continental climate. The lowest temperatures were recorded in January, while the highest was in July. The climate of Sombor is also affected by the flow of air masses from Russia and Central Europe, as well as winds coming from the north.

Demography of Sombor

  • According to the 2016 census, 81,401 people are living in Sombor.
  • The city of Sombor is ethnically diverse and has more than twenty different nationalities. The majority are Serbs, followed by Croats, Hungarians, Bunjevci, Yugoslavs, and Montenegrins.

Tradition and culture of Sombor

Sombor is considered by many to be the greenest city in the country. All visitors can enjoy the richness of cultural heritage, natural beauty, old crafts, hunting and fishing, quality wines, farms, and ethno houses in Vojvodina. We have singled out a few more features of the culture and tradition of Sombor:
  • Sombor County - The symbol of the city of Sombor is certainly this magnificent and imposing building. The county is surrounded by a dense and high row of thuja and a beautiful park. In addition to the beautiful architecture, our recommendation is to see a significant picture of the Battle of Senta, the largest canvas in all of Serbia.
  • Sombor wine-Vojvodina wine is the best and highest quality in the whole country. A long tradition of keeping and making wines is nurtured here. The famous Sombor Triangle is a special area with three vineyard regions. In addition, the entire region around Sombor is a plain, which makes it a very suitable land for making wine.
  • Sombor farms - These authentic, Vojvodina ethno-villages are ideal places for all generations. In Sombor's farms, everyone will find the perfect combination of all the natural beauties, unreal ambiance, and delicious local cuisine. 
  • Multiculturalism - Sombor is recognizable by the fact that several different ethnic communities and several different religions live in this city, which is equally respected and respected. Numerous churches and temples that belong to entirely different religions testify to that.