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Welcome to Ulcinj

A new favorite summer destination in Montenegro keeps improving its tourist offer from season to season. That's why we've decided to dedicate an entire page to Ulcinj and present its entire offer through a variety of content and detailed information. We have selected information for you that will help you get to know this Montenegrin city in the best light and see quite realistically whether this is the ideal place for your summer vacation. Our page will lead you through the best catering and accommodation offers of Ulcinj, as well as activities and attractions to enrich your stay in this Adriatic city. Consider what we've presented to you, get to know Ulcinj, and weigh whether it is the destination of your next vacation. We warmly recommend it and guarantee that this town will provide you with unforgettable moments.

Ulcinj Apartments

Ribarska kucica na Bojani

Ulcinj · City
3 Bedrooms · 7 Guests
€140.19 night

Sofi 2

Ulcinj · City · Small Beach
Studio · 2 Guests
€35.05 night

Sofi 1

Ulcinj · City · Small Beach
2 Bedrooms · 5 Guests
€87.62 night

Apartman Nejla

Ulcinj · City · Gjerana
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€70.09 night

When to visit Ulcinj?

Ulcinj is definitely one of those cities that you must not miss during any season. However, what we must mention is that Ulcinj is certainly the most visited during the summer season, precisely because Ulcinj is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. If you have asked yourself why to spend your vacation in Ulcinj, we offer you a solution. There are a handful of reasons, and we present to you some of the most basic ones:
  • During summer - The city of Ulcinj is the first large city on the Adriatic, located after the Otranski vrat, a natural hinterland that stretches to Rumija and Lake Skadar. Ulcinj is surrounded by incredible vegetation, but also beautiful water surfaces, landscaped fairy-tale beaches, olive groves and the famous Bojana river. Due to all of the above, it is not surprising that Ulcinj is one of the favorite resorts of international and domestic tourists.
  • During winter - As for the winter period, the city offers great activities, attractions and events that you can visit and fill your free time with. During the colder weather, Ulcinj is significantly less burdened by tourists, and offers its visitors the relaxing atmosphere of a seaside town that, combined with the spirit of the holidays, creates an idyll.

How to reach Ulcinj?

Ulcinj is well connected by land and waterways with the rest of Montenegrin, Balkan and European cities. The distance between Ulcinj and other major cities of Montenegro is as follows: Bar 27 km, Budva 65 km, Podgorica 78 km, Kotor 87 km, Tivat 89 km, Cetinje 92 km, Herceg Novi 109 km. Here are some ways to get to Ulcinj:
  • By car - The journey to Ulcinj from Belgrade takes an average of 9 hours, with minor or major deviations due to congestion at border crossings, but also due to the possibility of traveling on roads with or without toll booths. If you have decided to go via Cacak, you can head towards Zlatibor or Kraljevo. The main transit routes to other European countries are: to the north E65 or E80 (Belgrade and Central Europe), to the west (Western Europe, Bosnia and Niksic) E762, to the south (Adriatic coast) E65 or E80, to the east (Albania) E762.
  • By bus - Montenegro is well connected with Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and other surrounding countries. During the summer and winter seasons, many private carriers transport tourists to their desired destinations. For more information, you can call the bus station in Ulcinj (+382 67 067 545). The bus line from Podgorica to Ulcinj will cost you 7 EUR, and the journey takes an average of 1 hour and 45 minutes, while the journey from Bar takes about 30 minutes, and the ticket price is 3 EUR.
  • By train - This traffic takes place on the main railway route Belgrade-Podgorica-Bar. The price of a 2nd class ticket is EUR 42 with a seat reservation surcharge of EUR 3 (the surcharge is valid for one direction only). The total price of a ticket for 2nd class on the route Belgrade - Bar - Belgrade is 45 EUR, while for 1st class the total price is slightly higher and amounts to 66.60 EUR.
  • By plane - If you want to arrive in Ulcinj faster, we strongly recommend that you use air transport. Ulcinj is 72 km from the airport in Podgorica, and 85 km from the airport in Tivat. From those cities, you can go further to Ulcinj by land transport.

Tourist activities in Ulcinj

During your visit to this wonderful city of Ulcinj, you will realize that the city has a lot to offer its visitors. Ulcinj did not leave anyone indifferent or disappointed. There are many different activities in front of you to fill your free time.
  • Swimming - One of the most popular attractions is bathing itself. Ulcinj has a huge advantage in its geographical position, precisely for the reason that it is washed by salt water on one side, while on the other side it is washed by fresh water. The Adriatic Sea is ideal for swimming, but we cannot leave the beautiful freshwater Bojana River on which the famous island of Ada Bojana was formed. In the immediate vicinity of Ulcinj there is Sasko lake - a crypto depression that is an ideal place for a trip in nature, playing sports, but also swimming in warm water.
  • Bird watching - Ulcinj, like Tivat, has its own salt pan, which is located in the extreme south of the country and occupies about 14.5 square kilometers of salt pools. Due to the favorable climate and vegetation, this unusual area has become a habitat for over 241 species of birds. This figure accounts for about 50% of the total number of bird species registered in Europe. Although there are larger salt pans throughout the region, this salt pan is characterized by the high quality of species and their abundance. Here, there are almost 15 permanent species that nest in the saline pools, but also rest during the winter and autumn months. We strongly recommend that you visit this wonderful nature reserve if you are a bird lover. Bring binoculars, be quiet and enjoy the fruits of nature.
  • KiteSurf - Kite surfing is an unusual adrenaline sport, and if you are a fan of active vacations, Ulcinj offers this possibility right in the palm of your hand. Kite surfing is a combination of several extreme sports such as surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding and paragliding. This sport is relatively young, as it was created at the end of the 90s of the 20th century, more precisely in 1997. The sport found its fans in a short time. As early as the beginning of 2000, surfers arrived in Montenegro, and then Velika Plaža became and remains their favorite haven, precisely because of the wind that blows every day, but also because of the large number of sunny days a year. There are training schools on Velika Plaža, but it is also possible to rent equipment. Prices roughly range from EUR 100 to EUR 350, depending on the number of classes and the season. The beginning of the season is the most favorable, while July and August are extremely expensive. Different competitions are organized here to promote this sport.

Festivals and events in Ulcinj

If you happen to be in Ulcinj at the time of organizing one of the famous festivals, we strongly recommend that you do not miss it.
  • Summer Scene - In the Old Town of Ulcinj, on the Slave Square just below the Balsic Tower, an event called the Summer Scene takes place. This manifestation lasts during the first three weeks of August. Every evening, visitors attend interesting and above all fantastic dramatic, literary and musical programs organized by foreign and domestic authors and artists.
  • Book Fair - The event is traditionally held every year at the end of July and beginning of August. The book fair has been going on for 12 years. At this event, numerous publishers from around the world, as well as from the country, present their latest and most popular works.
  • International Children's Festival - This manifestation is held every year in the month of December in the House of Culture in Ulcinj. The international children's festival has a competitive character where children perform songs that are performed for the first time at the festival at the singing competition. Well-known creators from the region, but also from Montenegro gather here, such as composers, arrangers and songwriters who contribute to the cultural program. The International Children's Festival is considered one of the most prestigious children's festivals in the region.
  • Motorcycle event - Every year in Ulcinj, at the beginning of June, an event is organized that gathers motorcycle lovers. Different visitors from around the world come here, organized by the Pirates motorcycle club. Motorcycle games are organized at this traditional gathering, and definitely the most interesting part of the event is the parade of hundreds of two-wheelers through the streets of Ulcinj.

Activities for kids in Ulcinj

Ulcinj is the southernmost coastal Montenegrin town that will be interesting for your little ones precisely because of its spacious beaches and various activities with which they can fill their time, such as:
  • Activities on Ada Bojana - The famous island surrounded by freshwater and saltwater is the perfect place for family fun with your little ones. Along with swimming and water activities, children will also be delighted with sports on the beach itself. Take your kids horseback riding, and with the help of an instructor, they will love it in no time.
  • Indoor playgrounds - Ulcinj offers specially designed spaces with a variety of content for children, so if you decide to spend your summer in this city with your family, we guarantee that you will not regret it. In the playrooms, you will be greeted by animators, bouncy castles, and group games, and it is also possible to organize birthdays and other celebrations.

What to see in Ulcinj?

Ulcinj offers tourists who visit it many different interesting things and localities that they can visit. If you spend your vacation in Ulcinj, you will not be disappointed. Below, we have selected some of the most famous attractions that you must not miss in Ulcinj:
  • Ulcinj Old Town - The Old Town is one of the oldest architectural units on the Adriatic Sea. It is considered that the Old Town with Illyrian ramparts, markets, squares, Citadel, blocks of houses and various objects is one of the most important cultural and historical monuments of inestimable importance. The oldest remains of the city are the ramparts dating back to the Illyrian period. In the 6th century, the city got a lower gate through which you enter from the sea and an upper gate through which you enter from the land. On this area are the Balšić Tower - the tower of the most powerful family from the vicinity of Shkodër, as well as the Palace and Palaces. Also, the Old Town was once known as a large slave market, and it is believed that the famous Spanish writer Cervantes was also a slave here.
  • Ada Bojana - The Bojana River originates from Lake Skadar and is about 44 km long, making it the third largest in the Mediterranean in terms of water volume. A legend is associated with the origin of Ada, which says that a ship sank into the sea at the mouth of the Bojana River after a storm. It is believed that nature grew around the ship and that the ship together with two small islands began to build an ada. Ada is triangular in shape and is washed by the river on two sides, while sea water washes it on one side. It covers about 600 hectares, and is the most famous tourist gem. Ada Bojana is also known for its nudist beach, which is skillfully hidden from view. However, these years the sea is increasingly taking the land part of Hades, which is disappearing under water. We recommend that you never miss this place. Seize the opportunity until ada merges with the depths of the sea forever.
  • Valdanos Bay - This bay is a bay of peace, beauty and love, a bay of natural riches and olive growing. Valdanos Bay, together with its 376-meter-long beach, was declared a Natural Monument. The olive grove is the largest living monument of olive growing in Montenegro. In the area of ​​this bay, there are about 18,000 olive trees that are about 800 years old, while there are also some that are over 2,000 years old. It is easily accessible and you will regret not visiting it. Natural beauty is extremely difficult to describe in words, because it is taken away part by part of what makes it so - beautiful. Spend a phenomenal excursion in the area of ​​the bay and make sure that life is beautiful.
  • Religious buildings - Ulcinj is a city characterized by a large number of religious buildings both in the city and on the outskirts of the city. One of the most important religious institutions is the Church of St. Nikola in Ulcinj, which was built around 1880 after the Montenegrins liberated Ulcinj. This church is dedicated to all the heroes who died for freedom. The church is located in a beautiful natural environment. It is surrounded by olive groves, and among its sacred walls it keeps valuable frescoes. In addition to this church, visit the Clock Tower, St. Mary's Church, St. George's Church, Bratica Church, St. Basil's Church and numerous mosques.

Accommodation in Ulcinj

Ulcinj is a city that offers a large selection of accommodation units that are ideal for everyone's taste and affordable to everyone's pocket. Accommodation capacities can be divided into the following categories:
  • Hotels - In Ulcinj there are several very high-quality hotels that offer the best possible offer to their tourists. If you like this type of accommodation, we suggest you to stay in one of the following hotels: Hotel Ajana, Hotel Gothia Ulcinj, Padam Hotel & SPA, Hotel Hoti II, Hotel Palata Venezia, Boutique Hotel Salina, Hotel Pirate Old Town. As for the prices, they vary from the location, the offer and the rating that the hotel has. The average price for a double room starts from 90€ and up, while for exceptionally rated hotels, the price starts from 140€ and up.
  • Apartments - If you prefer quieter parts, we recommend that you stay in one of the fantastic apartments that Ulcinj offers. The apartments are mostly located in quieter areas, surrounded by wonderful nature. Some of the best rated are: Casa Al Mare, Riviera Inn apartments, Ceka Apartments, Apartments Basha 1 - Long Beach, Apartments Timoni. The price of a night is on average around 60€ and up, depending on the ratio of quality and service.
  • Camps and resorts - The city of Ulcinj offers its tourists an interesting offer of accommodation, if they come with camper houses. Ulcinj is known for this type of accommodation, and some of the famous camps are: Auto Camp ADA BOJANA, Auto Camp COPACABANA, Auto Camp MIAMI, Auto Camp SAFARI.

Phone numbers of important services

Below we have selected important phone numbers that may be needed during your stay in Ulcinj:
  • The area code for Ulcinj is 030
  • Police station 122
  • Fire department 123
  • Ambulance 124
  • Roadside assistance 19807
  • The international number for emergency calls is 112
  • Bus station +382 67 067 545
  • Auto-moto company 412 691

Where to eat in Ulcinj?

Catering facilities with a phenomenal food offer can be classified into several categories. Depending on what you like to eat and how much time you have to eat, we recommend you visit some of the following establishments:
  • Restaurants - In Ulcinj you will find restaurants of both national and international cuisine, because this is a seaside town that lives on tourists, but also a town that is located on the border between Montenegro and Albania. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a wide range of gastronomic offers. The best rated restaurants in Ulcinj are: LA TAVOLA - Steakhouse & Pizzeria, Antigona Restaurant, Higo Restaurant & Lounge, Restaurant Taphana, Restaurant Fisherman Hari.
  • Pizzerias - We will single out several establishments that serve specialties of Italian cuisine that, if you are a fan, you must not miss: Proper Pizza Ulcinj, Papillon, Restaurant Pizzeria Palma, Restaurant Pizzeria ELITA.
  • Fast food and bakeries - If you like to eat something quickly, and you don't want or simply don't have time for your meal to last longer, the best options for you are bakeries and fast food establishments. Some of the best-rated establishments of this type in Ulcinj are: Fast Food Astoria, Hamburger AGA, Chicken Corner Ulcinj, Sahat Kula 2 - Fast Food, Fast Food Mili, Pekara Evropa, Dan i noc, Pekara Furra AROMA, Pelivan, PELIVAN - 1, Sofra bakery.
  • Pastry shops - We will single out several confectioneries where you can indulge in phenomenal sweets, and the best rated confectioneries are: Confectionery Holiday, Confectionery Minion, Antep Baklava, Holiday 2 Ice Cream, Confectionery Gostivari.

Where to go out in Ulcinj?

A perfect night out is one of the most important items that every city that lives on tourism must fulfill. In the following text, we will list some of the facilities that are great for having a good time during the day and night:
  • Cafes and bars - With good music and a relaxing atmosphere, during the day you can enjoy the wonderful cafes and bars in Ulcinj. Some of the famous and popular cafes and bars are: Timoni, Caffe Bar Fox, Roma, Caffe Bar Downtown, Urban Caffe Restaurant, South Bar, Caffe Bar BARON.
  • Discotheques and clubs - Do you like a heated atmosphere, alcohol and fast music until the morning hours? Discotheques are the right solution for you, which offer you the opportunity to experience such entertainment. We recommend you to visit some of the best rated discos: Club Egoist, Club Fama, Club Primavera, Far Club, Riva Club, H2O, Casa De Papel Open Bar.

Transportation and taxi services in Ulcinj

Ulcinj is connected by city and intercity lines that run along the Adriatic highway, so we can say that it has excellent connections with all other Montenegrin cities, as well as cities in the region.
  • Public transportation - Lines of city, intercity and international traffic are very developed, and Ulcinj is connected to all cities in the state of Montenegro, as well as the Balkans, as well as major cities in Europe. On the website, you can view the timetable, ticket price and route taken by the carrier for the required route.
  • Taxi services - Taxis are an indispensable part of any tour or return from a night out. There are many taxi operators, and these are the best of them: De Lux Taxi +382 69 686 611, Kalaja Taxi +382 19761, Pasha Taxi +382 19745, Smart Taxi +382 19788.

Parking in Ulcinj

On the territory of the city of Ulcinj, you can find parking spaces that are divided into certain categories of zones, and each zone has a different price during the season and off-season. The price of the ticket depends on the zone you are in, as well as the time period when you visited this coastal city. Pay attention to the prohibitions on extending your parking space.
  • Red zone - The price of an hour started in the red zone in season is 0.60 EUR, while outside the summer season, it is 0.40 EUR.
  • Yellow zone - The price of the starting hour in the yellow zone in the season is 0.40 EUR, while in the off-season, it is 0.30 EUR.

Surroundings of Ulcinj

Ulcinj is a coastal city that, in addition to its rich cultural history, can also boast of the incredible fairy-tale nature that surrounds it. We cannot say that Ulcinj is better known for its beauty or historical importance. One thing is certain - nature will take your breath away, and the remnants of past days will make you think carefully about how it used to be to live and walk in these areas.
  • Pine forest - The forest extends over about 2 km of beach and is a beautiful promenade. However, the forest did not only contribute to this environment with its incredible appearance. On the contrary, the pine forest has an extraordinary health and recreational function. In this area is also the famous Women's Beach, which with its sulfur springs is a paradise for women who have problems with conception. Also, the Pine Forest is good for people who have problems with respiratory tracts, so even in the last century, doctors advised parents and children with asthma to visit this miraculous place. There are also several bars where you can rest and have lunch. The smell of the sea and the smell of the pines will enchant your mind and you will definitely want to come back.
  • Kruce - In the place called Kruce, at the beginning of the Ulcinj riviera, there are the ruins of the old town, which were once believed to be the remains of ancient Ulcinj. The ruins were mentioned for the first time in 1376, and they are also mentioned in Venetian historical writings. This settlement is believed to have sunk after a massive earthquake in 444 BC. Later research revealed that there were various buildings here, starting with an ancient signal station and ending with a fortress from the Middle Ages. The rampart on the northern side and the smaller houses located in the interior have been preserved. In this bay, the remains of large country houses that the famous and wealthy noblemen of Ulcinj built as their summer houses are still visible. That is why there are still a large number of vineyards and olive groves here, and Kruce remains and once again becomes one of the favorite destinations in the Ulcinj area.

History of Ulcinj

  • Name - There are several theories about how the city of Ulcinj got its name. One of the theories says that Ulcinj was first called Kolkhinon after the Greek colonists from the city of Colchis who founded this city. There are sources that tell us that the Romans called it Colchinium. Ul-cinj later arose from that Kol-hinium.
  • Rule - Ulcinj has been mentioned since ancient times under different names such as Ulcini, Dulcinium, Licini. During the reign of Emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus, Ulcinj was under Byzantine rule, while later it became part of the state of Nemanjić. After the new period, Ulcinj became a city under the administration of the Venetians, then under the administration of the Ottomans. Finally, Ulcinj was liberated in 1880, when many heroes gave their lives. In their honor, the Cathedral Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas was built, which still exists today.

Geography and climate of Ulcinj

  • Geography - Ulcinj is the first significant city located after the Otranski vrata. The municipality of Ulcinj covers an area of about 255 square kilometers. Ulcinj is known for its natural and historical treasures. The city has in its possession the longest sandy beach in Europe, the Great Beach, which stretches for 13 km. Ulcinj is located right on the border with Albania, and the first larger neighboring Montenegrin city is Bar.
  • Climate - Ulcinj is characterized by a Mediterranean climate characterized by strong and warm summers, but extremely mild winters. The average annual temperature is around 16.5 degrees. During January, the coldest month of the year, the average temperature is 8.6 degrees, while in July the average temperature is 26.3 degrees. Winds are also characteristic of this area. Bura blows during autumn and winter and is an extremely cold wind, while it is a somewhat more moderate and certainly warmer southerly wind that blows during autumn, winter and spring. In summer, high temperatures are brought by the mistral, which blows the most at this time of year.

Demographics of Ulcinj

Around 7,810 adult citizens live in Ulcinj. The average age of the population is 35.1 years. For women, the average number of years is slightly above the average and amounts to 35.8, while for men that number is slightly lower and amounts to 34.4 years. There are 2,916 households in Ulcinj, and the average number of members per household is around 3.67. The majority of the population is made up of Albanians, followed by Montenegrins, Serbs, Muslims, Roma, Croats, Bosniaks, Yugoslavs, Hungarians and other national minorities.

Tradition and culture of Ulcinj

  • Prominent people of Ulcinj - In addition to various events that are more and more popular every year, we must also mention important people who contributed to the development of the culture of Ulcinj, namely: Bozidar Djuraskovic, Vladimir Mihailovic, and Andrej Nikolaidis.

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