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Welcome to Bor

Meet Bor, one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Eastern Serbia. We present to you the industrial and mining center of the Bor district, which has a number of characteristic features that make it recognizable and unique. Apart from the fact that the city has one of the largest copper mines in Europe, Bor is also known for its interesting surrounding localities and the coexistence of different nations. We have selected for you all the most important information about this interesting destination. On our page you can find the most important city attractions, vacation spots, the best accommodation units and the most famous restaurants in Bor. Explore the entire tourist offer of the city and prepare for the perfect vacation in Eastern Serbia.

When to visit Bor?

Depending on your wishes and needs, as well as the type of vacation you want to spend the period for visiting Bor, we can divide it into two categories:
  • During the winter - Most tourists visit Bor during the winter for two main reasons: because of skiing on Crni Vrh, as well as because of health tourism in Brestovacka Banja. We must mention that the Bor Zoo is open all year round, so you can visit it in the winter.
  • During the rest of the year - The most attractive tourist destination during the summer period of the year is Lake Bor. A large number of Borans spend most of their summer vacation right here. In addition to Lake Bor, during the summer you can visit Brestovacka Banja, Bor Zoo and a large number of picnic areas, forest landscapes and caves around Bor.

How to get to Bor?

Bor is a town on the territory of eastern Serbia and the seat of the Bor district. The distance of larger cities from Bor is as follows: Belgrade 244 kilometers, Novi Sad 341 kilometers, Kragujevac 158 kilometers, Nis 164 kilometers, Negotin 72 kilometers, Zajecar 30 kilometers. Bor has excellent infrastructure and you can use several modes of transport:
  • By car - By car from Belgrade to Bor you can get in two ways. The first way is on the E 75 highway to the turn-off for Požarevac, and you can continue on the branch that goes through Velika Plana, Jagodina, Ćuprija and Paraćin. The second road leads through Gopupac and Donji Milanovac and travels much longer.
  • By bus - From the direction of Belgrade to Bor, there are three departures during the day. The price of a one-way ticket is 1400 RSD while the return ticket is 2100 RSD. The ticket price from Nis to Bor is 900 RSD, while the return ticket is 1500 RSD. All information related to bus transport can be obtained through the bus station in Bor on the phone number: 030/457 760
  • Train - from the direction of Majdanpek to Bor you can also come by train. The travel period is close to 80 minutes, and the price of a one-way ticket is 192 RSD. More information on the timetable can be found at the link: Serbian Railways.

Activities for tourists in Bor

A large number of activities are available to you organized by the tourist organization Bor. No matter what priorities you have and what type of vacation you want, we are convinced that Bor will meet your needs:
  • Hiking and excursions - Mountaineering associations regularly organize ascents to the mountain Stol and Crni Vrh. Beautiful flower meadows and large forest areas give these mountains an irresistible look. One of the most beautiful plateaus of eastern Serbia, Dubašnica, will delight you with its vast meadows and pastures, but also with various types of game such as deer, mouflon, chamois, and wild boar.
  • Skiing - There are two ski slopes on Crni Vrh, one ideal for beginners and the other for slightly more serious skiers. This ski resort has a ski lift and cable car and the price of a daily ski pass is 300 RSD. Skiers, visit one of the most affordable ski centers in our country.
  • Tour of cultural and historical monuments - One of the main characteristics of Bor is the large number of monuments located on the territory of this city. Visit some of them and feel the spirit of the history and tradition of this part of Serbia. Monuments were erected in Bor: to George Weifert, Monument to Serbian and French soldiers killed during the Balkan Wars and World War I, Monument to the Miner.
  • Sports activities and recreation - On the territory of Bor there is a large number of outdoor sports fields and a balloon hall. The tourist organization Bora made an effort to expand its offer, so tourists are offered: a bowling alley, a skate park, a gym, a shooting range, a karting track.

Manifestation and festivals in Bor

A large number of traditional events and festivals are held on the territory of Bor. With these manifestations, the people of Borana managed to preserve the spirit and tradition of eastern Serbia. We will suggest some events that you should visit if you are in the Bor district:
  • Village meetings - One of the most important manifestations in the preservation of the national heritage of this part of Serbia is the manifestation of village meetings. Village meetings are held during March, April and May on weekends each time in a different village. There are not a large number of manifestations that last this long, and the meetings of the village are held for the 59th year in a row. During this event, you will get acquainted with the original creations, songs and games of this region.
  • Medicinal Herbs Fair - Every April, a herbal fair is held in the sports center in Bor. In addition to collectors of medicinal herbs, artists who compete in making souvenirs and objects from wood and metal also participate. This fair gathers people from Bor and the surrounding area, as well as visitors from other parts of Serbia.
  • The May Day dawn on Lake Bor - the International Labor Day in Bor begins with a mining alarm clock touring the entire city. After that, all the events move to Lake Bor. Tourists enjoy the sounds of good music by the water. Concerts are often organized during this event, and stands are set up where you can buy traditional products from this part of Serbia.
  • Bor Cultural Summer - this event is traditionally held during July and August every year. Concerts are organized several times a week in which all musical directions are represented. Folklore group games are organized and theater performances are available for children.
  • The Festival of Folk Art of the Timok Region - The original song and dance are the central part of this assembly, and representatives of five municipalities from the Timok Region participate in it. The festival is traditionally held every year in the village of Luka near Bor.
  • Brestovac Spa Days - Every August, the traditional Brestovac Spa Days event is held. Within this festival, performances of folklore groups, music concerts, but also exhibitions of handicrafts, souvenirs and objects made by old craftsmen are held.
  • Dawn on Mount Stol - During August, a traditional dawn is held on Mount Stol. As part of this event, mountaineering associations are organizing an all-day hiking trip to the Stol mountain. For fans of hiking and walking tours, this is a real treat.
  • Archaeological Film Festival - The Archaeological Film Festival has been traditionally held since 2005 at the Museum of Mining and Metallurgy. The festival also has an educational character because student visits are often organized during the duration of this event.

Facilities for children in Bor

Wondering if you can go to Bor with the kids? Is there an adequate tourist offer that will satisfy your kids? The answer is, absolutely yes. The tourist organization Bora has prepared a great offer for holidays with children, and your children can have fun in the following ways:
  • Bor Zoo - In 2011, one of the most beautiful zoos in Serbia was opened in Bor. This zoo covers an area of ​​two hectares and has more than 70 animal species. The biggest attractions are the tiger, llama, barber sheep, antelope and white lion.
  • Skate park - The largest number of children in the territory of Bor find fun in a skate park. Your kids can take bikes and skateboards and enjoy this park. The film Tilva Roche was shot in this park, so it was named Crveno Brdo after that film. The skate park covers 2,500 square meters.
  • Pools - Within the sports center Bor there are two outdoor pools. Lifeguards are constantly monitoring the swimmers so that your children can enjoy the attractions on the water. These two pools are connected by one of the largest aquagans in the Balkans.
  • Skiing for children - If your children have not yet learned to ski, or are beginners in it, the ski resort on Crni Vrh is ideal for beginners. The trail for beginners is 800 meters long and your kids will enjoy the descent with ski instructors.

What to see in Bor?

In the next part of the text, we will list several tourist locations that attract the most tourists. If you are in Bor, visit one of the following places:
  • Museum of Mining and Metallurgy - Over 20,000 exhibits are on display in this great exhibition space. The collections in this museum cover the period from 4,500 BC to the 20th century. Thanks to the museum in Bor, the archeological site in Lazar's cave and all prehistoric sites on the territory of the entire municipality were explored.
  • Natural monument Lazarev kanjon - Lazarev kanjon belongs to the natural good of the first category which is protected by the state. In the narrowest part, this canyon is only three to four meters wide and its depth is up to 500 meters. In some parts, the river passes by stone blocks that form a natural bridge. Adventurers and nature lovers will enjoy visiting Lazarus Canyon.
  • French architecture - With the arrival of the French in Bor in 1905, the appearance of the city changed drastically. In the period between the two world wars, senior officials lived in the renovated buildings of French architecture. The French financed the construction of the following facilities: the French Casino (today's Faculty of Mining and Metallurgy), the building for lung patients, the hospital building, the elementary school Vuk Karadzic (former school of Alexander Karadjordjevic and the unifier).
  • Churches in the municipality of Bor - There are several churches on the territory of the municipality of Bor, and the most interesting story is carried by the Church of St. George. One of the frescoes of this church showed the founders of this church: Weifert, Hoffman, Gramgerg and Schistek. After the restoration, this fresco is kept in the art collection of the Museum of Mining and Metallurgy. On the territory of the city itself, there is also the Catholic Church of St. Louis, which dates back to 1928. If you are a believer or a fan of religious tourism, visit some of the following churches in the vicinity of Bor: the Church of the Holy Trinity, the Church of the Assumption of the Most Holy Mother of God and the Church of the Holy Prophet Elijah.
  • Bor Airport - Bor Airport was built on the outskirts of the city, which has a runway 1080 meters long and 30 meters wide. Aero Club Bor holds training for sports pilots, parachutists and glider pilots. Take photos next to sports planes and take with you beautiful memories from Bor.

Accommodation in Bor

Depending on your wishes and needs, as well as the type of vacation you want to spend accommodation in the territory of Bor, we can divide it into several categories:
  • Hotels - There are two hotels in the territory of Bor, and both have an excellent offer with Wellness & Spa centers. The price of bed and breakfast for one person is 3500 RSD.
  • Restaurants with accommodation - In the vicinity of Bor there are several restaurants where in addition to good food you can look for accommodation and the most famous among them are Zija's Club and Serbian Crown. The price of bed and breakfast per person is 2500 RSD.
  • Apartments - If you want an active vacation, and are looking for a place where you can just sleep, the best option is apartment accommodation. The best rated apartments in Bor are: Apartment Nikolić, Villa Mi & Ja, apartment Noć i Dan, boarding house Dušica, household Gulić. The price of accommodation is around 10 euros.
  • Mountain lodges and children's resorts - Mountaineering associations have at their disposal a mountain lodge on Mount Stol, while the children's resort in Savača is suitable for organizing educational excursions and recreational classes.
  • Camp - The period of operation of the Borsko Lake auto-camp is from May 1 to October 1. This is one of the most beautiful camping spaces in Serbia. A camping place per day is 200 RSD, while a place for a tent is 150 RSD.

Important telephone numbers and information in Bor

For all the necessary information, you can contact the Tourist Organization of Bor by phone number 030/459 020 or by mail Tourist organization Bor is located at Moše Pijade no. 19.

Important phones
  • Bor Police Administration 192
  • Ambulance 194
  • Bor Health Center 030/432 777
  • Bor General Hospital 030/422 777
  • Pharmacy Zivkovic 030/422 322
  • Pharmacy Benu 030/427 528
  • Fire Brigade Bor 030/427 233
  • Bortravel 030/457 760
  • Bus station Bor 030/423 770
  • Municipality of Bor 030/423 255
  • Post office Bor 030/453 300
  • Museum of Mining and Metallurgy 030/423 560
  • Zoo Garden Bor 030/215 00 29
  • Gas station Knez Petrol 030/459 000
  • Exchange office In Plus 061/233 38 30

Where to eat in Bor?

You can try the charms of local and international cuisine in various facilities in the territory of Bor. Facilities where you can try food will be divided into several categories:
  • Restaurants - Want to try traditional culinary specialties of Eastern Serbia? Do you like fish specialties or the charms of international cuisine? Bor restaurants will satisfy everyone's tastes and the best rated restaurants in Bor are: Avlija restaurant. Cira, Brandy and Meze, Astoria and Colosseo
  • Pizzerias - Several Bor pizzerias are extremely appreciated throughout Serbia, and you can try the best pizzas and pastas in one of the following pizzerias: Casper pizzeria, Vanelli pizzeria and Colosseo restaurant and pizzeria.
  • Fast Food and Bakeries - If you find yourself in one of the well-known tourist locations in the territory of Bor and do not want to spend too much time on dining in restaurants, fast food facilities and bakeries are the best solution. Some of the best rated facilities of this type are: Leskovački Roštilj, By Baj, Pink Panter Plus 030, bakery Stefan and bakery Zdravljak.
  • Pastry shops - After a delicious meal you can sweeten up with a fantastic dessert in the Pelivan pastry shop or great sweets in the already mentioned Astoria restaurant.

Where to go out in Bor?

Depending on what kind of outings and pastimes you like, the places where you can go out in Bor can be divided into several groups:
  • Cafes and pubs - If you like quiet places and your first wish is to apologize and relax with your companions, you can visit some of Bor's cafes such as: Panta Rei, Excellent Caffe, Kafe Jama and Che cafeteria. Fans of good beer and rock gigs can visit the Beer House and Pub Cafe.
  • Taverns - If you find yourself in a tourist visit to Bor, visit one of the traditional cafes where you will enjoy not only a good time but also great food. Some of the best cafes on the territory of Bor are: Kod Kuma Francuza, Gradska Kafana, Hajduk Veljko, Avlija.
  • Night clubs Bor - The most famous night club and a place where you can spend until the early morning hours with the most popular music is the Midnight Express. When all the cafes in the city are closed, the whole city moves to this nightclub.

Transport and taxi in Bor

City transport - One of the few cities where city transport works perfectly is certainly Bor. On the territory of Bor, there are seven city lines that run several times a day, as well as suburban lines. The price of transportation ranges from 40 to 160 RSD.

Taxi services
- There is a regular taxi in Bor and the price of a taxi service per person is 70 RSD. Boom taxis that do not have regular transport charge for city services 200 RSD per person. The most famous taxi services in Bor are:
Borski Taksi 065/242 22 82, Boom Taxi 069/640 030, Bor030 066/456 030

Parking and public garages in Bor

There are no public garages on the territory of Bor, and parking is mostly free. Due to the lack of parking spaces, the city administration initiated a procedure to make some streets one-way in order to have more parking spaces in the city.

Parking on the territory of Bor
is free of charge and you can find parking spaces in every city settlement. The only parking location that is charged is parking between the department store and the fire station. The price of parking per started hour is 25 RSD, while the eight-hour ticket costs 80 RSD.

Surroundings of Bor

If you have already decided for a tourist visit to Bor, you should visit the surroundings of this city and get acquainted with the natural beauties of this part of Serbia. The surroundings of Bor are as beautiful as the territory of the town itself and we will suggest some locations that you should visit:
  • Brestovacka Banja - Only eight kilometers southwest of Bor is Brestovacka Banja at an altitude of 385 meters. This spa has ten thermal water sources whose temperature is from 32 to 40 degrees Celsius. The spa is extremely suitable for the treatment of diseases of muscles, joints, bones and skin. Brestovac Spa flourished during the time of Milos Obrenovic, and several buildings from that period have been preserved.
  • Lake Bor - At the foot of the mountain Crni Vrh, only 17 kilometers from Bor, is Lake Bor. The area of ​​Lake Bor is 30 hectares and the surrounding nature is extremely magnificent. During the summer months, the water reaches 25 degrees Celsius, which makes it extremely suitable for swimming. Many fishermen find their little paradise on this lake. Near the lake there are several accommodation facilities and a camp.
  • Caves in the vicinity of Bor - The most famous caves in the vicinity of Bor are located near the village of Zlot, which is why they are called Zlot caves. This group includes Lazareva pećina, mandina, vodena, hajdučica and Vernjikica. Lazar's Cave is the best arranged for tourists to visit.
  • Stol Mountain - Stol Mountain is 20 kilometers away from Bor, and the roads are made only to the foot of this mountain. The mountain is rich in forests and flower meadows and the limestones give this mountain a fantastic look. You can only reach the top of the mountain by off-road vehicles or on foot. The mountain is suitable for hiking tours and you can try yourself in extreme sports such as parabolic and paragliding.


Early history - Throughout history, the territory of the city of Bor has been located within various states. The data testify that it became part of the Western Roman Empire and after that of Byzantium. After that, it was conquered by the Gepids, then by the Bulgarians, in order to return to Byzantium and finally to the Kingdom of Hungary.

Modern history - in 1903, George Weifert founded a copper mine and after that Bor was built. The pine soon grew into one of the largest copper mines in Europe. Bor received the status of the city of Bor only on May 30, 1947. George Weifert, Franja Histek and Felix Hoffman are responsible for the Bor mine site. As the founders of the Bor Church, they are on one of its frescoes, which is now on display in the Museum of Mining and Metallurgy. Today, Bor is an industrial and mining town with exceptional tourist potential.

Geography and climate of Bora

Geography - Bor is located in the Timok region and is armed with beautiful landscapes such as: Stol Mountain, Brestovacka Banja, Bor Lake and Crni Vrh Mountain. This city is home to one of the largest copper mines in Europe. In Bor, there are conditions for the development of air traffic, considering that there is an airport on the territory of the city. The area of ​​the entire municipality is 856 square kilometers.

Climate - The territory of Bor falls under the influence of temperate-continental climate. In the surrounding mountains, winters are harsh and summers are shorter and warmer. The mountains on the territory of Bor fall under the influence of the mountain climate. The average temperature in this city is 10 degrees Celsius.

Demography of Bor

  • According to the latest census, there are 50,195 inhabitants in the territory of the municipality of Bor, of which 30,895 are adults.
  • The average age of the population of Bor is 37.4 years (men 36.5 women 38.2).
  • Bor is mostly inhabited by Serbs, but there is also a large number of national minorities in the city.

Tradition and culture of Bora

Economy - The main economic activities on the territory of Bor are mining and metallurgy. RTB Bor is recording better and better business, which leads to an increase in the number of employees, and thus the population. Considering that RTB Bor is the only domestic producer of copper, this company is of exceptional importance for the development of the entire Serbian economy. In 1962, the Copper Institute was founded, which by the decision of the Government of Serbia in 2007, this institute was organized as a scientific research institution. In addition to mining and metallurgy, the main economic activities in Bor are: catering, tourism, trade.

- In the municipality of Bor, there are a large number of cultural institutions that are a trademark of this city, and the most famous is certainly the Museum of Mining and Metallurgy. There are over 20,000 exhibits in this museum, and among other things you can see: medieval jewelry, bone tools, figurines, ceramic money from Brestovac. There are several permanent exhibitions in this museum, such as the exhibition Brestovačka Banja in the time of Miloš Obrenović. In the city you can visit the National Library and the Center for Culture and Tourism. The Cultural Center includes a theater and a cinema.

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