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Welcome to Belgrade

We present you everything you need to know before arriving in Belgrade. Find the ideal accommodation. Discover the most popular tourist destinations in the capital. Discover what Kalemegdan, the famous Skadarlija and the beautiful Ada Ciganlija have to offer. Find restaurants with the most diverse selection of specialties from different world cuisines. Choose the highest quality car rental agencies. Each of the offered options represents one step towards an ideal Belgrade vacation. Plan your stay in the right way and meet Belgrade in the best light.

Belgrade Apartments


Belgrade · New Belgrade · Blok 2
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€75 per night

Plavi Safir

Belgrade · Cukarica · Ada Ciganlija
Studio · 2 Guests
€49 per night

Plavi Safir

Belgrade · Cukarica · Ada Ciganlija
Studio · 1 Guests
€0 per night


Belgrade · Zvezdara · Mirijevo
Studio · 2 Guests
€49 per night


Belgrade · Surcin · Surcin
2 Bedrooms · 5 Guests
€69 per night


Belgrade · Zvezdara · Mali Mokri Lug
2 Bedrooms · 6 Guests
€100 per night

Cvrkut ptica2

Belgrade · Other Locations · Mladenovac
4 Bedrooms · 8 Guests
€18 per night

Cvrkut ptica 1

Belgrade · Other Locations · Mladenovac
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€49 per night


Belgrade · Zvezdara · Mirijevo
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€45 per night


Belgrade · Cukarica · Rupčine
Studio · 3 Guests
€56 per night


Belgrade · Savski Venac · Senjak
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€63 per night


Belgrade · Savski Venac · Senjak
1 Bedroom · 4 Guests
€63 per night

Belgrade Restaurants

Hari's Creperie

Belgrade · Center · Obilićev venac

Azzaro by Gardoš

Belgrade · Zemun · Gardoš


Belgrade · New Belgrade · Blok 67 (Belvil)


Belgrade · Center · Dorćol

City Garden

Belgrade · Center · Knez Mihailova


Belgrade · Vracar · Karađorđev park

Lola Almost Home

Belgrade · Palilula

Bahus Inn

Belgrade · Zemun · Kej

Casa Nova

Belgrade · Center · Dorćol

Belgrade Attractions

Manastir Rakovica

Belgrade · Rakovica

Jugoslovensko dramsko pozorište

Belgrade · Vracar · Cvetni trg

Trg Slavija

Belgrade · Vracar · Slavija

Ada Međica

Belgrade · New Belgrade · Ada Međica

Muzej vazduhoplovstva

Belgrade · Other Locations · other


Belgrade · Center · Terazije

Zemunski kej

Belgrade · Zemun · Kej

When to visit Belgrade?

Belgrade is at the very top of the list when it comes to the most beautiful tourist destinations. Precisely due to the fact that Belgrade is a cultural, social, business, trade and tourist center, it is ideal for vacation during all seasons and during all parts of the year. In addition, depending on the season, Belgrade offers different offers and facilities.
  • During the summer - a visit to Ada Ciganlija and the war island of Lido, Belgrade's rivers: the Sava and the Danube with quays - is unavoidable. Summer moments will be filled with picnics in Belgrade parks: Topčiderac, Tašmajdan, Košutnjak, as well as Zvezdarska šuma.
  • During the winter - Belgrade is ideal for a festive walk on the decorated and spacious Knez Mihailova Street. There are also indoor spaces with quality facilities: museums, theaters, galleries, cinemas, but also cafes, restaurants, popular nightclubs.

How to get to Belgrade?

It is safe to say that all roads lead to Belgrade. There are several sections, roads and ways to get to the capital.
  • The new Milos Veliki highway, which connects Belgrade with the western part of Serbia. In addition, Belgrade is located at the intersection of European roads E-70 and E-75, which connect it with the most important European centers.
  • An extensive railway network connects Belgrade with all parts of Europe and many cities in Serbia. All details and information about this type of transport can be found on the website: Serbian Railways.
  • An extremely large number of bus lines lead to and from the capital to all parts of Serbia, but also to European centers. Bus timetables and available lines can be found on the website: Belgrade Bus Stations.

Best tourist activities in Belgrade

It is difficult to single out all the activities that are available to you during your stay in the capital. The tourist organization of the city has developed a number of spaces, attractions and facilities that will provide you with the opportunity for a variety of activities. The most popular include:
  • Activities on Ada - one of the most developed areas in Belgrade offers many opportunities to recreate and engage in various sports activities. At your disposal are: courts for basketball, volleyball, tennis, football, badminton, baseball, golf, rugby, as well as cycling and rollerblading tracks. In addition to standard sports, Ada offers the opportunity to try yourself in one of the adrenaline activities. Skilled instructors will guide you through bungee jumping, adventure park, water skiing, snowboarding, sport climbing or diving. Of course, one of the most famous activities is swimming and other water attractions.
  • Sports activities - Sports Center of the Football Association of Serbia, Red Star Stadium, Novak Tennis Center, Belgrade Hippodrome, FC Partizan Stadium, Belgrade Arena - spaces that allow you to enjoy recreation, but also watch the most interesting sports matches. There are certainly outdoor spaces: Košutnjak, Zvezdarska forest, Sava and Danube - perfect places for summer activities: fishing, rollerblading, cycling, picnic.
  • Sightseeing tours - one of the better activities can be unusual sightseeing tours of the capital, which include: underground Belgrade, a tourist bus ride, sightseeing by boat or segway. These tours are organized by numerous travel agencies and you can afford them for little money. The Underground Belgrade tour is available for only 1000 dinars, and reveals all the secrets of the famous Kalemegdan

Events and festivals in Belgrade

Throughout the year in the capital you can be part of very high quality programs and events. Belgrade is also a destination in this area that can offer content for everyone's taste. From a wide selection, we single out the most visited and most famous events for you:
  • BEMUS - the oldest music festival in the whole of Serbia, which has been promoting the highest quality music for many years. During his tenure, he hosted the Vienna, New York, Munich and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestras, as well as a large number of the most famous soloists and conductors. It is held in the halls of the Sava Center, Kolarac's endowment and other concert halls in Belgrade during the 15 days of October.
  • FEST - the last weekend of February and the first week of March are reserved for the most famous film festival of the highest value. It is held in the halls of the Sava Center, the Cultural Center of Belgrade, the Youth Center, the Museum of the Yugoslav Cinematheque and other cinemas and theaters.
  • BELEF - a festival that represents the perfect combination of theatrical art and music, visual and sound effects. It was founded in 1991, and since then it has featured: Dušan Makavejev, Nikita Mikhalkovi, Egon Savin, Mark Jenkins. It is held from June 27 to July 17 at several locations in the city.
  • Museum Night - Belgrade is one of the best representatives of the event, which is organized in more than 100 cities in Serbia. During this event, all museums, galleries, libraries and institutes are open to visitors, and the facilities are adapted to all ages. Museum Night is the best way to promote true cultural values
  • Joy of Europe - an international meeting of children aged 7 to 14 through an imaginative program of games, songs and children's creativity spreads the spirit of friendship and cultural acquaintances of children. Children from European cities come to visit Serbian families, and during their stay it is held through wonderful facilities for children.
  • Green Fest - one of the festivals that promotes environmental protection and raises environmental awareness. It connects the areas of film, workshops, debates and exhibitions, with the aim of contributing to the preservation of natural beauty. This festival of green culture is held from October 26 to November 4 every year.
  • Science Festival - the largest festival of this type in the entire region. It promotes science and brings scientific phenomena closer even to those who have no contact with physics, mathematics, astronomy or chemistry. It is held at the Belgrade Fair from December 5 to 8.
  • Games.Con - another event that affirms modern trends and technology. It brings together fans of computer games, mobile phone games and board games, and also presents popular film, television and comic book trends. It is held at the Belgrade Fair on November 28 and 29.
  • Belgrade Marathon - a one-day event that promotes a healthy life and creates a sports spirit. It is held in May every year and is the biggest race through the capital of Serbia. It organizes three races: the pleasure race, the half marathon and the marathon, which are adapted to different levels of physical fitness. It starts from Nikola Pasic Square, and leads through all parts of the city.

Activities for children in Belgrade

During their stay in the capital, the little ones are expecting a number of very high-quality facilities and various attractions. The city has spaces that contain children's playgrounds with numerous devices, cultural institutions with settings for children, but also open spaces, ideal for various sports activities. We present to you those that must be a mandatory part of your route through Belgrade during your stay with children:
  • Ada Ciganlija - the Belgrade sea has developed through contents and attractions that are intended for children's entertainment, but also education. Here, little ones can enjoy swimming and various activities on the water, the Adventure Park with numerous obstacles, children's playgrounds and the Science Park, where children's scientific phenomena are presented in a very fun way.
  • Jura Park - an ideal place for all the little ones who are fascinated by the oldest animals in the world. Here you will get to know all types of dinosaurs and hear their characteristic ways of advertising. This park awaits you on Mali Kalemegdan and is available for visitors from 10 am to 8 pm every day.
  • The Zoo and the Public Aquarium and Tropicarium - the children's kingdom is where the animals are. Belgrade is a city that offers extraordinary spaces where the youngest will meet various species of animals from all parts of the world and see what fish and marine organisms that live on the seabed look like. These spaces are open to you every day from 9 am to 6 pm, so don't miss to give your children real pleasure.
  • Cultural institutions - through excellent content that is in charge of entertainment, but also the education of the youngest visitors. Belgrade contains very high quality children's theaters: Boško Buha, Puž and Pinocchio, in which excellent adaptations of the most famous children's literary works are given. In addition to the theater, children also have museum exhibits at their disposal, the most interesting of which are those within the Museum of Science and Technology, Chocolate or Illusion.
  • Cinemas - within shopping malls, but also in other Belgrade halls, cinemas are available to children in which screenings of the world's most famous films are shown. Your choice can be Cineplex cinemas located in shopping malls or a cinema within the Youth Center, Tuckwood cinema, Roda and Fontana.

What to visit in Belgrade?

Tourism in Belgrade is constantly advancing and developing. Belgrade is full of sights and each of them has a special story and great significance. We will try to single out some of the most important sights that should not be missed during a visit to Belgrade.
  • Kalemegdan - Kalemegdan is the best witness of the long culture and history of Belgrade. This spacious park is full of hidden corridors, labyrinths, bridges and beautiful locations. From Kalemegdan there is an unreal view of New Belgrade. The famous Belgrade Fortress is also located here. The fortification is located at the confluence of two rivers, so the very nature of Kalemegdan is something that is really worth seeing and feeling first hand. On Kališ, there is the Military Museum, the Pobednik monument, the beautiful church of the Holy Rose, which is a perfect place for all tourists and couples, as well as the Gallery of the Natural History Museum. We hope you will be able to visit them all.
  • Gardoš Tower - In the settlement of Zemun, there is this impressive and significant fortress, 36 meters high. Just a few meters from the beautiful bank of the Danube, the Gardoš Tower proudly rises, built as a cultural and historical monument of great importance. The tower was built by the Hungarian authorities and dates back to the time of the Hungarian government. The architecture of the Gardoš tower is truly unique and spectacular. By the way, the architecture of Zemun is completely different from the rest of Belgrade, but that is exactly what gives this city a special charm and uniqueness.
  • House of the National Assembly - During your stay in Belgrade, a visit to one of the most important state institutions is unavoidable. In addition, the National Assembly building itself is an impressive architectural edifice. The construction of the assembly took a very long time and the first works began to be performed back in 1907. This beautiful building, which is located in the very center of the capital, near Tasmajdan, is of great importance for the culture and history and prosperity of the entire country, and we believe that it will be a real pleasure to visit it.
  • National Museum - The National Museum, located in the heart of the capital, on the famous square of the republic, is a real treasure trove of Serbian culture, tradition and history. It is one of the main places and landmarks of Belgrade that is really worthwhile and important to visit. The permanent exhibition is divided into several categories and the main goal is to collect and preserve the rich heritage from the Balkans and Europe. A legacy that has existed from prehistory until today. 
  • National Theater - Immediately across from the National Museum, there is also a National Theater. This imposing building was founded in 1868. years according to the decision of Prince Mihailo Obrenović and if necessary for Belgrade to get a permanent professional theater. The permanent exhibition is divided into several categories and the main goal is to collect and preserve the rich heritage from the Balkans and Europe. A legacy that exists from prehistory to the present day.
  • Belgrade on the water - This elite and newest settlement of Belgrade aspires to become the very center of all the most current events in the capital. With its modern and new ideas, buildings, shopping malls, business premises and residential buildings, Belgrade on the Water has become the most visited and most sought after place in this city.
  • Topčiderski park - one of the beautiful locations of Dedinje is Topčiderski park, a place that is ideal for hanging out with friends and family. This park is one of the oldest parks in Belgrade and with its greenery, forest meadows and horses, it has become an ideal place for rest and relaxation of all generations. The residence of Prince Miloš is a popular place for tourists and is located within this park, as well as the famous Topčider Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.
  • Temple of Saint Sava - The biggest and certainly unavoidable attraction during a vacation in the Serbian capital is the magnificent temple of Saint Sava. Over time, this church became a true marvel of architecture and grew into one of the leading symbols of the whole of Belgrade. 

Accommodation in Belgrade

The capital and largest city of Serbia naturally has the most developed accommodation offer. Depending on how much you are willing to spend for your stay and what type of accommodation you are looking for you can choose between:
  • Hotels - the most luxurious accommodation units that will provide a perfect atmosphere. A huge number of developed Belgrade hotels allows you to find something for everyone. Five-star hotels such as Hyatt Regency will cost you € 120 per night for two people. If you are not ready to spend that much, there are also hotels where you can book a night for less than 20 € per person. In the category of such, the most famous is Hotel Slavija.
  • Apartments - Apartments - an increasingly popular accommodation option is also extremely developed and can provide a great stay. Apartment Belgrade is available for from 20 € to 150 € per day. Some of them also have additional benefits, such as a jacuzzi tub or a swimming pool, so they can certainly provide you with a luxurious vacation.
Apart from these accommodation units, you can spend your Belgrade vacation in hostels and motels - accommodation whose biggest advantage is accessibility.

Numbers of important services

Below are the most important telephone numbers and information you may need during your stay in the capital:

Duty services

Duty services in Belgrade are available to all residents and tourists of Belgrade at any time of day or night, especially in emergency situations. Duty services do not have working hours and are available during 00-24 hours every day of the year.
  • Belgrade Police - Bulevar Despota Stefana 107 - 192
  • Firefighters Belgrade - Mije Kovacevica 2-4 - 193
  • Ambulance Belgrade - Franche D'Eperea 5 - 194
  • Emergency Center Belgrade - Pasterova 2 - 011/3618 444
  • Roadside Assistance - Roosevelt 18 - 1987
Duty pharmacies

Duty pharmacies are open from 00-24 hours. They work all year round, on weekdays, weekends and holidays. Duty pharmacies can be divided into daily duty pharmacies and pharmacies that work 00-24 hours.
  • Saint Sava - Nemanjina 2 - 011 / 6643-170
  • May Day - Kralja Milana 9 - 011 / 3241-349
  • Bogdan Vujosevic - Goce Delceva 30 - 011 / 2601-887
  • Zemun - Glavna 34 - 011 / 2618-582
Public companies
  • City Traffic Company Belgrade - Kneginje Ljubice 29 - 011 / 366-4000
  • Parking service - Kneza Višeslava 27 - 011 / 3035-400
  • PE Post of Serbia - Takovska 2 - 011 / 3607-788, 0700-100-300
  • Belgrade bus station BAS - Železnička 4 - 011 / 2638-982
  • Belgrade-Centar Prokop Railway Station - Prokupačka bb - 011 / 337‑0031
  • Belgrade metro and train - Svetozara Markovića 38-40 - 011 / 4250-500

Where to eat in Belgrade?

It is extremely difficult to choose the ones that we would classify as the best from the huge selection of cafes, restaurants and cafes. All parts of the city have quality facilities, where you can try the specialties of various cuisines and explore the tastes of the most famous alcoholic beverages. We present to you those Belgrade catering facilities which, according to the visitors, are ranked among the best:
Franch, SkyLounge, Salon 5, Homeland, Barn, Signature
The listed places are perfect for a delicious lunch or dinner, while if you want to treat yourself to a relaxed daily option, coffee with friends or a quick meal, we recommend:
Blaznavac, Boho bar, Heritage Roofrtop, Jazz garden
Belgrade also has a number of high quality bakeries and fast food facilities, where you can try a variety of pastries, the most famous are:
Totally good bakery, Bread and muffins,Tripković Bakery, And the famous McDonald's, which is located in several places in the city.
Excellent pastry shops throughout the city are in charge of delicious desserts, the most visited of which are:
Sweetheart, Black sheep, Pelivan, Harry's Creperie, Milky Way

Where to go out in Belgrade?

Belgrade is the city that holds the title of the best place for a good time. There are clubs, cafes, rafts, pubs that can satisfy all musical tastes and are famous for the entertainment that lasts until the earliest morning hours. Below we present the most famous objects of good entertainment:
  • Rafts in Beton Hall - a famous place of good conduct, located on the right bank of the Sava. A place with stunning views of the river, New Belgrade and Usce. Right next to this area is the famous Savamala, and below you will find more various facilities in charge of the right to enjoy. The most famous facilities here are: Lafayette, Temperament and Cantina de Frida
  • Taverns in Skadarlija - the center of the Belgrade sevdah. The already mentioned Skadarlija is a place that offers its visitors a real sevdah and bohemian atmosphere, with the sounds of traditional Serbian instruments and old town music. The most famous tavern in this part of Belgrade are: Velika Skadarlija, Three hats and Two deer.
  • Belgrade pubs - places of relaxed entertainment and good gigs. One of the main characteristics of Belgrade is the breadth of its offer, in which there is something for every taste. As we have listed clubs and cafes that suit more popular musical tastes, Belgrade also offers a large number of spaces perfect for all those who would like to enjoy harder sounds. The most famous are: Tramvaj pub, Wurst Platz Bar and Čorba.

Transportation and taxi services in Belgrade

Belgrade is a city with the most developed public transport system, which transports passengers throughout the city. Available forms of public transport are: buses, trolleybuses, trams and mini buses. Day lines run from 5 am to 00 am, while night lines are available from half past one to half past three hours after midnight and are charged 150 dinars. You can provide one ticket for 95 dinars. One card is valid for an hour and a half, so you can use it if you change several lines during that period.

All other information about public city transport through Belgrade can be found on the website: City Traffic Company Belgrade or on the phone numbers: dispatch center 00-24 366-4040; Media Appearance Service 366-4047; Switchboard operators 366-400; Voicemail: 30-33-370, 30-33-371

Taxi transport

A huge number of taxi services transport a large number of passengers throughout the city, but also in the suburbs. The start will cost you 170 dinars, and each kilometer traveled through the city 65 dinars (in the first tariff), 85 dinars in the second tariff, and 130 dinars in the third tariff, which includes driving outside the territory of Belgrade. From a wide selection of services, we recommend:
Pink Taxi - 19803, 0800 11 9803, 065 488 99 77; Siguran Tax BG - 060 8801010; Lux Taxi 011 3033 123 

Parking service and public garages in Belgrade

As for parking in the capital of Serbia, there are several options available to you. The best are public garages and parking lots that are paid by the hour. The whole city is neatly divided into three parking zones. The control is very strict, so it is not recommended to park in forbidden places or exceed the paid parking. The allowed stay time in the red zone is a maximum of one hour, in the yellow zone it is two hours, while the green zone gives you three hours of detention. As for the blue zone, it represents general parking lots outside the zoned area.
Parking fee
Parking is charged on weekdays between 8 am and 9 pm and on Saturdays until 2 pm. You can pay for the parking zone via SMS or via the START-STOP application. This application allows you to pay for parking online by selecting the zone on the application, where you then type in the registration number.
SMS parking
SMS parking lots are one special type of parking lot. For now, there are only two SMS parking lots in the city. One is located in Hercegovačka Street and has 90 parking spaces. The location of the other is Vidin Gate in Vojvode Boulevard and it has 114 parking spaces. If you want to rent a multi-hour ticket, it costs 560 dinars. This special car park is open 24 hours a year all year round.

When it comes to public garages, there are 8 of them in Belgrade and there are 2,800 available parking spaces. People with disabilities are entitled to three hours of free parking. Some of the largest parking lots in Belgrade are:
Ada Ciganlija; MMA; Kalemegdan; Čukarica; Politics; New Belgrade and Cvetkova pijaca

Surroundings of Belgrade

The surroundings of Belgrade are as beautiful and full of various attractions and wonderful places as the city itself. The Belgrade area is an ideal place for excursions and enjoyment of nature, away from the city crowds and hustle and bustle. That is why we have singled out several popular places that are located near the capital:
  • Bojčinska forest - For all lovers of nature and sports activities, Bojčinska forest, located only 30 km from Belgrade, is the perfect destination. In addition to natural and untouched beauties, this forest is full of fun activities for all visitors. At the entrance to the forest, there is a popular ethno restaurant Bojčinska koliba which serves excellent, traditional Srem cuisine. Within the restaurant there are wooden bungalows for those who would They wanted to stay longer and spend the night. Bojčin Cultural Summer is an event that takes place every year and has a variety of musical and theatrical content. For all lovers of sports and animals, there is also the equestrian club Bojčin, which offers the most beautiful and best horses for riding, as well as a rich program for children and adults.
  • Avala Tower - Mount Avala is a place that is absolutely worth taking a few hours. Avala is located only 17 km from Belgrade. Avala is one of the most beautiful landmarks of Belgrade, and in addition to beautiful parks, springs, flora and fauna, Avala is also rich in historical and cultural monuments. One of the leading symbols of Avala is certainly the Avala Tower. In time, the Aval Tower became a trademark of Belgrade. From the Aval tower there is an incredible view of the entire capital. The restaurant is located at 119 meters at the height of the tower, while the lookout is at a height of 122 meters. If you decide to visit the Aval Tower, be sure that the whole of Belgrade will be in your palm.
  • Kosmaj - After Avala, this is the lowest mountain in Šumadija, but it is equally beautiful and rich in natural resources. It is perfect for long, family trips in nature. Kosmaj Mountain is located in the vicinity of Mladenovac. It takes only 45 minutes to drive from Belgrade to Kosmaj. The monument to the fighters of the Kosmaj detachment is an impressive work that is located on the top of the mountain Kosmaj and our warm recommendation is to visit it. A long and well-kept forest path and several steps lead to the monument. Lookout Kosmaj is also a place to visit. It is a wooden tower with a beautiful view of the greenery and all the beauties of Šumadija. There are also two monasteries on Kosmaj: Tresije Monastery and Pavlovac Monastery. Selters Spa, Markovac Lake, Orasac and the Monument to Despot Stefan Lazarevic are some of the sights you can see in the immediate vicinity. 

History of Belgrade

  • Ancient history of Belgrade - Belgrade is a city where two cultures, two traditions and two completely different times meet. This capital is constantly being built, prospered and developed, but deep down it still nurtures a unique and authentic Belgrade spirit that successfully resists time. Therefore, it is not at all unusual that the history of Belgrade dates far back in time. More precisely, the history of this great city has lasted for 7000 years and is full of turbulent and turbulent events. 
  • Historical position of Belgrade -Belgrade has always had a very specific position and that is why it has often been the target of various attacks and destruction, but this city has always managed to rebuild and recover. It will be several centuries before Belgrade is mentioned as a Slavic city. What is of special importance for the history of Belgrade is the fact that the Serbian rule in Belgrade began in 1284 and what is little known to the wider masses is the fact that the Hungarians were responsible for rebuilding Belgrade during the reign of despot Stefan Lazarević, who ruled Belgrade. until 1427. After that, Belgrade continued to go through various temptations and wars, but it always rose proudly and continued its life. 
  • Contemporary history of Belgrade - During the time of the famous president of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, as well as the politics of such a large country that united several close nations, Belgrade experienced its international political and cultural revival and became the main center of striking events. Since 2006, Belgrade has been officially declared the capital of the Republic of Serbia, and since then it has continued to be one of the leading and most important centers in the entire Balkans.

Geography and climate in Belgrade

When it comes to geographical position, Belgrade is located in Southeast Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula. One of the advantages and beauty of this capital is that it lies at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. Another important feature of Belgrade is the fact that Belgrade is a crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe and that it connects Western European and Central European countries.

Climate of Belgrade - Belgrade has an almost ideal, moderately continental climate where autumn lasts a little longer than spring. In addition, all 4 seasons are pronounced and represented. Summers can be very warm, just as winters in Belgrade can be incredibly cold. Statistics have shown that, during the winter periods of the year, the temperature is below zero for about twenty days. The average annual air temperature is 11 degree. Another characteristic of the Belgrade climate is the basket, the wind that blows from the east and southeast and can be very strong. 

Demographics of Belgrade

  • According to the census, 1,659,440 permanent residents live in Belgrade. Their number is constantly growing, mostly as a result of immigration.
  • As for ethnic groups, 90% of the population are Serbs, followed by Montenegrins, Croats and Macedonians. The most represented is the Orthodox religion, and the second most religious group is Muslims.
  • It is interesting that several thousand Chinese live in Belgrade, who started immigrating in the 1990s. Most of them are in block 70, in New Belgrade.

Tradition and culture of Belgrade

Tradition, culture and cultural heritage are one of the most important features of a developed and large capital such as Belgrade. Throughout its long history, Belgrade has acquired a great cultural wealth that has been passed down for generations. Various cultural events, museums, exhibitions, theaters and festivals have flourished in this city. Regarding the cultural events that have become part of the tradition of Belgrade, we especially highlight:
Bitef Theater, Belgrade Jazz Festival, Book Fair, Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of the City of Belgrade.
Another important feature of Belgrade is the large number of important cultural and historical locations that represent the symbols of the city, landmarks and memories of its turbulent history, tradition and the intersection of cultures in its area. Here we can certainly place important institutions and centers, which elevate Belgrade to an academic center. The most famous localities are:
Kalemegdan; Temple of Saint Sava; Knez Mihailova Street; Gardoš Tower, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, University.

The most frequent questions of tourists about Belgrade

Why visit Belgrade?

When is the best time to visit Belgrade?

What are the most famous festivals and events?