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Welcome to Gornji Milanovac

Welcome to Gornji Milanovac - an important point in Serbian history, a space that nurtures the memory of great events and important personalities and a place that can boast of stunning natural beauty. Gornji Milanovac is a relatively young town, founded in the middle of the 19th century, located in the southwestern part of Šumadija. From its inception until today, the city has the title of an extremely developed area in the field of industry and economy, as well as in the field of culture and tourism. Our site presents all the most important information about the city and its tourist offer. Explore Gornji Milanovac before traveling and organize the perfect trip.

Gornji Milanovac Apartments

Rudnicka Kapija

Gornji Milanovac · Surrounding Places · Zagradje
4 Bedrooms · 8 Guests
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Brvnara Glišović

Gornji Milanovac · Surrounding Places · Velerec
Studio · 2 Guests
€47 per night


Gornji Milanovac · City · Rasadnik
1 Bedroom · 3 Guests
€47 per night

Lepota Življenja

Gornji Milanovac · Surrounding Places · Dragolj
2 Bedrooms · 6 Guests
€47 per night

Cherry 1

Gornji Milanovac · City · Center
Studio · 2 Guests
€35 per night

Gornji Milanovac Attractions

When to visit Gornji Milanovac?

Gornji Milanovac is a city that abounds in numerous facilities and attractions, so it is an ideal holiday destination throughout the year. According to the choice of the season you have chosen to stay in the city, you have at your disposal:
  • During the summer - summer months are ideal for enjoying the natural beauty, walks along Rudnik, Ravna gora or in the surrounding villages, but also recreation within the city sports center Breza. In addition, the summer months are complemented by numerous events and festivals.
  • During the winter - cold days will be complemented by facilities provided by cultural institutions located in the city. We suggest that you then watch film or theater programs or enjoy the settings of the city museums.

How to get to Gornji Milanovac?

Gornji Milanovac is a city with an exceptional position, which enables excellent connections with all centers in Serbia. The city is 120 kilometers away from Belgrade, 200 from Novi Sad and Nis, and about 50 from Kragujevac. Due to the excellent road network on which Gornji Milanovac is located, you can reach it in several ways:
  • By car - if you have decided to get to the city by your own transport, there are sections available: Corridor 11, from Ljig to Preljina, which is connected to Gornji Milanovac via a loop in Takovo, located 9 kilometers from the city. Also, the famous Ibar highway passes through the territory of the city in the length of 38 kilometers and connects it with other centers in Serbia. Milanovac is connected with Belgrade and the regional road that runs through Rudnik and leads through Topola to the capital of Serbia. You can reach Belgrade by car from Milanovac in about two hours.
  • By bus - bus transport connects Gornji Milanovac with all parts of Serbia. A large number of lines transport passengers to and from the city every day. There are 5 lines a day from Belgrade, and the price of a one-way ticket is around 600 dinars. Apart from Belgrade, you can also come by bus from Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Čačak, Užice. For all additional information on bus departures and arrivals, call the Bus Station Gornji Milanovac: 032 / 717‑715.

Activities for tourists in Gornji Milanovac

During your stay in Gornji Milanovac, you have at your disposal very informative programs and various activities. We recommend that you enjoy:
  • Sports activities - sports hall Breza, which is located at the entrance to the city, allows you to recreate, enjoy sports activities and various sporting events. Within it there is a field for beach volleyball, mini dude, handball, basketball and futsal.
  • Swimming and water recreation - Within the mentioned sports center there is a swimming complex of the most modern type. It contains a large pool and a small children's pool, measuring 12x10 meters. In addition to this, in Gornji Milanovac there is a swimming pool within the complex Ibiza sun pool & bar, which in addition to swimming space offers many other attractions: children's play area, bar, restaurant. It is located at: Rajka Milovanovica bb.
  • Cultural events - The Cultural Center of Gornji Milanovac organizes very high quality art and entertainment programs, which you can enjoy during your stay in the city. At your disposal is a cinema hall, where you can watch the highest quality premiere films, as well as a theater, within which the ensemble presents excellent adaptations of the most famous works of Serbian and world literature.

Events and festivals in Gornji Milanovac

Gornji Milanovac is a city of quality manifestations and festivals, which are held in memory of important people born in this area, as well as the most important landmarks and symbols of this part of Serbia. The most famous events are:
  • Serbian World Music Festival - an event that has been uniting different cultures and uniting various sounds for 12 years. During it you can hear the best Roma music, Balkan melos in a new guise, as well as ethno-sounds. The festival is held from April 19 to 23 every year.
  • International Biennial of Miniature Art - a program founded in 1989 with the aim of showing all areas of fine and applied art. To date, more than 5,000 authors from 40 countries have presented their works in the field of miniatures. The exhibition is available from June 6 to August 31.
  • Short Form Festival - an international short film festival, promotes short film creation, the development of young talents in this field, as well as the preservation of Serbian tradition and cultural heritage. It is held every other year and lasts from September 29 to October 3.
  • Days of Princess Ljubica - Vracevsnica has been held since 2007 as part of the first Princess of renewed Serbia, who is remembered for her loyalty and charity. The event preserves traditional values ​​from the period of the Second Serbian Uprising. It is organized on May 31 every year by the Cultural Center of Gornji Milanovac.
  • Moto rally - August is the time when a real adrenaline adventure is created in Gornji Milanovac, in which a large number of bikers from all over Serbia and the surrounding countries of the region participate. It is held during the month of August and includes a parade of participants and biker games without borders, which are accompanied by quality sounds of rock music.

Facilities for children in Gornji Milanovac

The youngest visitors will enjoy a variety of facilities in Milanovac that will fill their stays in the city. The most interesting are:
  • Cultural programs - The Cultural Center of Gornji Milanovac organizes various quality programs for children and youth. Film screenings are shown in the hall within the center, as well as the most diverse programs are organized: drama and art workshops, performances by guest theaters, as well as events for children: Miniature Biennale, Festival of Theater Creativity, book promotions for children.
  • Sports activities - Breza sports hall is a space where children will be able to enjoy a variety of sports activities: from team sports to swimming in the city pool. In addition to this, you can have a good time watching sports matches and various sports competitions. In addition to Breza, shared family enjoyment and recreation will be provided by the Ibiza Sun Pool & Bar complexes, as well as the Miami Spa & Wellness.
  • Takeoffs and enjoying nature - the surroundings of Gornji Milanovac are extremely tempting for walking tours and excursions. Toddlers will enjoy walking in natural spaces filled with fresh air. The most famous picnic spots for family picnics are: Kostunici, Ravna gora and Savinac, places that are at most 30 kilometers away from the city.
  • Children's playrooms and playgrounds - Milanovac has developed very high quality spaces designed specifically for the youngest visitors. There are several playgrounds in the city, which are decorated with the most modern surface and on which there are numerous play equipment. In addition to the outdoors, children can also enjoy indoor playrooms, such as: Disneyland and the My Magic playroom.

What to see in Gornji Milanovac?

There are many quality facilities, buildings and sights that Milanovac offers. Highlights:
  • Cultural institutions - Gornji Milanovac is a city with extremely developed cultural programs and settings, which are organized by institutions in the city. During the city tour, enjoy the programs shown by the museums in the city. The museum of the Rudnik-Takovo region is a space where there is a permanent exhibition Gifts and Redemptions of the Obrenović dynasty, and the rest of it is used for exhibitions. Museum of the Second Serbian Uprising - in Takovo, through a permanent exhibition, it shows the sequence of events from the First Serbian Uprising to the end of the first reign of Miloš Obrenovic.
  • City landmarks - monuments in the city were erected in memory of great people and important events in the history of the city. In the monument complex in the center of the city, there is a bust of Duke Zivojin Misic, a statue of Aleksandar Kradjordjevic, Milan Obrenovic, as well as the building of the former District Administration and the Victory Monument, which symbolizes the fight against the occupiers in World War II. Visit the Peace Hill Memorial Park - a spatial unit that stretches over 4.5 hectares, where 30,000 different types of trees are planted and which houses monuments from different periods.
  • Religious buildings - the city and its surroundings have religious buildings of exceptional architectural and historical value. The most famous is the Church of the Holy Trinity, which is located in the city center and dates from 1860. It is known for preserving the old iconostasis and parts of the famous Takovo bush. This religious building is the last endowment of Prince Miloš Obrenovic, after whose death the construction was completed by his son Mihailo.

Accommodation in Gornji Milanovac

During your stay in the city, you have at your disposal excellent accommodation units of various structures, prices and degrees of luxury amenities. You can choose between:
  • Hotel accommodation - the most luxurious option, which will offer you accommodation with many additional benefits. In Gornji Milanovac there are hotels IG and B&B Donna. You can book a night in them for less than 7000 dinars for two people.
  • Apartments - many apartments that are rented for one or more days are perfect for pleasant stays, which will cost you much less than in a hotel. The most popular Gornji Milanovac apartments are: JA, Cherry, Prestige, Center. You can book a night in them for only 10 € per person.
  • Ethno-accommodation - in Kostunici, a village near Gornji Milanovac, there is an ethno-complex Momcilo Cekovic, which offers the opportunity to enjoy the ambience of a traditional Serbian village. At your disposal is accommodation in traditional sculptures and balconies, where accommodation is available for 2500 dinars per person.

Important telephone numbers and information in Gornji Milanovac

Below we have selected for you the most important phone numbers of the services that you may need during your stay in the city.

Services and institutions
  • Institution Sports and Recreation Center Gornji Milanovac - 032 712 436
  • Museum of the Rudnik-Takovo region - 032 717 407
  • Tourist organization of the municipality of Gornji Milanovac - 032 720 566
  • Road transport - 032 711 254
  • Post office - 032 717 316
  • Police station Gornji Milanovac - 032 713 225
  • Bus station Gornji Milanovac - 032 / 717‑715
Health institutions
  • Pharmacy Gornji Milanovac - 032 711 141
  • Health center Gornji Milanovac - 032 710 279
  • Hospital - Central 032 711 670

Where to eat in Gornji Milanovac?

Gornji Milanovac can offer you very high quality catering facilities, which offer delicious meals, great atmosphere and top service. We recommend:
  • Restaurants - spaces whose menu includes the highest quality traditional meals, served at the highest level. The most famous are: Nase prijateljstvo, Lunjevica, Gradska kafana, Zlatno burence.
  • Bakeries and fast food restaurants - if you do not have much time, and still want to treat yourself to a delicious meal, we recommend bakeries: Zebra, Burke and pies, Moma, as well as fast food facilities: G, Zvonce, Grill G.
  • Pastry shops - you can complete your savory meal with some sweet specialty, we recommend the pastry shop: Stari krojac.

Where to go out in Gornji Milanovac?

If you want to enjoy a good time, visit the following facilities:
  • Clubs - spaces where you will have fun with the sounds of newly composed music. The most famous are: Club Escobar and Club k2 ELITE
  • Cafes - facilities that are in charge of a great time, which complement the sounds of traditional music. The most famous facilities of this type are: Gradska kafana and Kafana Nedeljkovic.

Transport and taxi in Gornji Milanovac

On the territory of Gornji Milanovac and its suburbs, a large number of public transport lines operate, which are available from early morning until 11 pm.

Taxi transport
Navigating through the city will make it easier for you to find a large number of taxi services that run throughout the day. As for the price, the start is around 50 dinars, the kilometer covered in the first zone is 67, and in the second 44 dinars. The most famous taxi services are:
Premier - +381 (032) 71 51 51, Golf - 032 701222, Sumadija 032 716888.

Parking and public garages in Gornji Milanovac

Gornji Milanovac does not have a public garage, but that is why parking is organized along the city streets. Parking is charged by zones, and all you need to do is send an SMS message or buy a parking ticket at the newsagents. The SMS is available at:
  • Extra zone: SMS number: 7320
  • Zone I: SMS number: 7321
  • Zone II: SMS number: 7322
  • Daily ticket: SMS number: 7325
Price list for parking services is available on the page: Price list.

Surroundings of Gornji Milanovac

The surroundings of Gornji Milanovac are known for their beautiful natural landscapes, places for walking and relaxing in nature, but also for important cultural and historical monuments. The most famous surrounding areas are:
  • Kostunici - on the slopes of the mountain Suvobor, 30 kilometers from the city, there is a picturesque village which is also the largest in the municipality of Gornji Milanovac. It is especially known for its exceptional landscapes and ecological values, as well as the preservation of rural tourism. It housed the memorial home of Živojin Mišić, which is dedicated to the leader of the famous battle of World War I. It contains weapons, paintings, exhibits, as well as a part that shows the course of the Battle of Kolubara.
  • Ravna gora - historically and in relief a very interesting picnic area, which is covered with meadows, pastures, forests. There is also a monument complex on it, which preserves the memory of the Yugoslav Army and its leader, General Draža Mihailović. The complex has a monument to Draža Mihalilović, the church of St. George and a memorial home with a museum and library. Ravna gora is 38 kilometers away from Milanovac.
  • Takovo - a settlement in the municipality of Gornji Milanovac, which is known as the place of the Second Serbian Uprising and on which a memorial complex was created, is now one of the most important attractions in this area. The famous Takovo bush in Takovo consists of several hectares on which buildings and monuments have been created that testify to the rise of the Second Serbian Uprising and the accompanying historical events.
  • Rudnik - the highest mountain in Šumadija is located about 15 kilometers away from Gornji Milanovac and is one of the perfect picnic areas, which has beautiful trails, lush forest vegetation and lookouts. He is best known for Ostrvice - a volcanic pile of steep sides 758 meters above sea level, the remains of a Turkish town and fortress on Rudnik, Mica - the remains of a former Islamic Bogomil from the 16th century and the Monument to Arsenij Loma - built in honor of those killed in the First World War.
  • Residence of Prince Milos in Gornja Crnuca - in the village of Gornja Goruca, there is a place where Prince Milos lived after the collapse of the First Serbian Uprising. The National Assembly sat in this village, which elected Miloš as a prince and appointed new nahijas and princes. Therefore, this village is one of the very important points of Serbian history. Today, the Konak houses the exhibition Serbian House in the First Half of the 19th Century, which shows the history of the building, an overview of events and the story of Prince Miloš and his reign.

History of Gornji Milanovac

Nineteenth century - the history of Gornji Milanovac begins in the second half of the 19th century, more precisely in 1853, when the city was founded. The place of foundation is Divlje polje, which the head of the Mining District, Mladen Žujović, recognized as suitable for development and since when did he create the settlement. The construction of a new settlement began with the decree of Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević, which was appointed to Gornja Milanovac in 1859 by the decree of Miloš Obrenović. In the following years, the building of the Headquarters and the church, a primary school, a reading room, a hospital, a two-grade gymnasium were built, and trade and crafts were developed at the same time.

Twentieth century
- the development of the city is interrupted during the war years of the First World War, when a large percentage of the population suffered and many goods were destroyed. The end of the war marks the beginning of modernization, the moment when two factories were founded: Rudnik and Takovo. World War II marked the burning and destruction of the city, and rebuilding began in 1944. The city experienced a complete recovery during the eighties, when it was transformed into an industrially developed center, in which numerous paints and companies were created, as well as cultural institutions.

Geography and climate of Gornji Milanovac

Gornji Milanovac is a town and municipality located in the central part of Serbia, on the border between the southwestern part of Šumadija, Gruž and Western Serbia. It belongs to the Moravica district, and is surrounded by the municipalities of Ljig and Arandjelovac, Kragujevac, Cacak and Pozega. The edges of the city are the mountains Rudnik and Vujan, and the surface of the city is located in the valley of the river Despotovica, which springs below Rudnik. The city covers an area of ​​836 km2 and has an extremely favorable geographical position. The relief can be described as hilly and mountainous, and it is dominated by mountains, hills, as well as deciduous forests of the temperate zone.

Climate - considering the relief of the mountain type, the climate of Gornji Milanovac is somewhat colder in relation to the lower surrounding areas. It can be defined as temperate-continental, with average annual temperatures of 7 to 11 degrees. The characteristics of this climate are hot summers and cold winters, during which snow lasts up to 120 days. The warmest month of the year is July, and the coldest is January. The amount of precipitation is 788 mm, and the frequency of winds is not a feature of the climate of this city.

Demography of Gornji Milanovac

  • According to the latest census, there are 45,000 inhabitants in the municipality of Gornji Milanovac.
  • The average age of the population is 37 years.
  • There are 7786 households in the settlement, whose average is 3 members per household.
  • The largest number of inhabitants is of Serbian nationality (98%).

Tradition and culture of Gornji Milanovac

Industrial development - one of the main features of the city is its industrial development and the launch of large companies, whose operation extends to more than a century. In the first half of the twentieth century, two factories were founded in Milanovac: Rudnik and Takovo, and in the last decades of the twentieth century, numerous industries and factories developed here: Tipoplastika, Rudnik, Zvezda, FAD, Decje novine and the famous Metalac. The current moment marks Milanovac as one of the most industrially developed areas in Serbia, in which the food, chemical, metal, graphic and textile industries are developing.

Tradition of quality music - In addition to industrial development, Milanovac is associated with an extremely rich tradition of quality music. This area was one of the biggest supporters of the rock scene in the eighties and nineties of the 20th century, when famous groups were formed: Rages, Rotten Coalition, Strange Forest. In addition to rock music, Milanovac is also a city where the tradition of original, ethno, Balkan sound is nurtured. There are several cultural and artistic societies in the city, which nurture tradition, folklore and original singing.

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