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Welcome to Loznica

Meet Loznica, one of the most important cultural and historical centers in Serbia. Loznica is a city municipality located in the Macva district, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city is known for the surrounding natural beauties: the river Drina, the mountain Gučevo, as well as exceptional people: Jovan Cvijić and Vuk Karadžić. Loznica and its surroundings are extremely tourist-rich areas, unavoidable attractions during a tour through Serbia. Therefore, we have selected the most important information about the city and presented its tourist offer. Explore all its details and organize the perfect vacation.

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When to visit Loznica?

Loznica is a city that tourists like to visit. It is located in the west of Serbia, at the foot of the mountain Gucevo, on the right bank of the river Drina, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and offers numerous cultural, economic and sports events that are organized on various occasions.
  • All year round - Loznica is full of content that is available throughout the year. Whenever you visit it, various manifestations await you, school, gastronomic, folklore and many others. Tourist Loznica is visited by a small number of tourists in the winter, but people who pass by can always spend quality time in the city or visit a landmark, attraction and in winter. Weekend visits are popular throughout the year.

How to get to Loznica?

Loznica is 139 km away from Belgrade, 136 km from Novi Sad, and 75 km from Valjevo, with which it is connected by modern roads. Loznica can be reached in several ways. From the direction of Belgrade, the shortest way is to go along Vojvode Putnika Boulevard to the north-west and after a few kilometers, join the E75 highway and thus follow the 97km road all the way to the turn-off for Bogatić.
You can reach Loznica:
  • By car - On the way to Bogatić, drive 12 km, after which you should turn near the village of Lešnice into Drinska Street, which leads to the very center of Loznica. From Belgrade to Loznica, you will need about two hours by car this way.
  • By train - From Belgrade to Loznica you can get by train in about 4 hours. The price of a one-way ticket is 806 RSD. For all other information, call the Loznica Railway Station: 015 / 882-379
  • By bus - On the route Belgrade-Loznica there are 16 daily departures organized by 4 carriers. The price of a one-way ticket is 950 RSD, while the return ticket is 1430 RSD. For all information call the Main Bus Station in Subotica: 015/7882-714.

Activities for tourists in Loznica

The Tourist Organization of Loznica offers you very interesting and rich content, on whatever occasion you come.
  • Rural tourism - Numerous rural households open their gates to tourists who want to enjoy the resorts of hardworking and hospitable hosts, beautifully decorated accommodations, a variety of food and cold spring water. Konak Mišić, Konak Milica, Sunčana reka and Ethno village Milutinović. Ethno village Sunčana reka offers you the opportunity to enjoy the charms of the river Drina, as well as sports fields, training grounds in nature, horseback riding, restaurant and other beauties of this place.
  • Cultural and historical heritage - Not far from Loznica, in the village of Tršić, Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, our most famous philologist and reformer, was born. A monument and a bust of him were erected in Loznica, and two primary schools, as well as a street and a square bear his name. Loznica is also the birthplace of Jovan Cvijić, the founder of Serbian geography and the founder of the Serbian Geographical Society. Miodrag Mića Popović, our academic and painter, art critic, writer and film director was born in this beautiful city where he was proclaimed the first honorary citizen.
  • Excursion sites - When it comes to excursion sites, our recommendation is definitely Banja Koviljača, Tronoša Monastery and Čokešin, Tekeriš, the famous place Tršić, as well as Gučevo. Club Budimlija is a tourist complex located only 5 km from Loznica, surrounded by forest and greenery with a swimming pool, as well as other sports and recreational facilities and significant accommodation facilities. Among the attractions, our recommendation is to visit Žićina beach, Žeravijsko vrelo, the botanical garden Rajska dolina, as well as Debeli grm - a large pedunculate oak in the village of Runjani.

Events and festivals in Loznica

Loznica is known for its numerous tourist attractions, but also for various events where each of the visitors will find something to their taste. The ones we single out are:
  • Come with your heart - The very beginning of each year is reserved for the carnival atmosphere in this city. The children and their parents participate in the humanitarian manifestation Come with the Heart. Children express all their happiness and joy through various games, singing and writing letters to Santa Claus, and gifts have been organized for many of them.
  • Women's World - Loznica traditionally organizes the Women's World event, which helps and supports the affirmation of women's creativity. Within the event itself, various lectures, book promotions, exhibitions, plays, film screenings, etc. are held.
  • Festival of Acting Achievements - One of the most important events in Loznica is the Festival of Acting Achievements, which lasts for a week. Within the festival, well-known and local theaters perform their plays, for which the audience has the right to vote for their favorites after every night.
  • Field candles - In the monastery of Tronoš from the 13th century, the tradition of offering field candles is maintained. Believers collect wax during Lent, and on Holy Wednesday, two 50-kilogram field candles, about a meter and a half high, are poured. Then the locals bring them to the fountain Devet Jugovića, from where they are taken to the Church of the Presentation of the Lord, where candles are lit on Sundays and holidays during the year.
  • Flower Fair - April is reserved for true lovers of flowers and plants. They can enjoy the big fair held in Banja Koviljača. Breeders from all over Serbia, but also from the region, traditionally gather at the fair. The event itself is accompanied by accompanying events such as concerts and other special activities.
  • Vuk's Assembly Tršić - Certainly one of the oldest and most visited and most famous manifestations. Every year in September, on the Sunday before the Assumption, the Wolf's Assembly is held. Dedicated to nurturing the memory of the life and work of the reformer of the Serbian language, Vuk Stefanović Karadžić. The event lasts for a week and within them you can enjoy exhibitions, theater performances, concerts, literary and film evenings, book promotion. The central event is being held in Trsic.
  • LilaLo Festival - This is a very popular and interesting music festival that deals with the affirmation and promotion of youth creativity. This popular festival is dedicated to our, a folk custom called lilac. It is safe to say that the LilaLo festival is a symbol of Loznica and the whole region. This event is a perfect combination of traditional and modern, and for years it has managed to present the Serbian tradition in a very innovative and modern way. It is held mainly in the middle of July. 

Activities for children in Loznica

  • Excursions with children - Take your children to the ethno village Sunčana reka on sports fields and horseback riding or opt for this resort that provides a variety of content, both for you adults and for your little ones. Let's not forget the landmark of the city, which is the river Drina with its beaches, where kids can enjoy swimming in crystal clear water.
  • Cultural institutions and playgrounds - With children, you can also visit the Jadra Museum, Vuk's House of Culture or the Mića Popović Gallery. Like every city, Loznica has parks for children as well as numerous children's playrooms where your little ones can always have fun. On the playground, your little ones will be able to enjoy a safe and fun game and try seesaws, slides and swings.

What to see in Loznica?

Loznica is a city that they say is special, and as such it offers different types of attractions that are worth visiting.
Religious buildings - If you are visiting Loznica, don't miss tours of numerous monasteries. The Tronoša Monastery is located only 17 km from Loznica on the road to Valjevo, built in 1317, and the Čokešina Monastery, a nunnery, is located in the village of the same name at the foot of the Cer Mountain, which originated in the first half of the 15th century.
  • Monuments - Loznica is rich in a large number of monuments, but the ones we recommend you visit are certainly the bust and monument to Vuk Karadzic, as well as Jovan Cvijic, as well as the memorial fountain in the gate of the Loznica church.
  • Cultural contents - Museum of the Sail and the Library of Vuk's homeland in Loznica, Memorial Museum on the Drina in Banja Koviljača. It is interesting to see the old buildings in Loznica that testify to life in the past, such as Vuk's House of Culture, high school, Katic's house, the sulfur bath of King Peter I. 

Accommodation in Loznica

Loznica and its surroundings have different types of accommodation. Depending on the price, quality and many other factors, the following are available:
  • Hotels - For people who want luxury in the city center there are several hotels available. The price of accommodation ranges from 35 € dinars per night, and more.
  • Apartments and villas - If you prefer a more affordable option then you can opt for one of the apartments located in Loznica. The price of accommodation in this type of accommodation ranges from 20 € - 50 € per person.
  • Rural households - Many of us like to spend our holidays in peace, quiet and natural surroundings. For lovers of this type of vacation, we suggest accommodation in one of the rural households. Prices range from nights you can find for 1100 RSD to full board where the price is 2200 RSD.
However, you can find the best accommodation and the largest offer of accommodation on the page Apartments Loznica.

Important telephone numbers and information in Loznica

For all information you can contact the tourist organization of Loznica on the phone number 015878-520 or via email togloznice@gmail.com. The address of the travel agency is Jovana Cvijića 20.
  •  Police 192
  • Fire service 193
  • Ambulance 194
  • Bus station 015 / 7882-714
  • Railway station 015 / 882-379
  • Towing service Kapetanović 063 / 838-70-30, 064 / 970-73-65 

Where to eat in Loznica?

Loznica is a city with a large selection of restaurants, cafes, pastry shops. For those in a hurry, there are also a couple of bakeries and fast food outlets. You can enjoy restaurants serving both national and international cuisine. Depending on what type of food you like, we will classify the locations into several categories:
  • Restaurants - In Loznica there are a large number of restaurants for lovers of good food. Don't miss the restaurants Vuk Tršić, Park, Vukov Gaj as well as the restaurant Tri kralja in Banja Koviljača.
  • Pizzerias - If you are a fan of Italian cuisine and especially master pizzas, then you should definitely not miss the pizzeria Loznica.
  • Bakeries - If you are short of free time or want to eat something "off your feet", Fast Food facilities are the right place for you, and Homer's snack and City Grill will delight you.
  • Confectioneries - If you want to treat yourself to Loznica delicacies, we recommend Romansu plus and Capri confectioneries.

Where to go out in Loznica?

Loznica, as a city that offers a quality form of entertainment for families with children, is also ready to welcome young visitors who want to enjoy a good time. For those who like folk music, there are cafes, and for those who like rock or electronic music, there are clubs and cafes.
  • Srpska kafana- Učiteljska broj 4 is the address of this popular, Loznica tavern, which will always be happy to welcome all its guests and delight with its homely and cheerful atmosphere.
  • Kafana Korzo- In Jovana Cvijića Street there is a tavern Korzo which, in addition to the great atmosphere and old town music, offers its guests a number of excellent grilled dishes.
  • Club Venus-Venus is one of the most popular and frequently visited clubs in Loznica, which always manages to gather a large number of young guests and create a fantastic atmosphere. Bakal Milosava is her location.
  • Club Krem- If you are a fan of good parties, a great night out and staying until the early morning hours, then this club located in Georgija Jakšića Street is more than an ideal place for you. 

Transport and taxi in Loznica

Loznica is a small town and therefore there is no need for public transport. It is well connected by bus with all its surrounding places and easily accessible to all important tourist attractions
Taxi service
There are a large number of taxi services in Loznica. There is no specific price for the ride, but the residents of this city say that it can be reached everywhere for 200 RSD.
Our taxi 015/876 133, OM taxi 015/871 626, LO taxi 015/872 872
 Rent a car
You can also choose to rent a car through one of the car rental agencies.
Tomin rent car Loznica 015 / 872-990, 064 / 859-45-45

Parking in Loznica

Loznica has outdoor parking. Outdoor parking space in Loznica is divided into 2 zones: red and blue. You can pay for parking in two ways: via SMS and via a parking ticket. Each parking lot has a parking zone as well as the phone number to which you send an SMS message with your license plates.

Public parking
  • For the red zone you send an SMS to the number 9051
  • For the blue zone you are sending an SMS to 9052

Surroundings of Loznica

  • Trsic - The village of Trsic is the birthplace of Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic. It is located 7 km from Loznica. It houses the Museum of Language and Letters, a gallery, a guest house, a calligraphy workshop, a writer's house, and the wooden church of the Holy Archangel Michael. Vuk's memorial house stands out as a special unit within the complex.
  • Banja Koviljača - It is one of the oldest and most visited health resorts. It has two natural healing factors: thermo-mineral water and peloid-healing mud. The most beautiful and significant building is the spa hall Kue salon, a symbol of the spa opened in 1932 under the auspices of King Alexander Karadjordjevic, so this spa is called the Royal Spa.
  • Gucevo - a mountain which, in addition to its historical significance, offers ideal conditions for the development of sports, recreation and excursion tourism. Not far from the highest point of Gučevo- Crni vrh (779m) there is a lookout point with a beautiful view of Banja Koviljača, Loznica and Drina.

History of Loznica

  • Loznica once- Many archeological finds testify to the population of this area, since prehistoric times. From around 900 to 300 AD, this area was inhabited by the Illyrians. The oldest settlement, Ad Drinum, dates back to Roman times. During the First World War from August 16-20, 1914, near Loznica, the Battle of Cer was fought, in which the Serbian army defeated the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The second battle in this area was the Battle of the Cat's Stone, and the third battle was the Battle of Kolubara. Loznica was liberated on November 2, 1918.
  • Loznica today - Today, Loznica is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places to live, especially for living with family and children. This is a beautiful, tidy and most important of all, a very safe and secure city where all guests feel welcome, while the locals enjoy its peace and beauty every day. This city has not yet reached its full and true potential today, but it is definitely moving towards that. Loznica is constantly developing, progressing and growing, and its real wealth is its wonderful citizens.

Geography and climate of Loznica

  • Geography Loznica-Loznica is located at an altitude of 142 m at the foot of Mount Gucevo. This city is in the middle of the road from Tuzla to Valjevo and close to the middle of the road from Belgrade to Sarajevo. It is 139 km away by road from Belgrade, 136 km from Novi Sad, 75 km from Valjevo, 53 km from Sabac and 6 km from Banja Koviljača.
  • Climate of Loznica-Loznica has a temperate-continental climate. The average annual air temperature is 11 ० C. Summers and winters are moderate with a pleasant climate that suits everyone. The highest temperature is up to 42.3 ° C, the lowest -25.4 ° C. The coldest month of the year is January, while the warmest month was August. 

Demography of Loznica

  • There are 15,585 adults living in Loznica
  • The average age of the population is 38.3 years
  • This city is largely inhabited by Serbs

Tradition and culture of Loznica

Preservation of tradition in Loznica is reflected through the nurturing of old crafts, traditional cuisine, folk customs, written words, songs, games and music. Authentic folk customs are Farmer's Candles and Lilac
The most important archeological site is located in the area of ​​the village of Brezjak called Paulje.
  • Vuk Karadzic - What best describes this area are its famous and influential citizens who have influenced the entire culture, language and literature. One of them is, of course, the famous and great Vuk Stefanović Karadžić. In addition to reforming our alphabet and language, this founder of the Serbian alphabet as it is today, has done a great service to all future generations, so that today our alphabet is one of the best in the whole world.
  • Jovan Cvijić- When it comes to important and influential people from the world of Serbian science and history, Jovan Cvijić is also unavoidable. This famous Serbian geographer and president of the Serbian Royal Academy was born back in 1865 in Loznica. He became a world-renowned scientist and received many awards. For a time he was a corresponding member, and then a full member of the Serbian Royal Academy. Precisely because of his influence and importance, Jovan Cvijić became an indispensable part of the tradition and culture of Loznica. 

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